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Pump House CYT presents

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr


at Pump House Theatre Watford
Music and Lyrics by  Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

Music by Special Arrangement with Sony/ATV Publishing  Adapted for the Stage by Jeremy Sams Based on the MGM Motion Picture  Licensed Script Adapted by Ray Roderick This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Music Theatre International (Europe) All authorised performance materials are also supplied by MTI Europe


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If you are of a certain age, like me, then you will remember watching “Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang!” on the television, probably around Christmas or Easter time. We were all scared of the “Child Catcher” and did not quite understand the relationship between the Baron and Baroness!

Here we are, a “few” years later and PHCYT proudly present their version of the beloved story. The rehearsal time for this show has not been very long at all and the cast have worked amazingly hard to get the production to the standard that you see today – I am sure that you will be very proud of them as we are.

A few other people to thank. Firstly, my “partner-in-crime” Peter Dodsworth who has sorted out the singing, singers, sound effects and music tracks. I want to thank Lee Farnam for his amazing vision when designing the set, while also allowing me a say in how things should look as well as searching for ages to get the best projections to make our show seem even more magical. Thanks to Chris Swallow and his gang for bringing Lee’s vision to life and for building up muscles so that they can move the car! Thanks to Jason and Jack for all their work on the sound and lighting. Finally a big thank you to Julie, Lucy, Helen, Nidhi, Katie and all the other ladies in the costume team for getting a massive array of costumes together.

We have had a lot of laughter rehearsing this show, with a few scary moments. Don’t forget, if you are ever at a loss for something to do on a Sunday afternoon, the windmill from the movie is only at Stokenchurch – not far from Watford. 

I hope you enjoy the show.

Robin Scarborough

Song List

  1. Overture

  2. Opening

  3. You Two

  4. Them Three

  5. Listen

  6. Toot Sweets

  7. Chu-Chi Face

  8. Hushabye Mountain

  9. Me Ol' Bamboo

  10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang



  11. Vulgarian Vision

  12. Truly Scrumptious

  13. Vulgarian Town Square

  14. Teamwork

  15. The Bombie Samba

  16. Doll On A Music Box

  17. Finale


Indie Hall
Caractacus Potts
Lucy Davidson
Truly Scrumptious
Sonny Peters
Grandpa Potts
Sofia Trebar
Baron Bomburst
Belle Parker
Baroness Bomburst
Skylar Tridgell-Roberts
Luca Trebar
Ethan Turner
Toymaker, Coggins
Emily Goddard
Child Catcher, ensemble
Hugo Williams
Junk Man, Sid, Lord Scrumptious, ensemble
Claudia Devine
Miss Phillips, Violet, ensemble
Enya Casselton
Fair Announcer, Chef 2, ensemble
Anushree Maheshwari
Chef 1, ensemble
Matilda Stevens
Soldier, Ensemble
Katie Pajak
Soldier, Ensemble
Vivaan Saria
Jeremy (Potts cast)
Martha Corti-Barratt
Jemima (Potts cast)
Artis Kinsella
Toby, Turkey Farmer, ensemble (Potts cast)
Lily Roe
Marta, ensemble (Potts cast)
Emily Bedford
Greta, ensemble (Potts cast)
Aaron Clancy
Ensemble (Potts cast)
Saskia Cole
Ensemble (Potts cast)
Mack Conroy
Ensemble (Potts cast)
Phoebe Knapp
Ensemble (Potts cast)
Amelie Marchant
Ensemble (Potts cast)
Lily Ridout
Ensemble (Potts cast)
Dylan Simmons
Ensemble (Potts cast)
India Tearle
Ensemble (Potts cast)
Ethan Grusin
Jeremy (Scrumptious cast)
Sofia Bueno Nicholson
Jemima (Scrumptious cast)
Jack Stevens
Toby, Turkey Farmer, ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Meabh Mccarthy
Marta, children ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Lana Copsey
Greta, children ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Sarah Hayhoe
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Benedict Hayhoe
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Alannah Kelly
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Róisín King
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Ailbhe Lyons
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Aoibhinn Lyons
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Zach Makanda-Tansey
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)
Seren Phillips
Ensemble (Scrumptious cast)

Creative Team

Robin Scarborough


Peter Dodsworth

Musical Director

Ben Mulcahy

Stage Manager

Jason Brameld

Lighting design

Jack Loison

Sound design

Martin Wheeler


Lee Farman

Set & Projection design

Pump House CYT Technical Youth

Set construction

Pump House CYT Technical Youth

Stage & lighting crew

Pump House CYT Technical Youth

Jack Loison, Sam Harrod, Ester Hagger-Holt, Jack Mortlock, Gabriel Pugh, Bryn Llewellyn | Led by Chris Swallow supported by Ben Mulcahy, James Cooper, Kelsey Gower, Sarah Malloy, Phil McCusker, Fran Swallow

Lucy Stevens, Helen Pajak, Katie Barratt, Julie Elvin, Nicky Bedford, Nidhi Saria, Jess Phillips

Costume team

Thanks to

Deb Littley for support with costumes

Rosie Spearpoint-Stoll


Cat Humphries


Lee Farman


Jon & Sue Sadie, Catherine Farman

Box office

Martin Wheeler

Front of House rota

Special Thanks to Rickmansworth Players

For their costumer department, provision of some props and the build of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car

Rehearsal photos


Past Pump House CYT shows

Honorary Life Members of the Pump House CYT

Karen Arnott, Adrian Barrett, Katie Barrett, Jeanette Behn, Sue Billington, Jason Brameld, Moya Brewer, Julie Elvin, David Fargus, Catherine Farman, Lee Farman, Elisabeth Gunter, Ursula Hodgkinson, Nizar Kanji, Michael Horniman, Sue Mascall, Sue McCall, Karen Rhodes, Jon Sadie, Sue Sadie, Robin Scarborough, Martin Smith, Chris Swallow, Martin Wheeler, Ian Woolcott


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Catherine Turner
Superb show!! Such a fantastic opening night!! Massive well done to all involved!! 👍
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