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Music & Lyrics by

Originally Produced on the Broadway Stage by STUART OSTROW

Directed on the Broadway Stage by BOB FOSSE
2013 Broadway Revival Directed by DIANE PAULUS
Theo Ending Originally Conceived by MITCH SEBASTIAN


Directed by ELLYN SCHNEIDER     
Vocal Director HEIDI CISSELL

   Instrumental Director & Tech/Design Director           ZACHARY BORQUEZ     

Choreographer CASEY DENNING
Jojo Bongiovi Abigail Leduc Viktoriia Rudenko
Elizabeth Dusek  Giah Milo  Jadyn Saly
Kadyn Freid Krishanu Nigam Emily Salzman
Rheyah Gangadharan Addison O'Grady  Ashley Sanft 
Jayden Howell Noya Rapoport Abigail Schuh
Danika Koscelnick Davin Robillard Noah Simon
Dominic Land


Polina Sysoeva
Assistant. Director Nico Heard 

        Stage Manager Noah Kratt     

Dance Captain Emily Salzman
PIPPIN is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. (

Any video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited

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Sohrob Keynejad

We lovingly dedicate our season to Sohrob Keynejad (OPHS ‘17). A kind, enthusiastic, respected leader & ITS member, Sohrob was the glue that held our stage crew together during his years at OPHS. Whether it was building sets, doing tech or managing the crew-Sohrob did it all! He was a team leader and team builder and an artist. He led his crew with patience, understanding and humor. Sohrob was and will always continue to be a most precious part of our OPHS theatre & Thespian family. #fullheartsforsohrob

Director's Notes

 PIPPIN, with its unforgettable score and timeless story from theatre icon Stephen Schwartz, seemed the perfect fit  as we jumped back into our annual spring musicals live and in person!  Returning to the stage for our third show this year, things still look a tad different but as you will see at this performance, the magic is still there.  The  continued resilience, enthusiasm, dedication, and sense of humor from all of the students working on this production from actors to designers  to musicians  continues to be an inspiration. I know I speak for the entire production team when I say how lucky we are to be working with such a talented bunch!

     This show’s original Broadway production, directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse, opened in 1972 and won several Tony Awards including Best Direction and Choreography for Mr. Fosse. The Broadway Revival opened in 2013 and received several Tony Awards as well,  including Best Revival  and Best Direction for Diane Paulus. With the universal theme of finding the meaning of life along with its magical score, PIPPIN is a show that continues to captivate audiences. We are so glad to have you ‘join us’ as our dazzling troupe of players, led by our charismatic Leading Player, tell the story of Pippin and his journey to find meaning and a life that is extraordinary. Enjoy the show!

Song List

TIME: 780 A.D. and thereabouts

PLACE: The Holy Roman Empire and thereabouts


  • Magic to Do:  Leading Player & The Players
  • Corner of the Sky:  Pippin
  • War is a Science: Charlemagne, Pippin & The Players
  • Glory: Leading Player, Pippin & The Players
  • Corner of the Sky- Reprise: Pippin
  • Simple Joys: Leading Player
  • No Time At All: Berthe, Pippin & The Players
  • With You: Pippin & feat. Dancers
  • Spread a Little Sunshine: Fastrada & Lewis
  • Morning Glow: Pippin, Leading Player & The Players
  • END OF ACT 1 (15 min intermission)
  • Act 2 Opening: Pippin, Leading Player & The Players
  • On the Right Track: Pippin & Leading Player
  • There He Was: Catherine
  • Kind of Woman: Catherine
  • Extraordinary: Pippin & Players
  • Prayer for a Duck: Pippin & Theo
  • Love Song: Pippin & Catherine
  • Corner of the Sky- Last Reprise: Pippin & Catherine
  • I Guess I’ll Miss the Man: Catherine
  • Finale:  Leading Player, Pippin, Catherine, Theo & The Players


Jojo Bongiovi

Elizabeth Dusek

Kadyn Freid

Rheyah Gangadharan

Jayden Howell

Danika Koscelnick

Player & Infidel Head
Dominic Land

King Charles
Abigail Leduc

Giah Milo

Krishanu Nigam

Lewis & Manson Trio
Addison O'Grady

Noya Rapoport

Davin Robillard

Viktoriia Rudenko

Player & Manson Trio
Jadyn Saly

Player & Player with Fire
Emily Salzman

Leading Player
Ashley Sanft

Abigail Schuh

Noah Simon

Polina Sysoeva

Royce Cissell

Featured Guest

Creative Team

Ellyn Schneider

Heidi Cissell

Vocal Director
Zachary Borquez

Instrumental Director & Tech/Design Director
Casey Denning

Nico Heard

Assistant Director
Noah Kratt

Stage Manager
Emily Salzman

Dance Captain
Elizabeth Dusek

Assistant Dance Captain
Tessa Anderson

Design Consultant
Sadie Berger

Prop Lead
Olivia O'Connell

Costume Design Lead
Zachary Pelc

Lighting Design Lead
Eden Yelinek

Sound Design Lead
Brooke Bruener

Costume Design Team
Olivia Cass

Costume Design Team
Elizabeth Dusek

Costume Design Team
Mia McCabe

Costume Design Team
Giah Milo

Costume Design Team
Krishanu Nigam

Costume Design Team
Addison O'Grady

Costume Design Team
Rebecca Paiotti Da Silva

Costume Design Team
Audrey Radick

Costume Design Team
Ashley Sanft

Costume Design Team
Charlotte Vogt

Costume Design Team
Jaden Cravitz

Sets/Props Design Team
Tessa Fybel

Spotlight Tech
Vakula Penmetsa

Sets/Props Design Team
Cameron Lambe

Spotlight Tech
Elisha Tong

Sets/Props Design Team
Brooke Bruener

Production Board Designer
Elizabeth Dusek & Krishanu Nigam

Pippin Logo Design
Nico Heard

Piano/Keyboard 1
Michelle Bi

Piano/Keyboard 2
Jalen Blank

Nick Ferrante

Ethan Shmorak

Martin Findley

Arisha Rodrigues

Hana Chizzo

Sharon Dennis

Frances Jereb

Anna Josker

Alison Khordodi

Edward Park

OPPAA President
Mary Salzman

OPPAA VP Member-At-Large
Todd Logsdon

OPPAA VP Fundraising
Zoraida Kerr

Production Photographer


Oak Park Performing Arts Alliance (OPPAA)

OPPAA is a community of volunteers committed to promoting and supporting the theatre arts program at OPHS. OPPAA funds the productions through donations and produces the Fall and Spring performances. We provide support in all areas of production, from costumes to sets to concessions to ticket sales and everything in between. OPPAA also provides annual scholarships for performing arts seniors who intend to continue their education in performing arts related fields. Our goal is to encourage and guide students in all aspects of theatre and give them the opportunity to cultivate, grow and learn about the areas of production that interest them both on and off stage. Most importantly, we hope the students learn to love theatre!



"Act well your part; there all the honor lies."

​The International Thespian Society (ITS) is an internationally recognized honor society for theatre students that promotes and recognizes student excellence in the theatre arts.  There are ITS Troupes at high schools and middle schools across the United States and abroad.  Students earn membership by participating in productions and accumulating points based on their theatre work. For more information visit Formed in Fall of 2014, our troupe started with just a few enthusiastic theatre kids who had been involved in productions at Oak Park High School.  They wanted to expand their theatre experiences and bring more visibility to the community. With the guidance of a couple of dedicated theatre moms, these students chartered Troupe 6074 of The International Thespian Society. As a troupe we aim to raise awareness for the importance of theatre arts and education through philanthropy, promotion, and being a positive community influence.  We incorporate unique individualistic qualities to form a unified group that stands for cooperation, compassion, creativity and communication through theatre.

Who's Who

Jojo Bongiovi (Player)
Elizabeth Dusek (Fastrada)
Hi! My name is Elizabeth Dusek and I am in 10th grade. I play Fastrada and I am in the ensemble as well as being on the costume team. This is my fifth show here, and I am just thrilled to be a part of such an amazing group of hardworking and talented people. Some things that I really enjoy doing are acting, singing, dancing, and drawing. Enjoy the show, especially all you housewives and mothers out there! ;D
Kadyn Freid (Player)
Hello! My name is Kadyn Freid, I'm in 9th grade and I'm in the Pippin Ensemble! This is my second show at Oak Park but my first musical! Originally, I didn't want to be in Pippin, I knew nothing about the show and thought I wouldn't be interested, but I was totally wrong. Pippin is now one of my favorite shows and I am so excited to perform in it! Thank you to everyone who made the whole rehearsal and performance process so incredible!
Rheyah Gangadharan (Player)
“Hey everyone, I’m Rheyah! This is my first ever show and I’m so excited for it! Music is a big part of my life and I’m pumped to try something new with it. A big thank you to my family and friends for supporting me as well as the cast, crew, and band of Pippin for helping bring this show to life!”
Jayden Howell (Player)
Hi, I’m Jayden Howell! I’m in 9th grade, and I’m loving it! I may be a background character, but I’m the sassiest chicken around. You wont miss me in all the big numbers.--
Danika Koscelnick (Player & Infidel Head)
My name is Danika Koscelnick. I am in 9th grade and this is my third production as part of the ITS troupe. In Pippin, I am a severed head and part of the ensemble. Other productions I've been in are The Twentyfifth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Marcy Park) and School of Sharks. Being a part of this production has been a wonderful experience and I am extremely grateful that I get to be in it and work with such amazing people
Dominic Land (King Charles)
Hello! This is my 11th show here at OPHS and I am so greatful for the last 4 years I spent in this program. I would like to thank my family and friends, as well as everyone who made this show possible, including Ellyn, Mrs. Cissell, Casey, Mr. Borquez, and the entirety of the cast, crew, and band. This show is something special so sit back and enjoy!
Abigail Leduc (Berthe)
Hi I’m Abby Leduc! I am a Sophomore and this is my very first show at Oak Park and my first ever! It’s super exiting that I am playing the role of Berthe. It has been such a magical journey to be apart of this magical show! I’m so exited for the shows to come!
Giah Milo (Player)
Hi everyone! My name is Giah Milo, I'm a sophomore and this is my first show at Oak Park. I feel so lucky to have worked with such an amazing group of people, this show was so much fun. I’d like to thank Ellyn, Casey, and Mrs. Cissell for making this show so great and for working around all my scheduling conflicts haha. can’t wait till show day! hope to see you all there!
Krishanu Nigam (Lewis & Manson Trio)
Hey! My name is Krishanu, I’m in 11th grade, and I am so excited to be playing the role of Lewis for my sixth show at Oak Park! I would like to thank the design team, OPPAA, and everyone else involved in making this show as magical as it is! Enjoy the music, dancing, and Lewis can’t wait for you to see, well, Lewis!
Addison O'Grady (Player)
Hi! My name is Addison O'Grady and I am so excited to be playing an ensemble player in this production of Pippin. I am in ninth grade and this is my second show at ophs but first musical. I haven't been a part of musical theatre for very long but it has been a very important part of my life since I started. I'm super thankful to be working with such an awesome team of people for this production, and I want to thank them all for welcoming me and the other freshmen with open arms.
Noya Rapoport (Theo)
Hey y’all! I’m Noya Rapoport and a freshman here at OPHS. This is my first musical here at the high school but definitely not my first in general as I’ve been a huge theatre fan since the age of five. I’m very excited to be given the chance to play such a fun character, an elementary school boy who’s duck dies. A very special thanks to those who worked around my schedule, and to my parents who drove back and forth to get me here.
Davin Robillard (Pippin)
Hello my name is Davin Robillard, I am 17 years old turning 18 in may and an Oak Park senior. Contrary to popular belief, I've actually been attending school at Oak Park high all 4 years now. I was born in Long Beach, CA and spent most of my life in Visalia ,CA (Cowtown). I am absolutely thrilled to be apart of this community and that I get to do what I love with people that I love. Hope you enjoy the show!
Viktoriia Rudenko (Player & Manson Trio)
My name is Viktoriia Rudenko and I’m an exchange senior in the Oak Park High School. I have many hobbies like playing piano, wakesurfing, dancing, but my biggest passion appears in the acting field. I came to the USA to achieve my dreams and become a successful actress. Pippin is my first show in English, it has been really challenging but working with this group of people helped to overcome myself.
Jadyn Saly (Player & Player with Fire)
Hello my name is Jadyn Saly, I'm in 12th grade, and this is my second (third, maybe?) show here at OPHS! Despite my absolutely horrible anxiety, I feel I am at home while on stage, able to take on a whole different personality. I may appear nervous and quiet offstage, but I'm never afraid to express myself, whether it be through art, or dressing up in cosplay.
Emily Salzman (Leading Player)
Hi! I’m Emily Salzman, I’m a senior, and I am so honored to be playing Leading Player in my 11th show at Oak Park. When I’m not on the stage I enjoy Listening to Phoebe Bridgers, songwriting, and painting! I want to thank our amazing design team, production team, band, and wonderful cast for all of their hard work!
Ashley Sanft (Catherine)
Hi hi! My name is Ashley, I'm in 12th grade, and I adore playing Catherine in our production of Pippin! I've been in more than ten shows since freshman year, and I'm pleased to be working with such a wonderful and dedicated group of people! I love all things baby cows, fruit bowls, and Broadway musicals! Here's to my husband being struck by fever, and another incredible show!
Abigail Schuh (Player)
My name is Abigail Schuh, I’m in 9th grade, and I am in the ensemble for the Oak Park High School Pippin production. This is my first show at Oak Park, and I’m so exited to be working with such wonderful people. One of my favorite things about this show is the music, and the unique story this musical portrays. I’m looking forward to participating in many more productions here at Oak Park!
Noah Simon (Player)
Hello, my name is Noah Simon. I'm a junior, and I'm a player in this play. I've been in a few plays at this school before, and I've tried to be in more, but thanks to covid and my unwillingness to do online theater, that didn't happen. As for this play, in particular, I've been listening to Pippin's soundtrack for a long time, and I am really excited to be in this show, even if just as a player. I've always loved theater, and it has been a long time since I got to stretch my theatrical muscles, so I'm glad. Enjoy the show!
Polina Sysoeva (Player)
Hi! My name is Polina Sysoeva and I am a Junior here at OPHS. My role in this play is as an ensemble player, as well as a noble and a PIGLET! My hobbies are writing, art, listening to music, and singing. This play means a lot to me since it's my first play and a start to many more. I am so thankful to be a part of this play and to be surrounded by so many crazy amazing people!
Royce Cissell (Featured Guest)
This is Royce Cissell’s third show at Oak Park High School. He previously played the part of “Toto” in the 2009 production of The Wizard of Oz, “Willoughby” in the 2016 production of Mary Poppins and currently starring in the 2022 Production of Pippin. Among his many role models are: “Eddie” from Frasier, “Benji”, “Lassie” and “Strongheart”, who became the first famous dog actor starring in silent films, who has his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Royce wishes to thank Ellyn Schneider for allowing him to be a part of yet another famous production here at OPHS and he wishes to thank all of the OPHS cast members who hugged him, played with him, cuddled with him and made him feel at home during rehearsals,
Ellyn Schneider (Director)
Ellyn began her theatre career performing with her high school’s (Chatsworth ‘84) Thespian Troupe. Her theatrical career was then put on hold for many years as she earned her teaching credential from Cal State Northridge, taught elementary school, and had two sons -both of whom joined theatre at OPHS. It was at that time she was cast in her favorite role as a theatre mom and began her journey volunteering with OPHS arts, eventually becoming OPPAA President. Ellyn took on the role of Production Manager in 2015, and is thrilled to have taken on the role of Director this year. She also serves as the Thespian Troupe Advisor since chartering the Troupe in 2014. Ellyn is honored to be directing her second show at Oak Park High School and could not have asked for better collaborators to work with. It has been an absolute dream working with such talented actors, designers, and musicians. She is incredibly grateful to her production team and theatre family,- Heidi Cissell, Zach Borquez, Casey Denning, Edward Park, Mary Salzman, and Todd Logsdon. She would also like to thank her amazing AD, Nico Heard and Stage Manager, Noah Kratt. Lastly, Ellyn would like to thank her family for their love and support. And to our audience, thank you for joining us as we present “PIPPIN”. Enjoy the show!
Heidi Cissell (Vocal Director)
Heidi Cissell arrived on the LA music scene in 1999. Prior to that, she was teaching and performing in the Chicago area. She earned her B.A. degree from Ball State University and earned her master’s degree in voice from Indiana University, receiving several awards for her accomplishments in the music field. Her performance credits include both piano and voice, with a concentration on opera and oratorio solo work, choral conducting. She has performed in various venues, most recently at the Eglise de la Sainte-Trinite Cathedral, the Church of Ste. Mere Eglise in Paris, France and the Bayeux Cathedral in Normandy. At Oak Park High School, Ms. Cissell teaches Choir and serves as ASB Advisor. In 2007 she received the “OPHS Unified School District Outstanding Employee Award”, and was the CLvFFie Award Finalist in the field of Education. Ms. Cissell received the Star Among Stars Award in 2010 and the Jerry Herman Award 2013 for Vocal Direction of the Oak Park High School production of “Les Miserables” and was a 2019 Jerry Herman Award nominee for her music direction of “The Music Man”. Ms. Cissell wishes to thank her colleagues: Ellyn Schneider, Zach Borquez, Casey Denning and the OPPAA Board for all of their hard work and for the special memories of working together that she will always cherish.
Zachary Borquez (Instrumental Director & Tech/Design Director)
Born and raised in Southern California, Zachary Borquez started playing the trombone in 4th grade, although his primary instrument is the trumpet. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (Composition) from the University of California, Davis. He earned his Master of Music degree in Conducting as well as his Teaching Credential from California State University, Northridge. Mr. Borquez is super excited to work on the school musical each year because it is truly the full collaboration of the performing arts (dramatic and scenic art, vocal and instrumental music and dance). Congrats to ALL the students involved in the production and a huge thank you to the dedicated parents who help to make the program what it is!
Casey Denning (Choreographer)
Casey is thrilled to be returning to choreograph her 9th show at OPHS. Having performed in several musicals herself, Pippin was by far one of her favorites to work on. She would like to thank the cast and crew, Ellyn, Heidi, Zach and Ed for all their hard work they put into this show. She would also like to give a shoutout to her parents for their support, her dance teachers from Retters Academy of Dance for their guidance, and Sean for having to put up with her singing the soundtrack for about 3 months straight. Enjoy the show!
Nico Heard (Assistant Director)
Join us, one and all! My name is Nico Heard and I am delighted to be one of the two keyboard players for our show Pippin, as well as Assistant Director. It has been an honor to work on such a truly magical show and I am so proud of everyone in every department involved. Leave your cheese to sour and come enjoy the show!
Noah Kratt (Stage Manager)
Hey everyone! My name is Noelle (Noah) Kratt, I am a sophomore and this is my 5th show at Oak Park and I am very excited to be the Stage Manager for this show. Pippin has been so much fun and I love working with such an amazing group of people. Even though we had our stressful moments, we got through it in the end. I am so incredibly grateful for everyone on stage and behind the curtain that made this show possible. Enjoy the magic and have a good time.
Tessa Anderson (Design Consultant)
Hi my name is Tessa Anderson and I have been a part of the stage crew for all four years of high school. Though I was very busy I am so glad I was able to do the crew for this show. What an amazing crew, cast and band to collaborate with.
Sadie Berger (Prop Lead)
My name is Sadie Berger and I am this show's propmaster! I am a sophomore and this is my first show. I'm very excited to be a part of this, and I hope you enjoy the show!
Olivia O'Connell (Costume Design Lead)
Olivia O'Connell is a high school senior and the Costume Lead for PIPPIN. She enjoys her after school activities and hanging out with her friends. Olivia has been an active member of ITS since her sophomore year and currently holds the position of Activities Chair on the board. She has had a blast with her costume team for this show and wishes them the absolute best in the future.
Zachary Pelc (Lighting Design Lead)
Hi. My name is Zachary Pelc and I’m a senior this year and this is my 3rd show at Oak Park High School. I am so happy that I am using my imagination and creativity skills to create a wonderful lighting moments and scenes for all of us to enjoy. I hope you you will really like this show and thank you to everyone who helped put on this production together!
Eden Yelinek (Sound Design Lead)
Brooke Bruener (Costume Design Team)
Olivia Cass (Costume Design Team)
Mia McCabe (Costume Design Team)
My name is Mia McCabe, I'm a Sophomore, and I'm a part of the Costume Department. This is the first show I've been a part of at OPHS and my seventh show overall. It's been so amazing working with all these creative minds on this production of Pippin. I'm sending love to all of my family and friends and I hope you enjoy the show! It truly is magical and extraordinary behind the scenes and on stage!
Rebecca Paiotti Da Silva (Costume Design Team)
Audrey Radick (Costume Design Team)
Charlotte Vogt (Costume Design Team)
My name is Charlotte Vogt. I am in 11th grade and am in costumes for this production. This is the 9th show I have been a part of. I would like to thank my mom for supporting me throughout the productions as well as my significant other. It has been such a pleasure working along with everyone to make Ellyn's Pippin dreams come true.
Jaden Cravitz (Sets/Props Design Team)
Known as Junior designer Jaden Cravitz Currently designing sets & props. The second production he's ever worked on.
Tessa Fybel (Spotlight Tech)
Vakula Penmetsa (Sets/Props Design Team)
Cameron Lambe (Spotlight Tech)
Hi my name is Cameron Lambe. I’m 18 years old and a senior at Oak Park High School. In the show I do spotlight and a little bit of sound, and this is my first show at the school.
Elisha Tong (Sets/Props Design Team)
Hey everyone! My name is Elisha Tong, and I am excited to be working on the sets and props team for my third show at OPHS. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with so many talented individuals as I conclude my senior year. Thank you to my family and friends for their support, and thank you to the cast, crew, and everyone involved in this production for making it a magical experience!
Michelle Bi (Piano/Keyboard 2)
Hi, my name is Michelle Bi (sophomore) and I play keyboard 2 in the band! This is my first show and I'm really enjoying it. I love music of all kinds, but playing in a musical has been entirely new for me. Seeing this show come to life has been a once in a lifetime experience!
Jalen Blank (Guitar)
Hi there, my name is Jalen Blank, I’m a senior and I’m playing guitar in this year's musical. Not much you gotta know about me other than you’ll see me jamming up there tonight. It’s nice to be back in the pit orchestra, enjoy the show!
Nick Ferrante (Bass)
I love making and playing music and have been appreciative of all the amazing musicians in this group I have gotten to play with. I have been in one other Oak Park production, "Music Man" in 9th grade so I'm starting and ending my high school career being in a musical. This show Pippin represents something everyone can relate to in making the most out of life while we still have it.
Ethan Shmorak (Drums)
Hi, I’m Ethan Shmorak, a Freshman, I play drum set in pit orchestra. I’ve been playing drums for 6 years. This will be around my 70th show.
Martin Findley (Percussion)
Hi I am Martin Findley, I'm currently a Sophomore. I mainly play mallet percussion in Wind Symphony and I have had a lot of fun making music for the wonderful people in Pippin.
Arisha Rodrigues (Violin)
Arisha Rodrigues is a freshman at Oak Park High School. She is part of the school orchestra and has been playing violin for eight years. She is extremely excited to play her instrument for the upcoming musical.
Hana Chizzo (Bassoon)
Hi! I'm Hana and I am a junior at OPHS. I am really excited to be playing bassoon in the Pippin Orchestra! The play is extremely mind-blowing and very interesting. To be honest, I did not understand the plot until we started rehearsing with the amazing cast! Good luck to everyone and enjoy the show, and the finale!
Sharon Dennis (Trumpet)
Sharon Dennis is a junior at Oak Park High School. She plays the trumpet and flugelhorn in the orchestra. Sharon has been playing the trumpet for five years. Music and art have played a major role in Sharon's life, and she loves to express herself through her song choices and painting style.
Frances Jereb (Clarinet)
Hi, I’m Frances! I’m in 12th grade and a member of the Pippin Orchestra. I’ve been playing the clarinet since 6th grade and learned the bass clarinet just this year for the musical. Working with the cast, tech crew, and the orchestra has been phenomenal and I am so excited for the show to open.
Anna Josker (Flute)
Anna Josker is a Senior who is playing flute as a member of the orchestra for Pippin. She is very excited to perform for this production and hopes that you enjoy the performance.
Alison Khordodi (Trombone)

The Cast of Pippin

Costume Design Team

The Crew

The Band

Thank you!

A Very Special Thank You To….

Loretta Brown, Kevin Buchanan, Michelle Di Camillo, Adam Findley, Francisco Henning, Zoraida Kerr, Martin Kilner, Roxy Mora, Eleanor Moradi, Richard Ortega & staff, Brenda Pasqua, Zoe Reisman, The OPPAA Board -Edward Park, Mary Salzman & Todd Logsdon, all of our theatre families who have donated & volunteered, OPUSD Superintendent Jeff Davis and the OPUSD School Board, Principal Mat McClenahan, Vice Principal Jason Meskis, Vice Principal Natalie Smith and the entire OPHS administration & staff for their enthusiastic support of our production.


Class of 2022

We LOVE our seniors!!

Class of 2022

Olivia O’Connell, Ana Josker, Nick Ferrante, Jalen Bank,

Emily Salzman, Viktoriia Rudenko, Dominic Land,  Davin Robillard, Nico Heard,

Jadyn Saly,  Ashley Sanft, Alison Khordodi, Elisha Tong, Frances Jereb,

not pictured; Tessa Anderson, Brooke Breuner, Olivia Cass, Rebecca Paiotti DaSilva, Zachary Pelc, Audrey Radick,