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Director: Shell Ramirez

Choreographer: Jonathan Bryant

Sets: Jeff Sutton

Costumes:  Melissa Gouinlock

Lighting: Jeff Sutton

Audio: Shell Ramirez

Photography: Kristen Hansen



Matilda: Veronica Voetsch

Ms. Honey: Chloe Witherspoon 

Ms. Trunchbull: Ben Schaeffer

Mr. Wormwood: Jacob Arkin

Mrs. Wormwood: Sylvie Carnathan

Michael Wormwood: Grady Piper 

Lavender: Sophie Trujillo

Amanda: Sammy Crume​

Alice: Autumn Spiegler

Eric: Justin So

Tommy: Declan Llewellyn

Hortensia: Gillian Fishman

Nigel: Connor Willingham

Bruce: Sofia Satterfield

Mrs. Phelps: Elizabeth Netherton

Acrobat: Allie Hogan

Escapologist: Lily Wilson

Cook: Jack Gregory

Mechanic: Jack Gregory

Rudolpho: Nyx Crume

Sergei: Ashe Spears


Big Kid Ensemble:

Nyx Crume

Isabelle Fishbien

Jack Gregory

Allie Hogan

Jinx Meredith

Penny Netherton

Lucy Scalese

Ashe Spears

Vera Wamsted

Lily Wilson


Jacob Arkin

Harry Wormwood
Sylvie Carnathan

Mrs. Wormwood
Nyx Crume

Sammy Crume

Amanda Thripp
Isabelle Fishbein

Big Kid Ensemble
Gillian Fishman

Jack Gregory

Allie Hogan

Acrobat, Ensemble
Declan Llewellyn

Elizabeth Netherton

Ms. Phelps
Grady Piper

Sofia Satterfield

Lucy Scalese

Big Kid Ensemble
Ben Schaeffer

Agatha Trunchbull
Justin So

Ashe Spears

Big Kid Ensemble
Autumn Spiegler

Sophie Trujillo

Veronica Voetsch

Vera Elise Wamstad

Connor Willingham

Lily Wilson

Penny Netherton

Big Kid Ensemble
Chloe Witherspoon

Ms. Honey

Meet the Company

Jacob Arkin (Harry Wormwood)
Jacob has been involved in theatre for six years, but this is only his second year at DCP. He is delighted about playing this humorous role. You can also see him in Moana Jr. One of his favorite past roles has been Bert in Mary Poppins. Jacob loves Star Wars, his dog Puffin, and being with his family. He would like to thank his family for their support and assistance in carting him to rehearsals.
Sylvie Carnathan (Mrs. Wormwood)
Sylvie is very exited to be performing in Matilda Jr., she was recently ensemble in Mamma Mia at Decatur High School and is currently a freshman there as well. She has done 15 shows with DCP and is exited to do many more! She would like to thank her friends and family, She’ll and Melissa, and especially Isabelle and Ben who are graduating seniors and who have been doing shows with Sylvie for years!
Nyx Crume (Rudolpho )
Nyx is excited to be playing Rudolpho in DCP’s production of Matilda jr.! Before this show, they have been in other productions with DCP, including Legally Blonde, Once on This Island, and Frozen. Aside from theatre, Nyx also likes art and animation. Nyx would like to thank their sister for helping them practice and doing an amazing job in her role, and their parents for putting up with the chaos of loud theatre kids.
Sammy Crume (Amanda Thripp)
Sammy is very excited to play Amanda in Matilda JR! She has always loved this show and is happy to be a part of it. She would like to thank Shell, Jonathan, Melissa, and her fellow castmates, especially Veronica because she is such a great actress and friend! Enjoy the show!
Isabelle Fishbein (Big Kid Ensemble)
Thank you for coming to the show!
Gillian Fishman (Hortensia)
Gillian Fishman (Hortensia): Gillian is thrilled to make her DCP debut in Matilda Jr. A ninth-grader at Decatur High School, she recently completed a run as part of the ensemble for Mamma Mia. Gillian has enjoyed being part of GMEA’s All-State Chorus and would like to thank her family for supporting her and always being there for her!
Jack Gregory (Ensemble)
Jack is very excited to make his debut with DCP in this production of Matilda JR. Recent productions include Murder at the Malt Shop (Noah Count), Addams Family Young at Part (Cousin Itt), and Legally Blonde Jr (Ensemble). He is currently in 11th Grade at Decatur High School. When he’s not on stage, he is listening to Music, reading Comics, or playing video games with his friends. He has also written a Musical and a One-act play (the play has been staged, but the musical hasn't yet), and has two other musicals in the pipeline. He wants to thank Shell and Melissa for welcoming him into the craziness of DCP, and his parents for taking the time out of their weekends to take him to rehearsals. He hopes you enjoy the show as much as he did putting it together!
Allie Hogan (Acrobat, Ensemble)
Allie is excited to be appearing in her first show with Decatur Community Players. Allie Is a 7th grader at Renfroe Middle School. She has previously played the role of Hermia in A Mid Summer Night's Dream and Little Timoune in Once On This Island. In her free time Allie loves to dance and play tennis. Allie is thankful for her family, Ms. Shell, and the awesome cast and crew of Matilda!
Declan Llewellyn (Tommy)
Declan is excited to make his debut in Decatur Community Players' Matilda Jr. He has loved Matilda since he saw it on stage in London when he was 6. Declan is finishing up the 4th grade at Fifth Avenue Upper Elementary. In his free time he likes to read, draw, skateboard, play guitar, and play video games.
Elizabeth Netherton (Ms. Phelps)
Elizabeth is very excited to be acting in her 12th production with DCP; her favorite show so far has been Mary Poppins, where she played Mary Poppins. When she isn’t acting, she’s drawing, reading, or studying. She would like to thank her parents and DCP for providing her with so many amazing opportunities throughout the years.
Grady Piper (Michael)
Grady (Matilda's brother Michael). Grady is a sixth grader at The Hess Academy. Grady has been acting with Decatur Community Players since he was 7 years old. His favorite role played thus far was Captain Hook in the 2019 production of Peter Pan Jr.. When he is not on stage, you might find Grady playing baseball or dropping a line in a fishing hole, just a few of his many passions.
Sofia Satterfield (Bruce)
This is Sofia’s 10th show with DCP and she’s excited to take on the role of Bruce. She most recently played Mary Poppins in the fall production and has enjoyed roles such as Pinocchio in Shrek and Little Red in Into the Woods. Sofia is trained in ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop and musical theater dance. She would like to shout out her fearless leaders Shell, Melissa and Johnathan for their unwavering support! And thanks to mom because for being her #1 fan.
Lucy Scalese (Big Kid Ensemble)
Thank you for coming to the show!
Ben Schaeffer (Agatha Trunchbull)
Ben has been in DCP for 8 years and has played many parts from Sebastian in The Little Mermaid, Buddy in Elf, and Bert in Mary Poppins along with many more.He loves doing musical theater because he loves singing and acting. He also has made many great friends through theater and enjoys spending time with them. This will be his last show with DCP and, while sad to see it all come to an end, he could not be more thankful for all of the amazing experiences he’s had through DCP. Ben would like to thank his friends and family, along with Shell and Melissa for helping him have this wonderful opportunity.
Justin So (Eric)
Justin is very excited to perform in his third show with DCP. He has been in DCP’s The Lion King and Shrek summer camp productions. He is educated at Fifth Avenue Upper Elementary in 4th grade. When he’s not acting, you’ll find Justin playing the piano. He wants to thank Jonathan, Shell, Melissa and everyone in Matilda for being with him the entire time.
Ashe Spears (Big Kid Ensemble)
Ashe is 14 years old, and very excited for his last year at Renfroe middle school to be over! His favorite roles include Willy Wonka and Robertson Ay from Mary Poppins. His favorite things are theater, playing guitar, and goofing off with his friends. He would like to thank Shell, Melissa, and his friends at DCP. Enjoy the show!
Autumn Spiegler (Alice)
Autumn was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2009. She is 12 years old and goes to Decatur Middle School. Autumn has been acting at DCP since second grade and has performed in Seussical, Honk (Dot), Willy Wonka (Mrs. Gloop), Peter Pan (Tiger Lily), Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh), Mary Poppins (Mrs. Corry), and Moana (Sina). When she is not acting Autumn enjoys watching sitcoms, playing video games, playing mancala against herself, and being an all around genius. She thanks Julie Andrews for getting her interested in in theater in the first place.
Sophie Trujillo (Lavender)
Sophie Trujillo (Lavender): Sophie is thrilled to be back on stage once again after a saddening shutdown due to Covid of the musical 'James and The Giant Peach'. When she is not performing, she enjoys Drawing and Writing Short Stories. She would like to thank her parents and sister for always supporting her. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Veronica Voetsch (Matilda )
Veronica is thrilled to have the opportunity to play such a big role in DCPs Matilda. She has been so lucky to have such an awesome cast, directors ad choreographer. She enjoys tennis, theater, and hanging out with friends. She would like to thank her whole family but especially her mom for making her practice every night. Veronica has been in a number of productions including Legally Blonde, Mary Poppins, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She is so exited to preform and hopes that everyone enjoys the show.
Vera Elise Wamstad (Ensemble )
Vera has been singing and dancing for years on end. She began performing with Decatur Community Players in 2018 and easily connected with the group. She has been in a few musicals including Once on this Island, which travel team took to Junior Theater Festival in California in 2020. Vera took a break from DCP during the pandemic. However, she has made a strong recovery back. Hope you enjoy the show!
Connor Willingham (Nigel)
Connor Willingham (Nigel) is a freshman at DHS who is excited to be back on the stage. She has performed in many shows including Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck) and Singin’ in the Rain (Kathy Seldon). She wants to thank her friends from camp and school as well as her parents for their nonstop support and numerous drives to dance class.
Lily Wilson (Escapologist )
Lily has enjoyed being a part of Matilda Jr. as her first production with Decatur City Players. She has always loved acting and performing for a variety of audiences. Lily is in 6th grade, and outside of school she enjoys playing volleyball, running cross country, and painting. She would like to thank her parents for believing in her and encouraging her!
Penny Netherton (Big Kid Ensemble)
Thank you for coming to the show!
Chloe Witherspoon (Ms. Honey )
Chloe Witherspoon (Matilda Jr.): Chloe is very excited about performing the role of Ms. Honey, and loves everything about Matilda. Chloe enjoys making art, listening to music, babysitting and spending time with her fellow castmates! She wants to thank her parents and family for being so supportive of her acting, as well as the whole Matilda cast for being the wonderful and talented, creative people they are.