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A Death-Defying Escape!

at The Hudson Guild Theater

Written by
Judy Carter
Directed by
Lee Costello
Magic Design by
Craig Dickens
Lyndsi LaRose
Judy Carter
Kevin Scott Allen
Produced by Gabrieal Griego
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Judy Carter

Lyndsi LaRose

Female Actor
Kevin Scott Allen

Male Actor

Creative Team

Lee Costello

Craig Dickens

Magic Designer
Matt Richter

Lighting Designer
Nick Foran

Sound and Projections Designer
Jenna Morris

Costume Designer
Lauren "Lars" McCuen

Stage Manager
Tekla Vassie

Assistant Stage Manager
Misha Riley

Lucy Pollak

Gabrieal Griego


Special Thanks

Anna Abbott

John Cox

John henry Davis 

Adi Eshman 

Jenna Fink

Leigh Fortier

Jessie Gill

Insert Henderson

SJ Hodges

Laura Pelegrin 

Halena Kays

Phyllis Katz 

Rob Lotterstein

Manu Maciel

Jason Medbury

Monica Piper

Kira Soltanovich

Ronda Spinak

M. Kilburg Reedy

Daryl Roth 

Zeke & Harry @ The Hudson Theater


“Goddess of Mystery”

Music by Ray Colcord and Lyrics by Phyllis Katz

sung by Margot Rose


“Something About The Women In My Life”

Courtesy of Holly Near


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Judy Carter