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The Annoyance Theatre
Technical Direction
Sam MacNerland


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For 35+ years, The Annoyance Theatre has created some of Chicago’s finest comedy. Artists at The Annoyance are encouraged to explore and develop their unique voice. Through improvisation and writing, we work collaboratively to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedies, solo shows, and more in a vibrant, uncensored atmosphere.




Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago 2022

Chicago Reader Best of Chicago 2022




Rachel McIndoe

Will Inman


Main cast
Michael Kneller

Cast Member
Will Poole

Rohan Tripathi

Grace Trotta

Annoyance Performer
Tori DeLaney


Meet the Company

Rachel McIndoe (Producer/Cast)
Rachel McIndoe is thrilled to be producing and performing in Annoyance's Escapades. From current credits such as The Substitute at The iO Theater, to Annoyance's Motorcycle Rocketship, to The Teeny Tiny Character Show at Annoyance, Rachel McIndoe is grateful to have diversified her skillset. Rachel's training includes her completion of Improv Philosophy at The Annoyance as well as the completion of UCA's Bear Bait Improv training. Rachel invites you to follow along as she continues goofing and spoofing!
Will Inman (Actor)
Will Inman is a writer, performer, occult investigator, and Knight Errant of the Realm. They are a proud member of Off Brand Funeral Band, Teeny Tiny Women, and Queerbait (three improv teams competing to fulfill the ancient prophecy). In their spare time, they like to spay and neuter stray cats, vigilante-style. We’ll met and good fortune, fellow adventurers!
Cary (Main cast)
Cary is thrilled to be part of the Escapades cast at the Annoyance. Currently, you can also find him as a writer/performer in the sketch group Motorcycle Rocketship and performing improv with the Off Brand Funeral Band. Off stage you can find Cary taking a nap or eating a pre-nap breakfast.
Michael Kneller (Cast Member)
Michael is a producer and performer based in Chicago. His work directing The Seer with John Ennis, producing A Show At The Pool by The Mulberry Project, and showrunning MOTORCYCLE ROCKETSHIP exemplify Michael's wide range of production expertise. He adores the varied, multifaceted approach to modern production, and his motto is "make fun things with good people forever."
Will Poole (Cast )
Will Poole is joining the Escapades Cast no matter what you say! A graduate of both Logan Square Improv and CIC Theater’s improv training classes, Will can be seen doing comedy with friends in theaters all over Chicago! Will can also be seen doing not comedy as the pitcher of a rec league Softball team that they take more seriously than they’re willing to admit.
Rohan Tripathi (Performer)
Rohan Tripathi is an amateur improvisor and sketch writer. His previous experience was with his college improv comedy troupe at the University of Chicago and this is his first performance with the Annoyance Theatre. Outside of the Annoyance, Rohan can be found working on Excel spreadsheets for his job or working on his magnum opus, a five-part Pokemon fanfiction saga.
Grace Trotta (Annoyance Performer)
Grace Trotta (She/Her) is a working improv comedy performer, Pole Dancer, and Producer. She has been trained in comedy by UCB LA and The Annoyance in Chicago. Other than Escapades, find her performing for Portal Prov with the Otherworld Theatre and Girl Party in various Chicago venues. Her two prov group is TFTI with Ilsa Morales. As a pole dancer and producer you can find her with Show Pole on instagram @showpole_showpole. She also competes with Pole Sport Organization and Miss ShowGirl Competition. Her speciality is comedy pole dance.
Tori DeLaney (Cast)
Tori DeLaney has never once stepped on a stage before. She never went to theatre school, has never worked in film, commercial or print. She has not performed professional theatre since 2019. Shakespeare does not pay her bills. She did not win best on screen performance in Big Teeth Micro Film Fest for her performance in "2." She doesn't love nachos, and she doesn't even believe in comedy. What has this lady even done? Had a blast with these fine people, and she's so happy to be here. ;)