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Second Stage 2023



Written, Performed, and Co-Produced by Susan Gross

The Face Of Emmett Till

by Mamie Till Mobley with David Barr III
Directed by Deborah Royals
Performed and Co-Produced by Pure Life Theatre



by Liz Duffy Adams
directed by Charles Machalicky
Performed by Switchyard Theatre
Barry Jaked
Julianna Frasca
Matthew Adelson


Ruby  Program

The story of one woman’s emotional journey after a miscarriage.


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Cast: Susan Gross

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Zeke Rezzarday

CONTENT ADVISORY: Description of Pregnancy loss, Mention of child death, Language

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The Face Of Emmett Till Program

The touching story based on the words of Mamie Till Mobley is one of the greatest examples of the courage of truth in the face of hatred.


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Director: Deborah Royals

Cast: Tina Morris-Anderson, Jireh Ijeoma, Verlene Oates, Taufiki Lee, Carl Mulfinger, Jim O'Brien, Moriah Renee Williams, Christina Brown, Kurt Benrud, Raenique Dawson, Ginny Darcey, Douglas Kapp, Blake Lee, Ajani Kambòn, John Ivey, Quinn Michael Gray, Darius Hooks, Jennifer Ijeoma, Jordan "JD" Dowd, Zion Naima

Production Staff:


Costume Design: JULIA GAINEY

Musical Direction: STEVEN DIGGS, JR.


Rehearsal Stage Manager: TIFFANI STATEN



CONTENT ADVISORY: Racial violence, description of child death

Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING GROUP OF Woodstock, Illinois.

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Or, Program

A quick-changing, door-slamming romp through the 1660’s.


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Director: Charles Machalicky

Cast: Laurel Ullman, Ryan McDaniel, Kelly McDaniel

Production Staff:

Assistant Stage Manager: Sofia Diaz
Intimacy Coordinator: Veronica Dress
Technical Director: John-Paul Middlesworth
Sound Design: Michael Parker
Lighting Design: Matthew Adelson
Costume Design: Aerial Sanders
Props/Costume Manager: Jodeya Brown
Marketing Assistant: Miranda Curtis
Producer: John Paul Middlesworth

CONTENT ADVISORY: contains sexual content, adult situations and strong language. Recommended for audiences 18+.

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Burning Coal's Board of Directors

Slee Arnold
Pamela Blizzard
Cari Grindem-Corbett
Jerome Davis
Grace Gregson
Simmie Kastner
Deborah Keefe
Paul Leone
Jordan Lichtenheld
Elaine Quagliata
David Ranii
Gustavo Schmidt
Gwynn Swinson

Second Stage Production Team

Matthew E. Adelson

(Lighting Designer)
Matthew E. Adelson has designed extensively for Burning Coal, including their recent productions of What If If Only, Air and Talley’s Folly in London. Upcoming productions include: And A Nightingale Sang (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey), The Stones and Just Another Day (Great Barrington Public Theater), Copenhagen (Berkshire Theatre Group). Matthew is the Production Manager for the Five College Dance Department (Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith and the University of Massachusetts Amherst) and is a graduate of the Yale Drama School.

Julianna Frasca

(Production Stage Manager)
Julianna Frasca is excited to be returning to Burning Coal Theatre for the Second Stage Series after recently Assistant Stage Managing their production of The Cherry Orchard. She spent the past year stage managing for Eastline Theatre on Long Island in their productions of Angels in America (both parts), In the Next Room, and Being Earnest, a queer adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest. Other credits include Stage Manager for Canned Laughter at the Downtown Urban Arts Festival, and Assistant Stage Manager for Malefactions at Cradle Theatre Company. Julianna would like to thank her wonderful husband, William, for supporting her while she takes the car every night for the production.


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