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Andrew Lippa's


at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre
Music by
Andrew Lippa
Lyrics & book by
Andrew Lippa
Based on the poem by Joseph Moncure March
Approximate run time: Two hours, 15 min with one 20 min intermission

Content Advisory:

The Wild Party contains strobe lights and depictions of predatory relationships, physical violence, intimate partner abuse, adult and statutory rape, incest, substance abuse and gun violence.


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Song List

Act I

  • *"Queenie was a Blonde" – Queenie, Burrs and Company
  • "The Apartment" - Queenie, Burrs and Company
  • "Out of the Blue" – Queenie and Burrs
  • *"What a Party" – Company
  • *"Raise the Roof" – Queenie and Company
  • "Look at Me Now" – Kate
  • "He Was Calm" - Company
  • "Poor Child" – Black, Burrs, Kate and Queenie
  • "An Old-Fashioned Love Story" – Madeline
  • *"By Now the Room was Moving" – Company
  • *"The Juggernaut" – Queenie, Black, Kate, Burrs and Company
  • *"A Wild, Wild Party" – D'Armano Brothers, Queenie, Burrs and Company
  • "Two of a Kind" – Eddie and Mae
  • "Out of All the Luck" - Black and Queenie
  • "Maybe I Like it This Way" – Queenie
  • "What is it About Her?" – Burrs and Queenie

Act II

  • "Entr'acte"
  • "The Life of the Party" – Kate
  • "Who Is This Man?" - Queenie
  • "The Gal for Me" - Black and Queenie
  • "I'll Be Here" – Black
  • "Listen To Me" - Black, Burrs, Kate and Queenie
  • *"Let Me Drown" – Burrs, Kate and Company
  • "The Fight" - Company
  • "Tell Me Something" – Queenie and Black
  • "Come with Me" – Black, Queenie and Company
  • *"Jackie's Last Dance" – (Instrumental) *Jackie
  • "Make Me Happy" – Burrs, Black and Queenie
  • "Poor Child - Reprise" - Black and Queenie
  • "How Did We Come to This?" / "Queenie was a Blonde" (Reprise) – Queenie and Ensemble

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.



Deonte Allen (he/him)

Mr. Black
Iah Bearden-Vrai (he/him)

U/S Burrs
Katelyn Coon (she/her)

Ensemble, U/S Kate
Anna Domenica Gagliardo (she/her)

Krystal Combs (she/her)

Jackie/Queenie U.S./Dance Captain
Hamilton Davis (he/him)

Kaitlin Doughty (she/her)

Eric Eberle (he/him)

Max, Fight Captain
Eadric Einbinder (he/they)

Javon Ford (he/him)

U/S Mr. Black
Sam Gianfala (he/they)

Spencer Johnson (he/him)

Mirai (she/her)

Gianna Pira (she/her)

Serenity Ariel Robb (she/her)

Jonathan Saia (he/him)

Emilia Sotelo (she/her)

Madelaine True
Roland Vasquez (he/him)

Holly Weber (she/her)

Steve Weber (he/him)

Kelsey Weinstein (she/they)


Creative Team

Andrew Lippa

Book & Music
Kristin Towers-Rowles (she/her)

Michael Marchak (he/him)

Choreographer/Assistant Director
Daniel Koh (he/him)

Music Director
Spencer Johnson (he/him)

Regina Niles (she/her)

Emily Ellis (she/her)

Production Stage Manager
Ethan Kuwata (he/him)

Asst Stage Manager
Emilia Ray (she/her)

Intimacy Director
Derek Jones (he/him)

Lighting Designer
Mario Espinoza (he/him)

Lighting Assistant
Michael Mullen

Costume Designer
Amanda Noriko Newman (she/they)

Fight Choreographer
Yelena Babinskaya (she/her)

Scenic Designer
Orlando De La Paz

Scenic Artist
William Wilday (he/him)

TD/Master Builder
Ryan Rowles (he/him)

Sound Designer
Jon Sparks (he/him)

Wig Crew
Mia Staraci (she/her)

Props Master / Box Office
Cody Holmes

Soundboard Operator
Joel Castro

Production Photography
Miriam Billington


Director's Note

Welcome to the Real Roaring 20’s! 

Growing up, I saw and was involved in, many musicals about the 1920’s - NO, NO NANETTE, THE BOYFRIEND, THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE - and they all painted a picture of a squeaky clean, bygone era of Flappers and marrying the boy next door.

Then, in the year 2000, Andrew Lippa brought down the Musical Theatre World with his Jazz Age, Tell-it-like-it-really-was, Off-Broadway musical THE WILD PARTY, based on the 1928 90-page poem of the same name by Joseph Moncure March. The poem was written in verse about Burrs (an abusive Vaudeville Clown) and his lover, Queenie, a Vaudeville Dancer and their eclectic group of friends (each of whom is written about in great detail) who come to their party. The poem was composed to loosely depict and satirize the infamous Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle Rape/Murder Case of Virginia Rappe. It paints a picture of a very different 1920’s than most Americans had ever had access to: one of Prohibition, Excessive Drug Use, Sexual Revolution and Violence.  After the 1928 release of the poem, it was quickly banned...but it has endured for almost 100 years and is revered as a great and daring work of historical fiction.

In 2016, I played Mae in a Production of THE WILD PARTY at The Complex in Hollywood and our Assistant Director was Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, who originated Eddie in the Off-Broadway Production. I was so fortunate to work with him  - he gave great insight into how the show had been developed. When I came in to present my Director Pitch, I was able to give so much backstory about the show (conception and workshop) and was honored to have been chosen to direct it. We saw 80 actors at auditions for this show and were so fortunate to be able to cast these extremely talented triple threats. We also have a full team of “Wonderstudies” who get to play the roles they cover Sept 30-Oct 2.. I was thrilled to be able to offer them an entire weekend for learning all of this material.

THE WILD PARTY is a departure from the Morgan-Wixson’s usual fare of more family friendly entertainment and I’m ecstatic about the gusto in which the Creative Staff and Cast have embraced this work of art. New to this theatre, we brought in an Intimacy Director, Emilia Ray, to give specific direction and expertise to our intimate scenes - this set a level of professionalism and comfort for our cast. We also brought in a Stage Combat Director, Amanda Newman, to make sure our cast had precise fight direction. I’m entirely grateful for our immediate team Michael M., Daniel Koh, Michael Mullen, Ryan Rowles, Spencer, Bill, Emily, Miriam, Sam, Melanie, Regina, Ethan, Cody and the entire team at the Morgan-Wixson.

What you are seeing tonight are almost entirely the 2020 cast of THE WILD PARTY who almost opened in 2020 and were shut down for 2.5 years. There is so much gratitude on the stage and on our team, that we FINALLY get to do this show. 

Now, I ask you to view our show with an open mind and heart - it is not so much a tale of Jazz Age booze, sex, drugs and promescuity as it is a tale of cause and effect, consequences and finally, redemption. Enjoy and thank you for coming to live, local theatre in Los Angeles.

Behind the Music with Andrew Lippa

In July 2015 Matt Weinstock of Playbill interviewed Andrew Lippa. From TWP’s origin story to why he wrote the character Mae as he did to how TWP is what Stephen Sondheim would call a “baby picture” are some excerpts of that conversation:

In 1995 my first musical, John & Jen, was running in New York City, and I was looking for something else to write. I was in a Barnes & Noble and thought, "I'm going to maybe set some poetry to music." In those days, I didn't write lyrics. I looked through the poetry section, and sitting on a shelf was a skinny little volume with a wonderful cover called "The Wild Party." I cracked it open and the inside of the book had a red fuzzy liner, sort of like "Pat the Bunny." I was already intrigued. Then I turned to the next page and saw these gorgeous drawings by Art Spiegelman, and saw the poem start: Queenie was a blonde, and her age stood still, And she danced twice a day in vaudeville.

There was something about the beginning of that poem, the description of that woman, that spoke to me personally. I didn't clearly know it at the time. I just knew that I was more excited about something than I'd ever been in my life. I thought, "I want to make this into a musical." And I thought, "I can," because I was gonna do it like Cats; I was going to set the poem to music. I found out later that that wasn't going to work.

The poem was almost exclusively third-person narrative, and I got weary of writing in the third person. I wanted to write "I feel…," "I am...". I hardly knew anyone in the theatre in those days, so necessity was the mother of invention. It was like the movie "Cast Away." I had a coconut and a palm frond and I was gonna make a television out of it, you know? The lyrics to "Poor Child" were among the first lyrics that I wrote. I played them for a friend of mine, the Broadway producer
Jeffrey Seller, who later went on to be one of the co-producers of the show with Kevin McCollum and the Manhattan Theatre Club. Jeffrey said, "Well, who wrote the lyrics?" I said, "I did." He said, "Why don't you keep going?" That was enough encouragement.

It's a part that's not on the record, when Kate sings:

Here we go

Take the bait

Black and Queenie integrate

Watch her fall for him

Call for him

She'll wager it all for him

And when the trap is set

I'll be there

To catch Burrs

He thinks he's hers

But he's in for some news

Light the fuse and place the bets 

And then Black sings, "Poor child, poor child." It was actually in the poem; there's a moment where he says something about how she was a "poor child." And it struck me as something that was coming directly from a character, singing about how they felt in that moment about what they intended to do afterwards. The other notion behind the song was a musical one; it's based on a quartet from Rigoletto. Sort of an odd mash-up — Rigoletto and the Roaring Twenties.

Yes. I don't know how it is today, but in those days you didn't have auditions at the O'Neill; you just got together with the casting director and looked at lists and tried to just get people you knew. Kristin had been recommended to me by an actor friend, and I didn't know anything about her, so I said, "Is she funny?" My friend said, "Oh, yeah, she's really funny." I said, "Well, if you think she's funny and she can sing, I guess that's fine." (laughs) It became a very long love affair. To this day we're still making songs, which I just love. She did this Disney movie called "The Descendants" that premieres July 31, and I wrote her big number.

She was Mae. I wrote "Two of a Kind" for her. The song really exists because Kristin did that workshop and I realized, "Oh, this character needs something to do." The song is all about her being really short and the guy being really tall — because that's what it was that week. (laughs) I didn't have the notion that the character was going to be tiny. But because Kristi did it, that's what stuck.

Well, Steven was
Brian d'Arcy James' understudy. Steven was very, very young when we did the show, and I think that he auditioned for the role of Burrs and was great, but was way too young to play the role. And now, years later, Steven gets to play the part. It's very exciting.

There is a vestigial Andrew who dates back to fifth grade who wants very much to be chosen for the thing — whatever we were asked to raise our hands for — and wants to be approved of, and wants to feel he belongs. That feeling got transplanted, or dragged, into The Wild Party. It is a part of me that I have since worked to — not extinguish, but to feed in other ways. Now I'm a calmer and happier person, and I can let my art be my art. My art doesn't have to speak on my behalf or solve any problems for me. So in approaching The Wild Party, I'm much, much happier to contemplate making changes.

I remember that
Stephen Schwartz — another friend and mentor — saw a developmental version of the show around 1998. I asked him for his thoughts on the show and he said, "I have two notes that are really not gonna be helpful." I was like, "Okay, what? He's gonna be like, Get out of show business and lose thirty pounds." But he said, "The song ‘Life of the Party' — I don't know what you're thinking about, whether it wants to stay where it is in the show, or who's going to sing it, but you can't cut that song. I know we talk all the time about how everything's on the chopping block, but you can't cut that song. That little vamp on the left hand — that's worth a lot of money." What he meant by that was not literally a lot of money; he meant there was something about it that was captivating and unique and sucked you into the world of the play." 



THE WILD PARTY's Sizzling jazz, emotional anthems and contemporary music combine to pull audiences into a world of careless, conflicted characters pushed to their limits. Love and longing, lawlessness and lust, and risk and revenge drive mysterious strangers, vaudevillian lovers, and friends who live on the edges of a seemingly glamorous and freewheeling age together for one debauched night. THE WILD PARTY shows how the roaring 20s of this century and the last still have a lot in common, asking audiences “how did we come to this?”

Director Kristin Towers-Rowles finds this revival to be especially timely now, stating, “The times were a lot more raw, divided, fearful and lawless. The authoritarian rules of Prohibition created a domino effect of people constantly breaking the law. It was the era of bathtub gin, drug abuse, multiple sexual partners and people being more public about gender identity and sexuality. And within that specific world are universal themes like abuse, revenge, loss and the rocky path to redemption – especially what that meant for a woman desperately needing agency over her life.”

As Towers-Rowles explains, "Lippa brought to life a time period greatly mis-represented in art and media. In the midst of real, gritty 1920s chaos where Americans were just emerging from a plague, we have people typically seen as being on the fringes of society essentially trapped together in this party playing out these complex, yet universal human emotions and experiences. And the play is unflinching in displaying very uncomfortable truths about misogyny and racism, as well as society’s insatiable thirst for youth. We are still grappling with all these things today.” 

We invite you to discover more about the real side of the Roaring '20s by visiting our lobby displays here at The Morgan-Wixson Theatre. (and please remember to keep your mask on while in the theatre).

Thank you for being here to celebrate the return of The Wild Party.

Melanie Anthony
Resident Dramaturg


Meet the Company

Deonte Allen (he/him) (Mr. Black)
Deonte Allen is a graduate of Santa Monica College and UCLA, born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up spending most of his free time in sports, he was surprised and excited to discover a new passion for the performing arts only a few short years ago. Deonte has since dove deeper into performing arts with some of his favorite roles including Gangster #2 (The Drowsy Chaperone), Banquo (Flamenco Macbeth), Shrek (Shrek), and Genie (Aladdin). He loves performing for and inspiring children in theater, and especially enjoyed performing in Santa Monica College’s summer shows, geared toward introducing children to the performing arts. He is grateful for being cast in his 3rd show with the Morgan Wixon theater and thrilled to be back on stage with The Wild Party cast and crew after such a long hiatus.
Iah Bearden-Vrai (he/him) (U/S Burrs)
BFA Musical Theatre (University of South Dakota) [N.A.S.T.], MFA Cinema Production (DePaul University) [Screenwriting + Directing]. NYC: Emilio in Marina (NYFM Reading), Jake Singer in Bound for Broadway. Regional: Fabrizio in The Light in the Piazza, Jimmy Smith in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mitch Mahoney in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, George in The Drowsy Chaperone, Icarus in Flight (Chicago Reading). Film: Motion with Some White, Tin Man, Otie, Acquiescence, Unitas, Phoenix, Lo Que Pasa, Rumble, What They Had, When Jeff Tried to Save the World, Lesser Cousin, Corporeal, Glass Bottle Walk. New Media: The Chuggist [Episodes 1-12] (Web-Series), Booty Bass (Music Video), Lean and Point (Music Video), Pinoy News Update (Web-Series). Act/Sing: Film/Photo Production:
Katelyn Coon (she/her) (Ensemble, U/S Kate)
Katelyn Coon is proud and thrilled to be back with this amazing cast and crew at the Morgan Wixson Theatre. Katelyn just finished her first Morgan-Wixson show playing Ella in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and loved every second. Fun fact, Katelyn was a vocalist at School of Rock West LA for five years and is manifesting in this bio to be cast as Ann Wilson, in a Heart biopic. Katelyn has done numerous shows with Deelightful Productions, favorite roles include Mayzie La’Bird from Seussical and Fiona from Shrek. As well as Liza Monjauze Productions playing roles such as Joanne from Company and Sheila from Hair, Katelyn is currently studying with Gary Imhoff at Musical Artist Workshop. Katelyn would like to thank her family and friends for all their love and support. Much love XO Enjoy the show!
Anna Domenica Gagliardo (she/her) (Swing)
Anna Domenica Gagliardo is a musical theater artist and high school educator based in Los Angeles, California. Receiving her BA in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara and MA in Education from Point Loma Nazarene, Anna teaches dance at Larchmont Charter School in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Some of her favorite theater and dance credits include West Side Story (Performance Riverside), Cabaret (Gem Theater), Oklahoma (Mira Costa College), How to Succeed in Business (Patio Playhouse), Trolley Dances (San Diego Dance Theater), and Young Frankenstein (Temecula Valley Players). Anna wants to thank the creative team for giving her the opportunity to join the incredibly talented cast of Wild Party 2.0!
Krystal Combs (she/her) (Jackie/Queenie U.S./Dance Captain)
Krystal Combs is thrilled to return to MWT for TWP! Krystal holds an M.S. in Education, teaches science by day, dance & theater by afternoon, and performs musical theater by night. She has performed in and/or choreographed for 30+ productions at MWT with favorites including Sweet Charity (Charity), Thoroughly Modern Millie (Millie), Chicago (Velma), Pippin (Leading Player), and Company (Kathy). Krystal has received Stage Scene LA’s “Quadruple threat of the Year” and an NAACP choreography award. Krystal loves to help others love dance and sends love to Brad and Clementine!
Hamilton Davis (he/him) (Burrs)
Hamilton Davis is honored to be back at the MWT for TWP! An actor, singer, and strong mover, he recently originated the role of David Valentine in the workshop production of SAT: The Musical and starred as Charlie Brown in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown at Sierra Madre Playhouse. Hamilton Davis can also be seen in film/TV including "This Is For You" (dir. Alon Borten), "The Hook-Down" (dir. Ben Peacock), and "Genera+ion" (HBO). He is currently enrolled at John Rosenfeld Studios, successfully completed all improv courses at the Groundlings School, and received a certificate from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Special thanks to the creative team for this opportunity, friends/family and Noah for their love and support. Be sure to follow @hdavisweaver on instagram or contact Play Management or MTA to learn more!
Kaitlin Doughty (she/her) (Kate)
Kaitlin Doughty is thrilled to finally be able to show this gorgeous production to a live audience! Past roles include: Holly in The Wedding Singer (National Tour), Maureen in Rent, Casey in First Date (Regional Premiere), Janet in Rocky Horror, Pinky Tuscadero in Happy Days, The Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol, and Pickles in The Great American Trailer Park Musical (1 & 2). You can also catch her in various commercials and voiceover spots currently running, as well as singing for Voices of Christmas at Lawry’s and The Tam O’Shanter every December. Thanks to my hubby, Erik, for your endless support and to my friend and director, Kristin, who is an actors absolute dream director. Shoutout to my agents at BBA and Coast to Coast Talent!
Eric Eberle (he/him) (Max, Fight Captain)
Eric makes his (pandemic delayed) debut at the Morgan-Wixson. His past roles in LA include Anthony in Sweeney Todd at the Young Star's Theatre and as part of the ensemble in Disney's The Little Mermaid at the Kentwood Players, as well as assorted princes, sailors, and waiters. Offstage, he was just on UFO Witness on Paramount+, and in the short film Minnesota Dirty Talk, which he co-wrote. When not otherwise acting, singing, dancing, and writing, he’s a chauffeur to a daughter, as well as a coloring book collaborator and practice dummy for her various Ninja Turtle martial arts moves.
Eadric Einbinder (he/they) (Swing)
Performing on stage for almost 15 years, Eadric (he/they) is so honored to be stepping in to support this amazing show. Needless to say, he’s extremely proud of and excited for this production, the cast, and the crew. He’s incredibly thankful to everyone who has supported him and continues to do so.
Javon Ford (he/him) (U/S Mr. Black)
This is Javon Ford’s first production with Morgan-Wixson. Originally from Memphis, he has previously performed in productions of Once on This Island, Aida, Addams Family, and Edwin Drood. He holds a BS in chemistry and a minor in music from Howard University. He'd like to thank the lovely cast, crew, and creative team for this amazing production.
Sam Gianfala (he/they) (Phil)
Sam is excited to finally bring The Wild Party back to the Morgan-Wixson. This show will be his second musical at the theater after performing in the ensemble of Cinderella this summer. Previous roles include Matt (Bare), Lewis (Pippin), and Steve (She Kills Monsters). They also write and direct short films through Black Lodge Productions. Sam can usually be found at a theme park or an escape room when not performing or directing. He thanks his family, friends, cast, crew, and the board for their wonderful support!
Spencer Johnson (he/him) (Eddie)
Spencer is beyond excited to finally get this show up again after a 2 1/2 year hiatus. You may have last seen him as Mr. Banks in Mary Poppins, General Schmitz in Seussical, or as Peter in Company. He's also been hard at work on staging his first original musical, Losing Your Humanity: a zombie musical. Thank you to the incredible team of designers and production team (so many to count!) who stepped up in every aspect of The Wild Party to ensure a safe space while developing this doozy of a time relevant show (post-pandemic party that goes wrong...). And thank you to this amazing cast who played along with all the weird scenework ideas to keep us busy during the party while we really did just want to grab a drink.
Mirai (she/her) (Mae)
Mirai is grateful to finally get this pandemic show in front of an audience, and thanks you for coming to support live theatre! Last seen on the MWT stage a few short weeks ago as Juliet in MWT's Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Ending, other MWT faves include Kitty in The Drowsy Chaperone and Imelda Marcos Impersonator in The Wedding Singer. Mirai also produced 2021's Solo Series and Inaugural New Works Festival. Mirai is an on-camera (Scandal, Teen Wolf, Deputy) and voice over actor (hear her in an exciting videogame this Fall!) as well as an audiobook narrator. Come say hi!
Gianna Pira (she/her) (Swing)
Gianna Pira here! It’s been probably over 2 years since she’s written one of these so please hold on for the ride! Wow! What a blessing it is to be back on the stage and to be alongside such a phenomenal cast. With all the craziness that has picked up within the last 2 years (work, college, etc.) it is bittersweet to be here yet again. Since you last saw her, Gianna is now attending Loyola Marymount University majoring in Health & Human Sciences, working at a physical therapy clinic, and always trying to squeeze in some time for friends and family! She thanks the cast & crew for allowing her to be a part of such a beautiful, well-deserved, and fantastic piece of art. How’d she do with this bio? Please! Let her know! Anyway, she hopes you enjoy the show and joins her in the fascination which made her love the show as well :)
Serenity Ariel Robb (she/her) (Queenie)
Serenity hails from Redondo Beach where she has been performing since the tender age of 5. She is thrilled to be back at the Morgan-Wixson to bring this powerful story to life, and to be back onstage after a 2-year hiatus! Her first time on the Morgan-Wixson stage was in The Drowsy Chaperone (U/S Janet, U/S Drowsy). Other favorite past credits include Sweeney Todd (Johanna), Into The Woods (Baker’s Wife), Spring Awakening (Wendla), Smokey Joe’s Cafe (BJ), and Much Ado About Nothing (Beatrice). When she isn’t making a spectacle onstage, Serenity works as an optician making spectacles. On the weekends she is a princess performer for Prestige Princess, and is passionate about powerlifting! She feels endlessly grateful to have the privilege of working with such an amazing cast and crew, on a show that is so poignant and close to her. Enjoy the party! IG: @serenity.robb
Jonathan Saia (he/him) (Oscar)
Jonathon Saia is a reality TV producer, writer, filmmaker, and occasional actor - though calling "Oscar" a role different from the fabric of his being feels like a laughable stretch. At MWT, he was the co-producer of the Inaugural New Works Festival, and currently serves as the Chair of the Playreading Committee and a member of the Board of Directors. This is his third[ish] production onstage at MWT, previously appearing in A Chorus Line [2010], Chicago [2012], and the 2020 version of The Wild Party. He is thrilled to be back for the redux, dancing, drinking, and snorting lines with friends, old and new. And, as always, love to DJ for continuing to nurture my limited edition brand of crazysexycool.
Emilia Sotelo (she/her) (Madelaine True)
Emilia Sotelo was previously seen on the Morgan-Wixson stage as April in Company. She is thrilled to be back with her wonderful Wild Party cast and crew. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati: College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. Favorite past roles include Lillian LeFleur in Nine, Frauline Kost in Cabaret, and Joanne Galloway in A Few Good Men. In addition to her acting and singing pursuits, she is the co-host of two successful podcasts, Multiamory and Drunk Bible Study. She would like to thank Kristin for this amazing opportunity, her agent Todd Eskin, her manager Debra Manners as well as Joshua, Wendy, and Mom!
Roland Vasquez (he/him) (Ensemble)
Roland Vasquez is pleased to join MWT’s production of The Wild Party. Prior to his performance art pursuits, Roland spent over 10 years careering in Silicon Valley’s tech industry. He is a serial entrepreneur and food lover with a penchant for Asian cuisine. He dedicates his performance today and for the rest of his unicorn life to his family, especially Inay and parents Rodolfo and Emily.
Holly Weber (she/her) (Dolores)
Holly is so thrilled to be joining the cast of The Wild Party! She got her musical theater start at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre at age 7 and has been hooked ever since. Her favorite roles include Janet Van de Graaff in The Drowsy Chaperone, Holly in The Wedding Singer, Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray, and Mabel in Pirates of Penzance. Outside of the theater, Holly is a dance teacher, choreographer and mother of two beautiful young children. Holly would like to thank her husband and family for their love, support, and tireless babysitting help.
Steve Weber (he/him) (Sam)
Steve is excited to perform in such an interesting show with an amazing cast! He fell in love with Theatre at 16 and has been performing ever since. He even met his wife in this very Theater! His favorite roles include Rocky (The Rocky Horror Show), Will Parker (Oklahoma!), Sir Galahad (Spamalot) and Gangster #1 (Drowsy Chaperone). During the day, Steve proudly works as Controller for InCharge Energy. Thanks to his wife, Holly, for her everlasting support and special thanks to Steve's Mom for the endless hours of babysitting that allow Holly and him to work and perform in this show. Thanks Mom!
Kelsey Weinstein (she/they) (Nadine)
Kelsey couldn’t be more excited to be debuting at the Morgan-Wixson with such an incredibly special show. They are a graduate of Hussian College Los Angeles with a BFA in Contemporary Musical Theater and Film. Kelsey is the owner and founder of Little Renegade Productions, an independent musical theater and film production company here in Los Angeles, where you can see her as Cheri Hassenmacher in Binky Petunia, a new play by Dan Castellaneta streaming this fall. ( Recent credits include Jenny (Company), Kate Monster (Avenue Q), Kayleen (Gruesome Playground Injuries), Scuttle (The Little Mermaid), Deb (Ordinary Days). She would like to thank her family for their constant support and shenanigans.
Andrew Lippa (Book & Music)
Andrew Lippa's Broadway credits include: music and lyrics for Big Fish (directed/choreographed by Susan Stroman); the Tony®-nominated music and lyrics for the Broadway musical The Addams Family directed by Jerry Zaks, as well as the music for Aaron Sorkin's Broadway play The Farnsworth Invention directed by Des McAnuff. Other musicals include the Drama Desk award-winning musical The Wild Party (book/music/lyrics); John & Jen (music/book); Asphalt Beach (music and lyrics); Life of the Party (a compendium of Lippa's works/Menier Chocolate Factory); and You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (additional music/lyrics and arrangements). His songs have been sung by Renée Fleming, Vanessa Williams, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Nathan Lane, Brooke Shields, and Mel B, to name a few. Awards include Tony® and Grammy® nominations; shared Emmy for Nickelodeon's The Wonder Pets; SFGMC Vanguard Award; The Drama Desk Award; The Outer Critics Circle Award. A graduate of the University of Michigan, Lippa serves as president of the board of The Dramatists Guild Foundation To learn more about Andrew Lippa, visit his website at:
Kristin Towers-Rowles (she/her) (Director)
Kristin Towers-Rowles is happy to be back at The Morgan-Wixson after directing the critically acclaimed COMPANY in 2017. She recently directed Stage Raw’s MUSICAL OF THE YEAR, *SWEENEY TODD* at the El Portal Theatre/Kelrik Productions. Other Directing credits include: THE LOST VIRGINITY TOUR at McCadden Place Theatre (Kristin is now slated to direct the National Tour Franchise of THE LOST VIRGINITY TOUR with Executive Producer, Jeanie Linders, Creator and Executive producer of MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL), TRANSACTIONS (Hollywood Fringe), SCARLET LETTER, The Musical (Greenway Court), INK FEST (The Hudson), NUNSENSE (Crown City Theatre), 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (El Portal), Altar Boyz & Musical of Musicals, The Musical (Chromolume) RENT (SLO PAC) Little Women, The Musical (Sustaining Sound/Co-Artistic Director). Recent awards include: Musical Theatre Star of The Year/ Director of the Year (StageSceneLA), Best Actress/Best Director (Eddon Awards), Best Actress/Best Director (BroadwayWorld Noms). Training: AMDA (NYC). Thank you for supporting live, local theatre in Los Angeles. We hope the show moves and inspires you. A million thanks to our cast and team for being tremendous, onstage and off.
Michael Marchak (he/him) (Choreographer/Assistant Director)
From Philadephia by way of Rhode Island, Michael studied theatre and chemistry at USC. Having choreographed She Loves Me, Charlie Brown, Legally Blonde and Little Women Michael is grateful to MWT and KTR for allowing him to continue to create with this wonderful production and talented cast. He was last seen as an actor on the MWT stage in A Chorus Line over 10 years ago! Starting his dance training at sixteen years old, Michael found a passion for storytelling through the use of movement. Ballet became a favorite while also training in jazz, tap and dabbling in hip-hop. He works extensively as an actor on stage and in film/tv. You might even catch him in an episode of Netflix’s season 5 of Grace and Frankie. Past choreography/directing credits: Topsy Turvy (Cupcake), Little Women, The Legend of Georgia McBride (Crown City), Legally Blonde, Charlie Brown, The Importance of Being Earnest (Crown City), She Loves Me, Pacific Overtures (Chromolume: nominated for best choreography, winner of best musical), Dessa Rose (Chromolume), Zanna Don’t (Chromolume) and Story of My Life (Hollywood Fringe Festival). Welcome back! “You’ve got talent. Don’t give up.”
Daniel Koh (he/him) (Music Director)
Daniel Koh is delighted to be part of finally bringing this beautiful production to life (after a two and a half year delay)! Daniel has D.M.A., M.M.A. and M.M. degrees in Choral Conducting from the Yale School of Music; he is an active choral conductor, music director, educator and actor-singer-pianist in Los Angeles. Previous favorite shows that he has had the joy to music direct include Little Women, The Drowsy Chaperone, She Loves Me and Company (at the Morgan-Wixson Theater), Sweeney Todd at (Fremont Center Theater), and Peter and the Starcatcher, Guys and Dolls and Chicago at Windward School, where he is the Director of Performing Arts.
Spencer Johnson (he/him) (Producer)
Spencer has produced multiple shows at the Morgan-Wixson including Little Shop of Horrors, Mary Poppins, and Boeing-Boeing. He has enjoyed bringing this team back together to get this sucker on its feet. He hopes you have an amazing, emotional ride as you get swept up into this beautiful production.
Regina Niles (she/her) (Producer)
Regina Niles has been entertaining people since she was 5 years old. She obtained her B.A. in Theatre Arts at Cal State Fullerton and has been acting on stage and on-camera ever since. She is excited to be a part of The Wild Party, as an Associate Producer. Regina is proud to be working with Morgan-Wixson Theatre, as a Board Member, as well as the Volunteer Chair. When she is not working on creative endeavors, Regina is spending time with her daughter or enjoying the outdoors, going camping and on hikes. Regina would like to thank the cast and crew of The Wild Party for all their hard work and commitment, and for accepting her so graciously onto the team.
Emily Ellis (she/her) (Production Stage Manager)
This is Emily’s 3rd time working as a Stage Manager at Morgan-Wixson. Past shows include Cinderella (2022) and the Morgan-Wixson 75th Anniversary and Gesling Stage Dedication (2022). It is her pleasure to work with such an incredible group of performers, designers, and artists. She thanks her Mom, Grandparents, and her partner Andrew for all the support! Let’s have a party!
Emilia Ray (she/her) (Intimacy Director)
Emilia has truly loved working with the cast of Wild Party. With a background in Musical Theatre, she is passionate about bringing intimacy work to this medium. She has recently worked as ID for “Burn This” at Crash acting theatre and on set for the feature film “The Forest.” Recently she was teaching consent and boundaries as intimacy director of “Spring Awakening” at Windward School. For more information about Intimacy work, please reach out!
Derek Jones (he/him) (Lighting Designer)
DEREK JONES (Lighting Designer) is a designer and programmer in the Los Angeles area including Radiance Lightworks, REDCAT, SiriusXM, The Soraya, Stories Illuminated, Estrella TV, IATSE Local 33, and more. Highlights outside of LA include New York Fashion Week, Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center, the Virginia Opera, and the Capital Fringe Festival. Derek has an MFA in Lighting Design from Indiana University. He is the lighting director at the Sierra Madre Playhouse and the lead designer for Panda Roja Design.
Amanda Noriko Newman (she/they) (Fight Choreographer)
Amanda Noriko Newman is thrilled to be back to for The Wild Party. She has been training through the Society of American Fight Directors since 2016. Their fight choreography credits include Vice (Hollywood Fringe), Romeo and Juliet (Will & Co), Laundry and Bourbon and Lone Star (The Group Rep), Macbeth (studio/stage), 12 Angry Jurors (The Charles Stewart Howard Playhouse), Unreal City (2Cents Theatre Co), and several plays in 2Cents Theatre Co's Annual Acting Out INK FEST over the past several years.
Yelena Babinskaya (she/her) (Scenic Designer)
Yelena Babinskaya is a scenographer based in Los Angeles. She works all over LA and the country as a Lighting, Scenic, and Costume designer. Yelena is a member of USITT, she also teaches Full-Time at Long Beach City College. This adventure would mean nothing without all of you. Find out about her upcoming projects on her social media and website at
Jon Sparks (he/him) (Wig Crew)
Jon is thrilled to once again be working with The Morgan Wixon Theater. For the past two decades, he has performed, directed, and produced shows all over Los Angeles and Orange County. Jon is a proud member of IATSE Local 706, the Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist Guild. Jon is an accomplished wig master, having worked at Disneyland as well as many local theaters. GMKL!
Mia Staraci (she/her) (Props Master / Box Office)
Mia Staraci is finishing her last year over at Santa Monica College. She is double majoring in Psychology and Theatre with the aspiration to go to Sonoma State. She is currently enrolled in the musical theatre workshop class at SMC and is working on improving her skills as a singer. She would like to thank Spencer for providing her the opportunity to be a part of this great production; she would also like to thank the cast and Emily for being so welcoming. You all are FABULOUS!!!


Thanks to Donato Karingal and Michael Back for electric work, Robert Towers for his amazing voice, and special thanks to Hisato Masuyama for use of his gorgeous victrola.

This production would also like to thank our original cast/crew who gave tireless hours the first time around and were unable to continue with us in 2022. 

The cast list includes:
The crew list includes: 


Thank you for coming to the show, let us know what you thought!
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