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2023 CCBC Dance Company
Spring Concert

CCBC Essex, Robert & Eleanor Romadka College Center
F. Scott Black Theatre
Production Team
Melinda Blomquist
Artistic Director
Tommy Parlon
Dance Coordinator
Kristi Schaffner
Associate Director
Terri Raulie
Lighting Designer
Jason Randolph
Technical Director
Darian Grade
Stage Manager

Melinda Blomquist
Alice Howes
Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Tommy Parlon
Peter Pucci
Kristi Schaffner

Nathaniel Hunt, Guest Choreographer



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Artistic Director's Note

The CCBC Dance Company is excited to perform this semester, it is wonderful to share our art with you. This concert features work by CCBC Faculty, alumni, and our guest artists Nathaniel Hunt and Peter Pucci. Each piece comes from the unique viewpoint of the choreographer, and we hope that you take time to ponder and think about each of the works after the performance.

We are pleased to share with you Nathaniel Hunt’s work that has been created for the CCBC Dance Company during an intense residency at the end of January. Peter Pucci, our guest artist in residence, is sharing a work with us that has been restaged for the company. We are also excited to have dancers from the Maryland All State Honors Ensemble joining us in our concert. They will be performing in a new work created by our guest artist in residence, Peter Pucci.

As I have watched the dancers work throughout this past academic year and continue to grow as artists and individuals, I am reminded we need to continue to find a way to share the exquisite wonder of movement and meaning, especially in challenging times. I hope that you discover something about yourself and the art of dance as you watch these works.

As CCBC Performing Arts is focused on understanding how we are “Lost & Found” we continue to dance and create; we continue to find art in our lives.

Melinda Blomquist
Artistic Director, CCBC Dance Company

Song List

Oh Yeah!

Choreography: Peter Pucci
Restaged by: Melinda Blomquist
Rehearsal Assistant: Rachel Huber
Dancers: Justin Allen, Sarah Harris, Rachel Huber, Anastasia McKenzie, Andre Payne, Maegan Read, Stephanie Waters
Sound: Rejoice Greatly by Mozart
Costumes: Melinda Blomquist, Peter Pucci & Towson University Dance Program
Oh Yeah! was originally commissioned by the Towson University Dance Department


We would like to offer a warning that the next piece in the program, has content dealing with images depicting trauma, mental illness, abuse, addiction, suicide, and grief. We understand and respect that there could be audience members who might choose to leave before the piece is presented.


Empty Hourglass Project

Movement Direction: Melinda Blomquist
Movement Score: Dancers
Art Exhibit Curator/Director: Samantha Trionfo
Dancers: Victoria Brady, Rachel Huber, Jessica Hussey, Victoria Murphy, Grace Sciannella, Darielle Young
Sound: Cold by Jorge Méndez; Curiosity by Ebony London
Videographer/Editor: Melinda Blomquist
Costume Design: The Dancers
Special Thank You to the Galleries at CCBC. Visit the Empty Hourglass Projects website at:



Choreography: Tommy Parlon
Dancers: Anastasia McKenzie, Maegan Read
Sound: Koi by The Sushi Club
Costume Design: Melinda Blomquist



We would like to offer a warning that the next piece in the program has content dealing with abuse and suicide. We understand and respect that there could be audience members who might choose to leave before the piece is presented.



Choreography: Alice Howes in collaboration with Rachel Huber
Dancer: Rachel Huber
Sound: Walking Song and Shift by Meredith Monk
Costume Design: Charisse Seacrest
Program note: This solo is inspired by the character Ophelia, the love interest of Hamlet at the beginning of Shakespeare's play. After suffering verbal abuse from Hamlet as she tries to deal with his own demons, she goes mad and ultimately drowns herself.


Intermission – 10 minutes


The Red Sneaks

2023 (based on choreography originally created in 2012)
Choreography: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Dancers: Sarah Harris, Rachel Huber, Anastasia McKenzie, Stephanie Waters
Sound: D.A.N.C.E. by Justice, D.A.N.C.E. (Jackson Remix) by Justice, D.A.N.C.E. by Vitamin String Quartet, D.A.N.C.E. (Logic Reprise) by Justice & Logic, D.A.N.C.E. (WWW) by Justice
Sound Editing: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
Costume Design: Adrienne Kraus Latanishen
This work is inspired by the classical story of The Red Shoes




Choreography: Peter Pucci
Rehearsal Assistants: Melinda Blomquist and Rachel Huber
Dancers: Nate Ferguson, Bianca Grizzle, Cameron Joseph, Catherine Venters, Brook Henshaw, Victoria Murphy
Sound: Shake It by Adham Shaikh
Costume Design: Peter Pucci and Melinda Blomquist
Special thanks to Iris Salomon and Barnspace, Katonha, NY.
Many thanks to Peter Pucci and Melinda Blomquist for providing this exciting and unique opportunity for the MD Public Honors Dance Ensemble. The All State dancers are selected each year by audition.  Thanks to AEMS for continued support of fine arts dance education in MD Public Schools.

In and Out and About

Choreography: Kristi Schaffner
Dancers: Andre Payne, Stephanie Waters
Sound: New Breed (Mustang Mach-E Mix) by Matthew Dear
Costume Design: Kristi Schaffner



World Premiere: 4 May 2023, Baltimore, MD
Choreography: Nathaniel Hunt
Assistant to Choreographer: Mariner Reilly
Rehearsal Director: Melinda Blomquist and Kristi Schaffner
Dancers: Justin Allen, Sarah Harris, Rachel Huber, Anastasia McKenzie, Maegan Read, Stephanie Waters, Shannon Willing
Sound: Say Goodnight by Labrinth; Fortanach by Sebastian Plano; Before Two by Ezio Bosso; Nate Growing Up by Labrinth
Sound Editing: Nathaniel Hunt
Costume Design: Nathaniel Hunt and Charisse Seacrest


Justin Allen

Sarah Harris

Rachel Huber

Anastasia McKenzie

Andre Payne Jr.

Maegan Read

Stephanie Waters

Shannon Willing


Maryland All State Honors Ensemble Dancers

Nate Ferguson -- Barbara Ingram School for the Arts

Bianca Grizzle -- Annapolis High School

Cameron Joseph -- Annapolis High School

Catherine Venters -- Southern High School

Brook Henshaw -- CCBC

Victoria Murphy – CCBC

Creative Team

Melinda Blomquist

Artistic Director/Choreographer
Tommy Parlon

Dance Coordinator/Choreographer
Kristi Schaffner

Associate Director/Choreographer
Alice Howes

Adrienne Kraus Latanishen

Peter Pucci

Guest Artist in residence
Nathaniel Hunt

Guest Choreographer
Lisa L. Boeren

Production Coordinator
Jason Randolph

Technical Director
Charisse Secrest

Amy Jones

Production Photographer
Autumn Anderson

Light Board Operator
Sarah Joyce

Sound Board Operator
Kyle LaPosta, Jennifer Cassagrande

Stage Crew

Videography Credits

Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes
Video Editing: Melinda Blomquist

Behind the Scenes with our Guest Artist
Videography: Melinda Blomquist
Video Editing: Melinda Blomquist

MD All State Honor Ensemble: Behind the Scenes
Videographer/Video Editor: Steven Wilson
Editor: Emerald Lodgen
Digital Media Program Coordinator: Gianna Allen

Meet the Company

Justin Allen (Dancer)
Justin is in his third year dancing at CCBC. He graduated from Milford Mill High School. He enjoys being in dance company this year because of the opportunities for performances and masterclasses and working with the guest artists. It has also been great to meet new dancers. He chooses to dance at CCBC because it’s affordable and a great experience.
Sarah Harris (Dancer)
Sarah is in her second year dancing with the CCBC Dance Company. This year she has enjoyed learning new choreography and traveling to ACDA with her classmates! Sarah loves the opportunity to dance, learn from new people, and work on my technique. Sarah is also currently teaching at Holabird Dance studio.
Rachel Huber (Dancer)
Rachel Huber has been furthering her dance education, as well as her career at CCBC for almost three years now. She attended Perry Hall High before coming to CCBC. She was also a company member with Supernova Dance Company for about three years prior to her acceptance into the CCBC Dance Company in Fall of 2020. This semester, she is enjoying enriching her knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a professional dancer in the present and the unpredictable future of dance as a society, as well as an art-form. In her final semester before graduating from CCBC and earning my A.F.A degree, she is lucky enough to be able to be a rehearsal assistant, as well as an active member of the dance company. She is dancing at CCBC because she has found that there is always an inspirational, nurturing environment surrounding the program. She shared: “No matter what circumstances or situations a dancer might find themselves engaged in, there will always be a safe space for them, provided by the CCBC Dance Company.”
Anastasia McKenzie (Dancer)
Anastasia was born in Kirov, Russia and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Anastasia just recently graduated with her Master’s degree in Sports Science and rehabilitation from Logan University. In 2017 she graduated with her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography at Coker College in Hartsville, South Carolina. Anastasia was a part of the pre-professional Coker Repertory Dance Company at Coker College. In 2012, Anastasia was nominated to travel to London, England to represent Maryland in dance. During the summer of 2016 she was one of 25 lucky dancers chosen to travel to Italy for a two-week summer dance intensive. Anastasia is currently back in school pursuing another degree while continuing performing with Trajectory Dance Project and creating choreography around Maryland.
Andre Payne Jr. (Dancer)
Andre (Andre Breaks) is in his first year dancing with the CCBC Dance Company. He graduated from New Town High School and has trained with the Merrit Clubs training center. Andre enjoys the learning process of building up a foundation for choreography and dance. The new challenges help him to create new ideas, new movements and develop as a dancer. Andre is learning more about the choreographic process and how to create and share dance as a form of communication, it is “an art that expresses one's emotion and feeling.”
Maegan Read (Dancer)
Maegan is a CCBC Dance Company alum and graduated from CCBC in June 2021. This semester she is enjoying being able to dance with her friends again after graduating from CCBC last year. She is back dancing at CCBC this semester because she missed her friends and missed dancing in a studio and just dancing in general. Since graduation, Maegan has not been dancing as much and is very thankful for this opportunity.
Stephanie Waters (Dancer)
Stephanie is in her first year dancing at CCBC. She graduated from Perry Hall High School. We enjoy having her in our program and dancing with us.
Shannon Willing (Dancer)
Shannon is a community member joining us this semester. She is an alumnus of Towson University and danced at the Ballet Royal Academy studio until 2007. She is grateful to be invited to join the guest artist piece.
Melinda Blomquist (Artistic Director/Choreographer)
Melinda Blomquist holds an M.F.A. in Dance Choreography and Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Master of Arts in Dance Pedagogy from Brigham Young University. Melinda has presented her choreographic work at numerous venues nationally and internationally including the Mid-Atlantic and South-Central American College Dance Festival, Northwest Vista College, Towson University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the Attakkalari Festival in Bangalore India. Currently Melinda is a Professor of Dance at the Community College of Baltimore County, and she also serves as the Artistic Director for the CCBC Dance Company. Melinda has also worked with Trajectory Dance Project and with the Theatre and Music departments as a choreographer for Musical Theatre productions in Arizona, Texas and Maryland including The Fantasticks, Fiddler on the Roof, Good News, and She Loves Me. Melinda is involved in community outreach, focusing on promoting the importance of dance as art form in public education. She has provided workshops and master classes in Texas, Alaska, and Maryland to students at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Deep Vision Dance Company and as Past-President of the Maryland Dance Education Association. To learn more about the Dance Program visit:
Tommy Parlon (Dance Coordinator/Choreographer)

Tommy a native of Washington, D.C., received his M.F.A. in Dance (Choreography and Technology) from Arizona State University and his B.F.A. in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University. From 1998-2002 he was an Assistant Professor of Dance at Kent State University. While in New York City he danced with J. Fregalette Janson Dance, Centaur Dance Theatre, Beyondance Inc! and the Paris based multi-media performance art company FIASCO. Mr. Parlon has danced in pieces by Doug Varone, Stephen Petronio, Alvin Mayes, Laura Dean and Elizabeth Streb. In 1996-1998 he collaborated on Falling to Earth, an interactive multi-media performance piece created with the Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University. His choreography has been commissioned by Incidents Physical Theater of New York City, NEW ARTiculations in Tucson, Arizona, Lansing Chamber Dance in Michigan, and numerous colleges throughout the United States. He was awarded an Individual Artist Award in Solo Dance Performance from the Maryland State Arts Council in 2004 and an Artist Award in Choreography in 2007. Mr. Parlon is currently the Artistic Director of Tommy Parlon Dance Projects in Washington, D.C., the Artistic Associate of Ground Zero Dance in Richmond and the Dance Coordinator at CCBC.

Kristi Schaffner (Associate Director/Choreographer)

Kristi attended the University of Oklahoma as a teaching fellow where she received her MFA in modern dance (2011). She also has BFA in dance education from Kent State University (2004).  Through a graduate student grant, she studied Laban Movement Analysis at the Laban Institute in NYC. Ms. Schaffner has performed with Jeslyn Dance Gallery, Clawson Dances, Junction Dance Theatre, and Tommy Parlon Dance Projects among others, and is a current dancer and Director of Education and Outreach for Dragonfly Dance Experiment. Her choreography has been presented across the country including Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore, Salt Lake City and at the Howard County Dance Festival. A passion for education has inspired her to create and implement dance curricula for both preschools and charter school students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Ms. Schaffner is a current adjunct faculty member in the dance divisions of Anne Arundel Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County and is a frequent guest instructor and performer in schools and community events.

Alice Howes (Choreographer)

Alice is a dance artist and educator who is director of Trajectory Dance Project, a Baltimore-based modern dance ensemble. She has held full-time faculty positions at universities including Coppin State University, UNC Charlotte, and Lamar University.  In addition, she served from 1995 to 2004 as artistic director and resident choreographer of Washington, D.C.’s Sister’s Trousers Dance Company, a modern dance ensemble based in the D.C. area. Sarah Kaufman of The Washington Post described Howes’ performance as “riveting, thrilling and deeply mysterious”.  Howes’ choreography has appeared in selective showcases at venues such as D.C.’s Dance Place, The Booth Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater and Millennium Stage. She holds an MA in dance from American University and an MFA in dance from Sam Houston State University. Howes also has earned a Certificate of Movement Analysis (CMA) from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York City.

Adrienne Kraus Latanishen (Choreographer)

Adrienne is proud to have graduated with honors from The Community College of Baltimore County with her A.A. in Dance.  She then transferred to The University of Maryland where she also graduated with honors with her B.A. in Dance.  Besides being an adjunct dance faculty member at CCBC, she dances professionally for Trajectory Dance Project and independently for herself.  Previously, she also danced for BlueShift Dance (principal dancer), The Collective (dancer, choreographer, educator), B3W of New York City, Andary Dance (soloist, principal dancer), and (founding member, assistant director, soloist, principal dancer).  She was Director of Dance at St. Timothy's School, a private and boarding school for girls and she choreographed as Artist in Residence at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts for numerous years.  Recently, Adrienne choreographed for The Salem Players Theatre Company, Northeast High School, and Baltimore Composers Forum. 

Peter Pucci (Guest Artist in residence)
Peter Pucci is a Lucille Lortel Award winner and Drama Desk Nominate for Outstanding choreography for Queens Boulevard (the musical). Peter also received a Drama Desk Award for his work on The Orphans' Home Cycle. Peter graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA in Modern Dance. Peter was a principal dancer and rehearsal director with Pilobolus Dance Theatre for nine years. While with Pilobolus, Peter toured and taught worldwide, made several film and television appearances, performed on Broadway, collaborated on many Pilobolus pieces, before forming his own company, Peter Pucci Plus Dancers. Pucci Plus performed in New York City on Broadway and five seasons at The Joyce Theater. Peter has choreographed over 150 dances, including commissioned works for The Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Arizona, Ballet Hispanico, Colorado Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet, Alberta Ballet and the Big Apple Circus. He has also served as movement director on numerous theatrical productions. Recent commissions include a new commission for the University of Richmond’s Theatre & Dance department’s University Dancers, Fete du Ballet for the Texas Christian University’s School of Classical & Contemporary Dance, a NEA funded production of Migration, a group work for 50 dancers produced by the Community College of Baltimore County, Dream On By for the State Street Ballet in California and the Joffrey Ballet Ensemble in New York City. Peter has also directed two dance films, Swag n' Bach: A Path To Choreography and In the Garden that premiered at the Jacob Burns Film Center. His third dance film Exuviae will premiere in the fall of 2022. Peter is a Trustee Host for the Dance on Film Series at Jacob Burns and has curated many short dance films programs for the Dance on Film Series. He was an Artist in Residence at Manhattanville College for nine years and a Guest Choreographer/Movement Director for seven years at the Juilliard School of Drama. Additional information at:
Nathaniel Hunt (Guest Choreographer)
Nathaniel “Nate” Hunt (he/him/his) is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer based in Lenapehoking (Manhattan, NY) represented by MSA talent agency. He graduated summa cum laude from LIU - Brooklyn (BFA Dance). Nathaniel studied at the Alvin Ailey School, Joffrey Ballet, Cedarlake Contemporary Ballet, Jacob’s Pillow, and EMIA. Nathaniel’s performing credits include the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Ailey II, Ballet Hispanico, Company XIV, and PARA/MAR Dance Theatre. He has performed works by Alvin Ailey, Dwight Rhoden, Ronald K. Brown, Lorin Latarro, Alexei Ratmansky, Alexandra Damiani, Jennifer Archibald, and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. Nathaniel’s choreographic and teaching highlights include Alvin Ailey II, Bucknell University, Adaptations Dance Theater, FLOCK, and Santa Fe College among others; showcasing his choreography at the Kennedy Center, Manhattan Movement & Arts Center, and the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Nathaniel is a union member of AGMA constantly fighting for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the entire performing arts industry. IG @nathanielhunt_ |
Lisa L. Boeren (Production Coordinator)

Lisa has worked on over sixty productions in the Baltimore area for many companies including Dundalk Community Theatre, Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre, and Phoenix Festival Theatre. Lisa just celebrated 15 years as the Box Office Manager for CCBC and also serves as the Administrative Manager for Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre. In her spare time, she sits on the Board of Directors for Dundalk Community Theatre. She has also recently launched a new theatre company with her husband, the Peace Players, and had a very successful production of Godspell.

Jason Randolph (Technical Director)
BS Math, College of William and Mary MFA Rinehart School of Sculpture, MICA MFA Technical Theatre and Design, UVA TD/Resident Scenic Designer Single Carrot Theatre 2014-2017 TD CCBC Essex 2015-present TD Cockpit in Court Summer Theater 2016-present

Special Thanks

Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis
CCBC President
Dr. Joaquin Martinez
Provost & Vice President of Instruction
Dr. William Watson
Dean, School of Arts & Communication
Professor Nick VanHorn
Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Dr. Rebecca Ocampo 
Arts Pathways Coordinator
Dr. Anne M. Lefter
Director, Performing Arts
Johanna Lawrence
Administrative Support Assistant, Performing Arts
Cathy Kratovil
Communications Assistant, School of Arts & Communication
Jackie McTear
Designer, CCBC Creative Services
Gianna Allen
Digital Media Production Program Coordinator & Faculty
Suzie Henneman
Chair, MD All State Honors Ensemble
Towson University Dance Program for costume assistance


CCBC School of Arts and Communication

Dr. William Watson, Dean Professor
Will Niebauer, Chair, Arts and Design
Professor Nick VanHorn, Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Professor Michael Walsh, Chair, Communication Arts
Dr. Anne Lefter, Director, Performing Arts

The Arts at CCBC

Dr. Anne Lefter, Director
Johanna Lawrence, Assistant to the Director
G. Maurice “Moe” Conn, Technical Director
Jason Randolph, Technical Director
Marc Smith, Technical Director
Nicole Buckingham Kern, Galleries Coordinator
Emilyann Craighead, Galleries Assistant
Jess Rassp, Resident Costumer
Eva Grove, Costume Assistant
Lisa Boeren, Box Office Manager
Thom Purdy, Box Office Assistant
Brad Norris, Production Manager
Cathy Kratovil, Communications Assistant


Dance at CCBC

Tommy Parlon | Coordinator, Choreographer
Professor Melinda Blomquist | Dance Company Artistic Director, Choreographer
Kristi Schaffner | Dance Company Associate Director, Choreographer
Peter Pucci | Guest Artist in Residence


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