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Artistic Director Michael Stevenson &
Managing Director Keith Riedell Present


by Lynn Nottage

Directed by Anthony D'Juan

August 23 - September 24, 2023

PERFORMANCE LENGTH:  95 Minutes, No Intermission

Kathryn Smith-McGlynn*       Adrian Roberts*       Ian C. Hopps*
Imani Mitchell       Angel Rodriguez


Scenic Designer
Eric Broadwater
Costume Designer
Rebecca Redmond
Lighting Designer 
Isaiah Leeper
Sound Designer
Ed Lee
Properties Designer
Riely Cisneros-Gruenthal
Hair & Make-Up Designer 
Logan Jacob Heller

Stage Manager
Melissa Jernigan*



Feminist Lioness Fund


CLYDE’S is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

World premiere by the Guthrie Theater

Originally commissioned by Joe Dowling and produced by Joseph Haj, Artistic Directors
Broadway Premiere Produced by Second Stage Theater, New York, 2021
(Carole Rothman, Artistic Director; Khady Kamara, Executive Director)

*Member Actors' Equity Association 

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Kathryn Smith-McGlynn*
Adrian Roberts*
Ian C. Hopps*
Imani Mitchell
Angel Rodriguez

Creative Team

Lynn Nottage


Anthony D'Juan


Michael Stevenson

Artistic Director

Keith Riedell

Managing Director

Tony Gabrielson

Production Manager

Melissa Jernigan*

Stage Manager

Yasmine Salmeron

Assistant Stage Manager

Eric Broadwater

Scenic Designer

Isaiah Leeper

Lighting Designer

Rebecca Redmond

Costume Designer

Ed Lee

Sound Designer/Engineer

Riley Cisneros-Gruenthal

Properties Designer

Logan Jacob Heller

Hair & Make-Up Designer

Samantha McLean Haas

Scenic Charge Artist

Nicole C. Limón

Dramaturg & Intimacy Coordinator

Fatemeh Mehraban

Production Associate

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Production Staff


Production & Company Manager  - TONY GABRIELSON

Technical Director - CALEB JONES

Lead Carpenter  - CONOR WOODS

Carpenter, Technician & Marketing Assistant - ANDREW FRIDAE

Carpenter - SUNNY MACKEY

Scenic Designer - ERIC BROADWATER

Scenic Charge Artist  - SAMANTHA McLEAN HAAS

Sound Designer & Engineer  - ED LEE

Lighting Designer - ISAIAH LEEPER

Lead Electrician  - SHAE MERCER


Stage Manager  - MELISSA JERNIGAN*

Assistant Stage Manager - YASMINE SALMERON


Costume Designer - REBECCA REDMOND

Hair & Make-Up Designer - LOGAN JACOB HELLER






Intimacy Coordinator & Dramaturg - NICOLE C. LIMÓN 

Infection Control Manager - ELIJAH PETERS

Graphic Designer, Webmaster - MISTY MCDOWELL

Photographer - CHARR CRAIL


^ Capital Stage Apprentice  |  * Member Actors' Equity Association


About The Play

by K. Kevyne Baar, PhD


“Sometimes it’s just a matter of giving people an opportunity. And that is what the piece is about. It’s about looking beyond people’s mistakes and understanding the full complexity of who they are. It’s about second chances.” - Lynn Nottage


The headline of an article in the Reading Eagle of October 29, 2021, read quite simply, “Berks County is featured in new Broadway play by Lynn Nottage.” Berks County is the home of Reading, Pennsylvania, and the setting for Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, Sweat. The new play, which you are seeing today, is Clyde’s. However, one cannot begin to talk about this play without acknowledging that Nottage’s initial journey to Reading was in the before time (before the pandemic; before darkness fell over theatre communities; before the murder of George Floyd) and that Clyde’s, then titled Floyd’s, first opened at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota in August of 2019. As the before time was drawing to a close, Broadway shuttered its theaters on March 12, 2020. On May 20, 2020, with the pandemic still raging, George Floyd was murdered in that same city, and Floyd’s became Clyde’s which opened on Broadway on November 23, 2021.

Nottage’s relationship to Reading began when a friend sent her a New York Times article in late 2011. Reading, a city of almost 90,000 people ranked as the poorest city of its size in the nation and is representative “of what’s happening to the country as a whole, particularly to post-industrial rust belt cities that previously enjoyed robust economies before the jobs disappeared in the 90’s. A lot of times the people didn’t leave, but the jobs left.” Nottage spent over two years visiting Reading and interviewing members and leaders of the community. She felt that “Reading really touched my heart when I first started going because I found a city that is quite beautiful. It has this incredible architecture and a tremendous spirit. I found that this was the place I wanted to get to know.”

Sweat opened at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2015, at the New York’s Public Theatre in 2016, and moved to Broadway in 2017 where it won Nottage her second Pulitzer Prize. It became a part of Capital Stage’s 2018-2019 season. Reviewers described the various productions as “dark, even devastating…the mechanics of 21st-century American capitalism, bear[ing] down on these characters with the brutal power of a jackhammer smashing through concrete.”

Nottage began writing Clyde’s “when I was still working on Sweat and in Reading and I wanted to focus on the joyful life-affirming qualities in the people I met. It felt for me as though I had opened up a conversation that wasn’t entirely complete, and I wanted to bring some closure.” It was Jason’s story, begun in Sweat, that Nottage felt was unfinished as she explained in an early 2023 interview.

“Jason, in some ways, has the most unanswered questions. I thought if there was a character who was trying to understand self, searching for redemption while dealing with their shame and anger, Jason was the obvious choice to continue to explore. In some ways, for me, he’s the most difficult character to penetrate, because so much of what motivates him is completely unfamiliar to me as a human being. I was really interested in whether someone who has taken the journey that Jason has can heal and learn to love himself. I think once someone loves themself, they can begin to love others and invite others in. I was really driven by questions around Jason’s character. Was there actually room for redemption, and can we forgive someone like him?” 

You, as members of this audience, have the opportunity to decide for yourselves.



About The Playwright

by K. Kevyne Baar, PhD


“When you’re working on a play, it’s really an invitation to spend a lot of time in the world you’re conjuring, so you want to make sure those are characters you want to inhabit for a period of time. Otherwise, you’re going to get bored.” - Lynn Nottage

An activist with an ear for music, Lynn Nottage grew up in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn in a home she returned to in 1997, and lives in today. The daughter of Ruby, a schoolteacher and Wallace, a child psychologist, Nottage says of her home, “The community I grew up in was this offbeat and multicultural, economically diverse place where marginalized people and other communities came and found a way to build families and build community. As a result, I’m really interested in exploring multiculturalism onstage, exploring the intersection between race, class, and economics. I think that that comes directly from being in a space and a community where I had all these unlikely collisions.”

Once a student of the piano at New York’s High School of Music & Art, pre-med at Brown University where, fatefully, she wandered into a class on playwriting. Nottage graduated from the Yale School of Drama in 1989. Shortly thereafter she took a job as the national press officer for Amnesty International, a position that lasted for four years. It is no wonder that she is often caught preoccupied with one idea while at the same time thinking of the next one. “Working on one project becomes a way of procrastinating about the other, depending on how they are all going.” Nottage is also currently a professor at Columbia University.

Among Nottage’s best known plays is Intimate Apparel about the struggles of the working class in early 20th Century Harlem, which premiered in 2003. It became one of the most produced plays in America, a title which this past year was filled by Clyde’s. In 2022, Intimate Apparel became an opera. Nottage is also the only woman to have won the Pulitzer Prize for drama twice, first for Ruined in 2009, a play about women survivors of the then-recent Civil War in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and again eight years later, in 2017, for Sweat, a play about factory workers in Reading, Pennsylvania, facing unemployment. In between these Nottage wrote By the Way, Meet Vera Stark about the thwarted ambitions of Black actresses in film which was first staged in 2011. She is also currently represented on Broadway having written the book for MJ: The Musical

Nottage who is often praised for capturing cultural moments before they become obvious to the wider public, joined others who looked back at the eighteen months pause as theater dealt with the pandemic as well as the ramifications of the murder of George Floyd. It was this uncertainty that has opened the doors to reinvention. She joined 300 theater workers: playwrights, actors, directors, and administrators who signed a much-discussed June 9, 2020 open letter, "We See You, White American Theater", calling for greater diversity, including the hiring of at least 50 percent people of color in every aspect of theater, and the rethinking of structures that perpetuate racism. In support, Nottage tweeted, “The American narrative is shaped by storytellers, but for too long the white theater community has negated, censored, or prevented our stories from being fully told. We must protect, support & amplify the voices of our truth tellers & change seekers.” You can read Capital Stage’s Anti-Racist Statement on the Capital Stage website.

In an interview for the San Francisco Chronicle this past January, Nottage was asked, “What gets you excited about the future? Do you think your best work is still in front of you? 'Oh, yes,' she replied. 'I still have lots of questions about the world. What excites me is that there are still puzzles to be solved, places to go, conversations to be had. There’s still a lot left out there to be said.'"


Meet the Company

Kathryn Smith-McGlynn*

Kathryn Smith-McGlynn* - Clyde Regional: HENRY V, directed by Johanna McKeon (The Old Globe, CA), WAKEY WAKEY with Tony Hale, directed by Anne Kauffman (American Conservatory Theatre, CA), SWEAT (Capital Stage Company, CA), A CHILD’S CHRISTMAS IN RENO and HOLMES AND WATSON (B Street Theatre, CA), DISGRACED (San Jose Stage Company, CA), TROJAN WOMEN, directed by JoAnne Akalaitis (Shakespeare Theatre Company, DC), THE PEOPLE’S TEMPLE, directed by Leigh Fondakowski (Perseverance Theatre Company, AK), LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, TWELFTH NIGHT, and PERICLES (Marin Shakespeare Company, CA). Film: The Surrogate (aka Beautiful Dreamer), Mazerunner: The Scorch Trials, and The Best Man. Television: “The Cleaning Lady” (FOX) “Deputy” (FOX), "Better Call Saul” (AMC), “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), “Friday Night Lights” (NBC), “Scoundrels” (ABC), “In Plain Sight” (AMC), “As the World Turns” (CBS), “The Deep End” (ABC), “Hysteria” (AMAZON), “The Lying Game” (ABC). MFA in Acting, Carnegie Mellon University, BA in Theatre and Drama, University of Michigan, MPA in Public Administration and Policy Analysis, Baruch College. For a complete listing of Kathryn’s current projects and appearances as well as links to social media, visit

Adrian Roberts*

Adrian Roberts* - Montrellous Adrian Roberts is excited to be back at Capital Stage where he was last seen in the productions of JESUS HOPPED THE A TRAIN and HOW TO USE A KNIFE. Mr. Roberts most recent shows were George in WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOLF at Oakland Theater Project and Le Bret in CYRANO DE BERGERAC. Mr. Roberts has also worked around the country regionally including three seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Mr. Roberts has also appeared in television shows such as "Scrubs" and "Criminal Minds".

Ian C. Hopps*

Ian C. Hopps* - Jason Ian is excited to be returning to the role of Jason in CLYDE’S at Capital Stage. Previous appearances at CapStage include: HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING, PASS OVER, SWEAT, LUNA GALE, STUPID FUCKING BIRD. Other local credits include: MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, HAMLET, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, MACBETH, THE TEMPEST (Sacramento Theatre Company); COMEDY OF ERRORS, MARY STUART, ROMEO & JULIET, BELLS ARE RINGING, SHE LOVES ME (Davis Shakespeare); AN IDEAL HUSBAND, THE 39 STEPS, THE ROVER (Big Idea Theatre). Ian extends immense thanks to everyone supporting live theatre, especially here in the Sacramento region. Let’s keep it going strong! (

Imani Mitchell

Imani Mitchell - Letitia Imani Mitchell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Northern California who specializes in writing, directing, and acting. She is absolutely thrilled to join the cast of CLYDE'S under the brilliant direction of Anthony D'Juan. Imani is an avid fan of Lynn Nottage and is honored to bring Letitia to life. Most recently, she directed the West Coast premiere of PREDICTOR at Capital Stage and was last seen on stage in THE NETHER directed by Kirk Blackinton. Other performances include: Valerie in SMART PEOPLE at Celebration Arts, Veronica in THE MOTHERF**KER WITH THE HAT at Big Idea Theatre, and Mayme in INTIMATE APPAREL at CSU Sacramento. In the fall, you can find her onstage at B Street Theatre in their production of JUMP by Charly Evon Simpson.

Angel Rodriguez

Angel Rodriguez - Rafael Angel Rodriguez is a Sacramento-based artist. He is extremely grateful and excited to return to Capital Stage where he recently had his debut in THE HOMBRES directed by Dena Martinez. Angel has been able to step into the shoes of many magical roles including Usnavi in IN THE HEIGHTS, Rene in LYDIA, and Juan in LA PASTORELA DE SACRAMENTO. He has had the honor to work with many local artistic organizations including Teatro Espejo, Latino Center of Arts & Culture, Teatro Nagual, Matriarchy Theater, Davis Shakespeare, and B Street. Angel holds a B.A. in Theatre from Sacramento State. Follow him along @a_rod719

Lynn Nottage

Lynn Nottage is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and a screenwriter. Her plays have been produced widely in the United States and throughout the world. Her previous play, MLIMA'S TALE, premiered at the Public Theater in May 2018. In the spring of 2017, SWEAT (Pulitzer Prize, Obie Award, Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, Tony Nomination, Drama Desk Nomination) moved to Broadway after a sold out run at The Public Theater. It premiered and was commissioned by Oregon Shakespeare Festival American Revolutions History Cycle/Arena Stage. Other plays include BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK (Lilly Award, Drama Desk Nomination), RUINED (Pulitzer Prize, OBIE, Lucille Lortel, New York Drama Critics’ Circle, Audelco, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics Circle Award), INTIMATE APPAREL (American Theatre Critics and New York Drama Critics’ Circle Awards for Best Play), FABULATION, OR THE RE-EDUCATION OF UNDINE (OBIE Award), CRUMBS FROM THE TABLE OF JOY, LAS MENINAS, MUD, RIVER, STONE, POR’KNOCKERS and POOF!. She developed THIS IS READING, a performance installation based on two years of interviews, at the Franklin Street, Reading Railroad Station in Reading, PA in July 2017. She is working with composer Ricky Ian Gordon on adapting her play INTIMATE APPAREL into an opera, commissioned by The Met/LCT. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Park Avenue Armory. For more, visit her online:

Anthony D'Juan

Anthony D'Juan is a Sacramento playwright/director who has been active since 1996. He was assistant & protégé to Ed Claudio from 1997-2005. He recently became an adjunct faculty member at Cosumnes River College in their Theater department. Playwriting credits include THEORY OF THE DREAM, SAFE AT HOME, MEN IN RIFFS, 3:BLACK GIRL BLUES (with Danielle Mone’ Truitt), THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED, THE PURVEYORS, US & THE REST OF ‘EM, BIRDMOCKING, ANY’PERSON & DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE (with Carla Fleming & Joe Archie). Directing credits include SUBURBIA, OTHELLO, FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE - THE MUSICAL, ENDGAME, BASH, OUR TOWN, THE SEAGULL, THE DUMB WAITER, BOOTYCANDY, SKELTON CREW, THE MOUNTAINTOP, PASS OVER, THE ROYALE, TOPDOG/UNDERDOG, DIRECT FROM DEATH ROW:THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS, 3:BLACK GIRL BLUES & DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE.

Michael Stevenson

Artistic Director
For Capital Stage, Michael has directed HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING, GLORIA, THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT, ADMISSIONS, THE HUMANS, THE OTHER PLACE, SWEAT, THE THANKSGIVING PLAY, LUNA GALE, STUPID F##KING BIRD, HOW TO USE A KNIFE, DISGRACED, MR. BURNS, IDEATION, CLYBOURNE PARK, MAURITIUS, ERRATICA (World Premiere), and LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES. He has directed at regional theaters including: B Street Theater, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Orlando Shakespeare Company, Perseverance Theater Company, and Sacramento Theater Company. As an actor he has appeared at many regional theaters including: 42nd Street Moon, American Conservatory Theater, The Aurora Theater, Bailiwick Repertory Theater, Capital Stage, B Street Theater, the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and Marriott’s Lincolnshire Theater. He holds an M.F.A. from the American Conservatory Theater.

Keith Riedell

Managing Director
Keith celebrates his 17th year at Capital Stage, joining the company early in the second season. He brings to Capital Stage his varied experiences in the theatre, management, team building, counseling, training and corporate improvement. In his role as Managing Director he hopes to make Capital Stage a world class place to work, while playing an important role in the social justice efforts in our region.

Tony Gabrielson

Production Manager
Tony has worked with many theaters and dance companies locally and around the country over the last 15 years as a stage manager, carpenter, painter, and technician. Favorite productions include: DISNEY'S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with Barter Theater in Abingdon, VA, ON BORROWED TIME at Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ, and developmental workshops of BOTTLESHOCK! THE MUSICAL. He is blessed and beyond grateful to continue working as an artist in our community. Love and thanks to Jessa and Piper - his favorite people.

Melissa Jernigan*

Stage Manager
Melissa Jernigan* - Stage Manager Melissa most recently worked at Capital Stage on THE HOMBRES, THE CHINESE LADY, THE ROYALE, THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT, PASS OVER, MISS BENNET and HOLD THESE TRUTHS, and has been stage managing at Capital Stage since 2016. Some of her other favorites include VIETGONE, THE NETHER, AN OCTOROON, AND STUPID F##KING BIRD. Other theatrical credits include Production Assisting on Broadway’s LENNON, Off-Broadway: FELA! the Lagos Tour, David Cromer’s OUR TOWN, John Leguizamo: A WORK IN PROGRESS, BEAUTY OF THE FATHER at Manhattan Theatre Club, BREATH & IMAGINATION at Hartford Stage, OUR TOWN starring Helen Hunt at The Broad Theatre in Santa Monica and THE LASSO OF TRUTH at Marin Theatre Company. This past year she was a sub stage manager on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in SF. She is a proud Equity Member. When she’s not inside the stage management booth Melissa enjoys spending time with her Husband and two sons.

Yasmine Salmeron

Assistant Stage Manager
Yasmine is thrilled to be backstage with CLYDE'S. Recent graduate from the University of California Davis earning a BA in Theatre & Dance and Gender, Sexuality, & Women’s Studies. At UC Davis earning credits as ASM for DEATH AND HARRY HOUDINI (The Musical) and ALONE/TOGETHER. In collaboration with directors and designers they have also assisted on SMART PEOPLE, GLORIA, THE WICKHAMS: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY, and THE CHINESE LADY. A true jack of many trades - stagehand, wardrobe and makeup assistant, production manager, etc. Yasmine looks forward to fostering community through her passion for theatre and the arts and continuing to master her craft.

Eric Broadwater

Scenic Designer
Eric Broadwater is currently the Professor of Scene Design and Chair of the Theater Department at California State University Stanislaus where he has designed and supervised over 30 productions. His professional work includes scenic designs and set painting in regional and local theaters all over the country. Recent credits include THE ROYALE, THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT, and THE WICKHAMS: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY at Capital Stage, KINKY BOOTS with Ray of Light Theatre, 9 TO 5 at 6th St Playhouse, and THE LOST CLAUSE at B St. Theatre. He also works as a freelance 3D digital artist with a focus on Interactive Environments.

Isaiah Leeper

Lighting Designer
Isaiah Leeper is very excited to be lighting up Capital Stage for the 5th time after working on PASS OVER and SMART PEOPLE, THE ROYALE and HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING. Recently he was able to bring light to the world of CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME at Sacramento Theatre Company as well as ANTIGONE at Folsom Lake College. He would like to take the time to thank the cast, crew, and entire company for their support and wonderful energy.

Rebecca Redmond

Costume Designer
Rebecca Redmond is happy to be back at Capital Stage where she has designed many productions including PREDICTOR, BETWEEN RIVERSIDE AND CRAZY, THE TOTALITARIANS, ANNA KARENINA, MAPLE & VINE. Rebecca earned her MFA in theater from UC Davis and is professor at Folsom Lake and Sierra Colleges. Her other recent designs have been seen at San Francisco’s Theater Rhinoceros (PILLOW TALK, THE REVIEW), Sacramento Theater Co. (WAIT UNTIL DARK, GLORIA: A LIFE), Sierra College (THE CRUCIBLE, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS), Folsom Lake College (MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, MARAT/SADE, HAIR), and Sacramento City College (THE BEAUX’ STRATAGEM, THE GREAT GATSBY). Follow her on social media @ModernDalliance.

Ed Lee

Sound Designer/Engineer
Ed is delighted to be part of another season at Capital Stage. He has been involved in almost every production since the company’s aquatic days at the Delta King, from artwork for SPEECH AND DEBATE to appearing in FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. Favorite sound design credits include: MASTER CLASS; SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME; 4000 MILES; MISTAKES WERE MADE; RAPTURE, BLISTER, BURN; and UNCANNY VALLEY.

Riley Cisneros-Gruenthal

Properties Designer
Riley Cisneros-Gruenthal is thrilled to be joining CLYDE’S for her first show with Capital Stage. Riley graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southern Oregon University in 2020 with a degree in Theatre Arts. Previous credits include props designer for CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME and MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS at Sacramento Theatre Company.

Logan Jacob Heller

Hair & Make-Up Designer
Logan is thrilled to be doing the makeup design again for Capital Stage. He has been working as a professional freelance artist for over ten years, he has also been published in various publications as well. His focus is editorial and stage, he loves that he can combine his passion for makeup and theatre. He wants to leave you with a quote from his favorite makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin "Perfection is boring.”

Samantha McLean Haas

Scenic Charge Artist
Samantha has been painting sets for over a decade in the greater Sacramento area. She's worked at Sacramento City College, University of California Davis, Sacramento Theatre Company, B Street, and Broadway at Music Circus. This is her third season with Capital Stage.

Nicole C. Limón

Dramaturg & Intimacy Coordinator
Nicole C. Limón is an actor/director/dramaturg and theatre faculty at CSU, Sacramento. She is founder of Matriarchy Theatre and resident artist with Teatro Espejo. Recent directing: BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK by Lynn Nottage (Celebration Arts,) EVERYBODY by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (CSUS,) QUANTUM by Tara Moses (Matriarchy,) DANCE NATION by Clare Barron (CSUS,) and FADE by Tanya Saracho (Teatro Espejo.) Nicole holds an MFA in Acting from UC Davis, studied at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto, and is a Theatrical Intimacy Director. She is a proud member of Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. Follow her work @matriarchytheatre

Fatemeh Mehraban

Production Associate
Fatemeh is overjoyed to be a part of the ‘23/24 Capital Stage Apprentice class! She has a theatre education from American River College and is currently getting her bachelor’s degree from California State University of Northridge. Fatemeh has had the privilege of performing in various community theaters around Sacramento and recently started working behind the scenes as well. She’s so excited to keep honing her craft and continuing her journey as a professional performing artist with the support of Capital Stage!


Founded in 1913, this union represents more than 45,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence.

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CONOR WOODS - Lead Carpenter

SUNNY MACKEY - Carpenter

ED LEE - Resident Sound Designer & Engineer

ISAIAH LEEPER - Lighting Supervisor

ANDREW FRIDAE - Carpenter, Technician & Marketing Assistant

CECILIA CASTILLO JUAREZ - Concessions & Box Office Associate 

AVERY HERSEK - Box Office Associate

YASMINE SALMERON - Production Associate

K. KEVYNE BAAR - Dramaturg


ELIJAH PETERS - Infection Control Manager, Payroll & Administrative Assistant

2023/24 SEASON APPRENTICE COMPANY - Maddie Judd, Fatemeh Mehraban, Oscar Quezada, Shelby Saumier


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Mary Hargrave
Eileen Heaser
Larry Hendrick
Josh Horowitz & Patti Baggett
Janet Jensen
Janet Lial
Kristi Mathisen
Linda McAtee & Steve Sphar
Gretchen Peralta
Marshall & Maureen Rice
Ken Rothaus
Leonard Vincent Sales
Lori Saper
Art & Sue Scotland
Siragusa Family Foundation
Susan & Ross Siragusa
Barbara Sommer
Marty & Janet Steiner
David Temblador
Harold & Ilah Turner


Designer: $600+

Chris Abare
Stephen & Melva Arditti
Peggy Beasley
Dr. William Bronston & Lisa Levering
Margaret L Buss
Sheila Cardno
Les & Peggy Chisholm
Ted Cobb
Michael Cohen
Kathleen Collins
Kathy Davenport & Ken Weiss
Griff Field
Carol & Steven Goldberg
Alex Gonzalez
Patricia & James Grieshop
Ed Hall & Warren Lindeleaf
James R Hargrove
David Hunt
Jolanta Kieturakis
Dr. John & Rosemary Lamb
Brian & Dorothy Landsberg
Linda McAtee Household
Laurie Nelson Randlett & Jim Randlett
Sara Nichols
Frank Pajerski
Douglas Patton
Richard Pearson & Joan Hart
Gail Pereira
David Pitman & Rani Pettis
James Queirolo
Glenn Rondeau
Bob & Shirley Rosenberg
Diane Schertz
Howard Slyter
Harold Smith
Roger & Barbara Smith
Julie Stark
John Stefanki
Kim Varner
Denise Verbeck
James Watkins
Tim Whalen
Susan Wheeler
Claudia Wrazel & Frank Horowitz

Ensemble: $300+

John Angell
Merle Axelrad
Laura Jane Bailey
Walter Barnes
Marsha Baskins
Janet Berman-Brooks
Peter Botto
Karen Broido
Margaret & Stephen Brush
Carin & Bob Bryans
Janet Burger
Sharon Cammisa & Joseph Orr
Donna Campbell
Susan & Richard Carlsen
Annabel Cooper
James Crouch
Martha & Jim Dickson
Stuart Eldridge
Nancy Erman
David Felderstein & Dan Hoody
Tracie & Richard Fike
Daphna Fram
Carolyn Francke
Cynthia Gerber
Adrienne Graham
Suzanne Hanrahan
Linda Hansen
Dalinda Harman
Sherry Haus
Shirley Hazlett
Brian & Tiffany Heacox
Charlotte Hegle
Mike & Doris Horton
Barbara Jeffus
Lial Jones
Margaret Kane & Richard Frey
Kellie Kilgore
Jane Kirkland
Beverly & Ronald Lamb
Susie LaPointe
Daniel Leahy
Sandy Lee
David & Ruth Lindgren
Melanie Linton
Dennis Mangers & Michael Sestak
Dena Martinez
Elizabeth McClatchy
John & Nora McDaniel
James McElroy & Ann Gerhardt
Steve & Cheryl Meyer
Colin A Miller
Janet Mohle-Boetani
Hallie Morrow
Shelley Mydans & John Griffing
Shirley Nelson
Tracey O'Reilly
Ron Robie
Allan Robin
Carol Rogers & Jon Courtway
Laura Rosenthal
Donald Rubin
Michael Scheible
Chuck & Nancy Shulock
Elaine Silver
Susan Sonoyama
Peggy Stare
Susan & Ken Taylor
Jelena Tiemann
Stephanie Tucker
Elaine Verbarg
Peter & Karen Von Elten
Bryan Weare
LeRose Weikert
Martha West
Peggy Wheeler
John Wilson
Arnold Wolf & Fern Tablin
Claudia & Olin Woods
Wendy & Mark Zlotlow

Patron: $150+

John & Kathleen Agnew
Kathleen Anderson
Rebecca Armstrong
Bernice Bass
Robert & Jean Bonar
Patty Bonnstetter
Bruce Bowers
Sandra Briggs-Howell
Carol Brodeur
Laurie Brown
Celia Buckley
Russell Burgess (Marie Smith)
Allison Claire
David A Combies
Edward Condon
Dennis Cook
Kelly Coplin
Julia Costello
Elizabeth Edwards
Ellen Ferguson
Stephanie Finelli
Gail Finney
Mary Helen Fischer
Marc Gabrys
Sharon Garrett & Cary Osfeld
Jan Geiger
Wayne & Mary Ginsburg
Mary Graziose
Bruce Gunn
Dan Harlan
Dee Hartzog
Zheyla Henriksen
Hirst Law Group, P.C.
Jack H Howe
Marlys Huez
Patrick Hunt
Linda Iseri
Don Johnson & Elizabeth Miller
Myrna Johnston
Joann Joye
Bobbie Keill
Peggy & Bruce Kennedy
Linda Kingsley & Sharon Liberatore
Marilyn Kissler
Deb Kollars
Paul & Jane Lammerding
Douglas Le Blanc
Dan & Stephanie Leahy
John Leonard
Patricia Levin
Shannon Mahoney & Kirk Blackinton
Carol McCormick
Cheryl McDonald
Livia Moe
Catherine Mulhall & Steve Danielson
Sandra Nelson
Karen Neuwald
Becky & Bob Norris
Cherril Peabody
Sarah Phelan
Brian Powers
Enid Pritikin
Raymond Reis
Randy Roberts
Myrna Rodriguez
Nai Saechao
Peter Saucerman
Judith Scammell
Chris & Julia Smith
Tom & Hedda Smithson
Robert Snider
Luree Stetson
Harry & Linda Struthers
Michael Ullman
Debra Waltz
Steven Winlock
Megan Wygant
Timothy Zindel

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