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Song List


Prologue............................................................ Bert, Company


Cherry Tree Lane (Part 1)............ George, Mrs. Brill, Robertson Ay

The Perfect Nanny............................. Jane, Michael

Cherry Tree Lane (Part 2).......... George, Mrs. Brill, Robertson Ay, Winifred


Practically Perfect................. Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael


Practically Perfect (Playoff)...................... Bert

Jolly Holiday................................................. Bert, Park Strollers, Jane, Michael, Neleus, Statues, Mary Poppins


Winds Do Change....................................... Bert

A Spoonful of Sugar……………................... Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Honeybees, Winifred, Mrs. Brill, Robertson Ay

Spoonful (Playoff)...................................... Winifred


Precision and Order (Part 1).................... Clerks

Precision and Order (Part 2).................. Clerks, John Northbrook

A Man Has Dreams.......................................... George


Feed the Birds............................................. Bird Woman, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Ensemble


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious............. Mary Poppins, Mrs. Corry, Bert, Jane, Michael


Twists and Turns............................................ Bert


Playing the Game........................................ Mary Poppins


Chim Chim Cher-ee................................ Mary Poppins, Bert, Ensemble


Cherry Tree Lane (Reprise)......................... Winifred, Jane, Michael, Mrs. Brill,  Robertson Ay, George

Brimstone and Treacle (Part 1)................ Miss Andrew


Let’s Go Fly a Kite............................ Bert, Kite Flyers, Jane, Michael


Brimstone and Treacle (Part 2)................... Miss Andrew, Mary Poppins

Practically Perfect (Reprise)........................ Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael


Step in Time............................ Sweeps, Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael

Step in Time (Playoff).................................. Bert, Sweeps


Step in Time (Playoff) (cont’d).......................... Bert, Sweeps

A Spoonful of Sugar (Reprise).............................. Bert


Anything Can Happen (Part 1)................................Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Winifred


Give Us the Word.......................................... George

Anything Can Happen (Part 2)................ Winifred, Mary Poppins, Michael, Jane, George


Goodbye Then, Mary............................................ Mary Poppins


Anything Can Happen (Finale).............. George, Winifred, Company

Bows.................................................. Company




Who's Who


Elizabeth Netherton

Mary Poppins (Mon/Wed Cast)
Jacob Arkin

Bert, Mon/Wed Cast
Hannah Stancil

Winifred Banks, Mon/Wed Cast
Phoebe Weintraub

George Banks, Mon/Wed Cast
Synnove Olson

Jane Banks, Mon/Wed cast
Rory Dietrich

Michael Banks, Mon/Wed Cast
Sammy Crume

Ms. Brill, Mon/Wed Cast
JD Rausch

Robertson Ay, Mon/Wed Cast
Owen Jones

Neleus, Ensemble, Mon/Wed Cast
William Siders (she/her)

Katie Nanna, clerk, kite flyer, customer, chimney sweep, Mon/Wed Cast
Caroline Duckworth

Bird Lady, Mon/Wed Cast
Alexa K Bowles

Bank Chairman, Ensemble (Mon/Wed Cast)
Ella Ross

Mrs. Smith, Mon/Wed Cast
Leighton Cohen

Northbrook, Statue, and Sweep, Mon/Wed Cast
Veronica Voetsch

Von Hussler, Ensemble, Mon/Wed Cast
Chloe Krebs

Mrs. Corry, Mary Poppins Understudy, Mon/Wed Cast
Tatum Powell

Miss Andrews , Student Director Mon/Wed Cast
Delaney Cohen

Policeman & Ensemble, Mon/Wed Cast
Luna Engle

Messenger, Mon/Wed Cast
Claire Thompson

Ensemble Dance Captain, Mon/Wed Cast
Mary Dengler

George Banks, Tues/Thurs Cast
Orion Snook

Audio/Tech, Mon/Wed Cast
Sofia Satterfield

Mary Poppins, Tues/Thurs Cast
Ben Schaeffer

Bert, Tues/Thurs Cast
Isabelle Fishbein

Winifred (Tues/Thurs Cast)
Rylan Duda

Jane Banks, Tues/Thurs Cast
Wade McDougall

Michael Banks (Tues/Thurs Cast)
Bryn Bollins

Ms. Brill, Tues/Thurs Cast
Ashe Spears

Roberston Ay, Tues/Thurs Cast
Elsa Bickert

Katie Nanna, Tues/Thurs Cast
Lela Catherine Haraway

Neleus, Tues/Thurs Cast
Francis Hennecy

Bird Woman, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast
Ilex Gill

Julia Pinotti

Mrs. Smyth (Tues/Thurs Cast)
Lilah Didier-Sober

John Northbrook, Tues/Thurs Cast
Lexington Kennerly

Von Hussler, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast
Autumn Maria Spiegler

Mrs. Corry, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast
Maya Brambrut

Ms. Andrews (Tues/Thurs cast)
Allison Bombardier

Stage Manager, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast
Sofia Rosenthal

The Messenger, A Bee, A Clerk, A Vagrant, Tues/Thurs Cast
Asher Pilvinsky

Policeman & Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast

Creative Team

Shell Ramirez

Melissa Gouinlock

Administration Director/Costume guru
Jonathan Bryant

Jeff Sutton

Technical Director
Kristen Hansen


Meet the Company

Elizabeth Netherton (Mary Poppins (Mon/Wed Cast))
Elizabeth is very excited to be acting in her 11th production with DCP; her favorite show so far has been Into the Woods, where she played Jack’s Mother. When she isn’t acting, she’s drawing, reading, or studying. She would like to thank her parents and DCP for providing her with so many amazing opportunities throughout the years.
Jacob Arkin (Bert, Mon/Wed Cast)
Jacob has been involved in theatre for five years but this is his first year at DCP. This is his first time playing the part of a human after previously playing an elf, a bear, and a gander. Mary Poppins has always been his favorite movie and he is thrilled to be playing this character he loves so much. Jacob loves Star Wars, his dog Puffin, and being with his family. He would like to thank his family for their love and support and also for their tolerance of his dance practice for this show.
Hannah Stancil (Winifred Banks, Mon/Wed Cast)
I began performing in plays in 2019 in New York City. My first play was The Sound of Music. Mary Poppins is my fifth play with DCP. I really like the community in DCP because it is a welcoming environment. I have enjoyed every play that I have performed in. I also dance and play the violin. I thank my family for everything they have done for me. I am grateful for Shell, Melissa, and Jonathan for their contributions.
Phoebe Weintraub (George Banks, Mon/Wed Cast)
Phoebe has been doing theatre for 5 or 6 years now. Her favorite plays ever were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Honk jr. Outside of theatre, she likes to swim and rock climb, and she loves to draw. Phoebe would like to thank Shell and Melissa, also her fellow cast members for being so much fun. And of course her parents.
Synnove Olson (Jane Banks, Mon/Wed cast)
This is Synnove’s first musical theatre experience, but she is no stranger to the stage. She loves performing at school talent shows, has sung a few solos on the Venkman's stage, and is always finding time to sing and dance at home. She is so excited to be a part of this group and thankful for this opportunity to learn, grow, and make new friends!
Rory Dietrich (Michael Banks, Mon/Wed Cast)
Rory has enjoyed theatre with DCP for many years. His favorite roles include Genie (Aladdin) and Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka). Rory also enjoys playing baseball and swimming competitively. He would like to thank his family and close friends for all their support along the way as well as Shell and Melissa for all their hard work and energy!
Sammy Crume (Ms. Brill, Mon/Wed Cast)
Sammy has been acting ever since she was 3, and she loves performing. She would like to thank Shell, Jonathan, Melissa, Tatum, and the cast for putting together this amazing show! She really enjoys it and hopes you do, too!
JD Rausch (Robertson Ay, Mon/Wed Cast)
JD started theatre with an improv camp in the 5th grade, later he joined the Dad's Garage teen improv group and performed in a number of shows. After some time he joined Decatur Community Players and stuck with them ever since. He's had roles as Roberston Ay(Mary Poppins Jr), The Centipede (James and The Giant Peach), Scar (Lion King Jr), and The Duke of Weselton (Frozen Jr). Outside of theatre, JD is interested in animals and video games. He'd like to thank his mother, his step-dad, Shell, Melissa, and his improv teacher Kirsten.
William Siders (she/her) (Katie Nanna, clerk, kite flyer, customer, chimney sweep, Mon/Wed Cast)
William got interested in theater around age 5, which is when she started at DCP. William loves DCP because she can be herself, and singing, dancing and acting is really fun. William also really likes music, drawing/sketching, and coloring/painting. William would like to thank Shell for starting DCP and letting her into the advanced group, Melissa for making all of the costumes happen, and Tatum for directing.
Caroline Duckworth (Bird Lady, Mon/Wed Cast)
Caroline has been doing theatre for 5 years. She has never found anything she loves more than DCP. Her favorite play was Peter Pan when she played Wendy. Caroline would like to thank Shell, Melissa, Claire, Tatum, Elizabeth, Luna, Mom and Bob. All for believing in her and supporting her.
Alexa K Bowles (Bank Chairman, Ensemble (Mon/Wed Cast))
Alexa has been doing plays with DCP for three years. She enjoys making friends and putting on the show. Out of the five plays she has been in, her favorite is Honk because of the theme and the cheerfulness of it. Outside of theatre, she enjoys horseback riding and swimming. She would like to thank Veronica and Sammy for not only doing their parts beautifully, but helping others with their parts, being great at dancing, and helping with set changes.
Ella Ross (Mrs. Smith, Mon/Wed Cast)
Ella has been performing in musical theater productions since she was 5 years old, and Mary Poppins, Jr. is her favorite show (so far). She enjoys singing, playing piano, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. She would like to thank her parents, who always encourage her, and Shell, Melissa, and everyone at DCP for making the play such an awesome experience.
Chloe Krebs (Mrs. Corry, Mary Poppins Understudy, Mon/Wed Cast)
Chloe has loved being on stage since an early age. Right before COVID she appeared in The Children's School production of Aladdin. She is looking forward to making her DCP debut in Mary Poppins! Outside of theatre, Chloe enjoys swimming, zip lining, rock climbing, cooking, making movies, Girl Scouts and playing fetch with her dog. She would like to thank her parents for supporting her theatrical dreams and and driving her to all the rehearsals.
Tatum Powell (Miss Andrews , Student Director Mon/Wed Cast)
This is Tatum's 10th and almost final DCP play. Some of her favorite past roles have included Timon in Lion King and Vivienne in Legally Blonde. This is also the 3rd play she has directed, with the previous two being Frozen and Lion King. Outside of theatre, Tatum loves to knit, hang out with friends, watch Marvel movies, and do homework (not really, but it takes up the majority of her time). She would like to thank Shell and Melissa for helping put on the production, Claire and Elizabeth for helping her with directing and for being great friends, her parents, and her school friends for having to put up with her talking about musicals 24/7.
Luna Engle (Messenger, Mon/Wed Cast)
While studying theatre at her school, Dekalb Elementary school of the Arts, Luna has loved taking part in plays for around six years. She also enjoys the visual arts, games, her dogs, and the bass guitar. Luna would like to thank Shell, Melissa, and the cast for making this such an amazing experience.
Claire Thompson (Ensemble Dance Captain, Mon/Wed Cast)
Claire has been doing plays with DCP for 4 years. The favorite play she did with DCP is James and the Giant Peach, where she played Spiker. Outside of theatre, she enjoys mock trial, cooking, and learning Latin.
Mary Dengler (George Banks, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Mary has been with DCP since 4th grade and is coming up on her 4th year with them. She would really like to thank Shell, Melissa, her friends and her family. Her favorite show that she has been in so far was Willy Wonka. Some other interests Mary has outside of acting are roller skating and SFX makeup.
Sofia Satterfield (Mary Poppins, Tues/Thurs Cast)
This is Sofia's 9th show with DCP. She loves performing, singing, and dancing and is grateful for all the friends she's made through DCP. Her favorite show was Lion King because it was her first! Sofia has been a dancer for 10 years, loves art and traveling, and wants to pursue a career in performing arts. She'd like to thank Shell and Melissa for their encouragement and support and her mom for being awesome.
Isabelle Fishbein (Winifred (Tues/Thurs Cast))
This is Isabelle's 5th year with DCP, and she is on both the Travel Team and the Apprentice Conservatory Group. Her favorite shows she's been in include Once On This Island, Legally Blonde, and Beauty and The Beast. Outside of theater, she likes to read and paint. She would like to thank Shell and Melissa for an amazing 5 years and her friends and family for their support.
Rylan Duda (Jane Banks, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Rylan has been taking theater classes with DCP since February, 2021. What she loves most is getting to express herself. She had "practiced" acting at home, but hadn't taken any classes until earlier this year. She has only done 2 shows: WInnie the Pooh, when she starred as The Narrator and Christopher Robin, but her favorite one is Mary Poppins. Her interests outside of acting is participating in her schools Cross-Country team and creating art. She would like to thank her parents for always encouraging her. She would also like to thank Shell, Melissa, and Jonathan for making this show happen!
Wade McDougall (Michael Banks (Tues/Thurs Cast) )
Wade started acting in the 3rd grade, but took a break until the pandemic when he developed a renewed interest in theater. Outside of theater, Wade enjoys sports such as football, basketball and baseball. He would like to thank his mom for running lines with him and Shell and Jonathan for helping him with lines and choreography. You can next see Wade as Troy in Renfroe's production of High School Musical in February.
Bryn Bollins (Ms. Brill, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Bryn has been acting for less than a year, but is completely in love with it and feels it is an excellent way to express herself. Bryn loves to swim competitively and also loves to dance for fun. She would like to thank her mom, dad, and sister for all of their love and support.
Ashe Spears (Roberston Ay, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Ashe has been participating in theater for 4 years and has been in 7 DCP shows. He enjoys playing guitar, martial arts, and weight training. He would like to thank his mother, father, close friends, Shell, and Melissa.
Elsa Bickert (Katie Nanna, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Elsa has 2 years experience doing musical theater and is a student at Dekalb Elementary School of the Arts. Lion King is her favorite show/role. Elsa enjoys drawing/art, games and pets. She would like to thank her friends and family.
Lela Catherine Haraway (Neleus, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Lela Catherine has been acting and performing since the age of 7, and her favorite role so far was Young Nala in the Lion King earlier this year. Lela is a practicing figure skater (where she uses some of her dramatic skills!) and also enjoys soccer and playing the drums. She'd like to thank her Mom and Dad, her sister Mackenzie and her dogs and cat-- Hampton, Clementine and Super.
Francis Hennecy (Bird Woman, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast)
I’ve been doing theatre since I was in kindergarten. “The Lion King” is my favorite production I’ve been in so far. Outside of theatre I enjoy crafting and hanging out with friends. I would love to thank my mother and father for always supporting me.
Ilex Gill (Chairman)
I have been with DCP for 3 years now.Shell and Melissa always make it a funny favorite show so far was Lion king. Out side of drama I draw and choirs at school and have out with my friends. I would like to thank my dad and mom for always being their and supporting me and pushing me to do things I like to more.
Julia Pinotti (Mrs. Smyth (Tues/Thurs Cast))
This is Julia's first show with Decatur Community Players. She has really enjoyed the rehearsals for Mary Poppins. Previous theater experience includes The Potato Play, Twelfth Night and Peter Pan. When not acting Julia enjoys hanging with friends and her puppy Baker. She would like to thank her family, as well as her cast mates, Shell and all of DCP for a wonderful semester.
Lilah Didier-Sober (John Northbrook, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Lilah has been acting since she was 7 and her favorite thing about acting is getting to work with other people to accomplish something. Her favorite show (that she has been in) is Peter Pan,Jr. Outside of theater, she enjoys doing martial arts. Lilah thanks her parents for allowing her to go to DCP.
Lexington Kennerly (Von Hussler, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast)
I have been acting since I was 5. My favorite show that I have been in was the Little Mermaid were I played Ursula. My other hobbies include reading, drawing/art and science. I would like to thank miss Shell for being an awesome director and really leading us though this whole production.
Autumn Maria Spiegler (Mrs. Corry, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Autumn has been acting at DCP for 3 1/2 years, her favorite musical she has been in is Honk Jr. Outside of the theatre she likes video games, sitcoms and books. She would like to thank her parents, her brother and the universe.
Maya Brambrut (Ms. Andrews (Tues/Thurs cast))
This is Maya's second performance with Decatur Community Players. She played the role of Sarabi in the Spring 2021 production of The Lion King. Maya loves acting because she thinks it's fun to get to be someone else, and she likes being able to express herself differently than she does in real life. When she's not performing, Maya loves to spend time with her friends and family, read, travel, play soccer and basketball, play guitar, and snuggle with her dog, Luna. She also loves to cook with her dad and bake with her mom. Maya would like to thank everybody at DCP for being so great, and she'd like to thank Shell for giving her the opportunity to play a villain. She would also like to thank her family for all their love and support (and for driving her).
Allison Bombardier (Stage Manager, Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast)
For Allison, coming to theater is the best part of her week. She feels it's a safe zone to have, a place to make friends and do what she loves. Thank you, Shell!
Sofia Rosenthal (The Messenger, A Bee, A Clerk, A Vagrant, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Sofia has done 5 years of acting and 6 plays. They like to make jewelry and to draw. They would like to thank their parents for paying for them to be in all of these performances over the years.
Asher Pilvinsky (Policeman & Ensemble, Tues/Thurs Cast)
Hi! This is my first time coming to DCP, but I've really enjoyed it. At home, I love to draw and I recently started playing drums. I know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my sister Iris, who has always had my back and I can't thank her enough.
Shell Ramirez (Owner/Founder/Director )
Shell started theater in 1979 in her first grade performance. Graduating from Dekalb School of the Arts in 1991 then headed to Webster University for Vocal Performance and then back to GSU to focus on Education . Zoom forward to 2011 Shell was approached by iTheatrics in 2010 to bring a group to the Junior Theatre Festival and DCP was born. Through love, community support and friends DCP has survived and thrived through the past few years. Shell is excited for her 30th show and first time doing Mary Poppins JR. All the amazing actors involved in this production. Each and every kid is so unique and meant to be on stage! Make Mistakes and bring on the drama
Melissa Gouinlock (Administration Director/Costume guru)
Melissa met Shell in 2002 when their sons where in Kindergarten. With her background in art and performance flair she was delighted to come volunteer with DCP. In 2012 she joined as business partner and never looked back. Melissa is so excited and ready for any adventure that DCP brings!! This is her 20th performance with DCP!
Jonathan Bryant (Choreographer )
This is Jonathan’s first show with DCP and he is a delight. He is loved by the kids and a joy to work with. He is also currently working with the travel team presentation of Frozen, at the Junior Theatre Festival in January. He brings the energy and life to all the dance moves the kids perform! He will be back in the spring for Moana and Matilda!
Jeff Sutton (Technical Director )
Jeff loves hockey and all things tech! He has brought light and sound to this production. This is his second production and he is adding sets to future productions as he helps DCP grow!