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WTF Is This?

a staged reading by Rubber Chicken Theater Company
written by
Tsai Prasinos
Directed by
Tammy Green


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KATHY MOORE (Denise Baboukis) Young mother in her early 30’s, married to her second husband, LEMUEL.  Kathy is a college student and job seeker. 

LEMUEL MOORE (Dayne Rasmussen) Young father in his early 30’s, married to KATHY.  He’s a  hard-working construction worker.  LEMUEL is well-intentioned, friendly, and torn between his loyalty to his mother and his love for his wife.

AURA MOORE (Laurie Atlas) Mother of LEMUEL, recently widowed and in her early sixties.  Aura is self-centered, manipulative, and funny.  She seems more like a teenager than an adult.  She runs from responsibility.   

JOSH MOORE (Dawson Sciacca) Young child of KATHY and LEMUEL. Josh is an active and inquisitive child who getes into everything that is not nailed down.









Homes in a suburban town.


Act One

Scene 1 AURA’s home. Three years earlier.

Scene 2 LEMUEL’s rental home. Two years earlier.


Act Two

Scene 1 LEMUEL’s rental home. One year earlier.

Scene 2 LEMUEL’s rental home. Now.

Disclaimer:  The characters and events in this play are fictional.  They do not represent any living persons.



LAURIE ATLAS  (Aura) A member of SAG-AFTRA for over forty years, Laurie has worked in all facets of entertainment - in front of and behind the TV cameras, onstage and backstage, on the radio and in film. Her most recent stage credits include Emily Penrose in The Lifespan Of A Fact and Abby Binder in Ripcord. She is currently co-
directing and co-producing (as well as having one of her own plays produced) in Gimme A Minute - the Long Island based production of the National One-Minute Play Festival on December 15th and 16th at Hardscrabble Theater in Farmingdale. Kudos to my fellow talented cast members. Randi, thank you for all your hard work and assistance. Laurie feels so fortunate to be a part of this sharply written piece and would like to thank Tammy for all her talents and for the opportunity to bring this script to life.

Dayne Rasmussen (Lemuel) has appeared on stage and screen.  He has performed for SLTM Films and Dead Feed Media, the Long Island Shakespeare Festival, Royal Productions, Ltd., Northport Short Play Festival, Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, VOICES Production Company, American Theatre for Actors.  Rubber Chicken Theater Company is delighted to welcome Dayne for this production.

Denise Baboukis (Kathy) is happy to be joining the Rubber Chicken Theater group for her first-ever appearance in a theater performance! Born and raised in Long Island New York, Denise studied to be an Audio Engineer and has taken her talent to the front of the stage. While new to theater, she is not new to acting. She has been a scare actor and SFX makeup artist for a top-rated haunted house for close to 6 years. 

Dawson Sciacca (Josh) is honored to be part of this incredible staged reading. Dawson started acting at the age of 5 playing young Ethan in the trilogy film Slumber Still: Dawn Of Shadows and has since appeared in a handful of independent and student films along with some TV and commercial work. You may have seen him on Discovery Channel in Murder Under The Friday Night Lights or more recently in NBC's Cozi TV's promo's for 10-Year-Old Cozi TV (celebrating the 10th anniversary of Cozi TV) playing Frazier's dad Martin. Catch him this coming December as Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol at the Port Jefferson Dickens Festival. Dawson enjoys performing "to make others happy", but when not acting, Dawson loves breakdancing, hip-hop, tap dancing, playing drums, and singing with the Select Chorus at his middle school where he is a 6th grader. A big thank you to Tammy for this opportunity.  @dawsonsciacca

Tammy Green (Director/Producer) is pleased to work with this talented cast in this Rubber Chicken Theater Company production of "WTF Is This?".  Tammy founded RCTC in 2019 to create, produce and direct plays that intrigue and entertain.  Her vision guides this production of this new play, WTF Is This?, by Tsai Prasinos.

Randi Roussochatzakis (Production Assistant) is thrilled to be a new and vital assistant to Rubber Chicken Theater Company.  Through the creative use of minimal props in an informal setting, we hope to draw you into the world of "WTF Is This?".  






Laurie Atlas

Dayne Rasmussen

Denise Baboukis

Dawson Sciacca


Creative Team

Tammy Green

Artistic Director/Director
Laurie Atlas

Production Assistant
Randi Roussochatzakis

Production Assistant


Laurie Atlas as "Aura"

Dayne Rasmussen as "Lemuel"

Denise Baboukis as "Kathy"

Dawson Sciacca as "Josh"



Thank you so much for coming to our staged reading.  We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the life of Kathy and Lemuel Moore.  For more information, and to  leave your comments, go to  

You will also find a poll at the end of the program.  

Special Thanks for Patty Eljaiek of Huntington Arts Council for her encouragement, and to HAC NYSCA for the grant that made this play possible.


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