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Norna, or The Witch's Curse

at Bridge Players Theatre Company
written by
Anna & Louisa May Alcott
directed by
Jessi Meisel
Lindsey Kilchesty
Kori Rife

Ryan Mulligan
Timothy Kirk

Ethan Rundell
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Melodrama: a sensational dramatic piece with exaggerated characters and exciting events intended to appeal to the emotions.

Norna, or The Witch's Curse is the first selection within the anthology "Comic Tragedies by Jo and Meg March and acted by The Little Women," also known as Anna and Louisa May Alcott.

From the forward, said to be written by Meg, it reads: 

In the good old times, when "Little Women" worked and played together, the big garret was the scene of many dramatic revels. After a long day of teaching, sewing, and "helping mother," the greatest delight of the girls was to transform themselves into queens, knights, and cavaliers of high degree, and ascend into a world of fancy and romance. Cinderella's godmother waved her wand, and the dismal room became a fairy-land. Flowers bloomed, forests arose, music sounded, and lovers exchanged their vows by moonlight. Nothing was too ambitious to attempt; [everything] grew as if by magic, and wonderful scenes of valor and devotion were enacted before admiring audiences.

While not the most popular style of play today, we do see melodramas everywhere. Whether its daytime soap operas, such as General Hospital, or primetime dramas, such as Grey’s Anatomy, we still get a chance to get engrossed in characters and events in the same way a traditional melodrama would. Add in a blend of cheese, a dash of realism, and a dabbling with otherworldly spirits, our production will take you on a mysterious journey with the recognizable damsel in distress, hero, and villain. 

So, as if we are the "Little Women" and friends reading and performing for each other, please enjoy Norna, or The Witch’s Curse.

~ Jessi Meisel (they/them)


Lindsey Kilchesty (she/her)

Timothy Kirk (he/him)

Ryan Mulligan (he/him)

Kori Rife (she/her)

Ethan Rundell (he/him)

Count Rodolpho

Creative Team

Jessi Meisel (they/them)

Kristian Kauker (he/him)

Technical Director

Meet the Company

Lindsey Kilchesty (she/her) (Norna)
Lindsey is pleased and honored to be on stage again in "The Witch's Curse." Most recently she has been a part of BPTC cabarets. Previously, she has directed Bridge Players’ "Suite Surrender," was assistant director for "The 25thAnnual Putnam County Spelling Bee," and stage-managed and produced several other Bridge Players productions, including "A Christmas Chaos." Lindsey thanks Jessi for having the confidence in her to pull off such a fun role. She would especially like to thank her daughters, Brigid and Rebecca, for being there to always support her throughout her time with BPTC.
Timothy Kirk (he/him) (Hugo/Gaspar/Page)
Tim is happy to be part of another Bridge Players/Smithville collaboration. Previous appearances include "Tonight at the Back Stage Door," "Cinderella, Cinderella," and "Don't Touch That Dial!" Since the pandemic, his theatre activity has fallen off some, but he also enjoys serving as a Dungeon Master to several of his friends (some of whom are on this stage), writing various things, and planning for the Great Mole Uprising of 2023. His next theatre outing will be at the Ritz as the doctor in the 10-minute play "Family Emergency."
Ryan Mulligan (he/him) (Louis/Adrian)
Ryan is glad to be back performing with Bridge Players after a pre-pandemic appearance in "Legally Blonde" and an online appearance in "Puffs!" He would like to thank Jessi for the opportunity, his fellow cast members for the experience, and his family for their support. He would also like to take this opportunity to extend his best wishes to the Philadelphia 76ers.
Kori Rife (she/her) (Theresa/Leonore)
For the few who might actually read this, Kori wants you to know that she appreciates you and feels very fortunate to be able to play on stage with her friends. Some favorite past performances for Bridge Players include "Legally Blonde" (Kate, Chutney, et al.), "Suite Surrender" ("Dora del Rio), "Messiah on the Frigidaire" (Betsy), and “Wait Until Dark” (Susy). You might have also seen her overact at Burlington County Footlighters, Riverfront Players, Playmasters, or maybe even online for the Ritz. Thank you to Jessi for including me with these awesome people and for telling them all, "Don't break the Kori."
Ethan Rundell (he/him) (Count Rodolpho)
Ethan is ecstatic to be returning to the stage after a long hiatus and to to be returning with Bridge Players. Ethan has been seen with them in "Annie" as Daddy Warbucks, "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" as Vice Principal Panche, and "Christmas Chaos" as Scrooge. He would like to thank his friends, family, and the cast for always supporting him.


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Stay up-to-date on Bridge Players' future productions