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Dorothy Rosenthal Pierce

Musical Director
Christopher Puckett
Erin Bell

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Director's Note

Dear audience, 

Thank you for being our 34th cast member. Live theatre is only complete when there is an audience to share it with - and that piece has been missing for two solid years on this stage.

There are so many firsts with this show - for several of our actors, it is their first time performing on a stage. For some of our actors, it is their first time performing at our school. For some of our actors, it is their first time with solos or speaking roles. For some of our actors, this is their first time in a leading role. For all of our company, this is the first time a full-length musical has been done at EH since January 2020. 

It is an important event. 

The gratitude that we feel getting to this place is amazing. We have been given many gifts during this process... the gift of a show that tells a beautiful story; the gifts and talents of new families joining us; the serendipity of having all of our favorite musicians available to make music with and for us; an amazing fight choreographer who came in at the last minute to fine-tune our work; and the gift of an audience willing to come share it with us.

I can't even begin to tell you the wounds that are being healed by getting to perform this show. 

These students are fiercely brave and stunningly vulnerable taking on this show. Their acting is beautiful, layered, nuanced and, though masked, they are telling this story with clarity and purpose. I could not be more proud of them. I sat crying during last night's final dress rehearsal, completely undone. We did it. They did it.

Thank you for being here.

Dorothy Rosenthal Pierce


ANNABETH Gracie Carbonetti-Norton
GROVER  Finn Paynich
LUKE  Avery Sund
SALLY JACKSON Elanor Sansburn
MR. BRUNNER aka CHIRON  Christana Leyton
CLARISSE  Madi Steiner
MR. D Ari Lemley
COMPANY (in order of appearance)
MRS. DODDS Tatiana Lindberg
GABE UGLIANO  Solomon September
MINOTAUR  Tatiana Lindberg
KATIE GARDNER  Ilze Riekstiņš
THE ORACLE Enya-Maria Healy
BUS DRIVER Timothy LaRose
FURIES Evangeline & Bridget
SQUIRREL Jessie Riekstiņš
AUNTY EM Felicity Silvers
ECHIDNA  Zoe Whitesell
NEWSCASTER Sophie Portugal
FARMER Eden Kopke
ARES  Lynx Beaky
BIANCA Bella Conroy
KRONOS Solomon September
THALIA Evangeline Carballo
CHARON  Miette Dean
JAMES BROWN Zephyrus Carter
JANIS JOPLIN Isabella Contreras
DJ CERBERUS Eden, Ace, Kera
VIENNA BOYS CHOIR Hank, Timothy, Aidan
HADES Ace Luccio
ENSEMBLE Sofia Whalen
Dance Captain

Tatiana Lindberg

ANNABETH Ilze Riekstiņš
GROVER  Timothy LaRose
LUKE  Zoe Whitesell
SALLY JACKSON Enya-Maria Healy
MR. BRUNNER aka CHIRON  Silas LaRose
CLARISSE  Sage Jennings
MR. D Solomon September
KATIE GARDNER  Felicity Silvers
ORACLE Xeno Madden
ARES Aidan Cavanaugh

Song List

Act 1
  • "Prologue/The Day I Got Expelled" – Percy, Mr. Brunner, Mrs. Dodds, Grover, and Company
  • "Strong" – Sally and Percy
  • "The Minotaur/The Weirdest Dream" – Percy, Sally, Grover, and Company
  • "Another Terrible Day" – Mr. D
  • "Their Sign" – Chiron, Percy, and Luke
  • "Put You in Your Place" – Clarisse, Annabeth, Percy and Company
  • "The Campfire Song" – Luke, Annabeth, Percy, Grover, Katie, Silena, and Chiron
  • "The Oracle" – Oracle and Ensemble
  • "Good Kid" – Percy and Company
  • "Killer Quest!" – Percy, Grover, Annabeth, and Company
Act 2
  • "Lost!” – Percy, Annabeth and Grover
  • "My Grand Plan" – Annabeth
  • "Drive" – Grover, Annabeth, Percy, Ares, and Company
  • "The Weirdest Dream" (Reprise) – Percy, Kronos, and Luke
  • "The Tree on the Hill" – Grover, Thalia, Annabeth, Luke, Percy, and Company
  • "D.O.A." – Charon and Company
  • "Son of Poseidon" – Percy, Ares, Annabeth, Grover, Sally, and Company
  • "The Last Day of Summer" – Percy, Luke, and Company
  • "Bring on the Monsters"– Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Clarisse, Chiron, Silena, and Luke and Company

Special Thanks

It would be impossible to take on a project of this size without the dedicated assistance of volunteers. EHPA depends on our families and community members to make it all happen. We would like to thank our Theatre Advisory Group for their time, talent, consistent support, troubleshooting and decision making. 


Thank you to:

  • Ken Michels - Fight Choreography
  • Andrew Matheson - Sound Board Mentoring (and soundboard)
  • Bob Rice - Microphones
  • Yolanda Matheson - Projections
  • Kristina Cline - Art and Projection Painting Lead
  • Dustie Byers & Jessica Lemley-Carballo - Costumes
  • Painting for projections:
    • Jay Johnston, Evangeline Carballo, Mary Kirkpatrick, Eden Sansburn, Kyra Laffoon, Laura Laffoon, Kristen Suderman, Zephyrus Carter, Isabella Conroy, Sofia Whalen
  • Farrah LaRose, Kelly Silvers, Lindsay Sansburn - Volunteer Coordinators for first semester. You saved me a million times. -drp



Lighting Thief Band:

Conductor - Christopher Puckett

Keyboards - Nick Coletto

Guitar 1 - Joe Hinchy

Guitar 2 - Grant Sjostrom

Bass - Charles Dean

Drums - Wes Livingston

Rehearsal Pianist - Shana Prine




Isaiah Dean

Spot Operator

Matthew Dennon

Sound intern

Ella Horner

Production Manager, Sound Design/Sound Operator

Jay Johnston

Stage Crew

Mary Kirkpatrick


Avery Matheson


Gryffon Matthews

Stage Manager

Asher Sansburn

Spotlight Operator

Eden Sansburn

Assistant Stage Manager

Meet the Company

Kera Croft

Train Conductor/DJ Cerberus/Ensemble
Kera is 14 years old and in 9th grade. This is her first musical with Edmonds Heights. She loves reading, listening to musicals, and walking with her friends. She would like to thank Dorothy and the crew for making such a wonderful show possible.

Miette Dean

Miette is 16 and is in 11th grade here at Edmonds Heights. Miette has been performing shows at this school for 6 years now, even covid couldn't take the musical spirit out of her. Some of her favorite roles include Lucy from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Jeter from Footloose, and Abner Dillon from 42nd Street. She would like to thank her mom for being her inspiration, her dad for playing bass in the pit orchestra, her brother for doing spotlight, and her friends for supporting her no matter what.

Enya-Maria Healy

Oracle (Sally Jackson u/s)
Enya is 15 and in 9th grade. She has performed in Annie, Mary Poppins Jr. (both canceled by the pandemic), and Footloose (her first show at Edmonds Heights). She began performing in theater in seven Missoula Children’s Theater shows at Edmonds Driftwood Theater. A highlight was playing Roxie in the Emperor's New Clothes. Her favorite role, however, was playing a Boylan sister in Annie. She thanks everyone for supporting her musical career. She is grateful and thrilled, after two productions were canceled because of COVID, to be back performing in person.

Sage Jennings

Silena Beauregard
Sage is a Junior attending their first year at Edmonds Heights. They are excited to be doing their first show with Edmonds Heights and seventh with Dorothy. You may have seen them in shows with Driftwood, Ballyhoo, Kitsap, or MCT in the past. Sage also enjoys participating in VillageTheatre's Institute program and is currently working as part of VillageTheatre's Actor-Creator Project. They would like to thank the other half-bloods for helping to make this such a fun experience.

Jayla Chaya Judd

Percy Jackson
Jayla Judd is 18 years old and finishing up their senior year at Edmonds Heights. Past shows at EH include: Clue, The Adventures of Captain Starblaster, and Beauty and the Beast. Jayla loves being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and reading. They would love to thank their family and friends as well as the amazing and hard-working cast & crew.

Eden Kopke

DJ Cerberus/Farmer/Minotaur's flame
Eden is 14 almost 15, and has a lot of experience with performing arts for someone of his age. He has been in 4 plays and one musical (excluding Percy Jackson). He lives here in Edmonds, and has for about 3 years. Before living here, he lived in Port Townsend for 12 years.

Silas LaRose

Silas is 15 and in 10th grade. He enjoys musical theater and has previously acted in several musicals, including Footloose and Peter Pan. He also enjoys fishing, hiking, and playing the bass for his band. Silas would like to thank Dorothy, Christopher, Erin, and the stage crew for their time and support during the production and rehearsals of The Lightning Thief!

Timothy LaRose

Bus Driver/Vienna Boys Choir (Grover u/s)
Timothy is 13 and in 8th grade. He greatly enjoys participating in musical theater and singing. He has been in a few musicals, including playing Kristoff in Frozen Jr. He loves playing music, the outdoors, and working with his robotics team. Timothy is excited to be in The Lightning Thief, and he would like to thank Dorothy, Christopher, Erin, and the stage crew for supporting him.

Tatiana Lindberg

Mrs Dodds, Minotaur
Tatiana is 13 and in 8th grade. She has been in multiple shows at EHPA since she was in 4th grade. In Tatiana’s free time she enjoys dancing and listening to music (like a lot). And she’s so excited for her friends and family to see the show!

Christana Leyton

Mr. Brunner/Chiron
Christana is a 14-year-old, 8th grader and has attended EHK12 for 7 years. Previous performances include Mother Bunny (Get Hoppin'), Ginger (Gingerbread Girl), Lilly St. Regis (Annie Jr.), Store Manager (Elf Jr.), Queen Flora (Peter Pan), Elsa (Frozen), Ms. McGery (Mystery of Custodia) and Blair (Super Happy Awesome News). She loves theater and is so excited to be back in person this year! Thank you, Dorothy, Christopher and Erin! Enjoy the show...

Ace Luccio

Ace is 13 years old and in 8th grade. This is his first time on stage, but he has studied musical theater for the last 9 years. His favorite musicals are Heathers, Phantom of the Opera, and Be More Chill. He enjoys dancing, video games, hanging out with friends, and going to see musicals in person. He would like to thank his family and friends for support, Mauri from Village Theater for always believing in him, and Dorothy, Christopher, and Erin for all their hard work to make this show happen.

Xeno Madden

Kurt Cobain (Oracle u/s)
Xeno Madden is 14 and is in the 9th grade. Some shows Xeno has been in include Frozen Jr, Ranked (Online), Aladdin, and more. Xeno enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends along with learning new things Xeno is very excited to be in a show again and they would like to thank everyone for working so hard to allow this show to happen.

Finn Paynich

Finn, 17, is so excited to return to the Edmonds Heights stage for The Lightning Thief! Finn has recently been in 9 to 5 (Joe), You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown), and Ranked (Frances). They enjoy typical goat things, family, friends, nature, and of course, theater. Much love and many thanks to the cast, crew, the directors, and their voice teacher, Jordyn Day, for all their hard work, creativity, talent, and support. Baaa!

Sophie Portugal

Sophie has been doing theater since 1st grade. Her productions include Honk, Nifty Fifties, James and the Giant Peach and others. In her free time she does roller derby and coaches soccer and roller derby. You can often find her at the skate park, the mall, or making blizzards at Dairy Queen. Sophie would like to thank Dorothy for always being positive and pushing her to do her best. She would also like to thank the cast for being so supportive and kind.

Ilze Riekstiņš

Katie Gardener
Ilze is 15 and in 10th grade, she was previously in James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as ensemble characters. She is incredibly excited to branch out and explore a bigger role. She loves art and math and wants to go into digital design. She would like to thank her parents and her friends for their constant love and support.

Jessie Riekstiņš

Jessie Riekstins is 13 and in 7th grade, this is her first full length play. She likes to solve puzzles, chat with her friends, listen to way too much music, and pick locks. Her favorite play is actually The Lightning Thief. Jessie is a bit of a weirdo but she is very friendly and loves to give warm hugs. Jessie would like to thank her family for helping in teaching her how to act and her friends for all the encouragement! <3

Elanor Sansburn

Sally Jackson
Elanor Sansburn is truly thrilled to be working with such a talented cast for the production of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Elanor has been in many shows both on stage and behind the scenes. Some of her favorite roles include Wendy Darling in Peter Pan and Emily Hobbs in Elf here at EH and Roz Keith in 9 to 5 at The Red Curtain. Elanor enjoys hanging out with her friends, singing, and sleeping. Elanor would like to thank Dorothy, Erin, Christopher, and especially her mother for driving her to all of the rehearsals and supplying coffee for the crew.

Hank Sebring

Vienna Boys Choir/Passenger 2
Hank is excited to be part of his second production with EHPA. In the fall, Hank had an amazing time singing in All Together Now, A Broadway Revue. Over the last several years, Hank performed in several shows with Broadway Bound – as the jock Chad in High School Musical, the devious Sebastian in Cinderella and the mischievous Babkak in Aladdin. Hank is also a musician and plays fiddle with a local band, The Geoducks. The Geoducks play at music festivals and other events in Seattle and beyond. Find them on YouTube and Facebook.

Solomon September

Gabe, Kronos (Mr. D u/s)
Solomon is 15 and in 9th grade. He has previously starred in Aladdin in the main role. His favorite musical is Peter Pan. He enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, playing video games, and drawing . He would like to thank his family and friends for the support and encouragement they provided as well as Dorothy and the rest of the production team for their incredible help in the musical.

Felicity Silvers

Aunty Em (Katie Gardener u/s)
Felicity is 12 years old and in 7th grade. She enjoys all things creative. In the past, she has played Young Anna in Frozen Jr. as well as Tinkerbell in Peter Pan Jr.

Madi Steiner

Clarisse, Water
Madi is thrilled to be playing Clarisse in her 6th show here at EH. Madi has been acting for 13 years and has enjoyed every second! Some of her favorite shows she has been in include: Matilda, High School Musical, and The Little Mermaid. When not acting Madi enjoys working at Starbucks, being the editor-in-chief in her yearbook staff, and spending time with loved ones. She hopes you enjoy the show and reminds you to catch her next semester in Into the Woods!

Avery Sund

Avery is so excited to be back in person, and participating in this production. She has been a part of theatre at EH for the past 8 years (favorite shows being Jane Eyre and 42nd Street), and loves this community and program more than anything. When offstage, she is a full IB student, and spends a lot of time with Raghavendra and Katie. She sends her love to everyone here, and hopes you enjoy Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!!

Bridget Warren

Fury, Mozart, Ensemble (Silena Beauregard u/s)
Bridget is 14 and is in 8th grade. She loves to be in and work on shows at Edmonds Heights. Some of her previous roles include Annie in Annie jr and Rosetta in Peter Pan jr. Her favorite musical is Mary Poppins. Some of her favorite pastimes include reading, drawing, singing, and hanging out with her friends. She would like to thank her family for bringing her to all the tech rehearsals, her friends for being there for her, and especially her director, Dorothy Pierce, for putting this together and making it all happen. Thank you and enjoy the show!

Sofia Whalen

Sofia is 14 years old and in the 9th grade. This is her first year in theater and her first show. She has always loved to dance and to sing ever since she was little. Some other things she does are roller skating and peloton for exercise. She loves traveling to Las Vegas and Arizona. She also does makeup for herself and sometimes for her friends.

Isaiah Dean

Spot Operator
Isaiah Dean is 18 and in his senior year of high school. He has done spot operator many times before in shows like 42nd Street and Mamma Mia. His favorite musical is 42nd Street. He enjoys playing video games, board games, hanging with friends, and being with family. He would like to thank Dorothy and his Family

Matthew Dennon

Sound intern
This is Matthew's first time doing any tech aside from stage crew. Learning to use the soundboard was very fun. He's excited to bring these new skills to more shows.

Ella Horner

Production Manager, Sound Design/Sound Operator
Ella has been doing theater on and off the stage since she was four years old. This includes backstage, costumes, sound, performer, assistant stage manager, stage manager, and production manager. She feels especially during these times it is important to keep theater alive and is honored to be a part of it. Seeing a show grow from auditions to opening night has been a new and enriching experience that she would not be able to get anywhere else and she is proud to work with the creative team to help create something truly special.

Jay Johnston

Stage Crew
Jay is 13 and in 7th grade. They’ve been in 4 shows at Edmonds Heights, playing ensemble in three online and one in person. Jay enjoys painting and drawing, and watching anime. They would like to thank Dorothy for doing such amazing shows at EH.

Mary Kirkpatrick

Mary is 16 years and in 10th grade. This is her first time working on a show with Edmonds Heights. Outside of theatre, she enjoys drawing, listening to music, and sleeping very late into the day. Mary would like to thank everyone who worked on the show, and hopes that everyone can agree that golf is not a sport.

Avery Matheson

Avery is 14 and in 8th grade. He has previously been in nine shows at Edmonds Heights and has decided to give teching a try. Avery enjoys reading, watching YouTube, and playing Minecraft with friends.

Gryffon Matthews

Stage Manager
Gryffon is excited to move into the role of Stage Manager for The Lightning Thief. He has steadily grown in his stage skills having previously worked on "42nd Street" (Assistant Stage Manager), "Beauty and the Beast" (stagehand), and "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (stagehand and second spotlight.) He would like to thank his family, his brother Alex for encouraging him to get involved, and Dorothy Pierce for her patience and expertise. Thanks to the Sound and Lighting crew for being a solid working team and of course to the actors for putting their props back in their places.

Asher Sansburn

Spotlight Operator
Asher is running the spotlight for his second show here at Edmonds Heights. In his down time he loves to cook, play video games, and chill with his pets. He’s for sure totally super thrilled to be here and his sisters definitely didn’t drag him here. …but at least there are good snacks.

Eden Sansburn

Assistant Stage Manager
Eden is excited to be on the crew for Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief! She previously enjoyed being on the stage crew for 9 to 5 and All Together Now. When she is not backstage Eden enjoys writing, painting, reading, and many more things, but let's be real - when is she not backstage? Eden would like to thank Dorothy, Christopher, and Erin for their hard work on this production.
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