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Emma: A Pop Musical: Safe On Stage Edition

at Mount Carmel Academy STK

Produced by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing.


Eric Price

Featuring Music Made Popular by

The Dixie Cups

Shania Twain

The Ronettes

Whitney Houston

Lisa Loeb

The Supremes

Avril Lavigne

Pat Benatar

Vicki Sue Robinson

Katy Perry


Sara Bareilles

Cyndi Lauper



Paula Adbul

Isabella Farrugia
Josh Williams
Tyler Gaubert
Meredith Falk-Charbonnet
Hannah Bonnette
Regan Nugent
Justice Smith
Connor Helmke
Ashley Dolan


Elise Fairchild, Kameron Callahan, Emily Oliver,

Rhyan-Grace Hebert, Emily Reeks


Mary Agate, Adeleine Berner, Madelyn Berner, Angelina Granier, Ella-Grace Gustin, Elise Holloway, Olivia Long, Molly Martinez, Maddie Maurin, Helen Morlier, Isabella Nicoll, Alexis Schott, Sophie Sigur, Casey Swanson

Hannah Darcey, Colleen D'Aquila, Anna Grenrood, Haley Guidry, Ellie Hardie, Sydney Hughes, Abigail Mohr, Lauren Morantez, Jalen Robinson

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A Note From the Director


Wow, just wow. I'm not sure where to even start. What a time to be alive. I'm so proud of this cast and crew. I wasn't sure we would even be able to do a musical when the school year started, and there have been many challenges along the way...but here we are! I'm so thankful to our administration for their support and devotion to the arts at Mount Carmel. We truly wouldn't be here without their love and unwavering support. I spent many many hours and stressful nights figuring out how to put a musical on this spring. When I read Emma: A Pop Musical, I knew I had found the perfect show! It's fun, uplifting, and so relatable for the students! We have taken every COVID precaution and have worked hard to stay healthy and safe. It feels amazing to be able to do what I love and provide an opportunity for our students to do what they love. We are so thrilled to have you in the audience tonight, whether you're with us in the Alario Center or watching from the comfort of your home! We hope you can forget about the troubles of the world for 90 minutes and get wrapped up in Emma's story! 


Song List

The Show Will Be Performed with NO INTERMISSION

Chapel of Love.................Emma, Company

Man, I Feel Like a Woman...........Harriet, Emma, Company

Be My Baby: Part 1.................Harriet, Girl

How Will I Know?..................Harriet, Emma, Girls

Be My Baby: Part 2...............Harriet, Girl

King of Anything.......Emma, Jeff, Girls, Guy

Girls Just Want To Have Fun.......Jane, Emma, Harriet, Girl

You Can't Hurry Love......Welcoming Committee, Emma, Harriet, Company

Things I'll Never Say.....Jeff, Guys, Girls

Heartbreaker.....Frankie, Company

Whatta Man / You Gotta Be.....Girls

Straight Up........Emma, Frankie

Bad, Bad Crush......Harriet, Jane

Roar.......Emma, Jeff, Ashley, Phillip

Stay......Emma, Frankie, Jeff

Turn the Beat Around / I Wanna Dance With Somebody...Ashley, Company

Be My Baby: Part 3....Harriet, Girls

Brave....Harriet, Jane, Frankie, Emma, Jeff

Be My Baby: Part 4.....Harriet, Girls

Unwritten......Emma, Jeff, Company

Make a Match for You......Company


Who's Who


Mary Agate

Male Ensemble
Adeleine Berner

Male Ensemble
Madelyn Berner

Male Ensemble
Hannah Grace Bonnette

Jane Fairfax
Kameron Callahan

Mr. Weston/Ensemble
Hannah Darcey

Colleen D'Aquila

Ashley Dolan

Miss Bates
Elise Fairchild

Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston
Meredith Falk-Charbonnet

Harriet Smith
Isabella Farrugia

Emma Woodhouse
Tyler Gaubert

Angelina Granier

Male Ensemble
Anna Grenrood

Haley Guidry

Ella-Grace Gustin

Ellie Hardie

Rhyan-Grace Hebert

Welcoming Committee
Connor Helmke

Philip Elton
Elise Holloway

Female Ensemble
Sydney Hughes

Olivia Long

Male Ensemble
Molly Martinez

Female Ensemble
Maddie Maurin

Dance Captain/ Female Ensemble
Abbey Mohr

Lauren Morantez

Helen Morlier

Female Ensemble
Isabella Nicoll

Female Ensemble
Regan Nugent

Emily Oliver

Welcoming Committee Girl
Emily Reeks

Welcoming Committee
Jalen Robinson

Alexis Schott

Male Ensemble
Sophie Sigur

Justice Smith

Jeff Knightly
Casey Swanson

Female Ensemble
Josh Williams

Frankie Churchill


Light Crew - Katie Glynn

Sound Crew - Amy Gegenheimer

Set Crew - Katelyn Branch*, Taylor Davis*,  Lyvvie Nguyen, Ariel Engert

Prop Crew - Grace DeLaune*, Claire Schenck*, Rachel Hartman

Costume Crew - Sophia Hattier, Molly Martinez*

Make-Up Crew - Cammi Sevin, Ella-Grace Gustin

Tech Committee - Sarah Couillard, Madeleine DeFraites, Claire Dorsey, Ariel Engert, Rachel Hartman, Lailah Mace, Lyvvie Nguyen, Alyssa Schaubhut



Alto Sax - Meagan Dwyer

Tenor Sax - Karl Hymel

Trumpet - Brad Stauffer

Trombone - Haruka Kikuchi

Guitar - Seth Scott

Bass - Stephen Bertram

Drums - Miguel Pilcher

Keyboard - Karl Harrod

Creative Team

Kristi Jacobs-Stanley

Karl Harrod

Music Director
Maggie Jaunet*

Claire Schenck*

Assistant Director/Dramaturge/Prop Designer
Rachel Lacho*

Assistant Director
James Moore

Technical Director
Grace Chachere*

Stage Manager
Taylor Davis*

Assistant Stage Manager
Gilly Jaunet

House Manager
Maddie Nguyen*

Lighting Designer
Catherine Nicosia*

Sound Designer
Molly Martinez*

Costume Designer
Shane Stewart

Projections Designer
Maddie Maurin*

Dance Captain
Kim Schultz & Kathy Pennison

STK Seamstresses

Notes from an English Teacher

When I graduated from high school, my dad’s aunt gave me a volume of Jane Austen’s collected works. Aunt Dorothy had inscribed the book to me, hoping that I would come to love “Jane,” as she called the author, as much as she did. Now, the book was a hardcover and weighed roughly 7 pounds, and, truth to tell, I didn’t touch it until I dutifully packed it to move into my freshman dorm. For 2 years, the book sat unopened on my shelf. Finally, after I had declared as an English major in my junior or senior year, I took a class completely devoted to Jane Austen. Instead of buying 6 paperbacks, I dragged the giant book to every class. We started with Sense and Sensibility, moved through Pride and Prejudice, and got to Emma around mid-semester. 


People sometimes dismiss Austen’s novels as “women’s fiction” or “novels of manners,” but by the time she was writing Emma, Austen had developed a completely new writing style: “free indirect discourse,” a third-person point of view that channels both the internal and external action of characters through the perspective of a particular character (in this case, Emma Woodhouse) without making a distinction between the internal and external action. In other words, Emma’s thoughts are presented as part of the third-person narration (without the tag “thought Emma”). This technique makes us accept everything the narrator tells us: Because Emma thinks that she is acting in the best possible intentions and motivations, we the readers do as well. Because Emma doesn’t acknowledge that other characters might have their own motivations and goals, we don’t suspect until she does. It’s not until near the end of the novel that we realize that Emma is actually a spoiled know-it-all who needs to stop meddling in other people’s lives and tend to her own. Austen herself wrote, “I am going to [make] a character that nobody but myself will much like.” Of course, we all like Emma, despite her faults.


The story of Emma Woodhouse -- even though it’s officially 206 years old, is timeless. The gossip, the matchmaking, the secrets, the dreams are just as relevant to today’s teenagers as they were in Regency England. That’s why there have been 4 film adaptations, including 1995’s Clueless and a lavish production released in 2020; 8 television films and miniseries; 6 stage productions (including Emma: A Pop Musical); 2 YouTube series; 9 novels inspired by Austen’s original (one with werewolves!); and a manga adaptation. 


The book my aunt had given me became part of my permanent collection, and “Jane,” as Aunt Dorothy had called her, became very dear to me. We invite you to experience the story for yourself in Emma: A Pop Musical




Note from the Dramaturge

Jane Austen started her writing career at a young age, composing parodies of famous books of the time like History of England by Oliver Goldsmith. Cassandra, Austen’s older sister, would paint watercolor illustrations for her books. As Austen grew, so did her writing. A consistent theme in her writing was confident and clever young women. Other common themes in Austen’s writings included love, classism, financial and social vulnerability of young women, and family. In the 1790s, Austen wrote Sense and Sensibility (originally titled Elinor and Marianne) and Pride and Prejudice, works that are well known today. However, at that time, Austen struggled to find a publisher. During the 18th century, a woman’s purpose was to manage the house and to educate and raise her children. Women had few rights and were expected to marry to achieve a greater social status. The men of the household were responsible for earning an income for the family. So, when Austen’s father died in 1805, the family was forced to stay with friends and relatives. That is until Austen finally published Sense and Sensibility in 1811. Her book was an instant success and earned her a great profit. The next year Austen sold the rights for her next hit, Pride and Prejudice. In 1814, Austen began writing Emma, which was not very popular during her lifetime. However, today, Emma is considered her greatest work. Emma Woodhouse, the main character of Emma, is a beautiful, wealthy, and smart woman. She is also spoiled, meddlesome, and self-deluded. Emma claims she will never marry, but believes she is an excellent matchmaker. Emma then tries to find a match for her friend Harriet; however, things don’t exactly go to plan...

Meet the Company

Mary Agate (Male Ensemble)

Mary '25 Is excited to join the cast to put on the performance of Emma: A Pop Musical. This is Mary's 2nd STK production, and 1st STK musical. She would like to thank her family and Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley for the amazing opportunity to be in this fantastic production!!!

Madelyn Berner (Male Ensemble)

Madelyn '22 is very excited for her eighth STK show! She has been in STK since eighth grade and has been on cast and crew on various productions. She wishes all of her incredible castmates and crewmates well, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Hannah Grace Bonnette (Jane Fairfax)

Hannah '21 is thrilled to be back on the Mount Carmel stage. She previously starred in Annie (Lily St. Regis) at Mount Carmel, My Fair Lady, School Edition (Eliza Doolittle) at JPAS, She Loves Me (Amalia Balash) at Rummel, and Thoroughly Modern Millie (Dorothy) at Brother Martin. She would like to thank her family and friends, especially Mom, Mackenzie, and Austin.

Kameron Callahan (Mr. Weston/Ensemble)

Kameron, a 9th grader at Holy Cross School, is excited to return to the STK stage in his 3rd year. He has performed in numerous shows at MCA, including Annie (Bundles) and Trixie the Teen Detective (Gunther). Kameron has performed for JPAS for the last 7 years, and some of his favorite roles have been in Guys and Dolls (Nathan Detroit), My Fair Lady (Butler), and Lion King (Banzai).  He thanks Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley for this great opportunity and the cast for fun times. 

Hannah Darcey (Ensemble)

Hannah '21 is very excited to be a part of her last MCA production! She's loved getting to spend time with the cast and crew and will miss everyone so much! She would like to thank Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley, Ms. Collis, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Jaunet, and everyone who helped make this production a success and the last five years so memorable! 



Colleen D'Aquila (Ensemble)

Colleen '25 is super excited to have a role in her second MCA show!  She is in 8th grade and would like to thank her family for supporting her and everyone who has taken part in assembling Emma: A Pop Musical.

Ashley Dolan (Miss Bates )

Ashley '21 is very excited to be a part of her last show with STK. Ashley has been a part of STK for all five years at MCA and is now president of the club. She has enjoyed every moment with this group and will miss them dearly. Adios! :)

Elise Fairchild (Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston)

Elise '24 is so excited to be back with STK in their musical!  Working with STK has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her, and she is so happy she joined! This is her seventh year doing musicals and plays, and she couldn't be happier with where she is.

Meredith Falk-Charbonnet (Harriet Smith)

Meredith '23 is thrilled to be back performing live theatre! She was last seen on the MCA stage as Annie in Annie the Musical. Favorite past roles include Debbie Wilkinson in Rivertown Theater's Billy Elliot, the Musical and teen ensemble in Tulane Summer Lyric's Matilda, the Musical. Meredith would like to thank her family and friends for all their support!

Isabella Farrugia (Emma Woodhouse)

Isabella '21 is so excited to return to the stage in her fifth and final STK show. Favorite credits: Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie (STK), Gertrude in Seussical (St. Luke’s), Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Brother Martin), and Babe in The Pajama Game (Brother Martin). She attended Emerson College’s summer musical theatre intensive in 2019 and will study musical theatre at Florida State University in the fall.


Tyler Gaubert (Martin)

Tyler is excited to be back for another show with MCA. Having done 2 shows before, High School Musical and Annie, he just could not stay away from the family atmosphere and astounding shows of MCA as Martin in Emma: A Pop Musical.

Angelina Granier (Male Ensemble )

Angelina '24 is so thrilled to be in her 4th show at MCA! This is her very first musical that she will be able to perform here due to the circumstances of COVID-19. Despite the despairing year it has been, she is delighted to be a part of STK and this wonderful show! 

Anna Grenrood (Ensemble)

Anna is extremely excited to be in this musical. Anna participated in Mount Carmel Summer Camp's performances of Annie and High School Musical; she also participated in JPAS Theatre Kid's productions of Singing in the Rain and Mary Poppins. This is Anna's first show in STK, and she is very excited.

Haley Guidry (Ensemble)

Haley '23 is in her 5th show in STK. She is super excited to do Emma and is very grateful that we could put it on. She would like to thank the cast, crew, and Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley for making it happen.

Ella-Grace Gustin (Ensemble )

Ella-Grace '24 is very excited to be in her third production at MCA! She is grateful to be able to put on a show during this uncertain time. She would like to thank all her friends, family, and everyone in STK. She hopes you enjoy the show! 

Ellie Hardie (Ensemble)

Ellie '25 has loved performing in plays and has been doing theater for 4 years. She has been in many productions that range from Elf Jr. at St. Dominic School to Suessical the Musical at Rivertown Theatres. She is very excited to be part of this new experience and is also excited for everyone to see the show. 

Rhyan-Grace Hebert (Welcoming Committee )

Rhyan-Grace '22 is ecstatic to be a part of her 8th STK production! She has had a great time getting to bond with her cast and friends throughout this production. She would like to thank her friends and family for always supporting her with everything she does! She would also like to thank Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley for allowing her to be a part of this show. Finally, she wishes the best to all of her fellow cast and crew to have an amazing show and break a leg! 

Connor Helmke (Philip Elton)

Connor '21 attends Holy Cross High School, and this is going to be his first appearance in an MCA production. He has been in shows like Charlie Brown, The 39 Steps, Little Shop of Horrors, and Godspell at Holy Cross as well.



Elise Holloway (Female Ensemble)

Elise '24 is excited to be in her third Mount Carmel production! Previously, she was Lady Washington in MCA's ​​​​​​A Simpler TimeShe also participates in Celebration, Teens For Life, and Campus Ministry. Elise would like to thank her family, friends, Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley, Maggie Jaunet, Ms. Collis, and everyone who has helped work on the show!

Sydney Hughes (Ensemble )

Sydney '25 is excited to be in her first Mount Carmel musical as an 8th Grader! She has been a cast member in 9 shows, with her most recent role being an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka Jr. She hopes to participate in many more shows at Mount Carmel!

Olivia Long (Male Ensemble)

Olivia '24 is excited to debut in her first performance with MCA. Since she was 7, Olivia has been in more than 20 productions. The majority of these productions were through the St. Philip Neri drama program, where she had several notable roles in Mulan Jr. (as "Mushu"), James and The Giant Peach ( as "Sponge"), Annie Jr. (as Lily), and Wonderland (as the "White Queen"). She is also cast in a pending production of Moana Jr. as a Chief Ancestor/Ensemble at Rivertown Theatre. Olivia enjoys baking, singing, and is also an anchor for WMCA.





Molly Martinez (Female Ensemble)

Molly '23 is excited to be a part of her 6th show here at Mount Carmel. This show has been so different compared to others, but it was fun and a great learning experience. She wants to thank her family, Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley, Ashley, and Maddie for being her number one supporters throughout the show process!  

Maddie Maurin (Dance Captain/ Female Ensemble)

Maddie '23 is very excited to be a part of another STK production. You might have seen her in Trixie the Teen Detective (Trixie understudy), Annie (Kate), Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (narrator and the Mock Turtle), and A Simpler Time (Adelaide and Dora.) She loves this club and is so appreciative to be a part of such a beautiful production. 

Abbey Mohr (Ensemble)

Abbey is very excited to be in STK's production of Emma: A Pop Musical in the ensemble, as it is her first musical with STK. She has also been in several other shows in the past: The Sound of MusicGrease, and Aladdin. She would like to thank everyone in STK, her friends, family, and parents for supporting her.

Lauren Morantez (Ensemble)

Lauren '25 is excited to be in her second STK play! She has been in many plays at City Park Movement and Art, including Newsies Jr. and Into the Woods Jr. Lauren was also in STK's A Simpler Time and JPAS Theatre Kids' Schoolhouse Rock Jr. She would like to thank Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley, the cast, and crew for making this production possible! 

Helen Morlier (Female Ensemble)

Helen '25 is super excited to be in her first STK musical! She was also in STK's production of A Simpler Time (Helen) and summer camp productions of Annie (Tessie) and High School Musical (cheerleader).  She is so honored to be in this musical and hopes you enjoy the show!

Isabella Nicoll (Female Ensemble)

Isabella '25 is excited to be performing in her first STK production! She performed in Mount Carmel summer camp's  Shrek Jr. The Musical, JPAS Theatre Kids' Home for the Holidays, and JPAS Theatre Kids' Schoolhouse Rock Jr. She would like to thank Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley, the cast, and crew for giving her the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing production!

Regan Nugent (Ashley)

Regan '24 is very excited to be in her second production for STK. After her first MCA show, A Simpler Time (Emily Webb/Mom), she was very excited to get the opportunity to perform again. Her recent credits include Thoroughly Modern Millie (Millie Understudy) at Mount Carmel and Descendants (Ensemble) and Raise Your Voice 3 (Six soloist/dancer) at Rivertown Theaters. 

Emily Oliver (Welcoming Committee Girl)

Emily '23 is so excited to finally be back with her STK family! This is her sixth show at MCA. You may have seen her before in A Simpler Time (Abigail Willams/Teddy). She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her and being her biggest fans! 

Emily Reeks (Welcoming Committee)

Emily '21 is so excited for this show because she is able to participate in a live show for her senior year. She has been a part of STK since eighth grade, and she is really happy to get to perform in her final show with all of her friends. She would like to thank PJ and Chance for making this all possible. 

Jalen Robinson (Ensemble)

Jalen '21 is very excited to perform in Mount Carmel's production of Emma. This show is bittersweet since it will be Jalen's last STK production. However, she has put in the energy and time into making her final performance on stage her best. Jalen has loved making many memories with her fellow cast mates over the years and will miss STK dearly. 

Sophie Sigur (Ensemble)

Sophie '25 is glad to be in the theater for her first show at MCA.  Sophie has performed theater since she was very young at Cutting Edge Theatre in Slidell, Louisiana.  Her favorite roles were Wendy in Peter Pan and Chip in Beauty and the Beast. She most recently started a show at MCA but was sadly quarantined. Thank you to Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley for all of your support through this COVID season!

Casey Swanson (Female Ensemble)

Casey '25 is incredibly excited to be in her first STK production! She has been performing since she was three years old and has been on stage in many productions in the New Orleans region. Most recently, Casey was seen in Descendants the Musical ​​​​​(Jane) at Rivertown Theaters, Annie (Duffy) at JPAS, and Matilda the Musical (Amanda Thripp) at Tulane Summer Lyric. Casey would like to thank Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley and this entire cast/crew that made this production happen!

Josh Williams (Frankie Churchill)

Josh '22 attends Archbishop Rummel High School. This is his first time performing at STK, and he is very excited to be there and can’t wait for the show!

Kristi Jacobs-Stanley (Director)

Kristi holds a B.A. in Theater from Loyola University and a M.F.A. in Theater Management from the University of Alabama/Alabama Shakespeare Festival. This is Kristi’s 11th year as STK Director and her 9th year serving as the Fine Arts Department Chair. She received a 2019 Big Easy Award for Best University Production at Loyola University as director of These Shining Lives. Past companies include Alabama Shakespeare Festival, California Repertory Company, Seattle Children’s Theater, Missoula Children’s Theater, Hangar Theater, Walt Disney World, Evangeline Oaks Entertainment, Crescent City Lights Youth Theater, Southern Repertory Theater, and True Brew Theater. Favorite Roles include The Children’s Hour (Mary Tilford), The Garden of Rikki Tikki Tavi (Chuchu), and Cinderella (Stepsister). Thanks to the fantastic cast and crew, STK officers, Maggie Jaunet, Karl Harrod, Kim Schultz, Kathy Pennison, Carli Collis, Ryan Willams, Ryan Naquin, Sue Buras, Sister Camille Anne Campbell, Beth Ann Simno, her family, and a very special thanks to Marcus Stanley and Basil Marie Stanley.

Karl Harrod (Music Director)

Karl Harrod, Music Director, is a familiar face in the New Orleans Musical Theatre scene. From the recent hit Descendants at Rivertown, Mr. Harrod has directed the vocal and orchestral parts of many shows at St. Luke's UMC, Holy Cross HS, Brother Martin HS, Slidell HS, Hahnville HS, Dutchtown HS, River Region Drama Guild, JPAS Comp Team, and JPAS Hunchback of Notre Dame chorus. Mr. Harrod, former Hurst MS Vocal Teacher in St. Charles Parish, currently teaches Musical Theatre classes at ENCORE and has worked with many talented students in the area. He is excited to return to Mt. Carmel, where he directed 23 years ago.

Maggie Jaunet* (Choreographer)

Maggie '19 is a sophomore musical theatre major at Loyola University New Orleans. She is also a Ragdoll alum and did STK all 5 years, where she worked on light design, choreographed dance numbers for the state and international Thespian Festivals, and also performed in the 2019 spring musical Annie the Musical as an orphan (Duffy). Before working on Emma, Maggie choreographed the Summer in the Spotlight shows Annie Jr. and Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. She is so excited to be back in the PAC to work as the choreographer alongside Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley! 

Claire Schenck* (Assistant Director/Dramaturge/Prop Designer)

Claire '22 is proud to be a part of her eighth STK production! She would like to thank her family, friends, and the cast and crew for their support, hard work, and dedication. Special thanks to Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley and Mrs. Jaunet for their help and guidance! Claire hopes you enjoy Emma: A Pop Musical!


Rachel Lacho* (Assistant Director)

Rachel ‘21 is so excited to be a part of this show as one of the assistant directors. Normally, she is on stage, but she loves being behind the scenes, too! She would like to thank the cast and crew for making her last STK show at Mount Carmel enjoyable and one she won’t forget.

Grace Chachere* (Stage Manager)

Grace '21 is excited to be a part of her 12th show with STK. She has been a member of the club since 8th grade and was promoted to Stage Manager last year. Grace can't wait to perform one last time with all of her friends!

Taylor Davis* (Assistant Stage Manager)

Taylor '23 is so excited to be helping stage manage this show. This is her sixth show with STK, and she would like to wish everyone a good performance! Break legs!

Gilly Jaunet (House Manager)

Gilly has taught English at Mount Carmel for 14 years and has served as co-chair of the English Department for 11. She's been a stage mom for longer than that, however. She would like to thank Maggie Jaunet for never minding her just hanging around and Kristi Jacobs-Stanley for giving her stuff to do so she's not in the way. 



Congratulations to our "Ad Queen" Colleen D'Aquila!

Adeleine, Be INCREDIBLE ! Love- Claude, Lucien, Sabrina, Gareth, August, Elisabeth, Mom & Dad


Junior's on Harrison Lakeview Harbor
Russell's Marina Grill Another Broken Egg
NOLA Sweet T's Acorn Cafe
DiMartino's Olive Branch Cafe
Ruby Slipper Fat Boy's Pizza


Thank you!

Sister Camille Anne Campbell, Beth Ann Simno, Denna Cheramie, Maggie Jaunet, Karl Harrod, Kim Schultz, Kathy Pennison, Carli Collis, Ryan Williams, Gilly Jaunet, STK Members, Ryan Naquin, WMCA, Sarah Miller, Richie and Robbie Jacobs, Marcus Stanley, Skip and Sue Buras, Emile, Eddie, Sabah, Ray and Donald, Gina & Eddie Perret, Catherine and Daniel Duensing, Lynne Bordelon, Michelle Richards, Sal Roberts, Megan Harms, PATHS Parents, STK Set Dads, all the parents who provided donations, SM Entertainment Consulting, James Moore, Omega Productions, Philip & Louis Hosen, Stephanie Hartman, Pam Holahan, Suzy Donaldson, Joyce McNeil, Mrs. Jacobs-Stanley’s Acting classes, the cast, crew and their parents, and Miss Basil Marie Stanley

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