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A Lighter Shade of Noir

A Comedy in Three Acts By
Stage Manager
Eden Yelinek
Assistant Director
Luca LaVigna
Produced by
OPHS Thespian Troupe 6074
Avery Boggs
Jojo Bongiovi
Elizabeth Dusek
Persy Ferry
Kadyn Freid
Dean Fronk
Max Fybel
Aven Gaeta
Jasper Hildebrant
Miley Katz
Danika Koscelnick
Noah Kratt
Andrew Kunesh
Abigail Leduc
Kam Licata
Blue Manning
Sophia Mannino
Mia McCabe
Elena McFadden
Peter Mendoza
Jonas Norton
Abby Schuh
Malina Star
Anjali Suresh
Logo Design by Elizabeth Dusek
Produced by special arrangement with Theatrefolk (

Director's note......

When choosing the show for this year's Spotlight play, I thought of a show which I would enjoy being a part of. So of course, I chose the fabulously funny and high styling take on film noir classics, A Lighter Shade of Noir, written by Patrick Derksen! Originally written for a school theater class, this show has many characters, plot twists, and trench coats. These factors made this show fairly difficult yet exciting to direct. I wanted to choose a play which the wonderful and talented OPHS theater troupe would have no problem executing and would have fun while learning. I wanted a play which would act like a collaborative project, where everyone can pitch in ideas and work together. With a simple play executed by a talented troupe means we make it cleaner, funnier, and add more pizzazz. I can confidently say that I, along with the entire troupe, feel incredibly proud of what we have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time!

A Lighter Shade of Noir presents many hilarious and contrasting characters which are forced to work together. Set in a film noir style, every character has their own fedora, trench coat, and quirks which are magnified and exaggerated to create comedic effect. This show also uses different forms of comedy so you never get bored. Thanks to the kids that made it happen, we are left with a comedic masterpiece which could be enjoyed by all ages. A show that you’ll never forget. Enjoy! 

Scene List


Scene 1 Trent Trowel's Office

Scene 2 The Victoria Grand Hotel's Ballroom

Scene 3 The Ballroom, a while later



Scene 1 Trent Trowel's Office

Scene 2 The Ballroom

Scene 3 A Street Cafe

Scene 4 The Ballroom


Scene 1 Trent Trowel's Office

Scene 2 The Ballroom

Who's Who

Avery Boggs

Jojo Bongiovi

Big Bill
Elizabeth Dusek

Jean-Louis-Philippe Eustache & Costume Team
Persy Ferry

Beverly Stewart & Prop Team
Kadyn Freid

Clarice Latriche & Set Team
Dean Fronk

Sergeant Maloney
Max Fybel

Dr. Watson & Prop Team
Aven Gaeta

Mr. Smith & Set Team
Jasper Hildebrant

Janitor 2 & Set Team
Miley Katz

Mrs. Benedict
Danika Koscelnick

Ms. Beatrice
Noah Kratt

Monsieur Silencieux & Janitor 1 & Lighting Design Lead
Andrew Kunesh

Trent Trowel
Abigail Leduc

Miss Flannigan & Costume Design Lead
Kam Licata

Vinny & Set Team
Blue Manning

Le Cambrioleur
Sophia Mannino

Mayor Defehr
Mia McCabe

Tracy Dyck & Costume Team
Elena McFadden

Shirley Holmes
Peter Mendoza

Jonas Norton

Tony & Costume Team
Abby Schuh

Malina Star

Maureen Artee
Anjali Suresh

Ethel & Prop Team
Polina Sysoeva

Luca LaVigna

Eden Yelinek

Stage Manager & Set Design Lead
Addison O'Grady

Tech Design Lead & Sound
Margaux Raymond

Prop Design Lead
Arin Rifkin

Set Team
Gabby Salter

Costume Team
OPHS International Thespian Society Troupe 6074

Ellyn Schneider

Production Advisor & Troupe Director

Meet the Company

Avery Boggs (Candy)
Hello! my name is Avery Boggs and I will be playing Candy in OPHS production of A Lighter Shade of Noir! I am a freshman and this is my third show here! I hope you love the show just as much as I love performing :D
Jojo Bongiovi (Big Bill)
From Spanish pirate to weird bald uncle to Italian mob boss, now I'm 100% sure I've played them all.
Elizabeth Dusek (Jean-Louis-Philippe Eustache & Costume Team)
Bonjour! My name is Elizabeth Dusek, I am a junior, and I am so happy to be a part of my 10th show at OPHS. I play Jean Louis Phillippe Eustache and am on the costume team. Thank you so much to everyone who makes this silly show possible!
Persy Ferry (Beverly Stewart & Prop Team)
Hi! My name is Persy and I am a freshman. This is my second show at OPHS. I am really excited to be in another performance at the school! Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me. Enjoy the show!
Kadyn Freid (Clarice Latriche & Set Team)
Kadyn Freid is a Sophomore at Oak Park High School. This is her 7th production at OPHS. She is so excited for you all to see this show. You might have seen her in her others roles, such as Prentiss, Dana, and Conquistador Addams. Kadyn would like to thank the cast, crew, and design for making this show so amazing!
Dean Fronk (Sergeant Maloney)
Hello there, I am Dean Fronk. This is my fourth production here at OPHS. I am playing the role of Sergeant Maloney. I am really excited for the play to begin. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my career, I am truly grateful to you all. Thank you and have a great day!
Max Fybel (Dr. Watson & Prop Team)
Hey! My name is Max, I'm a freshman and I play Dr. Watson! This is my third show with this school and the fourth one on crew! I'm so grateful to have met everybody I did through theatre and I have made an unbelievable amount of friends. Enjoy the show! :)
Aven Gaeta (Mr. Smith & Set Team)
Hi, Im Aven, and Im incredibly excited for our next production: "A Lighter Shade of Noir"! I'm a junior and this will be my second production here at Oak Park. For this production, I will be a part of the cast and also working behind the scenes with Sets. Once again I'd like to send all my appreciation to the hard-working people on cast and crew!
Jasper Hildebrant (Janitor 2 & Set Team)
Hello, I'm Jasper! Life is tough enough as a junior, but once I became a janitor, I really had my work cut out for me. Regardless, I am still The World's Best Janitor (Title Pending)
Miley Katz (Mrs. Benedict)
Hello! My name is Miley Katz and I am a freshman. This is my 3rd show at ophs after PATSC and The Addams Family! I am so excited to play Mrs. Bennedict. Thank you to all the designers, cast, staff, and our lovely student directors!
Danika Koscelnick (Ms. Beatrice)
My name is Danika Koscelnick and I am the clueless yet funny old lady who knows it all, Ms. Beatrice. I am a sophomore and this is my 8th ITS production at Oak Park High School. I am super excited to be a part of such an amazing and talented group of people! "Break a leg!" Thank you and have a good evening!
Noah Kratt (Monsieur Silencieux & Janitor 1 & Lighting Design Lead)
Hi all, My name is Noah Kratt, I am a Junior here at Oak Park, this is my 10th show!!! For this show, I am both in the cast and on crew. Off stage, I am the lighting designer and a part of the tech team. And on stage, I play Monsieur Silencieux and Janitor 1. I am so excited for this show and to be on stage for the first time in about three years!!! I hope you enjoy!
Andrew Kunesh (Trent Trowel)
Hello everyone! This is my second time participating in a theater production at Oak Park. I am 100% sure that I am the biggest band kid here in theater because I am in 3 different band classes and next year I’m even doing choir; getting involved is a lot of fun.
Abigail Leduc (Miss Flannigan & Costume Design Lead)
Hello! My name is Abby Leduc. I'm a junior and this is my 6th show at Oak Park. I am playing the lovely Miss Flannigan in A Lighter Shade of Noir. I am also the costume lead for this production. Being a part of costumes and cast has been such a blast, and I cannot wait for you all to see It!
Kam Licata (Vinny & Set Team)
Hi! My name is Kam. I am a freshman and this is my 4th show. I love having the opportunity to work with such amazing people! Being in theater has made my freshman year memorable.
Blue Manning (Le Cambrioleur)
Bonjour. Je m'appelle Blue Manning. Je suis en deuxième année et c'est mon quatrième spectacle ITS. Je joue Le Cambrioleur, un voleur de chat sournois. Toute cette année a été incroyable et je suis éternellement reconnaissant de m'être vu offrir ces opportunités. Un merci très spécial à tous mes amis, en particulier Polina et Luca (vous allez tellement me manquer) et un grand merci à Mme Schneider. Merci à tous et j'espère que vous apprécierez le spectacle ! Good morning. My name is Blue Manning. I'm in tenth grade and this is my fourth ITS show. I play The Burglar, a sneaky cat thief. This whole year has been amazing and I am forever grateful to have been given these opportunities. A very special thank you to all my friends, especially Polina and Luca (I will miss you so much) and a big thank you to Ms. Schneider. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy the show!
Sophia Mannino (Mayor Defehr)
Good Day! My name is Sophia Anna Mannino and you’ll be seeing me in my second drama performance at OPHS as a Junior! This will be my first performance outside of an Ensemble cast, and I’m very excited for this show. I’d like to thank my dad for torturing himself to drive back and forth to these rehearsals, and to the many cast and crew members that made it all happen. Without them, it wouldn’t be as special. See you there!
Mia McCabe (Tracy Dyck & Costume Team)
Hi everyone! My name is Mia McCabe, I'm a Junior, and this is my sixth show at OPHS! In this inquisitive show, I play the role of police captain Tracy Dyck! I wanted to thank all of my fellow detectives and criminals (on and off stage) for helping put on this production! I love and appreciate every single one of you. And I hope you enjoy the show!
Elena McFadden (Shirley Holmes)
Elena is a freshman and this is her fourth show at OPHS. She is so excited to be playing Shirley Holmes! She would like to thank the entire cast and crew for making this show such a great experience! Her excellent powers of deduction have lead her to believe that you will enjoy the show…
Peter Mendoza (Mario)
Peter, a Freshman, is playing, "Mario" his third Oak Park High production. He has enjoyed going to the theatre since he was a small boy. He caught the acting bug in third grade and has played several lead characters for Bell Canyon Broadway community theatre for the last 6 six years. Peter is looking forward to future roles with Oak Park High School. Lastly, he would like to thank his family and friends for their love and support.
Jonas Norton (Tony & Costume Team)
My name is Jonas and I play Tony in A Lighter Shade of Noir and I am also on the costume team. I'm a freshman and this is my fourth production with OPHS. It has been such an honor and pleasure to work with so many talented people this year and I hope you enjoy the show!
Abby Schuh (Jane)
Hello! My name is Abby Schuh and this is my fourth show at Oak Park High School. I joined theatre near the end of my freshman year and I’ve loved it ever since. Enjoy the show!
Malina Star (Maureen Artee)
Hi! I’m Malina and I am a junior at OPHS! This is my second show and I couldn’t be more excited! I cannot thank my friends and family enough for the constant support! I hope you enjoy the show!
Anjali Suresh (Ethel & Prop Team)
Hey! My name is Anjali and I’m a senior, this has been my second show as crew and first as cast. I play Ethel, and I’ve had a great time these past shows. Thank you so much to everyone I’ve worked with and people who have supported! Can’t ever get enough of those English muffins!
Polina Sysoeva (DIRECTOR)
Hi! My name is Polina Sysoeva and I’m a senior here at OPHS. I enjoy all forms of art and music and I dedicate all my time to theater. I have been given the honor of directing this year’s Spotlight show! This show is the perfect ending to my senior year and I will never forget this experience. I could not be more thankful to direct with such a talented bunch! Everyone worked so hard to make this show perfect so please enjoy!
Hi hi! I can't believe that this is my last show at OPHS! I started theater this year on props for Peter and the Starcatcher and I've worked my way to the top. I want to thank Ms Schneider for giving me all these opportunities. This has been an incredible year and I'm so thankful to have worked with such spectacular people. I wish my gorgeous Polina a great next year and hope to see her in theater at Moorpark. Thank you to the whole production crew and enjoy the show! Luca (they/them)
Eden Yelinek (Stage Manager & Set Design Lead)
Eden Yelinek is a sophomore and the stage manager for this production. This is her eighth show and she was very excited to make her mini cardboard sets into a reality for A Lighter Shade of Noir. Eden is also on the tech team, and in her free time she enjoys smelling perfume and painting, along with doing her makeup at 3am just to take it off and go to bed. Eden is very proud of her team and she would like to thank the awesome director for giving her this opportunity. Bio courtesy of Addison O'Grady.
Addison O'Grady (Tech Design Lead & Sound)
My name is Addison O'Grady, I am a sophomore, and I am the tech lead for A Lighter Shade Of Noir! This is my seventh show with OPHS, but my first time as tech lead. You may previously have seen me in my hit roles, Francis's mom Beth, assistant director, stressed sound designer, and stressed costume designer. I am so proud of my team along with everyone else for creating such an awesome show, and making it so much fun to work on.
Margaux Raymond (Prop Design Lead )
Margaux is a freshman and this is their fourth show at Oak Park, they are very grateful to be a part of this production. They hope to continue to do many more shows in the future.
Arin Rifkin (Set Team)
Hi! My name is Arin Rifkin and I’m a freshman on sets. This is my 3rd show at OPHS and I am so excited to do more.
Gabby Salter (Costume Team)
Hi, I’m Gabby and and being a part of this show has been really fun. Being on costumes has been amazing I’m glad I got to be a part of it. Enjoy the Show!
OPHS International Thespian Society Troupe 6074 (PRODUCER)
Act well your part, there all the honor lies. The International Thespian Society (ITS) was founded in 1929, and is an honor organization for high school students at more than 4,900 affiliated secondary schools across America and abroad. The mission of ITS is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts. In addition to producing theatre at OPHS, our troupe's focus is to promote the importance of theatre arts in education and our community.
Ellyn Schneider (Production Advisor & Troupe Director)
Congratulations to the creative team, cast and designers on a fabulous production of 'A Lighter Shade of Noir'. Your dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism and love for the arts continues to amaze and inspire me. It has been a dream come true to work with you all this year and to watch you grow as actors, costumers, designers, technicians, directors and producers. So, so, proud of you! Break a leg!





Zachary Borquez, Loretta Brown, Michelle Di Camillo, Angela Giraldo, Kim Ramirez, Francisco Henning, Leonards Cleaners, Will Michael, Richard Ortega and team, Brenda Pasqua, Ethan Shmorak, Subplot Studios, Ami Yelinek, The OPPAA Board-Edward Park, Kyle Dusek, Kelly Freid, Vivi Michael, Tammi O’Grady and Iris Yelinek, all of our theatre families, OPUSD Superintendent Jeff Davis & the OPUSD School Board, Principal Mat McClenehan, Assistant Principal Jason Meskis, Assistant Principal Natalie Smith and the entire OPHS staff for their enthusiastic support of our production.