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The Arts at CCBC presents

Small Mouth Sounds

by Bess Wohl
Directed by Brandon Rashad Butts
CCBC Essex, F. Scott Black Theatre
Production Team
Lighting/Scenic Designer
Terri Raulie
Stage Manager
Andrew Pfluger
Costume Design
Eva Grove

Sound Designer
Heiko Spieker
Technical Director
Jason Randolph

Fight/Intimacy Consultant
Production Coordinator
Brad Norris

SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS is presented by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing, LLC,
servicing the Dramatist Play Service collection. (

The videotaping or making of electronic or other audio and/or visual recordings of this production and distributing recordings or streams in any medium, including the internet, is strictly prohibited, a violation of the author(s)’s rights and actionable under United States copyright law. 

Small Mouth Sounds contains mature content, including discussions of addiction and self-harm.

ASL interpretation provided by CIRS/HASA

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Director's Note

Thank you all very much for joining us this evening for the CCBC production of Small Mouth Sounds. Once you've found your seat, take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath. How'd that feel? Maybe you need another? Go ahead. How often do you get the chance to just sit and breathe these days? Take another breath, and clear you mind of what's weighing it down. This is just the beginning of our journey for the evening. The storytellers whose work you're about to encounter, will join you in the process shortly.

Between personal endeavors, patriarchy, politics and all the other ever changing facets of the world, we all know that can be quite taxing. Often, we make decisions that affect our loved ones, including ourselves, that result in detrimental outcomes. But hey, we're human. How often do we get to turn it all off and do nothing? Maybe if we just had that sanctuary, we'd be able to connect with ourselves; in turn, being better humans.

To each their own, but one place that you are not likely to find me, is in a cabin in the woods. Bess Wohl, however, has created a setting where that's the only place the characters you are about to meet can find solace, solitude, and silence. For your time with us, you'll bear witness to characters at their wits end as they take measures toward finding inner reconciliation with their personal paths and the results of how said paths have made them wary on a multitude of levels.

I appreciate you all for providing support and hope you walk away with reflective actions that will propel you on your journey. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Brandon Rashad Butts, Director



Ryan Carter

Jayline Figueroa

Darian Grade

Kayla Lasson

Broadus Nesbitt III

Kevvin Ross


Creative Team

Bess Wohl

Brandon Rashad Butts

Andrew Pfluger

Stage Manager
Terri Raulie

Lighting and Scenic Designer
Eva Grove

Costume Designer
Heiko Spieker

Sound Designer
Jason Randolph

Technical Director
Brad Norris

Fight/Intimacy Consultant Production Coordinator
Olawale Durodola, Robert Noakes, III

Assistant Lighting Designers
Jennifer Cassagrande

Light Board Operator
Robert Noakes, III, Oz McDonough, Dez Akano

Fly Rail/Stage Crew
Students of THTR 193 Stage Lighting

Electrics Crew
Students of THTR 131 Stagecraft

Set Construction and Properties

Meet the Company

Ryan Carter (Jan)
Ryan is making his CCBC debut. He has previously been in Beauty and the Beast, Mamma Mia!, and Fiddler on the Roof, along with other various shows. He is undecided on his major and plans to continue his education elsewhere once he “figures it out”.
Jayline Figueroa (Judy)
Jayline is a full-time student at CCBC Essex, she is in the Theatre Performing Arts Program. This is her first show here at CCBC, and she is so excited to be playing Judy in Small Mouth Sounds. Jayline recently graduated from Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, from the Theatre Performing Arts Magnet. Jayline has recently done The Play That Goes Wrong playing Max, and Sister Act which she both assistant directed and had a cameo as Mary Martin-of-Tours at Patapsco. Jayline is so grateful to be in such a loving cast, and she wants to thank Brandon, and Andrew for all of their hard work!
Darian Grade (Joan)
Darian is a theatre major at CCBC. She appeared on stage in last seasons CCBC Spring Arts Festival 2021, Fall 2021 as Louise Maske in The Underpants, and in the Spring 2022 production of Fabulation. She also appeared in Scam Artist at Truest Ethos Theatre Company. She is a graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts, where she performed in Of Gods and Men and worked on the production side for many productions including Pippin, The Nutcracker, Little Shop of Horrors, and many more.
Kayla Lasson (Alicia)
Kayla has experience with theatre from a performing arts camp from when she was younger. She is majoring in Theatre at CCBC. She is a barista and dog sitter, but makes time for theatre because it is what she enjoys doing the most. She plans to transfer to Towson by the end of this school year.
Broadus Nesbitt III (Rodney)
Broadus returns to CCBC for the final time in Small Mouth Sounds. After 4 long years and over 6 productions he has decided to pursue other avenues such as live-streaming, and writing!
Kevvin Ross (Ned)
Kevin returns again to another play at CCBC. Kevvin appeared last year as Cohen in The Underpants, and in previous years before that, playing several different roles in several different productions, the most at one time being 7 roles in Argonautika. A performing arts major at heart, Kevvin likes to spend time outside of performances crafting stories and pieces of art, hoping to one day share them all with the world.
Bess Wohl (Author)

Click here to read about the author.

Brandon Rashad Butts (Director)
Brandon hails from the 804, but reps the 410 as much as permitted. He's held positions with Baltimore Center Stage, the SDC, and Manhattan Theatre Club. This is his first time with CCBC. He's directed the plays Marie Antoinette and the Magical Negroes, This Bitter Earth, Bootycandy, Animals Out of Paper, many short plays, several workshops and a number of readings. He also thanks the staff for the opportunity, the cast for their trust, Andrew for his organization, the design team for their vision, and all of those who come to see the story.
Andrew Pfluger (Stage Manager)
Andrew has been a theatre student at CCBC since 2019. Previously, Andrew worked on CCBC productions She Kills Monsters (Crew) and Our Lady of Kibeho (ASM). As an actor, he performed in Clean Slate and the 2021 Spring Arts Festival. Outside of CCBC, Andrew works at Drama Learning Center in Columbia.
Terri Raulie (Lighting and Scenic Designer)
Terri is an Assistant Professor in the Performing Arts and Humanities Department at CCBC. She holds a BFA and an MA in Theatre Design and Production from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Professional and regional credits include The Whole Theatre, The Hangar Theatre, and Playwright Horizons in New Jersey and New York. Locally, she has designed sets and/or lights for productions with Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre, Phoenix Festival Theatre, and the Baltimore School for the Arts.
Eva Grove (Costume Designer)
Eva has costumed several shows in the Baltimore-area including Fabulation, and The Underpants for CCBC Academic Theater--Sweet Charity, Night Watch, And Then There Were None, and Don't Drink the Water for Cockpit-in-Court Summer Theater --A Few Good Men, and The Full Monty for Tidewater Players--A Chorus Line, Catch Me If You Can, The Graduate, The Bridges of Madison County, and currently, the area-premiere of A Bronx Tale for Dundalk Community Theater.
Heiko Spieker (Sound Designer)
Heiko is incredibly grateful and excited to be back working at CCBC for the first time since being a student. In his 20 years on and off stage, Heiko has worked with virtually every small theatre in the Baltimore area. Personal highlights include but are not limited to operating sound on a moving bus for Promenade with Single Carrot, performing countless hours of improvised comedy with The Early Monday Morning Show and Drop Three, portraying Doctor Everett Scott in the Rocky Horror Show, stage managing and sound designing Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play and far too much 4 a.m. sleep-deprived set building. Heiko would like to thank the cast and crew for their passion, and his family, both blood and assimilated, and especially Mrs. Awesomesauce, for their constant support. Also, if today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!
Jason Randolph (Technical Director)

BS Math, College of William and Mary
MFA Rinehart School of Sculpture, MICA
MFA Technical Theatre and Design, UVA
TD/Resident Scenic Designer Single Carrot Theatre 2014-2017
TD CCBC Essex 2015-present
TD Cockpit in Court Summer Theater 2016-present

Brad Norris (Fight/Intimacy Consultant Production Coordinator)
Brad is a Baltimore based Scenic Artist, Sound Designer, Fight Choreographer, Director, Production Manager, and nerd who is thrilled to be working with this outstanding team on Small Mouth Sounds. He is currently the Managing Director of Fells Point Corner Theatre, the Production Manager for the Performing Arts Department at CCBC, and the greatest stay-at-home dad his kids have ever known. He is passionate about justice, representation, indigenous sovereignty, and centering non-straight-white-cis-male stories and opinions everywhere possible. He loves his wife and kids and would be nowhere without them. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Brad Norris.

Special Thanks

Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis
CCBC President
Dr. Joaquin Martinez
Provost & Vice President of Instruction
Dr. William Watson
Dean, School of Arts & Communication
Professor Nick VanHorn
Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Dr. Rebecca Ocampo 
Arts Pathways Coordinator
Dr. Anne M. Lefter
Director, Performing Arts
Johanna Lawrence
Administrative Support Assistant, Performing Arts
Cathy Kratovil
Communications Assistant, School of Arts & Communication
Marc Ershler
Campus Director, Essex
Jackie McTear
Designer, CCBC Creative Services
Marc Smith
Technical Director, CCBC Dundalk
Tykeira Lewis
Barnes & Noble Bookstore

CCBC School of Arts and Communication

Dr. William Watson, Dean Professor
Will Niebauer, Chair, Arts and Design
Professor Nick VanHorn, Chair, Performing Arts and Humanities
Professor Michael Walsh, Chair, Communication Arts
Dr. Anne Lefter, Director, Performing Arts

The Arts at CCBC

Dr. Anne Lefter, Director
Johanna Lawrence, Assistant to the Director
G. Maurice “Moe” Conn, Technical Director
Jason Randolph, Technical Director
Marc Smith, Technical Director
Nicole Buckingham Kern, Galleries Coordinator
Lisa Boeren, Box Office Manager
Brad Norris, Production Manager
Emilyann Craighead, Galleries Assistant
Jess Rassp, Resident Costumer
Eva Grove, Costume Assistant
Thom Purdy, Box Office Assistant
Cathy Kratovil, Communications Assistant

Theatre at CCBC

Julie Lewis, coordinator, faculty director
Damon Krometis, coordinator, faculty director
Terri Raulie, faculty designer
Precious B. Stone, faculty director
Jennifer Ring, Visiting Lecturer