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Drinking Habits

at Cite des Arts
Directed by: Teresa Streva
Beth Finch
John Lagneaux
Drew "T-Boy" Hanks
Dyan Schnaars
Mimi DelGizzi
Ellen Fucich
Madeline Marita
Philip Streva
Produced by: Cite des Arts & Streva Production
Produced by special arrangements with Playscripts, Inc.

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Teresa Streva, Director
Teresa Streva, Director


I grew up watching old black and white movies.  Spent many Sunday afternoons watching the classics such as Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy. Jerry Lewis is one of my all-time favorites.  As I grew older, I looked forward each evening to watching The Carol Burnette Show with my Mama.  I carried on that tradition with my two girls as they grew up.  

When I got the itch to direct, I looked for a play that would be easy for a first-time director.  I came across Drinking Habits and was immediately hooked.  It had all the elements I was looking for:  A simple set, great one-liners, and a script with which we could have a lot of fun!

At our first read-through, the cast knew we had a winner.  We hit "pay dirt" with this cast!  This production would never have been possible without their dedication, talent, great comedic timing, and immense love of the theater.   We have had so much fun rehearsing and are even more excited to finally be back on stage.

I would like to dedicate my first show as a director to my immensely patient and supportive husband (and producer of the show), Philip Streva. To my children, Bub, Tasha & Kaitlyn for believing in me. And to my grandchildren, Jackson, Addison, Harper, Karter, and Levi Colt for bringing so much joy and happiness into our lives.

I hope that you will have as much fun as we are in joining us in "Drinking Habits!"

Thank you!!!

It takes special people who put in countless hours of work to make a successful production happen!  We would like to give special thanks to the following:

  • Daniel Ladmirault - Who came to our rescue and built/constructed this fantastic set for us.  A great play begins with a great set!
  • Cooper Helm - For setting our light design and "showing us the ropes."  Thank you for your guidance and support.
  • Philip Streva, Streva Productions - For co-producing this show and supporting me and all my hair-brained ideas!  Love ya, Babe.
  • The Cast of Drinking Habits - for their dedication and hard work.  Going straight from a long day at work, right into 3 hours of rehearsal night after night can feel like you've been forced to join "The Sisterhood of Grueling Hard Labor!" - (But what choice did they have?) but no one ever complained and everyone gave their all; night after night.  
  • Cite des Arts - For allowing artists from all walks to express themselves and giving everyone the opportunity to try something "new."
  • You- The Audience - For supporting the arts by being here, today.
And a special shout out to Jacob White and Skip Shannon of Acadiana Open Channel for filming, editing, and staying up half the night to get it uploaded for our on-demand viewing!!!  You guys rock!


Mimi DelGizzi
Beth Finch
Mother Superior
Ellen Fucich
Assistant Director/Sister August
Drew Hanks
John Lagneaux
Madeline Marita
Sister Mary Catherine
Dyan Schnaars
Sister Philamena
Philip Streva
Father Chenille

Creative Team

Becca Chauvin

Lighting & Sound

Lisa Domingue

Set Decor

Cooper Helm

Light Design

Daniel Ladmirault

Set Construction

Skip Shannon

Production - AOC Community Media

Jacob White

Production Assistant - AOC Community Media


Cité des Arts, Lafayette's premiere community arts incubator, would like to thank its financial supporters, without whom, we could not provide the grassroots arts community a platform for visual and performance art.

Friends $50.00 plus
Elizabeth Guidry, Julie LaFleur, Kim and Elizabeth Nehrbass, Mike Milliken, Patricia Sidman, William Bass, Danny & Patricia Cottonham, Richard Walsh, Olan Thibodeaux, Stacey Wilson, Juliette Wade, Carmen Guilbeaux, Daryl McGrath, Jean-Louis Lavergne, Mindy Prados, Carl Granieri, Ashley Saizan, Juliette Wade, Carmen Guilbeau, Daryl McGrath, Jean-Louis Lavergne, Mindy Prados, Ross Barnett, Dennis LaFleur, Susan Richard, Sandra Laborde Broussard, Janet Wing, Ava Harris, Clint & Debra Crowe, Christophe Pilut, Lian Cheramie, Sandi Stewart,  Jessica Dauterive, Heather Birdsong, Erin Roy, Maura Nelson, Carmen Nicholson, Richard Grant, Corey Faul, Nicole Jones, Rebecca Oyer, Dominick Cross, Chas Womelsdorf, Lauren Jensen, Raphael Higginbotham, Garland Bernard, Joseph McCarty, Stephanie Patton, Connie Collins

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Benefactor $1,000+
Carmer Falgout, Joe Riehl and Jana Rush, Al Berard Memorial Music Fund (in Memory of David Guarisco), John Bess, Dr. Ronnie Daigle, Vernon Moret, Palmisano, LLC, HRI Development, LLC, Theresa Rohloff, Chrys Vildibill, Parisa & Mike Liu, Cade Evans, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Snow,  Dr. Jay Culotta, M.D., Mr. & Mrs. James Parkerson Roy Family Fund, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hilliard, Financial Strategies Group, Inc.

5 Star Sponsor $5,000.00+
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William C. Shumaker Family Foundation

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Dr. John Fiero, James C. Moore, Mary Neiheisel, Dr. A.S. Vatsala and Dr. M. Ramaswamy, James W. Beardsley, Ruth Mentley and Baker Kearfort, Dr. Maureen Brennan, Dr. & Mrs. L.J. Benoit, C.G. Jung Society of Lafayette, Joe Fowler, Roger Peak

In Memory of Mrs. Marion Shirley Ladmirault

Cyndi Holman, Jason Ladmirault, Anne Dinges, Susan St. Pierre and the IBERIABANK Management Team, Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Brown, Kurt Kellerman & The Deal Committee, Cité des Arts Board of Directors, LTG(R) & Mrs. Russell Honoré, Pallas Dunn

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Dyan Schnaars of Schnaars Law Firm, LLC wishes the best to the cast and crew of Drinking Habits. Break a leg, everyone!! Cheers!
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