Welcome to MTI's All Together Now! As you ready your show for opening night, take it to the next level by creating your very own Stage Mag- a digital, interactive show program that is customized to your production. The good news...? It's already half done! Click the black button below to get started.


-Before you start... sign in to your BroadwayWorld account or sign-up for Stage Mag. You'll get free access, plus the ability to save mags to your library. Once you've signed into you account, return to this page to start your All Together Now! Sage Mag.

-Add your cast/creatives. From the CAST and CREATIVE TEAM tabs, the program creator can add headshots and bios OR distribute the 'Cast Submit Link' and have the cast submit their materials directly.

-Edit your song list. Our All Together Now! template already includes all song options. Tailor the list to your show by removing the songs that you won't be performing in the SONG LIST tab. Then add performer names below each song.

-Add extra content. Do you have photos from rehearsals or behind-the-scenes footage to share with your audience? Use the PHOTOS and VIDEOS tab to add more visuals to your Stage Mag.

-Don't forget to plug your theatre. You can add links to your website and social media pages from the EDIT tab. Also make sure to add more information about your organization by editing the 'About [Theater Name]' page in the ADD EXTRA PAGES tab.

-Share it with your audience. From the SHARE PROGRAM tab, download your QR code and put it on display at your venue. Here you can also find your program link and embed code to share on your theater's website.

Want to use Stage Mag for another production? Start from scratch here.

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