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Oak Park High School Performing Arts Alliance


Book By 

Karey Kirkpatrick and John O'Farrell

Music and Lyrics by 

Wayne Kirkpatrick and Karey Kirkpatrick

Conceived by Karey Kirkpatrick and Wayne Kirkpatrick

Arrangements by Glen Kelly

Orchestrations by Larry Hockman

Originally produced on Broadway by Kevin McCollum Broadway Global Ventures CMC Mastro/Goodman Jerry & Ronald Frankel Morris Berchard Kyodo Tokyo Inc. Wendy Federman Barbara Freitag LAMS Productions Winkler/DeSimone Timothy Laczynski Dan Markley Harris/Karmazin Jam Theatricals Robert Greenblatt and Jujamcyn Theaters

Developed in association with the 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle, WA, David Armstrong, Executive Producer and Artistic Director, Bernadine Griffin, Managing Director and Bill Berry, Producing Artistic Director


Directed by
Ellyn Schneider
Assistant Director
Noah Kratt

Music Director/ Tech Director: Zachary Borquez

Vocal Director: Stacy McClamma

Choreographer: Casey Denning

Design Supervisor: Evan Schneider

Stage Manager: Eden Yelinek

Dance Captain Elizabeth Dusek

Avery Boggs Abby Leduc Kennedy Sheehan
JoJo Bongiovi Kam Licata Talia Sitomer
Elizabeth Dusek  Hila Maish Malina Star
Nora Farkas Sophia Mannino Mara Vahanian
Persy Ferry Mia McCabe Grace VanSchooneveld
Kadyn Freid Dylan McDonald Oliver Ventura
Dean Fronk Elena McFadden Paige Walker
Max Fybel Peter Mendoza Peyton Watnick
Aven Gaeta Madeline Ng Ava Winkle
Miley Katz Jonas Norton Jade Wolff
Danika Koscelnick Lauren Poteat Gal Yelenik
Andrew Kunesh Abby Schuh Vincent Zohar

Is Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).  All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Any video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited

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Song List




Scene 1: A South London Street; Welcome to the Renaissance

Scene 2: The Theatre; God, I Hate Shakespeare

Scene 3: A South London Street/Outside of Nick and Bea’s House

Scene 4: Nick and Bea’s House; Right Hand Man, God I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise)

Scene 5: Soothsayer Alley; A Musical

Scene 6: A South London Street/Outside the Theatre

Scene 7: The Theatre; The Black Death

Scene 8: A South London Street; I Love The Way

Scene 9: The Park; Will Power

Scene 10: The After-Show Party Tent

Scene 11: Soothsayer Alley; Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top


INTERMISSION (15 minutes)



Scene 1: London; Welcome to the Renaissance (Reprise), Hard to Be the Bard

Scene2: The Theatre; It’s Eggs!

Scene 3: The London Bridge; We See the Light

Scene 4: The Theatre; To Thine Own Self

Scene 5: A South London Street; Right Hand Man (Reprise)

Scene 6: The Theatre; Something Rotten!, Make an Omelette

Scene 7: Courtroom; To Thine Own Self (Reprise)

Scene 8: A New Colony; Finale


Avery Boggs

Psychic/ Helena/ Ensemble
JoJo Bongiovi

Nick Bottom
Elizabeth Dusek

Shakespeare/ Dance Captain/ Choreographer for Black Death
Nora Farkas

Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble
Persy Ferry

Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg (Jennifer Hollandaise)/ Dance Ensemble
Kadyn Freid

Shylock/ Dance Ensemble
Dean Fronk

Lord Clapham
Max Fybel

Tom Snout/ Ben Johnson/ Dance Ensemble
Aven Gaeta

Brother Jeremiah
Miley Katz

Nancy Nostradamus/ Dance Ensemble
Danika Koscelnick

Puritan/ Ensemble/ Dance Ensemble
Andrew Kunesh

Nigel Bottom
Abigail Leduc

Kam Licata

Townsperson/ Ensemble
Hila Maish

Puritan/ Ensemble/ Chimney Sweep
Sophia Mannino

Shakespear's Messenger/ Doorman/ Valet/ Ensemble
Mia McCabe

Minstrel/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble/ PR Lead
Dylan McDonald

Townsperson/ Ensemble
Elena McFadden

Peter Quince/ Thomas Kyd/ Dance Ensemble
Peter Mendoza

Francis Bacon/ Leadman/ Foreman/ Ensemble
Madeline Ng

Puritan/ Ensemble
Jonas Norton

Robin/ Christopher Marlowe/ Dance Ensemble
Lauren Poteat

Puritan/ Ensemble
Abby Schuh

Francis Flute/ Thomas Middleton/ Dance Ensemble
Kennedy Sheehan

Astrologer/ Miranda/ Ensemble
Talia Sitomer

John Webster/ Fiddler/ Ensemble
Malina Star

Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble
Mara Vahanian

Thomas Dekker/ Nun/ Ensemble
Grace VanSchooneveld

Townsperson/ Ensemble
Oliver Ventura

Puritan/ Ensemble
Paige Walker

Snug/ Thomas Moore/ Dance Ensemble
Peyton Watnick

Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble
Ava Winkle

Jade Wolff

Waitress/ Chimney Sweep/ Rosalind/ Ensemble
Gal Yelinek

Walter Raleigh/ Puritan/ Ensemble
Vincent Zohar

Eyepatch Man/ Master of the Justice

Creative Team

Aditi Agina

Assistant Stage Manager
Carmel Aizenshtein

Set Team/ Spotlight Tech
Sadie Berger

Prop Design Lead/ Running Crew Lead
Ethan Centeno

Tech Design Lead
Carmel Chen

Prop Team/ Running Crew
Marina Chukhlebova

Prop Team/ Pit Orchestra/ Laison
Grace Halecky

Tech Team/ Mic Wrangler
Jasper Hildebrant

Set Team/ Mic Wrangler
Lauren Horstman

Set Team/ Spotlight Tech
Noah Kratt

Assistant Director
Blue Manning

Tech Design Lead
Giah Milo

Mia Noble

Prop Team/ Running Crew
Addison O'Grady

Costume Design Lead
Aria Pajooheshgar

Tech Team
Margaux Raymond

Props/ Running Crew
Arin Rifkin

Set Design Lead/ Running Crew
Gabby Salter

Costume Team
Kylie Vo

Set Team/ Running Crew
Eden Yelinek

Stage Manager
Shai Zur

Prop Team/ Running Crew
Michelle Bi

Keyboard 1
Achilles Charalambous

Marina Chkhlebova

Liam Curedale

Harrison Forman

Piccolo, Flute, Alto and Tenor Sax
Enrico Lagatutta

Anastasiia Maksimova

Johnathon Manley

Trombone and Will Power Announcer
Justin Milne

Keyboard 2 and 3
Rehaan Morais

Avron Oddes

Ethan Shmorak

Cole Walker

Chloe Zohar

Zachary Borquez

Music Director and Tech Director
Casey Denning

Stacy McClamma

Vocal Director
Evan Schneider

Design Supervisor
Ellyn Schneider

Oak Park Performing Arts Alliance

ITS Troupe 6074



Welcome to the Renaissance! We are thrilled to have you join us on this outrageous and funny musical journey through 1590’s England where Shakespeare’s rockstar status reigns supreme. With a book by John O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick and music and lyrics by Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick, the story follows the Bottom brothers, Nick and Nigel, who struggle to write a hit play as they compete with the wild popularity of ‘THE Bard’, William Shakespeare. Something Rotten! opened on Broadway in 2015 where it was loved by critics and audiences alike. It was nominated for 10 Tony Awards and won one for Christian Borle as Shakespeare.

The Renaissance (French for ‘rebirth’) was the term used to describe the period between the 14th and 17th century when society experienced great advancements in art, science and culture. Some notable inventions of the time included the telescope, the printing press, and flushing toilets. The peak of the Renaissance in England began in the Elizabethan Age of the 16th century. Exploration began around the globe with Sir Walter Raleigh staking land in the Americas and creating the colony of Virginia.

Great advancements in literature emerged as a way to honor the pride and legacy of England and its monarchy. These writings were performed as theatre became the premier art form  in culture of the Elizabethan era. The writers of the time included Thomas Kyd, Christopher Marlowe, John Webster and, of course, William Shakespeare.

During this time the Puritans emerged, wanting the Church of England to adopt a strict religious structure. They forbade sinful practices and loathed the theatre for attracting these behaviors. Theatres, like The Globe, attracted an array of characters that the Puritans viewed as sinful and they sought to shut these theatres down. In 1648, the Puritans succeeded and theatres were ordered to close, but the plays of the English Renaissance would be performed and cherished centuries later. And as these stories live on, so does the legacy of Shakespeare.

Once again, we thank you for joining us and hope you enjoy the journey back to The Renaissance.  HUZZAH!

Meet the Company

Avery Boggs (Psychic/ Helena/ Ensemble)
Hello! welcome to Something Rotten! i am a sophomore and this would be my 6th ophs production! this play is really freaking funny and i bet your gonna laugh your butts off.
JoJo Bongiovi (Nick Bottom)
Hi! My name is Jojo Bongiovi, I am in 11th grade, and I play Nick Bottom. Fun fact, I do, in fact, like Shakespeare! (kinda)
Elizabeth Dusek (Shakespeare/ Dance Captain/ Choreographer for Black Death)
Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am currently playing the role of Shakespeare, as well as being the dance captain and on the costume team! I am a senior and this is my 13th show at OPHS. Outside of theatre I am also in Comedy Sportz and choir, but I love to draw and watch movies. I want to thank all my friends, family, cast, design teams, band, and all who make this show happen! Huzzah!
Nora Farkas (Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble)
Hi! My name is Nora Farkas, I am in 10th grade, and this is my 3rd show at Oak Park High School. I am so excited to be playing the role of Bard Boy! I have had a blast working on this show and am so excited to see it come together. I am so thankful for everyone who is a part of this production, and for my friends who always encourage me to do my best. I hope that you will enjoy the musical as much as we all do!
Persy Ferry (Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg (Jennifer Hollandaise)/ Dance Ensemble)
Hi! My name is Persephone Ferry and this is my 6th show at OPHS! I am very excited to be a part of such an awesome team of people who put on this production. Enjoy the show :)
Kadyn Freid (Shylock/ Dance Ensemble)
Kadyn Freid is 16 and a Junior at Oak Park High School. This is her tenth show at OPHS. She is excited to join Jonathan Pryce and Al Pacino as people who have played characters named Shylock. This show has been one of her favorites for years and she is so excited for you to see it. She would like to thank the crew and cast for all their hard work in making this show so special. Enjoy the show!
Dean Fronk (Lord Clapham)
Hello there! My name is Dean Fronk, I am 17 years old and a junior at Oak Park High School. I am playing the role of Lord Clapham and this is my 4th main stage production at this school. Have a great day!
Max Fybel (Tom Snout/ Ben Johnson/ Dance Ensemble)
I’m Max, I’m a sophomore, and this is my 7th show with OPHS theatre (not including the madrigal dinner)! I play Tom Snout, he’s a silly dude and he’s kinda stupid but he’s super fun to play. Thank you to my friends and family and everybody who’s coming to see the show, hope you enjoy!
Aven Gaeta (Brother Jeremiah)
Hey, I’m Aven! I’m a senior and Something Rotten will be my 5th show at Oak Park. I’m on cast this time around and playing the role of Brother Jeremiah. It’s such a pleasure to work alongside our troupes incredibly talented cast and crew, and I can’t wait to present what we’ve been working on.
Miley Katz (Nancy Nostradamus/ Dance Ensemble)
Hi! My name is Miley Katz and I play Nancy Nostradamus! I am a sophomore and this is my 5th show at Oak Park High School. I want to thank all of the cast and crew for making this show happen! There really is nothing as amazing as a musical!!
Danika Koscelnick (Puritan/ Ensemble/ Dance Ensemble)
Hi! My name is Danika Koscelnick and I am a puritan/ensamble. I am a junior this year and this is my 11th ITS production. I am super excited to be a part of such an amazing and talented group of people! Break a leg!
Andrew Kunesh (Nigel Bottom)
I play Nigel Bottom in Something Rotten.
Abigail Leduc (Bea)
Hello! Im Abby Leduc and this is my 8th show here at Oak Park I am playing the role of Bea! Be more specific! I shall! This show has been a blast to be a part of and the process has been anything but lackluster, from on stage to off-stage it has been an absolute delight! I hope you all enjoy this fantastic spectacle of a production!
Kam Licata (Townsperson/ Ensemble)
Hi! My name's Kam Licata, I am a sophomore. I'm in the ensemble as a townsperson. This is my 7th show at OPHS. I've had such a great experience with everyone! It's so great getting to know everyone, can't wait for more shows!
Hila Maish (Puritan/ Ensemble/ Chimney Sweep)
Hi! My name is Hila Maish and I'm a Junior at Oak Park. This is my first show on cast at Oak Park and I'm so excited to perform with everyone! We have an extremely talented cast and it was so fun working with everyone on this show. I loved learning and growing with everyone on this production. Hope you enjoy!
Sophia Mannino (Shakespear's Messenger/ Doorman/ Valet/ Ensemble)
I play Shakespear's Messenger, Doorman, Valet and I am in the Ensemble.
Mia McCabe (Minstrel/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble/ PR Lead)
Hi everyone! My name is Mia McCabe, I'm a senior, and this is my ninth show at OPHS! I am excited to be the PR Lead and I am very honored to be playing the role of Minstrel. I want to thank everyone who helped put on this production. You have made these past couple of months so wonderful. And to my family and friends, I send you all of my love and I hope you enjoy the show! Welcome to the Renaissance!
Dylan McDonald (Townsperson/ Ensemble)
Hi my name is Dylan McDonald, I am in 9th grade. I love to do theater so much, I’ve done it since elementary school and I am so happy to be on cast this semester! Thank you so much to my friends and family who support me, I know this is going to be a great show.
Elena McFadden (Peter Quince/ Thomas Kyd/ Dance Ensemble)
Elena is a sophomore and this is her seventh show at OPHS. She is so excited to be part of this silly little show as Peter Quince! She would like to thank everyone involved in this production for making it so much fun!
Peter Mendoza (Francis Bacon/ Leadman/ Foreman/ Ensemble)
Peter, a Sophomore, is playing "Francis Bacon, Leadman, and Foreman" in his sixth Oak Park High production. He has previously participated in Peter and the Starcatcher, The Addams Family, A Lighter Shade of Noir, Radium Girls, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. He caught the acting bug in third grade and has played several characters for Bell Canyon Broadway community theatre for the last 6 six years. Peter is looking forward to future roles with Oak Park High School. Lastly, he would like to thank his family and friends for their love and support.
Madeline Ng (Puritan/ Ensemble)
I play the Puritan and I am in the Ensemble.
Jonas Norton (Robin/ Christopher Marlowe/ Dance Ensemble)
Hello! My name is Jonas, I am a sophomore, and I play Robin in Something Rotten. This is my 7th show at OPHS and I've loved every minute of this show and being able to work with the most amazing group of actors and designers.
Lauren Poteat (Puritan/ Ensemble)
Hello! My name is Lauren Poteat, I am a freshman and I am on cast. I have done many plays throughout my life since elementary school. I am excited to partake in Something Rotten! I love to sing and perform so I am excited to be in this theater class to be able to do that. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me.
Abby Schuh (Francis Flute/ Thomas Middleton/ Dance Ensemble)
Hello! My name is Abby Schuh and this is my 6th show at Oak Park High School. I'm playing Francis Flute and Thomas Middleton. I love all things music, especially musical theatre. I hope you enjoy our production of Something Rotten!
Kennedy Sheehan (Astrologer/ Miranda/ Ensemble)
Hi! My name is Kennedy Sheehan and I play Miranda and Astrologer in Something Rotten. I’m in 11th grade and new to the troupe, this is my third show with OPHS. Some of my hobbies are fine arts, singing, and fashion. I'm very excited to be a part of this performance, it’s a show I have loved for a long time. Something Rotten is a hilarious show full of music and dancing. Thank you to OPPA, all of the parents, and all my peers for making this show possible!
Talia Sitomer (John Webster/ Fiddler/ Ensemble)
Hi! My name is Talia Sitomer and I am a sophomore. This is my first year and first show at Oak Park. I am part of the ensemble and I am super excited for this musical, it has been so fun to be a part of! Something Rotten is such an awesome production, I can't wait for the show! I have loved getting to be part of a production with such a talented group of people and I am looking forward to more roles and opportunities with everyone in the future. Thank you all for the hard work that made everything happen!
Malina Star (Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble)
Hi! I’m Malina Star and I am a senior here at Oak Park! This is my second musical here and I am so excited to be playing a Bard Boy along with a variety of dancing characters! I love to dance and can’t wait to show off my moves! Thank you so much to my family and friends for all the support! ♡
Mara Vahanian (Thomas Dekker/ Nun/ Ensemble)
Hi, I’m Mara Vahanian and I’m in 9th grade, and I am in the ensemble cast for Something Rotten! This is my third show here at OPHS, and I am really excited to do more productions in the future. This show is a lot of fun, with the costumes, dances, music, whimsical characters and plot, and I personally love all the musical theater references throughout the show and multiple songs. Thank you to my family and loved ones, and a huge congratulations to everyone in the cast and crew for this production! I hope you all enjoy the show, I think we’ve truly put on Something Rotten!
Grace VanSchooneveld (Townsperson/ Ensemble)
Hello! My name is Grace, I'm in ninth grade and I play the role of a townsperson. This is my third show at OPHS, and I'm so glad to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone for supporting our productions and the people in them!
Oliver Ventura (Puritan/ Ensemble)
Hello, my name is Oliver Ventura. I am a freshman and this is my first year ever being in a theatre program. I am in ensemble and I am a puritan. Something Rotten has been extremely fun to work on and I love being around all of the amazing cast and crew. Thank you so much!
Paige Walker (Snug/ Thomas Moore/ Dance Ensemble)
My name is Paige Walker and I am a freshman at Oak Park High School. I play Thomas Moore and Snug. This is my third production at Oak Park but I have done theatre my whole life. I love how funny and light-hearted this show is. I also love the community and the amazing friends I have made throughout this year. Thank you so much to my parents for always supporting me and thank you to my amazing castmates for being so kind and welcoming me with open arms.
Peyton Watnick (Bard Boy/ Grim Reaper/ Tap Dancing Egg/ Dance Ensemble)
Hello, I am Peyton Watnick and I am a freshman. This is my first major play with OPUSD but my second in total. I play a bard boy, which is a background dancer for Shakespeare, but play a few other characters as well. I like to sing, dance, act, play video games, watch T.V. take photos, and spend time with my friends. Thank you to the other bard boys for showing me the ropes of OPHS theater and for all of the help with the dances, and I can't wait to do the same.
Ava Winkle (Portia)
Hi! My name is Ava Winkle and I'm a junior at Oak Park High School. This is my second show at Oak Park, and I'm so excited to be a part of Something Rotten. I am playing the role of Portia, and it has been such a fun experience. I've always been a huge fan of theater and I can't wait to perform in this amazing show!
Jade Wolff (Waitress/ Chimney Sweep/ Rosalind/ Ensemble)
Hello! My name is Jade Wolff and I am in 9th grade. Something Rotten is my third production at OPHS where I play Rosalind, Waitress, and Ensemble! I love this show because it has a fun and exciting energy while also being meticulously well-thought-out. My hobbies outside of theater include journalism, reading, and listening to music. Each performance I've done here has been an even more incredible experience than the last thanks to the amazing people participating in them, and I am so excited for what the future holds!
Gal Yelinek (Walter Raleigh/ Puritan/ Ensemble)
My Name is Gal Yelinek and I am a Freshman ( 9th grade ) at OPHS. This is my third show in high school and my first musical here too but I have done seven shows in all of my time. I am in the ensemble as Walter Raleigh and as a Puritan. I want to thank my friends who are in theater because they each push and inspire in different ways to be as good if not better than I was before. In my free time when I'm not on stage I like to volunteer, read, and play games and do whatever to have the most fun and whatever I can to make tomorrow better.
Vincent Zohar (Eyepatch Man/ Master of the Justice)
Hello, my name is Vincent Zohar and I’m in Ensemble. I’m in 11th grade and this is my 3rd show at OPHS. In my free time I like to watch existential films and stare at strangers menacingly in public spaces. I’m very excited for Something Rotten, and for the future productions at OPHS!
Aditi Agina (Assistant Stage Manager)
My name is Aditi Agina, I am the assistant stage manager for Something Rotten! I am in 9th grade and this is my 2nd show at the high school and ever. My role is to help Eden with whatever she needs. I love learning about leadership and interacting with other crew and cast members! This show was so amazing to put together, everything came together so well and I am so thankful to everyone for putting their all into the production. I hope everyone loves the show!
Carmel Aizenshtein (Set Team/ Spotlight Tech)
Hey, my name is Carmel Aizenshtein. I am currently in 9th grade and loving it, I joined theater because I was encouraged by my friends (my first production in high school). I love to draw, paint, bake, act, and help others! I want to thank my mom for motivating me to come to theater every Saturday, I couldn't have done it without her. As well as an additional thank you to the people who made theater enjoyable....😃
Sadie Berger (Prop Design Lead/ Running Crew Lead)
Hello! My name is Sadie Berger, I'm a senior, and I am working as Prop Lead and Running Crew Lead for this production. This will be my fifth time heading the props department, and third managing running crew. This is my final show, so an especially big thank you to everyone in the program for making it such a wonderful experience! Everyone has put a huge amount of effort into making this show possible, so please enjoy!
Ethan Centeno (Tech Design Lead)
Hello, my name is Ethan Centeno, I am a junior, and I am a tech lead. I have only done one production so far this year, though I feel I am learning fast. In the show, my favorite part has to be the music, especially since I enjoy the songs featured in the show. In my role as co-tech lead, I govern and manage everything that has to do with lights, which includes the Chicago lights onstage, our lovely new manually controlled spotlights, and the lighting board, which controls all of the lights in the house. Overall, I am very excited about this upcoming production and look forward to seeing the fruits of my labor.
Carmel Chen (Prop Team/ Running Crew)
Hi! I'm Carmel Chen, I'm a freshman this year. I have been in several productions including Radium Girls, Edward Tulane, and now Something Rotten! For this show, I am a part of props team. I love all the renaissance-style props and set pieces that are being made for this show! Thank you!
Marina Chukhlebova (Prop Team/ Pit Orchestra/ Laison)
Hi! I’m Marina, the pit liaison for this production, as well as the clarinet and bari sax player in the orchestra, and a member of the prop team. This is my second musical at Oak Park, as I did Addams Family last year as a musician as well. I’m excited for everyone to see the show and for all of our hard work to be appreciated! Enjoy :)
Grace Halecky (Tech Team/ Mic Wrangler)
I am on the Tech Team and Mic Wrangler.
Jasper Hildebrant (Set Team/ Mic Wrangler)
Hello! My name is Jasper, and I'm a senior at Oak Park High School. This is my first show being only on crew. Overall, I've done four shows here, making this my fifth! On my own time, I read a ton of comic books and I consider myself a collector! I'm also a huge fan of making art and writing.
Lauren Horstman (Set Team/ Spotlight Tech)
I am on the Set Team and the Spotlight Tech.
Noah Kratt (Assistant Director)
Hi all, My name is Noah Kratt. I am a senior at Oak Park High School. This is my 13th show and I am the Assistant Director. Everyone has spent so much time and energy into making this production come to life! Be sure to look for many references from some of your favorite musicals and Shakespeare plays. Now please enjoy this “big and shiny, mighty fine-y Glitter, glitz, and chorus line-y… Musical!”
Blue Manning (Tech Design Lead)
hey there. my name is Blue Manning, and I'm the tech co-lead. I'm a junior, this is my seventh ITS show and my first as a design lead. working on tech has been a wonderful experience, especially for a show with as many moving parts as this one. thanks to my lovely co-lead Ethan, the tech team and mic wranglers, Mrs. Schneider, Mr. Borquez, and Noah. enjoy the show! 🩵🍳
Giah Milo (Costumes)
My name is Giah and I worked on Costumes.
Mia Noble (Prop Team/ Running Crew)
Hello, I am Mia Nobel. I was on the prop team/running crew of Radium Girls, and I'm doing the same thing here. While Radium Girls was a great show, I got to actually consistently create props this time, so I must say I prefer Something Rotten. The team really outdid itself with the props this time around, they all look really great. Maybe you'll see me moving a couch.
Addison O'Grady (Costume Design Lead)
My name is Addison, and I am the Costume Design Lead.
Aria Pajooheshgar (Tech Team)
Hi! My name is Aria Pajooheshgar and I’m in the Tech team. I’m a Senior but it’s my first year here at OPHS. I’ve done theater for many years. This is my 7th high school show and 2nd show at OPHS.
Margaux Raymond (Props/ Running Crew)
My name is Margaux Raymond, I am a sophomore on the props team and running crew. This is my 6th show on crew for Oak Park High School. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I have!
Arin Rifkin (Set Design Lead/ Running Crew)
Hi! My name is Arin Rifkin, and I am Set Lead for this show. I am a sophomore and this will be my sixth show at OPHS. It's been so incredible working on this production and I am so excited to see it come together. Thank you and congrats to the cast and crew who made this show happen!
Gabby Salter (Costume Team)
Hi, I’m Gabby and I’m on the costume team for this show. Being apart of this show has been really fun and I can’t wait for everyone to see all the work that went into this production. Enjoy the Show!
Kylie Vo (Set Team/ Running Crew)
Hi! My name is Kylie vo, and I am a freshman. This production has been so fun, everyone I have worked with is so kind and talented. I am glad to work hard and help bring you this amazing, beautiful musical. This is my 5th show, and I am so excited for every show after this! Thank you to my family for supporting me and being flexible with my busy schedule.
Eden Yelinek (Stage Manager)
I am the Stage Manager.
Shai Zur (Prop Team/ Running Crew)
Hello, my name is Shai Zur and I’m in 9th grade, and I am in the Props Design team for Something Rotten. This is my second show at OPHS, and I am looking forward to being in many more productions, from all sides of the stage. This show has been so much fun to work on and I really enjoyed making its props and helping backstage, and I’m excited to see how everything turns out. I hope you enjoy it!
Michelle Bi (Keyboard 1)
Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm a senior at OPHS playing keyboard 1 in the pit orchestra! This is my third year being involved in the orchestra, but I've been playing piano since I was five and clarinet in school ensembles since 7th grade. As always, I'm so very grateful to the rest of the band, cast, design, tech, and everyone else involved in the production. Thanks for coming, and please enjoy the show!
Achilles Charalambous (Percussion)
Greetings, exalted ones! My name is Achilles (don’t bother with my last name) Charalambous and I am in the 12th grade. In this production my second, I will be in the band largely playing the timpani drums. In my off-time I enjoy music, an as of yet resurgent love of Star Wars, and laughing with my friends. A hats off and thank you to all that helped make this performance a reality. Congrats to everyone and quell your senses with something… Rotten!
Marina Chkhlebova (Clarinet)
Hi! I’m Marina, the pit liaison for this production, as well as the clarinet and bari sax player in the orchestra, and a member of the prop team. This is my second musical at Oak Park, as I did Addams Family last year as a musician as well. I’m excited for everyone to see the show and for all of our hard work to be appreciated! Enjoy :)
Liam Curedale (Bass)
Hi, I'm Liam Curedale. I'm a senior, and I'll be playing bass in the pit orchestra of Something Rotten. I also played in the pit orchestra of Addams Family, and I'm thrilled to return this year!
Harrison Forman (Piccolo, Flute, Alto and Tenor Sax)
Hey, I’m Harrison Forman and I’m a sophomore at OPHS! I’m in the pit orchestra for our production of Something Rotten! I will be playing alto and tenor saxophone, flute, and piccolo. This is my second production, both in the pit orchestra, and I can’t wait. I’ve been playing saxophone for five years, I started playing up flute about a year ago, and piccolo just this year. Thanks to Mr. Borquez and the whole Oak Park Performing Arts program, to my parents, and my amazing teacher Roger Stemen. I hope you enjoy the show!
Enrico Lagatutta (Trumpet)
I play the Trumpet.
Anastasiia Maksimova (Violin )
Hello, my name is Anastasiia Maksimova, and I’m a sophomore. Something Rotten is my second production, and I’m happy to play violin in the pit orchestra again! Something Rotten is a very fun musical for me, because it makes a parody on popular musicals and the most popular play writer of all time — William Shakespeare! I want to thank my parents and friends for the endless support and encouragements they give me.
Johnathon Manley (Trombone and Will Power Announcer)
My name is Johnathon Manley, I’m a senior in the pit orchestra. Both in this musical, Something Rotten! , and in last year’s Adam’s Family. The best part of the year, I’m excited to be a part of this production. Love to my favorite Brother Jerry!!!
Justin Milne (Keyboard 2 and 3)
My name is Justin Milne and I play the keyboard in the pit orchestra. I am a freshman and very excited to be in the musical for the first time! I also play trumpet and enjoy camping and mountain biking.
Rehaan Morais (Trumpet)
I am Rehaan Morais, and this is my first year participating in the musical. I am currently in 10th grade and playing trumpet in the orchestra. So far, being in the production is a very positive experience. Playing music with so many talented people is an amazing opportunity I am glad to have participated in.
Avron Oddes (Guitar)
I am Avron Oddes, I am in 12th grade and I play guitar for the pit orchestra in Something Rotten. I have been playing the guitar for more than 6 years and I am more than excited to perform at this year’s musical. This is my second show and I love the over-the-topness of this musical. I cannot wait to hear the laughter and engagement of the audience throughout the entire show. I want to thank everyone who believed in me and pushed me to my limits so I can partake in an amazing performance.
Ethan Shmorak (Drums)
Hello, I'm Ethan Shmorak, a junior, I play the drum set in the pit orchestra. I have been playing drums for almost 9 years now. Performing in Pippin and the Addams Family over the last two years was a great experience and I am very excited to perfect the Something Rotten with my friends in the pit. On behalf of the percussion section, we would like to thank Mr. Alan Peck for all of the help he has given us during our rehearsals.
Cole Walker (Trombone)
Hi! My name is Cole Walker and I play trombone as a part of the live orchestra. As a senior, I am so glad to have been a part of this production which is both my first and last in high school. I have been playing the trombone for seven years but having my sister perform in the play is what made me decide to join this year.
Chloe Zohar (Percussion)
Hello, I’m Chloe Zohar and I’m a senior. This is my first production, and I am playing Auxiliary Percussion in the pit orchestra. I play over 16 different instruments, but that’s what makes it fun. Aside from what I play, I also love how witty, comedic and outspoken this show is, and I can’t wait for everyone to see all of our hard work pay off! My younger Brother Vincent is also in this production, he is in the on-stage ensemble and I’m really proud of him!
Zachary Borquez (Music Director and Tech Director)
Born and raised in Southern California, Zachary Borquez started playing the trombone in 4th grade, although his primary instrument is the trumpet. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (Composition) from the University of California, Davis. He earned his Master of Music degree in Conducting as well as his Teaching Credential from California State University, Northridge. Mr. Borquez is super excited to work on Something Rotten! As Music Director & Tech Director. Congrats to ALL the students involved in the production and a huge thank you to the dedicated parents who help to make the program what it is!
Casey Denning (Choreographer)
Casey is thrilled to be returning to choreograph her 10th show at OPHS. Having performed in several musicals herself, Something Rotten! was by far one of her favorites to work on. She would like to thank the cast and crew, Ellyn, Zach, Stacy, Noah and Ed for all their hard work they put into this show. She would also like to give a shoutout to her parents for their support, her dance teachers from Retters Academy of Dance for their guidance, and Sean for having to put up with her singing the soundtrack for about 3 months straight. Enjoy the show!
Stacy McClamma (Vocal Director)
Stacy McClamma is from Orlando, Florida and has been teaching and directing for sixteen years. She received her Bachelor's of Music Education from the University of Central Florida, with a specialization in Piano and Elementary Education. She has taught at various elementary, middle, and high schools and is currently the Choir and Strings director at Oak Park High School. She loves singing, playing piano, and watching her students perform! She is grateful to be a part of the Something Rotten production and loves to collaborate with her wonderful colleagues, Ellyn Schneider, Zach Borquez, and Casey Denning. Congratulations to everyone who is involved in the show! Huzzah!
Evan Schneider (Design Supervisor)
EVAN SCHNEIDER-DESIGN SUPERVISION This is Evan’s 18th show at Oak Park High School and his 21st overall. As a recent graduate of History and Film at the University of California, Los Angeles he is actively looking for internships, apprenticeships and jobs in the entertainment industry. In addition to supervising the theatre design teams, Evan is working as a Guest Teacher for all the exceptional schools in the Oak Park Unified School District. He wants to congratulate all the students on their hard work and dedication in putting on such a great show! IG: @schneiderlicious LinkedIn: Evan Schneider
Ellyn Schneider (Director)
ELLYN SCHNEIDER-DIRECTOR Ellyn began her theatre career performing with her high school’s (Chatsworth ‘84) Thespian Troupe. Her theatrical career was then put on hold as she earned her teaching credential from Cal State Northridge, taught elementary school, and had two sons -both of whom joined theatre at OPHS. It was at that time, 2011, she was cast in her favorite role: ‘ theatre mom’ and began her journey with OPHS arts, eventually becoming OPPAA President. She became Production Manager in 2015, moved into the role of Director in 2021, and is now teaching the newly formed Theatre Production and Performance class this year as well as continuing as the Thespian Troupe Advisor. Ellyn is honored to be directing her sixth show at Oak Park High School and collaborating with the best creative team- Zach, Casey, Stacy & Evan and she is so grateful to her amazing Assistant Director, Noah Kratt. It has been an absolute dream working with such talented actors, designers, & musicians who have put in endless hours and passion to bring this show to life. Congratulations to you all! A special thank you to our producers-The Oak Park Performing Arts Alliance, for their time, dedication & help getting the production on its feet. Ellyn would also like to thank her family & friends for their love and support. Enjoy the show!
Oak Park Performing Arts Alliance (Producer)
OPPAA is a community of volunteers committed to promoting and supporting the theatre arts program at OPHS. OPPAA funds the productions through donations and produces the Fall and Spring performances. We provide support in all areas of production, from costumes to sets to concessions to ticket sales and everything in between. OPPAA also provides annual scholarships for performing arts seniors who intend to continue their education in performing arts related fields. Our goal is to encourage and guide students in all aspects of theatre and give them the opportunity to cultivate, grow and learn about the areas of production that interest them both on and off stage. Most importantly, we hope the students learn to love theatre!
ITS Troupe 6074
ITS TROUPE # 6074 "Act well your part; there all the honor lies." ​The International Thespian Society (ITS) is an internationally recognized honor society for theatre students that promotes and recognizes student excellence in the theatre arts. There are ITS Troupes at high schools and middle schools across the United States and abroad. Students earn membership by participating in productions and accumulating points based on their theatre work. For more information visit Formed in Fall of 2014, our troupe started with just a few enthusiastic theatre kids who had been involved in productions at Oak Park High School. They wanted to expand their theatre experiences and bring more visibility to the community. With the guidance of a couple of dedicated theatre moms, these students chartered Troupe 6074 of The International Thespian Society. As a troupe we aim to raise awareness for the importance of theatre arts and education through philanthropy, promotion, and being a positive community influence. We incorporate unique individualistic qualities to form a unified group that stands for cooperation, compassion, creativity and communication through theatre.

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