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Motorcycle Rocketship

The Annoyance Theatre
Technical Direction
Sam MacNerland


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For 35+ years, The Annoyance Theatre has created some of Chicago’s finest comedy. Artists at The Annoyance are encouraged to explore and develop their unique voice. Through improvisation and writing, we work collaboratively to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedies, solo shows, and more in a vibrant, uncensored atmosphere.




Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago 2022

Chicago Reader Best of Chicago 2022




Laura Dellis

Featured Performer
Michael Kneller

Will Inman

Evelyn Lawrence

Cast Member
Rachel McIndoe

Cary Horan

Main cast

Meet the Company

Laura Dellis (Featured Performer )
Laura Dellis hails from Minnesota although she believes she is actually a human muppet and created by Jim Henson. She performs in her one woman shows, "Halfway to Fifty" and "A Very Dellis Holiday" to pretty cool acclaim throughout the year at Davenports Piano Bar and Cabaret. These shows combine stand up comedy and singing. She performs improv with Offbrand Funeral Band throughout theaters in Chicago and is thrilled to be apart of Motorcycle Rocketship Sketch Show. She's repped by Actor's Talent Group. For more information on Laura, you can visit her website or follow her on instagram @ldells. Yay!
Michael Kneller (Cast)
Michael is a Chicago-based performing artist, director and producer. Through his work on pieces like A Show At The Pool by The Mulberry Project, The Seer starring John Ennis, and MOTORCYCLE ROCKETSHIP, Michael has focused his energies on positive relationships, attention to detail, and his love of storytelling and comedy. Michael greatly enjoys the multifaceted, integrative experience of modern production, and his motto is "make fun things with good people forever."
Will Inman (Writer/Actor)
Will Inman is a writer, performer, medium, and amateur globe-trotting detective. They are a proud member of the Off-Brand Funeral Band, Teeny Tiny Women, and Queerbait (all competing improv teams with a centuries-long blood feud). Catch them performing at the Laugh Out Loud improv theatre, or scarfing down pizza crusts by the Planet Fitness dumpsters. If you have fifteen minutes to spare, find them after the show and ask them if they have any strong feelings about the Barbie movie.
Evelyn Lawrence (Cast Member)
Evelyn Lawrence (she/her) is kind of like the It Girl. Likeā€¦ She kind of is, right? After growing tired of the modeling industry, she turned to the Chicago comedy scene - a space in which she hopes to inflict immeasurable pain and unspeakable agony. You can also catch her every Friday at 8:00 PM at the annoyance in the sketch show Missed Call.
Rachel McIndoe (Producer/Cast)
Rachel McIndoe is thrilled to be producing and performing in Annoyance's Motorcyle Rocketship. From current credits such as The Substitute at The iO Theater, to Annoyance's Escapades, to The Teeny Tiny Character Show at Annoyance, Rachel McIndoe is grateful to have diversified her skillset. Rachel's training includes her completion of Improv Philosophy at The Annoyance as well as the completion of UCA's Bear Bait Improv training. Rachel invites you to follow along as she continues goofing and spoofing!
Cary Horan (Main cast)
Cary is thrilled to be part of the Motorcycle Rocketship cast at the Annoyance. Currently, you can also find him on wild adventures with the Escapades show, also at Annoyance, and performing improv with the Off Brand Funeral Band. Off stage you can find Cary taking a nap or eating a pre-nap breakfast.