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Curtain Call: An End of the Year Showcase and Review

at Austin Community College Drama Department
The Cast & Design and Technical Students
Hosted by Glampus (Bert Keefer)
Connor Austin
Bella Kent
Evan Martinez
Anthony Saldana
Rafael De La Cruz
Bert Keefer
Jaz Pintar
Ella Schmitt
Jose Manuel Garcia Suarez
Sarah Ferguson
Khalil Khalifa
Evelyn Morgan
Rebecca Yuhas
Sam Coldiron
Freddie Demps
Deseree Garcia
Isabella Rowland
Tania Silver-Diaz
Marcela Valadez
Sofia Forsberg
B. Sherman Knox
Carly Saad
Jillian Vincent
Miguel De Hoyos
Brigid Ferris-Hughes
Ulises Garcia
Khalia Sacko
Ollie Sofield

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Welcome to Curtain Fall with your host: Glampus

Monologue: Bella Kent, Alcott: A Play by Adam Szymkowicz

Monologue: Evelyn Morgan, Kodachrome by Adam Szymkowicz

Video: Stage Makeup

Scene: Khalil Khalifa & Jillian Vincent. Medea by Euripides

Monologue: Evan Martinez, Boy's Life by Howard Korder

Host: Outfit and Wig sponsored by the AAS in Technical Theater Degree…

Scene: Khalil Khalifa & B. Sherman Knox. Fences by August Wilson

Monologue: Sofia Forsberg, The Woolgatherer by William Mastrosimone

Video: Fade Trailer Fall 2022


Direction: Yesenia Garcia Herrington | Set Design: Tomas Salas | Costume Design: Stephanie Dunbar | Lighting Design: Luis Sandoval | Prop Design: Joe Kelley | Sound Design: Phillip Owen | Stage Management: Lindsey Ollinger 

Scene: Connor Austin & Carly Saad. Almost Maine, by John Cariani

Host: An Invitation to Browse the Gallery


Scene: Sarah Ferguson & Sofia Forsberg. Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley

Monologue: Carly Saad. Oleanna by David Mamet

Video: Entertainment Technologies

Scene: Bella Kent & Evan Martinez. Lend me a Tenor by Ken Ludwig

Host:  The ACC Dance and Drama Scholarship

Monologue: B. Sherman Knox, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Video: Introduction to Collaborative Design

Scene: Anthony Saldana & Rebecca Yuhas. Stop Kiss by Diana Son.

Monologue: Sarah Ferguson. The Art Room by Billy Aronson

Video: The Snow Teaser Spring 2023

Host: The Snow & "Never Fall in Love with an Elf"




Technical Director, Tomas Salas

Master Carpenter, Joe Kelley

Master Electrician, Channing Schreyer

Costume & Makeup Shop Head, Christina Montgomery

Graphic Designer, Rachel Atkinson


Maddison Fleetwood, Stage Manager

Effrain Torres, JR, Sound Board Operator

Khalia Sacko, Light Board Operator


Poster Image: Avery from DRTE 1374 course



Rachel Atkinson

Florinda Bryant

Stephanie Dunbar

Cynthia Gage

Yesenia Garcia Herrington

Joe Kelley

Christina Montgomery

Marcus McQuirter

Jamie Rogers

Tomas Salas

Channing Schreyer

Assoc. VP Workforce Education, Gretchen Riehl

Interim Dean of Arts & Digital Media, Perry Crafton

ACC Highland Campus Management, Linda Morrison & Riley Davis

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