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The Arts at CCBC presents


by Robert O'Hara
Directed by Julie Lewis
CCBC Essex, F. Scott Black Theatre
Production Team
Lighting/Scenic Design
Terri Raulie
Technical Director/
Sound Designer
Jason Randolph
Costume Design
Jessica Rassp
Stage Manager
Anna Tsakalas

Assistant Stage Manager
Ben McCusker


Production Coordinator
Anne Lefter

BARBECUE is produced by special arrangement with TRW Plays. |

The videotaping or making of electronic or other audio and/or visual recordings of this production and distributing recordings or streams in any medium, including the internet, is strictly prohibited, a violation of the author(s)’s rights and actionable under United States copyright law. 

PLEASE NOTE: Barbecue deals with characters struggling with drug addiction,
and therefore contains extensive drug references and simulated drug usage, smoking. In addition, it contains mature language, and simulated tasering.

ASL interpretation provided by CIRS/HASA

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Looking back on the many discoveries we made while rehearsing, discussing, and ultimately staging Barbecue, one phrase kept emerging: Unreliable Narrator. 

The Unreliable Narrator makes us question the reality of the story they are telling, which then makes us question their motives. Playwright Robert O'Hara shifts "reality" so many times in Barbecue that it can be dizzying.  Since we can't ground ourselves firmly in "truth," we are forced to ask the bigger questions: WHO is actually creating the stories we watch in films and read in memoirs? WHY are they depicting the characters in a certain way? HOW does race and class change the narrative? 

By making the narrator so unreliable, O'Hara forces us to examine these questions, because he refuses to answer them for us. He does provide some insight though. When we look at the motivations for stereotyping and sensationalizing, we pull back the curtain to reveal that Profit is steering the ship. 

So ultimately, we must then turn to ourselves. We are the audiences that take out our wallets and pay for hyped-up stories of trauma and addiction, rife with all the cliches, racial stereotypes and exaggerations. We assume there's got to be some truth in all of it, or is it as Barbara in the play tells us, "All bullshit"?

Julie Lewis, Director

place, setting, time

PLACE: Middle America
SETTING: A pavilion, surrounded by a park
TIME: Now (after and before)


Tate Eriksson

James T
Cae Ricks

Lillie Anne
Fia Basso

Kyle LaPosta

Jayline Figueroa

Deasia (Hax) Tillman

James T
Kayla Byrd

Lillie Anne
Soraya Gaddy

Terrell Chambers

Amira Burman

Broadus Nesbitt, III

Darian Grade, Delaney Seitz, Oz McDonough, Braudus Nesbitt


Creative Team

Robert O'Hara

Julie Lewis

Terri Raulie

Scenic and Lighting Designer
Jason Randolph

Technical Director/Co-Sound Designer
Jessica Rassp

Costume Designer
Sierra Young

Intimacy Consultant
Anna Tsakalas

Stage Manager
Ben McCusker

Assistant Stage Manager
Andrew Pfluger, Darian Grade

Assistant Lighting Designers
Students of THTR103: Special Topics in Stage Lighting

Lighting and Electrics Crew
Shakeira Saunders

Light Board Operator
Toni Oliver

Co-Sound Designer/Board Operator
Dez Akano, Zykeira Hill

Stage Crew
Jennifer Casagrande, Toni Oliver and the students of Stagecraft (THTR131)

Set Construction
Anne Lefter

Production Coordinator
Trent Haines-Hopper, THSquared Photography

Production Photographer
Jennifer Ring

Vocal Coach

Meet the Company

Cae Ricks (Lillie Anne)
Cae is a first-year theater major at CCBC, after being in drama classes and performing in plays throughout childhood. Previous credits include A Midsummer Night's Dream, Around the World in 8 Plays, and a comedic adaption of the story of Little Red and Robin Hood. Cae plans to pursue entertainment in any way they can, as that is what fulfills them and provides a purpose; however, they will figure out which way that will lead in the future.
Fia Basso (Barbara)
Fia, who is making her CCBC debut, has been performing in theatre since she was 9. She has performed with Perry Hall Middle School’s drama club and was also a member of the thespian society at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts. Fia plans on studying Mortuary Science in the fall. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her during the rehearsal process, and she hopes you enjoy the show!
Kyle LaPosta (Maurice)
Kyle s excited to make his CCBC debut. He has been active in theatre since he was 6 years old. Recent roles include Jesus (Godspell), Mr Wormwood (Matilda), Charlie Brown (You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown), Baker (Into the Woods), Horton (Seussical), Kyle (Legally Blonde), and TJ (Sister Act). He would like to thank Julie and the team for this opportunity!
Jayline Figueroa (Adlean)
Jayline is a full-time Theatre student at CCBC, making her second appearance on this stage. You may have last seen her earlier this semester in Small Mouth Sounds as Judy. Jayline recently graduated from Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, from the Theatre Performing Arts Magnet. Past credits include The Play That Goes Wrong playing Max, and Sister Act, which she both assistant directed, and played the character Mary Martin-of-Tours at Patapsco. Jayline is so grateful to have stepped in to this fun cast! She wants to thank Julie, Broadus, Ben, and Anna for all of their help!
Deasia (Hax) Tillman (James T)
Deasia makes their CCBC debut with Barbecue. A first-year Theatre Major, Deasia has also performed in in their High school years, including playing Papa Ge in Once On This Island. Deasia plans to audition for more plays at CCBC as well as wherever the opportunity presents itself, and hopes to move to L.A. to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA).
Kayla Byrd (Lillie Anne)
Kayla takes CCBC’s stage, for the very first time, in Barbecue! After completing the TWIGS program for acting at Baltimore School for the Arts, and starring as the lead role in a thesis film at MICA; Kayla took a break from acting. However she in back in full effect as a first year theatre major. Kayla plans to transfer to Howard University in the Fall of 2024.
Soraya Gaddy (Barbara)
Soraya s 18 years old and has been in the theatre since they were four. They have appeared in three plays previously.
Terrell Chambers (Maurice)
Terrell marks his fourth production at CCBC with Barbecue. Previous credits include Hamlet, Working: A Musical, Kill Move Paradise, Father Comes Home from The Wars Parts 1, 2, & 3, and Emma: The Musical. Through his acting, Terrell hopes to inspire and bring joy to others. Terrell would like to thank his family & friends, this amazing cast & crew, and his director!
Amira Burman (Adlean)
Amira has been acting since a young age, beginning as the frog in a kindergarten play and growing from there. She attended the Theater Magnet at Lansdowne High School, then continue theatre at Woodlawn High School. She works currently at a selfie museum while attending CCBC. She appeared in the Baltimore Sun in the second grade, when she performed a monologue as the opera singer Marian Anderson.
Broadus Nesbitt, III (Announcer)
Broadus is wrapping up his CCBC acting career with a bang. He hopes to remain in good faith with CCBC as he has a deep running love for the school! You can catch him streaming on Twitch and soon he’ll be releasing his own web series.
Robert O'Hara (Author)

Click here to read about the author.

Julie Lewis (Director)
Julie is a Professor, Playwright, Director and Coordinator of the CCBC Theatre Program. She received her BA in Writing Arts and Theatre from SUNY Oswego and her MFA in Playwriting from Brooklyn College. Her original plays include Henry’s Holiday (Winner of the Perishable Theatre’s Women’s Playwriting Festival), Obituary Mambo (Abingdon Theatre, NYC), Plastic Haircut, Three Hundred Out of Hades, Quiver and Sink (Mohawk Valley Community College), and Smolder and an adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle (CCBC Essex). Her works have been produced in the Samuel French New Play Festival, Manhattan Theatre Source’s Estrogenius Festival, NYC’s Ensemble Theatre’s Opal Series, and Fitchburg State’s Americulture Festival. Locally, her plays have been produced at The Strand, Glass Mind Theatre, Vagabonds, The Kennedy Center (staged reading) and Fells Point Corner Theatre. Julie’s directing credits include Lysistrata, The Skin of Our Teeth, Marco Polo Sings a Solo, Blithe Spirit, The Maids, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Metamorphoses, Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh, M. Butterfly, Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom and Pullman, WA, and most recently Suzan Lori-Parks’ Father Comes Home for the Wars. Julie is most proud of the devised work she has created with her students, including War Stories Staged (Winner of the League of Innovations Award) and The Consumables (performed at the KCACTF Region 2 Fringe and Baltimore’s ArtScape). Her devised production of Hamlet Lost/Found was chosen to perform on the main stage of the 2017 KCACTF Region 2 Festival, as well as her production of Waiting for Godot (set in Baltimore), which garnished two National Kennedy Center Awards in 2018.Julie is a 2012 recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council Grant in Playwriting and English Writing Arts Alumni Award in Playwriting, SUNY Oswego, 2013. She directs annually in the CCBC Academic Theatre Program and teaches Script Analysis, Introduction to Theatre and Writing for the Stage.
Terri Raulie (Scenic and Lighting Designer)
Terri is an Assistant Professor in the Performing Arts and Humanities Department at CCBC. She holds a BFA and an MA in Theatre Design and Production from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Professional and regional credits include The Whole Theatre, The Hangar Theatre, and Playwright Horizons in New Jersey and New York. Locally, she has designed sets and/or lights for productions with Cockpit-in-Court Theatre, Phoenix Festival Theatre, and the Baltimore School for the Arts.
Jason Randolph (Technical Director/Co-Sound Designer)
BS Math, College of William and Mary MFA Rinehart School of Sculpture, MICA MFA Technical Theatre and Design, UVA TD/Resident Scenic Designer Single Carrot Theatre 2014-2017 TD CCBC Essex 2015-present TD Cockpit in Court Summer Theater 2016-present
Jessica Rassp (Costume Designer)
Jess (she/her) is a Theatre Artist, Producer and Puppetry specialist who works as an independent artist with various theatre companies as a leader, designer, and puppet creator. In addition to intensive studies in theatre and fine arts, she received her B.A. in English Literature from Brandeis University.
Sierra Young (Intimacy Consultant)
Sierra is a multi-hyphenate artist working within the DC/Baltimore Area. Sierra is an advanced actor combatant with SAFD, as well as a member of IDC, and the Stage Directors and Choreographers Union. Recent Regional Credits: The Joy That Carries You, AD16 (Olney Theatre Center); Mary’s Seacole, Birds of North America (Mosaic); The Color Purple (Cape Fear Regional Theatre); World Builders (Prologue); She Kills Monsters, Sweat (Silver Spring Stage); AIDA, Little Shop of Horrors, Snapshots (ArtsCentric); Spring Awakening, Company (Stillpointe). Upcoming: Fantastigirl (Adventure Theatre); The Till Trilogy (Mosaic). Training: UMBC. Website:
Anna Tsakalas (Stage Manager)
Anna is excited to be doing her fourth production here at CCBC. Anna is currently a theatre production major and hopes to graduate this spring. They have worked as assistant stage manager and deck chief for Speech and Debate and Fabulation, stage manager for CCBC’s dance concert and stage manager for Beth Tfiloh’s Newsies. Anna would like to thank her cast, crew and Julie Lewis for all the fun times and support during the production process. Anna would also like to dedicate all her hard work on this show to their mother Noel and daughter Persephone for all the support they have given them to get through school and shows

Special Thanks

Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis
CCBC President
Dr. Joaquin Martinez
Provost & Vice President of Instruction
Dr. William Watson
Dean, School of Arts & Communication
Professor Nick VanHorn
Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Dr. Rebecca Ocampo 
Arts Pathways Coordinator
Dr. Anne M. Lefter
Director of the Arts
Johanna Lawrence
Administrative Assistant, Arts
Cathy Kratovil
Communications Assistant, School of Arts & Communication
Michael Elspas
Designer, CCBC Creative Services
Marc Ershler
Campus Director, CCBC Essex

CCBC School of Arts and Communication

Dr. William Watson, Dean Professor
Will Niebauer, Chair, Arts and Design
Professor Nick VanHorn, Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Professor Michael Walsh, Chair, Communication Arts
Dr. Anne Lefter, Director of the Arts

The Arts at CCBC

Dr. Anne Lefter, Director of the Arts
Johanna Lawrence, Assistant to the Director
G. Maurice “Moe” Conn, Technical Director
Jason Randolph, Technical Director
Marc Smith, Technical Director
Nicole Buckingham Kern, Galleries Coordinator
Emilyann Craighead, Galleries Assistant
Lisa Boeren, Box Office Manager
Thom Purdy, Box Office Assistant
Cathy Kratovil, Communications Assistant
Brad Norris, Production Manager
Jessica Rassp, Resident Costumer
Eva Grove, Costume Assistant

Theatre at CCBC

Julie Lewis, coordinator, faculty director
Damon Krometis, coordinator, faculty director
Terri Raulie, faculty designer
Precious B. Stone, faculty director
Jennifer Ring, Visiting Lecturer