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2022 CCBC Dance Company
Fall Concert

CCBC Catonsville, Center for the Arts, Theatre
Production Team
Melinda Blomquist
Artistic Director
Tommy Parlon
Dance Coordinator
Kristi Schaffner
Associate Director
G. Maurice (Moe) Conn, III
Technical Director
Lighting/Sound Designer

Melinda Blomquist
Alice Howes
Anastasia McKenzie
Tommy Parlon
Kristi Schaffner

Ephrat Asherie, Guest Choreographer



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Artistic Director's Note

The CCBC Dance Company is thrilled to perform live again this semester, it is wonderful to share our art with you. This concert features work by CCBC Faculty, alumni, and our guest artist Ephrat Asherie. Each piece comes from the unique viewpoint of the choreographer, and we hope that you take time to ponder and think about each of the works after the performance.   

We are pleased to share with you Ephrat Asherie’s work that has been created for the CCBC Dance Company and the Towson University Dance Company as part of our MERGE! Project with Towson University Community Dance Program. The MERGE! Project is focused on helping students see and understand the bridge from High School to CCBC to University to working artist. Learn more about this project here. 

As I have watched the dancers work throughout the pandemic and continue to grow as artists and individuals, I am reminded we need to continue to find a way to share the exquisite wonder of movement and meaning, especially in challenging times. I hope that you find moments of understanding, moments of sorrow, but most importantly – moments of peace and joy, as you watch these works.   

 As CCBC Performing Arts is focused on understanding how we are “Lost & Found” we continue to dance and create; we continue to find art in our lives.   


Enjoy the performance!
Melinda Blomquist
Artistic Director, CCBC Dance Company


Substratum Ascending 
Choreography: Melinda Blomquist 
Music: Moonlight Space Fantasy composed and recorded by James Gummer and Donna Korn
Costume Design: Melinda Blomquist and Charisse Secrest 
Dancers: Caitlyn Haslam, Rachel Huber
Understudies: Victoria Murphy, Squid Sydnie Scruggs 


Subject to Change
Choreography: Kristi Schaffner 
Music: PPP by Pavane, AO by Submotion Orchestra featuring Catching Flies, Ascension by Quirky Squid, Origami by Florian Picasso, Fidele by Matteao Myderwyck 
Costume Design: Kristi Schaffner 
Dancers: Kristi Schaffner


Xpress: ReDux 
Choreography: Ephrat Asherie in collaboration with the performers  
Music: Mijangos by Roland Clark, Black Motion Feat: Celimplio, Mulebone, Main Mix by DJ Sres 
Additional editing and music arrangement: Ephrat Asherie 
CCBC Dancers: Rachel Huber, Anastasia McKenzie, Maegan Read, Stephanie Waters 
Understudies: Victoria Murphy, Squid Sydnie Scruggs
TU Dancers: Erica Caruso, Sarah Buonocore, Kiara Adams, Bri’Asha Aldridge, Destinee Bouldin, Lacee Buckholz, Emilee Dorey, Mikhail Gordan, Augustine Hardison, Gracie Jordan, London Lobban, Elizabeth McDonald, Marly Piechowiak, Molly Rabon, Natalia Smith, Sonja Stahl, Kendall Willis, Christiana Wozniak
Understudies: Caitlyn Haslam, Timothy Stricker 
This work is funded in part by the Virgina Cretella Mars Foundation and the Maryland Dance Education Association 

Intermission – 10 minutes 


Deep Sea Arcade 
Choreography: Tommy Parlon 
Music: White Nights by Ryan Teagun 
Costume Design: Tommy Parlon and Charisse Secrest
Dancers: Anastasia McKenzie, Maegan Read, Stephanie Waters
Understudies: Victoria Murphy, Squid Sydnie Scruggs 

TRIGGER WARNING: We would like to offer a warning that the next dance piece has explicit content dealing with body image. We understand and respect that there could be audience members who might choose to leave before this dance is presented.


34, 31, 39
Choreography: Anastasia McKenzie 
Music: Spoken word written by Leila and Jasmine for a school project; breathe by Message to Bears
Sound Recording: Z Karp
Sound Editing: Brian Comotto and Anastasia McKenzie
Costume Design: Anastasia McKenzie 
Set Design: Anastasia McKenzie and Moe Conn 
Dancers:  Rachel Huber, Anastasia McKenzie, Maegan Read
Understudies: Squid Sydnie Scruggs 


Tomorrow's Dust  
Choreography: Tommy Parlon 
Music: In the Event of a Sudden Loss by Greg Haines
Costume Design: Tommy Parlon and Charisse Secrest
Dancer: Rachel Huber 


Choreography: Alice Howes 
Music: Bashana Haba'a, Doina & Waltz, A Nakht in Gan Eydn by The Alexandria Kleztet 
Costume Design: Alice Howes
Trajectory Dance Project Dancers: Melinda Blomquist, Melissa Lloyd, Anastasia McKenzie


Rachel Huber

Anastasia McKenzie

Victoria Murphy

Maegan Read

Squid Sydnie Scruggs

Stephanie Waters


Creative Team

Melinda Blomquist

Artistic Director/Choreographer
Tommy Parlon

Dance Coordinator/Choreographer
Kristi Schaffner

Associate Director/Choreographer
Alice Howes

Anastasia McKenzie

Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie

Guest Choreographer
Charisse Secrest

G. Maurice (Moe) Conn, III

Technical Director, Lighting/Sound Designer
Lisa L. Boeren

Production Coordinator
Amy Jones

Production Photographer
Mel Bishop, Alex Bosworth, Aaron Duenas, Mone’t Howard, Sam Koch, Kayla Lasson, Benjamin McCardell, Donovan Ross, Mikkel Sallah, Ayaan Shah, Marleigh Toscano

Set/Lighting Crew
Owen Taliaferro

Light Board Operator
Marleigh Toscano

Sound Board Operator
Donovan J. Ross

Fly Operator
Alex Bosworth, Donovan J. Ross, Mikkel Sallah

Running Crew

Meet the Company

Rachel Huber (Dancer)

Rachel is in her third year dancing at CCBC. She previously attended Perry Hall High School. Rachel is enjoying the creative process of learning, memorizing, and cleaning the very intricate choreography that has been given to her this semester. She enjoys dancing at CCBC because it is a very open and welcoming environment to walk into every day.

Anastasia McKenzie (Dancer)
Anastasia is a CCBC Dance Company alum and dancer with Trajectory Dance Project. She recently received her Master's degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation at Logan University. She is enjoying being able to choreograph and dance again.
Victoria Murphy (Dancer)
Victoria is in her first year dancing at CCBC. She previously attended Mercy High School. Victoria is enjoying working with the amazing teachers here at CCBC on their pieces as well as getting to know the other dancers in the company. She originally began dancing at CCBC because she was unsure what she wanted to do after college. Now, with the help of the CCBC faculty she is dancing here and working hard on her technique and performance skills in order to transfer to a 4-year college next fall!
Maegan Read (Dancer)
Maegan is a CCBC Dance Company alum and graduated from CCBC in June 2021. This semester she is enjoying being able to dance with her friends again after graduating from CCBC last year. She is back dancing at CCBC this semester because she missed her friends and missed dancing in a studio and just dancing in general. Since graduation, Maegan has not been dancing as much and is very thankful for this opportunity.
Squid Sydnie Scruggs (Dancer)
Squid is in her first year dancing at CCBC. She graduated from Mercy High School and danced with Morton Street Dance Center. We enjoy having her in our program and dancing with us.
Stephanie Waters (Dancer)
Stephanie is in her first year dancing at CCBC. She graduated from Perry Hall High School. We enjoy having her in our program and dancing with us.
Melinda Blomquist (Artistic Director/Choreographer)
Melinda Blomquist holds an M.F.A. in Dance Choreography and Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Master of Arts in Dance Pedagogy from Brigham Young University. Melinda has presented her choreographic work at numerous venues nationally and internationally including the Mid-Atlantic and South-Central American College Dance Festival, Northwest Vista College, Towson University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the Attakkalari Festival in Bangalore India. Currently Melinda is a Professor of Dance at the Community College of Baltimore County, and she also serves as the Artistic Director for the CCBC Dance Company. Melinda has also worked with Trajectory Dance Project and with the Theatre and Music departments as a choreographer for Musical Theatre productions in Arizona, Texas and Maryland including The Fantasticks, Fiddler on the Roof, Good News, and She Loves Me. Melinda is involved in community outreach, focusing on promoting the importance of dance as art form in public education. She has provided workshops and master classes in Texas, Alaska, and Maryland to students at the Elementary, Middle, and High School levels. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Deep Vision Dance Company and as Past-President of the Maryland Dance Education Association. To learn more about the Dance Program visit:
Tommy Parlon (Dance Coordinator/Choreographer)

Tommy a native of Washington, D.C., received his M.F.A. in Dance (Choreography and Technology) from Arizona State University and his B.F.A. in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University. From 1998-2002 he was an Assistant Professor of Dance at Kent State University. While in New York City he danced with J. Fregalette Janson Dance, Centaur Dance Theatre, Beyondance Inc! and the Paris based multi-media performance art company FIASCO. Mr. Parlon has danced in pieces by Doug Varone, Stephen Petronio, Alvin Mayes, Laura Dean and Elizabeth Streb. In 1996-1998 he collaborated on Falling to Earth, an interactive multi-media performance piece created with the Institute for Studies in the Arts at Arizona State University. His choreography has been commissioned by Incidents Physical Theater of New York City, NEW ARTiculations in Tucson, Arizona, Lansing Chamber Dance in Michigan, and numerous colleges throughout the United States. He was awarded an Individual Artist Award in Solo Dance Performance from the Maryland State Arts Council in 2004 and an Artist Award in Choreography in 2007. Mr. Parlon is currently the Artistic Director of Tommy Parlon Dance Projects in Washington, D.C., the Artistic Associate of Ground Zero Dance in Richmond and the Dance Coordinator at CCBC.

Kristi Schaffner (Associate Director/Choreographer)

Kristi attended the University of Oklahoma as a teaching fellow where she received her MFA in modern dance (2011). She also has BFA in dance education from Kent State University (2004).  Through a graduate student grant, she studied Laban Movement Analysis at the Laban Institute in NYC. Ms. Schaffner has performed with Jeslyn Dance Gallery, Clawson Dances, Junction Dance Theatre, and Tommy Parlon Dance Projects among others, and is a current dancer and Director of Education and Outreach for Dragonfly Dance Experiment. Her choreography has been presented across the country including Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore, Salt Lake City and at the Howard County Dance Festival. A passion for education has inspired her to create and implement dance curricula for both preschools and charter school students diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Ms. Schaffner is a current adjunct faculty member in the dance divisions of Anne Arundel Community College and the Community College of Baltimore County and is a frequent guest instructor and performer in schools and community events.

Alice Howes (Choreographer)

Alice is a dance artist and educator who is director of Trajectory Dance Project, a Baltimore-based modern dance ensemble. She has held full-time faculty positions at universities including Coppin State University, UNC Charlotte, and Lamar University.  In addition, she served from 1995 to 2004 as artistic director and resident choreographer of Washington, D.C.’s Sister’s Trousers Dance Company, a modern dance ensemble based in the D.C. area. Sarah Kaufman of The Washington Post described Howes’ performance as “riveting, thrilling and deeply mysterious”.  Howes’ choreography has appeared in selective showcases at venues such as D.C.’s Dance Place, The Booth Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina and the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater and Millennium Stage. She holds an MA in dance from American University and an MFA in dance from Sam Houston State University. Howes also has earned a Certificate of Movement Analysis (CMA) from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies in New York City.

Anastasia McKenzie (Choreographer)
Anastasia is a CCBC Dance Company alum and dancer with Trajectory Dance Project. She recently received her Master's degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation at Logan University. She is enjoying being able to choreograph and dance again.
Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie (Guest Choreographer)
Ephrat is a New York City-based b-girl, dancer, and choreographer and a 2016 Bessie Award Winner for Innovative Achievement in Dance. Asherie has received numerous awards to support her work including Dance Magazine's Inaugural Harkness Promise Award, the Jacob's Pillow Fellowship at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at LIU, and a Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant. Last year, she received a National Dance Project award to support the development and touring of her newest work, Odeon. Asherie is also the recipient of a Mondo Cane! commission from Dixon Place, a Creative Development Residency from Jacob's Pillow, Workspace and Extended Life Residencies from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and two residencies through the CUNY Dance Initiative. Asherie is a regular guest artist with Dorrance Dance and has worked and collaborated with Doug Elkins, Rennie Harris, Bill Irwin, David Parsons, Gus Solomons Jr., and Buddha Stretch, among others. She earned her BA from Barnard College, Columbia University in Italian and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she researched the vernacular jazz dance roots of contemporary street and club dances. Asherie has been on faculty at Wesleyan University and set pieces for students at Smith College, SUNY Brockport, Alvin Ailey Dance Center, University of Texas Rio Grande, Old Dominion University and teaches at Broadway Dance Center. Asherie is a co-founding member of the all-female house dance collective, MAWU and and is forever grateful to NYC’s underground dance community for inspiring her to pursue a life as an artist. Photo Credit: Mohamed Sadek
G. Maurice (Moe) Conn, III (Technical Director, Lighting/Sound Designer)

Moe is in his eleventh year with CCBC where he is the full-time Technical Director and Designer at CCBC Catonsville’s Center for the Arts Theatre. He has an MFA in Scene Design and Technical Theatre. Moe has been doing technical theatre since 1993, as a Designer, Technician, Technical Director, and Educator. He served as the Technical Director for five summers at Cockpit in Court where he continues to design both lights and sets. He has also designed for Vagabond Players in Fells Point. Moe has received multiple nominations for Best Scene Design from Broadway and received Best Scenic Design from the MD Theatre Guide’s Readers’ Choice Awards. When not backstage, Moe volunteers with “Behind the Scenes” which provides financial support for theatre technicians in need throughout the entertainment industry. He also helps coordinate the Long Reach Long Riders charity motorcycle ride, ( to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity fights AIDS and Behind the Scenes, two theatre-based charities.

Lisa L. Boeren (Production Coordinator)

Lisa has worked on over sixty productions in the Baltimore area for many companies including Dundalk Community Theatre, Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre, and Phoenix Festival Theatre. Lisa just celebrated 15 years as the Box Office Manager for CCBC and also serves as the Administrative Manager for Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre. In her spare time, she sits on the Board of Directors for Dundalk Community Theatre and the Twirltastix Boosters. 

Special Thanks

Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis
CCBC President
Dr. Joaquin Martinez
Provost & Vice President of Instruction
Dr. William Watson
Dean, School of Arts & Communication
Professor Nick VanHorn
Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Dr. Rebecca Ocampo 
Arts Pathways Coordinator
Dr. Anne M. Lefter
Director, Performing Arts
Johanna Lawrence
Administrative Support Assistant, Performing Arts
Cathy Kratovil
Communications Assistant, School of Arts & Communication
Jackie McTear
Designer, CCBC Creative Services
Candice Webster
Director, Towson University Community Dance Program 
Catherine Horta-Hayden
Chair, Towson University Department of Dance


CCBC School of Arts and Communication

Dr. William Watson, Dean Professor
Will Niebauer, Chair, Arts and Design
Professor Nick VanHorn, Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Professor Michael Walsh, Chair, Communication Arts
Dr. Anne Lefter, Director, Performing Arts

The Arts at CCBC

Dr. Anne Lefter, Director
Johanna Lawrence, Assistant to the Director
G. Maurice “Moe” Conn, Technical Director
Jason Randolph, Technical Director
Marc Smith, Technical Director
Nicole Buckingham Kern, Galleries Coordinator
Emilyann Craighead, Galleries Assistant
Jess Rassp, Resident Costumer
Eva Grove, Costume Assistant
Lisa Boeren, Box Office Manager
Thom Purdy, Box Office Assistant
Brad Norris, Production Manager
Cathy Kratovil, Communications Assistant


Dance at CCBC

Tommy Parlon | Coordinator, Choreographer
Professor Melinda Blomquist | Dance Company Director, Choreographer
Kristi Schaffner | Dance Company Associate Director, Choreographer
Peter Pucci | Guest Artist in Residence