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A Tale of Two Cities

at Mounds Park Academy
Laura Eason
Based on the Novel by Charles Dickens
Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (
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Ruby Schwieger

Charles Darnay
Evelyn Korbach

Sydney Carton & Marquis St. Evremonde (Darnay's Uncle)
Liam Luepker

Jarvis Lorry
Liv Turnbull

Doctor Manette
Abby Appleton

Lucie Manette
Greta Hanson

Madame Therese Defarge
Max Spencer

Monsieur Earnest Defarge
Eirwyn Walter

*Ensemble Captain//Attorney General//Dying Woman//Revolutionary #2
Lily Rogers

Roger Barsad//A 'Jacques' Revolutionary//Barrier Guard #2//Public Prosecutor
Annika Binstadt

Gablle//Bank Man//Man on the Bridge
Mari Minear

Gaspard//Woman//Citizen-Patriot #2/Clerk
Zach Peterson

Peasant Man//Barrier Guard #1//Marquis St. Evremonde (Darnay's Father)//Citizen Patriot #1
Maggie Banks-Hehenberger

Kendall Shostak


Creative Team

Ann Frances Gregg

Emily Jaques

Set Designer & Technical Director
Charlotte Bergh

Assistant Director
Lucy Cowen

Assistant Technical Director & Deck Captain
Elsa Beauchane

Stage Manager & Light Board Operator
Liv Turnbull

Assistant Stage Manager
Erin Belpedio

Lighting Designer
Eirwyn Walter

Costume Lead
Evelyn Korbach

Props Lead
Mari Minear & Kendall Shostak

Publicity Leads
Liam Luepker & Zoya Nayak

Running Crew
Stella Madore

Sound Lead & Sound Board Operator
Lily Rogers

Make-up & Hair Lead
Maggie Banks-Hehenberger

Archives Lead
Zoya Nayak, Liam Luepker, & Abby Appleton

Stage Crew
Ruby Schwieger

Costume Crew
Annika Binstadt

Make-up & Hair Crew
Zach Peterson & Max Spencer

Sound Crew
Evy Digirolamo

Guest Artist - Devising Workshop
Kelly Wolter

Guest Artist - Accent Workshop
Jay Springer

Technical Support
Dawn Zimmerman

Ticketing Manager
Peter Myers

Jaeden McFarland


Meet the Company

Charlotte Bergh (Assistant Director)
*Charlotte directed Scene 8.