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2021 CCBC Dance Company
Fall Concert

CCBC Dundalk, John E. Ravekes Theatre
Production Team
Melinda Blomquist
Artistic Director
Tommy Parlon
Dance Coordinator
Kristi Schaffner
Associate Director
Marc Smith
Technical Director
Lighting & Sound Designer
Lisa L. Boeren
Production Coordinator
Dance Company
Justin Allen
Adria Applebee
Sarah Harris
Rachel Huber
Elena Laird
Stephanie O'Hare

Melinda Blomquist
Alice Howes
Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Tommy Parlon
Kristi Schaffner
Company E, Guest Choreographer


Funded In Part By 

Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation

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Artistic Director's Note

The CCBC Dance Company is thrilled to perform live this semesterIt has been two years since we were able to be on stage with an audience, it is wonderful to share our art with youWhile we have continued to work in our studios wearing masks, cleaning after classes and rehearsals, it has been wonderful to prepare for a live performance. Recognizing that the dancers would need “breathing” time between pieces, we also created several screen dance works. We were able to film site-specific work around campus in addition to preparing works for live performance. While there are times when on film the dancers are not wearing masks, we did follow social distancing protocols and cleaned after every dancer was filmed individually as well as when they were masked and filmed in groups. Each piece comes from the unique viewpoint of the choreographer. Some of the works are only possible on the screen. Others are works created for the stage, that we able to share with you once again in a live performance. 

We are also continuing our collaboration with Towson University Dance Program - MERGE: Bridging the Gap Between High School to  Community College to University to Professional Artist. The project highlights prominent female artistic directors and/or choreographers in a one-week residency including restaging of choreographic works on both Towson University and Community College of Baltimore County dance majors, free masterclasses for selected Baltimore County Public High School students and the community. MERGE culminates in a cross-exchange performance between dance majors from both Towson University and the Community College of Baltimore County in our annual concerts. Building, Merging and Mentoring students from high school to community college to the university level in dance. This concert features work restaged by Tara Compton Parsan from Company E and CCBC Dance Alum Kelsey Lewis.

As I have watched the dancers work throughout the pandemic and continue to grow as artists and individuals,I am reminded we need to continue to find a way to share the exquisite wonder of movement and meaning, especially in challenging times. I hope that you find moments of understanding, moments of sorrow, but most importantly – moments of peace and joy, as you watch these works. 

As CCBC Performing Arts is focused on reminding us that “Still I Rise,” we continue to dance and create; we continue to find art in our lives. 

Enjoy the performance!
Melinda Blomquist
Artistic Director, CCBC Dance Company


Business *Not Usual  
Choreography: Kristi Schaffner
Music: Impromptu (Interlude), Sequoia, Maybe Everything Will Be Okay by Dynamic Cheddar Dog  
Dancers: Justin Allen, Adria Applebee, Stephanie O'Hare
Costumes: Kristi Schaffner and Charisse Secrest 

Shifting Sand
Improv Structure Created by: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Music: Flamenco Sketches by Miles Davis
Dancers: Justin Allen, Sophie Crowell, Sarah Harris, Elena Laird,
Ericka Lowery, Stephanie O'Hare 
Costumes: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Videographer: Emerald Lodgen and Kaylah Jackson
Video Editing: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen 


3 + (Three for 3) 
Choreography: Alice Howes
Music: V
intage and A Blind Purpose by Break of Reality
Dancers: Sarah Harris, Elena Laird, Stephanie O'Hare 
Costumes: Alice Howes and Charisse Secrest


Tips for Tap 
Choreography: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen and Dancers
Music: Hot Lunch Jam by Irene Cara 
Dancers: Rachel Huber, Elena Laird, Stephanie O'Hare 
Costumes: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Video & Editing: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen 
Sound Recording: Brian Comotto
*Special thanks to George Fotis and The Fountain at Drug City Pharmacy for letting us use their space. 


Toivomus Lapsi (excerpt) 
Choreography: Melinda Blomquist and the dancers
Music: Kyrie by William Byrd
Dancers: Adria Applebee, Sarah Harris, Rachel Huber, Stephanie O'Hare  
Costumes: Melinda Blomquist and Charisse Secrest 

Intermission – 10 minutes 

Phone Tap
Choreography: Stephanie O'Hare
Music: iPhone Reflection Ringtone Remix by Mick's Tape; iPhone Opening Ringtone Remix by Mick's Tape; Original iPhone Ringtone by Apple; iPhone Text Message - Sound Effects by Apple; All Default Ringtones from the Verizon LG vx8350 by Verizon; Black Berry - Spirit Ringtone (Remix) by Harry Josson; Motorola Ringtone Remix 2021: Hello Moto by Motorola; Nokia - Espionage (Eizex Remix) by Eizex 9; All Ringtones of the Nokia 3310 by Nokia; Nokia Message Tone Evolution by Nokia

Dancers: Adria Applebee, Sarah Harris, Rachel Huber
Costumes: Stephanie O'Hare
Faculty Mentor: Melinda Blomquist

This work is in partial fulfillment of the AFA degree in Dance


Waltz Nostalgic 
Choreography: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen and dancers
Music: Little Waltz by Ron Carter 
Dancers: Adria Applebee, Rachel Huber, Elena Laird, Stephanie O'Hare 
Costumes: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Video & Editing:  Adrienne Kraus Latanishen 


tangles of silken threads 
Choreography: Tommy Parlon 
Music: Spectral by The Higher Intelligence Agency 
Dancers: Justin Allen, Adria Applebee, Stephanie O'Hare 
Costumes: Tommy Parlon and Charisse Secrest


Voila Viola (excerpts)
Choreography: Robert J. Priore 
Restaging: Company E artists Robert J. Priore & Tara Compton Parsan with Kelsey Lewis and Kelsey Rohr 
Music: Come See About Me by The Supremes; Misty by Sarah Vaughn; You Don't Own Me by Lesley Gore; Where The Boys Are by Connie Francis; I Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
CCBC Dance Company: Justin Allen, Adria Applebee, Sarah Harris, Rachel Huber, Elena Laird, Stephanie O'Hare 
Towson University Repertory: Madeline Anderson, Margaret Fiske, Brianna Jackson, Maya Richardson, Taylor Richardson, Eliana Slaney
Costumes: Melinda Blomquist, Tara Compton Parsan and Candice Webster
Program Note: Early 2021 brought the loss of choreographer Robert J. Priore's grandfather, a loss that rocked his family and made Priore look introspectively at the marks his relationships left. Voila Viola explores different vignettes of love, community and his family's intergenerational relationships, lineage and rich traditions.


Creative Team

Melinda Blomquist

Artistic Director/Choreographer
Adrienne Kraus Latanishen

Tommy Parlon

Dance Coordinator/Choreographer
Kristi Schaffner

Associate Director/Choreographer
Alice Howes

Company E

Guest Choreographer
Tara Compton Parsan

Company E
Kelsey Lewis

Company E
Robert J. Priore

Company E
Kelsey Rohr

Company E
Charisse Secrest

Marc Smith

Technical Director/Lighting & Sound Designer
Charlie Woods

Run Crew
Lisa L. Boeren

Production Coordinator
Amy Jones

Production Photographer

Meet the Company

Justin Allen (Dancer)

Justin is in his second year dancing with the CCBC Dance Company. He is a 2018 graduate of Milford Mill Academy. He is excited to be performing live again with the dance company this semester. He enjoys working with the other dancers and Company E to create art and express themselves. Justin enjoys dancing with the company in order to gain more knowledge and training.

Adria Applebee (Dancer)

Adria is a full time dual enrolled student at CCBC who has been with the dance company for 3 years.  She enjoys being able to dance across the floor and outside of boxes as well as being able to work with our guest artist.  Dancing at CCBC has helped Adria grow in technique and performance quality along with preparing her for the future.

Sarah Harris (Dancer)

Sarah is in her first semester at CCBC and with the CCBC Dance Company! She is in 12th grade currently and has been rehearsing at @centrepointeperformingarts! She is enjoying how welcoming everyone is and that everyone is willing to help her learn new things and push her boundaries! Sarah is dancing at CCBC to improve my dance education and experiences further. 

Rachel Huber (Dancer)

Rachel is in her first year, dancing at CCBC and this is her second semester with the Dance Company.  She has enjoyed working with some amazing people this semester. Everyone has been so welcoming, kind, and accepting. It has been a great environment to fuel her creativity and determination. 

Elena Laird (Dancer)

Elena is in her second year dancing at CCBC. She is enjoying having the freedom to rehearse for our dance concert in studios with her peers, as well as working with choreographers once again to create art.  She is dancing at CCBC because she has found CCBC to be a supportive and progressive place to dance.  Elena stated that while dancing at CCBC “I am continuously being challenged while also being given the support I need to grow.” 

Stephanie O'Hare (Dancer)

Stephanie is in her third year dancing with the CCBC Dance Company.Stephanie is enjoying no longer being contained to a box and moving across the floor! She has also enjoyed working with Company E and learning their works, getting to know their style and being able to perform live! Stephanie is graduating this semester with her AFA Degree in Dance and plans to transfer to UMBC. Dancing at CCBC has helped prepare her for being part of a professional dance company in the future.

Towson University Repetory (Dancers)

CCBC is excited to be continuing the performance exchange of our Merge project and to have Towson University Dance Company join us on our concert. To learn more about our Merge roject visit

Melinda Blomquist (Artistic Director/Choreographer)

Melinda Blomquist holds a M.F.A in Dance Choreography and Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Master of Arts in Dance Pedagogy from Brigham Young University.

Melinda has presented her choreographic work at numerous venues nationally and internationally including the Mid-Atlantic and South-Central American College Dance Festival, Northwest Vista College, Towson University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the Attakkalari Festival in Bangalore India.

Currently Melinda is an Associate Professor of Dance at the Community College of Baltimore County, and she also serves as the Artistic Director for the CCBC Dance Company. Melinda has also worked with Trajectory Dance Project and with the Theatre and Music departments as a choreographer for Musical Theatre productions in Arizona, Texas and Maryland including The Fantasticks, Fiddler on the Roof, Good News, and She Loves Me. Melinda is involved in community outreach, focusing on promoting the importance of dance as art form in public education. She has provided workshops and master classes in Texas, Alaska, and Maryland to students at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Deep Vision Dance Company and as President of the Maryland Dance Education Association.

Adrienne Kraus Latanishen (Choreographer)

Adrienne is proud to have graduated with honors from The Community College of Baltimore County with her A.A. in Dance.  She then transferred to The University of Maryland where she also graduated with honors with her B.A. in Dance.  Besides being an adjunct dance faculty member at CCBC, she dances professionally for Trajectory Dance Project and independently for herself.  Previously, she also danced for BlueShift Dance (principal dancer), The Collective (dancer, choreographer, educator), B3W of New York City, Andary Dance (soloist, principal dancer), and (founding member, assistant director, soloist, principal dancer).  She was Director of Dance at St. Timothy's School, a private and boarding school for girls and she choreographed as Artist in Residence at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts for numerous years.  Recently, Adrienne choreographed for The Salem Players Theatre Company, Northeast High School, and Baltimore Composers Forum. 

Tommy Parlon (Dance Coordinator/Choreographer)

Tommy a native of Washington, D.C., received his M.F.A. in Dance (Choreography and Technology) from Arizona State University and his B.F.A. in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University. From 1998-2002 he was an Assistant Professor of Dance at Kent State University. While in New York City he danced with J. Fregalette Janson Dance, Centaur Dance Theatre, Beyondance Inc! and the Paris based multi-media performance art company FIASCO. Mr. Parlon has danced in pieces by Doug Varone, Stephen Petronio, Alvin Mayes, Laura Dean and Elizabeth Streb. In 1996-1998 he collaborated on Falling to Earth, an interactive multi-media performance piece created with the Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University. His choreography has been commissioned by Incidents Physical Theater of New York City, NEW ARTiculations in Tucson, Arizona, Lansing Chamber Dance in Michigan, and numerous colleges throughout the United States. He was awarded an Individual Artist Award in Solo Dance Performance from the Maryland State Arts Council in 2004 and an Artist Award in Choreography in 2007. Mr. Parlon is currently the Artistic Director of Tommy Parlon Dance Projects in Washington, D.C., the Artistic Associate of Ground Zero Dance in Richmond and the Dance Coordinator at CCBC.

Kristi Schaffner (Associate Director/Choreographer)

Kristi attended the University of Oklahoma as a teaching fellow where she received her MFA in modern dance (2011). She also has BFA in dance education from Kent State University (2004).  Through a graduate student grant, she studied Laban Movement Analysis at the Laban Institute in NYC. Ms. Schaffner has performed with Jeslyn Dance Gallery, Clawson Dances, Junction Dance Theatre, and Tommy Parlon Dance Projects among others, and is a current dancer and Director of Education and Outreach for Dragonfly Dance Experiment. Her choreography has been presented across the country including Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore, Salt Lake City and at the Howard County Dance Festival. A passion for education has inspired her to create and implement dance curricula for both preschools and charter school students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Ms. Schaffner is a current adjunct faculty member in the dance divisions of Anne Arundel Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County and is a frequent guest instructor and performer in schools and community events.

Alice Howes (Choreographer)

Alice is a dance artist and educator who is director of Trajectory Dance Project, a Baltimore-based modern dance ensemble. She has held full-time faculty positions at universities including Coppin State University, UNC Charlotte, and Lamar University.  In addition, she served from 1995 to 2004 as artistic director and resident choreographer of Washington, D.C.’s Sister’s Trousers Dance Company, a modern dance ensemble based in the D.C. area. Sarah Kaufman of The Washington Post described Howes’ performance as “riveting, thrilling and deeply mysterious”.  Howes’ choreography has appeared in selective showcases at venues such as D.C.’s Dance Place, The Booth Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater and Millennium Stage. She holds an MA in dance from American University and an MFA in dance from Sam Houston State University. Howes also has earned a Certificate of Movement Analysis (CMA) from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York City.

Company E (Guest Choreographer)

has worked on 5 continents and 30+ countries, including 6 evening-length commissions at the Kennedy Center in DC. The company performs, teaches, and collaborates with international & national artists through the US Department of State, creating programs from Israel, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, & more. Choreographer Robert J. Priore is a founding member and independent choreographer; his work has been presented in DC, NYC, Cuba, Kazakhstan, & Russia, to name a few. Photo Credit - Paul Gordon Emerson

Tara Compton Parsan (Company E)

is a native of Louisville, Ky. After dancing through elementary and high school, Tara moved to Tampa, FL where she received a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of South Florida. Tara has choreographed and performed with multiple dance companies around the world, including residencies and debuts in Paris, New York City, Kazakhstan, Spain, Los Angeles, among others. 

She is Managing Director and Director of Education for Company E, traveling internationally through the US Department of State for the past seven years teaching contemporary dance in countries such as Algeria, Spain, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, Russia and more.

A former faculty member at Towson University Community Dance Department she also serves as a judge at Dance Masters of America.

She Co-Founded the Company | E Movement Center at the Dance Loft on 14, serving as its Teen Program Director from 2015-2016.

Ms. Compton is the Director of Education at Company | E, overseeing the Company | E Movement Center and the Company | E dance education programs in the DC Public School System.

Kelsey Lewis (Company E)

Click here to read about Kelsey.

Robert J. Priore (Company E)

Robert founded his company PrioreDance in the fall of 2016. He is alsp very proud to be a founding member of Company | E, where he has had the honor of dancing works by Ohad Naharin, Andrea Miller, Sharon Eyal, Rachel Erdos, Roni Koresh, Marco Cantalupo, and Thomas Noone. Robert continues to hone his craft while being the Choreographer-In-Residence for the City Dance Conservatory program as well as an Ignite Artist. Robert received a BFA in dance from Point Park University. Robert was a 2015 recipient of the John F. Kennedy Center Local Dance Commissioning Project and created a special work for the artists of Company | E, Speak Easy. Speak Easy has been on the road, being presented in collaboration with Company | E, In Russia, Azerbaijan. Cuba and most recently in Ukraine. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 Robert also was named an outstanding fellow in the arts in his home of the District of Columbia. Last November Robert presented a new work at the Dance Gallery Festival in New York City, being named one of the three Level-Up commissioned choreographers. In January of 2017 Robert held a workshop at La Fábrica in Buenos Aires Argentina, and set a work on local professionals for a performance there. In April of 2017 Robert traveled to Holguin Cuba to set an original work on the dancers of CoDanza. In Fall of 2017, Robert returned to Holguin with fellow dancer Abby Leithart to perform the premier of Casita with CoDanza at the Vladimir Malakhov Grand Prix, where the piece won the audience choice award. In July of 2018, PrioreDance was chose to perform Priore’s choreography at the InsideOut Stage at the prestigious Jacob’s Pillow. In September 2018, Robert and five dancers returned to Holguin to present excerpt of Cirque De Nuit for the Vladimir Malakhov Grand Prix. Most recently, Robert was commissioned to choreograph a work for the Mark Twain Prize awards ceremony honoring Julia Louis-Dreyfus which airs on PBS in mid-November 2018.

Kelsey Rohr (Company E)

Kelsey started studying dance at Richmond Ballet through their public outreach program, Minds in Motion. She later graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a BFA in Dance and minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. She went on to dance with Joshua L. Peugh’s Dark Circles Contemporary Dance and then worked in Geneva, Switzerland with Ballet Junior de Genève and Alias Dance Company. She has performed works by Sharon Eyal, Barak Marshall, Angelin Preljocaj, and Roy Assaf. Currently, she is enjoying being a part of the NoVA and D.C. dance community under Jane Franklin Dance, Robert J. Priore’s PrioreDance, and Company | E.

Marc Smith (Technical Director/Lighting & Sound Designer)

Marc has been involved in theatre for over 40 years and has been responsible for designing or technically directing over 350 productions. With B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Technical Theatre and Design from Towson University, he has been the full time Technical Director for CCBC Dundalk since 1980.  In addition, he is the theatre technical consultant for the CCBC Catonsville and Essex theatre facilities. Marc has received numerous technical theatre achievement awards from The United States Institute of Theatre Technology.  Several of his production designs have been displayed in juried expositions including A Little Night Music and The Cemetery Club for technical achievement and Bus Stop for Scenic and Lighting Design.  Marc’s scenic and lighting designs for the CCBC Essex production of Zombie Prom were part of the finalists in the Region II Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and his lighting design for the DCT production of I Do, I Do, won “Best Lighting Design” at the Maytime International Theatre Festival in Ireland.

Lisa L. Boeren (Production Coordinator)

Lisa has worked on over sixty productions in the Baltimore area for many companies including Dundalk Community Theatre, Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre, and Phoenix Festival Theatre. Lisa just celebrated 15 years as the Box Office Manager for CCBC and also serves as the Administrative Manager for Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre. In her spare time, she sits on the Board of Directors for Dundalk Community Theatre and the Twirltastix Boosters. 


2021 Fall Dance Concert Promo

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Dance at CCBC

Tommy Parlon | Coordinator, choreographer
Melinda Blomquist | Dance Company Director, choreographer
Kristi Schaffner | Dance Company Associate Director, choreographer
Adrienne Kraus Latanishen | faculty choreographer



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