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Splatter Theater

The Annoyance Theatre
Created by
Mick Napier
Ari Levin
Blood Master
Hails Reeves
Technical Direction
Sam MacNerland







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For 35+ years, The Annoyance Theatre has created some of Chicago’s finest comedy. Artists at The Annoyance are encouraged to explore and develop their unique voice. Through improvisation and writing, we work collaboratively to create new and original plays, musicals, sketch-comedies, solo shows, and more in a vibrant, uncensored atmosphere.




Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago 2022

Chicago Reader Best of Chicago 2022




Juliana Rose Zepeda

Riley Woollen

Annie Scott

Sierra Kenyon

Alexi Bolden

Mo Burns

Joe Kovach

Knife seller
Avery Kiefer

The Jock
Chris Dritsas

The Killer
Matty Vergun (they/he)

Meat Puppets
Abby Seeber

Co-Assistant Director

Creative Team

Ari Levin


Meet the Company

Juliana Rose Zepeda (Nun)
Juliana Rose Zepeda is a comedic actress from San Antonio, TX. Juliana is ecstatic and honored to be a part of such a long running show at the Annoyance Theatre. Juliana graduated from Baylor University with a BFA in Musical Theater Performance. She is currently based in Chicago, IL where you can find her performing with Improvised Jane Austen and Whimsey Lohan at iO Theater. She also performs with Just Friends Improv at various venues across Chicago. Some of her credits include Ante Up at Second City, Improvised Survivor at iO Theater and Godspell the Musical at Water Tower Theater in Dallas, TX. She is grateful to God for all her blessings and to her amazing family and friends for their support.
Riley Woollen (Father)
Riley Woollen is a comedian, actor and writer. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he now lives in Chicago, where he performs frequently with his improv comedy group Swim Test, and his sketch duo Riley & Anna. You can find him on instagram at: @Riley_Woollen, and @SwimTestComedy
Annie Scott (Lynn)
Annie Scott (she/her) is a singer, actor, and comedian based in Chicago, IL. Scott earned her Bachelor’s of Music in Voice Performance with a Minor in Theatre from the University of Dayton (2017), and her Master’s of Music in Voice Performance from the University of South Florida (2019). Scott also studied comedy performance at The Box Theater, Florida Studio Theater, The Annoyance, and the Second City Conservatory Program. You can find her performing Improv and Sketch Comedy around Chicago at The Annoyance Theatre, iO Theater, The Second City, and more. Scott performs with the following groups: Improvised Sitcom (Second City, Judy’s Beat Lounge), Modern Crimes Improv (The Annoyance), Swim Test Improv (iO Theater, independent), Cold Pizza Comedy (The Annoyance, independent). Scott also teaches voice lessons to singers of all ages and abilities. In her free time, Scott enjoys baking and pickling vegetables.
Sierra Kenyon (Neighbor )
Sierra Kenyon (she/her) is a writer, dancer, comedian, actor, and sea hag. She has performed at Annoyance, iO, Lincoln Lodge, Zanie’s, and Laugh Factory. Sierra is known for her characters and her recent and solo show: Sierra’s Ungodly Hour. Sharks and Big Cats don’t scare her, but the eeEeEEeE of the redline and the Air and Water show do. When she’s not performing she can be found underwater looking for critters and spreading the gay agenda.
Alexi Bolden (Ellen)
Alexi Bolden is an actress, comedian and improviser based in Chicago, IL. Her previous credits at The Annoyance include Cold Pizza Comedy presents Search Bar, Art by Artist, it's Christmas, Goddamnit! and more. She would love to thank her family and friends for coming out to have a (gore)geous time by watching Splatter. Happy Halloween!
Mo Burns (Neighbor)
Mo Burns is a Chicago-based comic from St. Louis, MO, and an overall pretty chill guy. When he's not on stage, he loves doing cool slam dunks and re-reading old presidents' obituaries. You can see him perform stand-up on various shows around Chicago and catch him every Friday on "Holy F*ck" at Annoyance Theater.
Joe Kovach (Knife seller)
Joe Kovach is a performer and writer living in Chicago. Raised in Lake Forest, IL, he is a graduate of Columbia College, Chicago, with a degree in theater and a minor in professional writing. He has also completed improv programs at Second City's Conservatory, iO Chicago, and the Annoyance Theater. He has performed as part of "Yes, Denise?" at the Playground Theater and the ComedySportz Rec League. Joe has written and performed two solo shows "Rock and Roll Never Forgets (Unless You're Wasted)" and "Not Your Average Joe." Behind the scenes, he has worked as a stage manager at Laugh Out Loud Theater in Schaumburg, IL. When he is not writing or performing, he enjoys long distance running and going to concerts.
Avery Kiefer (The Jock)
Avery Kiefer graduates with a BFA in Acting and Directing from Central Michigan University (Can you believe this pretentious ass?). He has many friends (Is this even relevant?). He can be seen in other productions at the Annoyance. He likes it when it is cold outside. His social security number is [REDACTED]. He calls his alderman frequently.
Chris Dritsas (The Killer )
Nobody knows where Chris Dritsas come from. He loves smashing keyboards, drinking Pepsi, and Wrestling (often at the same time).
Matty Vergun (they/he) (Meat Puppets)
Matty Vergun is a Chicago improviser and sketch writer. You can catch them at iO, performing with their house team Creamboy, or at the Annoyance, playing with Holy F#ck. They are also a proud member of the Jewish Comedy Project, a founding member of Annoyance house team Mummy, and one half of the band the Darling Dewdrops (as found on Spotify and Apple Music). They are a graduate of the iO training program, Columbia College Chicago’s Comedy Performance and Writing program, and an alum of the Comedy Studies program at Second City. They are excited to be in Splatter, amongst so many friends (and enemies).
Abby Seeber (Co-Assistant Director)
Abby is thrilled to join the company of Splatter! Her production credits include Clockblockers (Annoyance), Girl Party (Annoyance, Clash on Clark), Creature Feature (Otherworld Theatre), Portal Prov (Otherworld Theatre), New Team Smell (IO), Wrinkle in Prime (Annoyance), and New Team Co- Op (IO). She also performs around town with Indie Teams: Friends with Benefits and Hot Betty. She hopes you enjoy Splatter (and stay dry).
Ari Levin (Director)
Ari is incredibly proud to be directing this year's performance of Splatter Theater. He has previously directed and produced two sketch shows with his independent comedy team, "The Jewish Comedy Project". He also regularly performs with his improv team "Bandit" and as a main ensemble member of "Trigger Happy" here at The Annoyance. Ari has an enormous amount of gratitude for his Actors, ADs and BloodMaster, and Mick & Jen; whose hard work and support does not go unnoticed.