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End of the Worm As We Know It
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The Annoyance Theatre
Technical Direction
Sam MacNerland


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For 35+ years, The Annoyance Theatre has created some of Chicago’s finest comedy. Artists at The Annoyance are encouraged to explore and develop their unique voice. Through improvisation and writing, we work collaboratively to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedies, solo shows, and more in a vibrant, uncensored atmosphere.




Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago 2022

Chicago Reader Best of Chicago 2022




Daija Monet

Elizabeth Fulton

Kara Kinsey

Teagan Fitzpatrick

Erica Salas

Tori Kilkenny

Claire Lochmueller


Meet the Company

Daija Monet (Ensemble )
Daija Monet is thrilled to be in Wormhole Sketch’s summer run at the Annoyance. She would like to thank God, her cast, and hot Cheetos for getting her through
Elizabeth Fulton (Writer/Ensemble/Producer)
Elizabeth Fulton (she/her) is an award-winning writer, comedian, producer, director, and breakfast sandwich connoisseur. She is a faculty member at the Second City Training Center - and a graduate of Second City Training Center's writing and conservatory programs. When she's not performing with Worm Hole, she's directing America Runs on Women or performing with Sorry, Improvised DCOM, Writer's Block or XDC at iO Theater, Annoyance, Second City, Clash on Clark or Corcoran's for cheese curds. You can follow her on Instagram @elizahhhhhhope - 6 h's because 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 were taken.
Kara Kinsey (Performer/Writer)
Kara Kinsey is a Chicago based entertainer, comedian, writer, and film maker with more talents then she knows what to do with. Honestly, if she had a lick of sense she would have focused her energies but GOD does she love too much. This Louisiana native, and obsess-er of aggressive female forward narratives has 8 years of comedy experience across many cities and outfits that show arguably too much cleavage. Kara Kinsey is a comedic force of an indoor possum, for good or for evil you decide.
Teagan Fitzpatrick (Writer/Performer)
Teagan Fitzpatrick is a writer and performer based in Chicago. She's thrilled to be at the Annoyance Theatre with Wormhole Sketch in their second sketch show together! You can see her doing improv comedy around the city with her teams Girl Party and Lung Switch. When she's not writing and performing, you can catch her at the thrift store, tending to her plants, beating her friends to a pulp at Mario Kart, and hanging out with her dog. She hopes to not shed tears about how proud she is of her fellow writers and cast-mates, but no promises.
Erica Salas (Writer/Performer)
Erica Salas is an Illinois native hailing from the great city of Sterling, IL. In addition to Worm Hole Sketch you can find her performing around the city with Cat Bath Improv, American Runs on Women, and Open Door Sketch. Along with being a stone cold comedian Erica is a devout Lunchable enthusiast and Diet Coke girlie.
Tori Kilkenny
Tori Kilkenny is a Chicago based actor-comedian. An inaugural Fountain City Comedy Festival performer, Tori can be found performing stand up in Chicago, Kansas City and all across the midwest. Locally, she co-produces Stand Up Logan Square and Discount Therapy and writes sketch comedy for WormHole and Last Night on Earth with God.
Claire Lochmueller (Actor)
Claire's comedy journey began in Cincinnati, OH performing in OTRimprov and Improv Cincinnati. It has continued to flourish here in Chicago. She can be seen doing improv and sketch in theaters all over Chicago including ComedySportz, Annoyance and Logan Square Improv. Her favorite things when not doing comedy are coffee and rock climbing. She's a Leo and has two cats.