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Music and Lyrics by
Book by
Based on the novel by Amanda Brown
and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture
Original Production by Hal Luftig, Fox Theatricals, Dori Berinstein, James L. Nederlander, Independent Presenters Network, Roy Furman, Amanda Lipitz, Broadway Asia, Barbara Whitman, FWPM Group, Hendel/Wiesenfeld, Goldberg/Binder, Stern/Meyer, Lane/Comley, Bartner-Jenkins/Nocciolino and Warren Trepp; Produced in association with MGM Onstage, Darcie Denkert and Dean Stolber.

Legally Blonde the Musical follows Elle Woods, a bubbly, fashion-forward sorority president at UCLA, whose life takes a sharp turn when her boyfriend Warner breaks up with her to attend Harvard Law School, citing the need for a more serious partner. Determined to win Warner back, Elle decides to follow him to Harvard and prove herself as a smart and capable woman. With the support of her sorority sisters, Elle studies hard, gains acceptance to Harvard Law, and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Once at Harvard, Elle faces judgment and condescension from her classmates and Professor Callahan, who doubts her abilities due to her appearance and demeanor. Despite the challenges, Elle finds an ally in her teaching assistant, Emmett, who encourages her to stay true to herself and not compromise her values. Through a series of comedic and heartwarming events, Elle learns lessons about friendship, confidence, and resilience as she navigates the competitive world of law school.

Act II delves deeper into Elle's growth as she takes on the task of defending fitness guru Brooke Wyndham, who is accused of murder. Elle's loyalty and determination to uncover the truth, even in the face of opposition from her peers, showcases her unwavering commitment to justice and fairness. With the support of Emmett and her newfound legal skills, Elle rises to the occasion, proving that she is not only capable but also compassionate and dedicated to helping those in need. The musical culminates in a satisfying and heartwarming conclusion where Elle triumphs in the courtroom, finds love where she least expects it, and emerges as a confident, independent woman. Through her journey at Harvard Law, Elle discovers her true worth, defying stereotypes and expectations to become a strong advocate for justice and equality. Legally Blonde the Musical is a delightful mix of humor, heart, and empowerment, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself and believing in one's capabilities, no matter the obstacles faced.

LEGALLY BLONDE Music and Lyrics by LAURENCE O'KEEFE and NELL BENJAMIN Book by HEATHER HACH. Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture.  In addition, you agree that the following billing shall appear in on the first page of credits in all programs for the Play: Original Production by Hal Luftig, Fox Theatricals, Dori Berinstein, James L. Nederlander, Independent Presenters Network, Roy Furman, Amanda Lipitz, Broadway Asia, Barbara Whitman, FWPM Group, Hendel/Wiesenfeld, Goldberg/Binder, Stern/Meyer, Lane/Comley, Bartner-Jenkins/Nocciolino and Warren Trepp; Produced in association with MGM Onstage, Darcie Denkert and Dean Stolber.


The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

Legally Blonde The Musical Is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

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Welcome to the "Legally Blonde" Musical!

We are thrilled to have you here tonight at STA for our fabulous performance of "Legally Blonde". This evening promises to be a perfect blend of pink passion, academic ambition, and a whole lot of heart!

Our students have been working tirelessly all year to create this show for you.  So sit back, relax, and get ready to be entertained. Whether you're here for the "serious" moments or the "Omigod You Guys!" fun, we hope you enjoy the show as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to life.

Song List

Act I
"Omigod You Guys" – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Company
"Serious" – Warner, Elle
"Daughter of Delta Nu" – Serena, Margot, Pilar, Company
"What You Want" – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Kate, Elle’s Parents, Company
"The Harvard Variations" – Emmett, Aaron, Enid, Padamadan, Company
"Positive" – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Greek Chorus
"Ireland" – Paulette
"Ireland (Reprise)" – Paulette
"Serious (Reprise)" – Elle
"Chip on My Shoulder" – Emmett, Elle, Greek Chorus
"So Much Better" – Elle, Company

Act II
"Whipped into Shape" – Brooke, Company
"Bend and Snap" – Paulette, Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Salon Folks
"There! Right There!" – Callahan, Emmett, Elle, Brooke, Enid, Warner, Vivienne, Nikos, Carlos, Company
"Legally Blonde" – Elle, Emmett
"Legally Blonde (Remix)" – Vivienne, Elle, Company
"Scene of the Crime" – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Greek Chorus
"Find My Way/Finale" – Elle, Paulette, Company

Meet the Company

Minon Wattanasuthipong

Elle Woods
Minon Wattanasuthipong - Elle Woods Hello everyone, I’m Minon!!! 𐦂 I joined this school in 2018 and was involved in every St. Andrews Production ever since. I have been casted and played roles like Lavender from Matilda (Broadway MashUp) and Dragon from Shrek. My first St. Andrews Production was Annie and I started off as an ensemble but as time passes by, I have improved myself a lot in singing, dancing and acting. Now, I am so happy and proud to be casted for Elle Woods in this year’s Legally Blonde Production. As a student actress playing Elle Woods, I get to explore new characteristics that are beyond how normal people act. Elle Woods is such a beautiful, optimistic, positive and extremely PINK woman and it is my first time playing a character with such energy and emotions. I feel like not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is also beautiful on the inside too. To get an amazing opportunity to play Elle Woods, counts as one of the best achievements I ever had in performing arts. I sure will not disappoint you all and I can’t wait! Thank you so much to all cast people, crew members, musicians and teachers for continuously working hard to construct this amazing production and supporting everyone through the hard times. I’ve never felt so connected to drama people as much as how it is now. I’ve learned so much and I enjoyed the fun of creating St. Andrew’s World of Legally Blonde with everyone! ★♥︎★ See you and hope you all enjoy the musical!!! Muah ♥︎★♥︎ ♫ I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN BEFOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ♫

Jack Rigden

Emmett Forrest
Jack Rigden - Emmett Forrest Hello, My name is Jack, I am playing Emmett Forrest in the Legally Blonde Musical. I joined this school in year 8 and since my first performance here in the Christmas performance of a Christmas Carol. I have felt like I have always had a place on the drama floor, as everyone is so lovely and supportive and really tries to help you with developing your character. I have been in many different plays throughout my time at Secondary and Primary School. This so far has been the biggest role I have had in any of them so I am really looking forward to performing.

Anthony Foo

Warner Huntington III
Anthony Foo - Warner Huntington III Hello, I’m Anthony, playing Warner Huntington the III in this year’s musical, Legally Blonde. While this isn’t my first time playing in a musical, Warner was a very challenging character to portray, especially given the fact I feel Warner to be nearly a complete 180 of me personality wise. It’s been a real challenge to realistically and properly portray Warner as a person, more so than any other character before. However, this simultaneously meant that I was pushed to my limits as an actor, pushing my acting skills to the best of their ability to shine as bright as possible. All the more, this was possible thanks to the love and support from my fellow cast, who helped encourage me to keep persevering all the way through, making this the most memorable production I’ve had the pleasure of taking part of, and a wonderful one to end my high school production career. Thank you everyone who poured their heart and soul into bringing the world of Legally Blonde to life, and thank you all for coming to watch our fantastic show! Stay serious, and stay blond!

Yuna Kawase

Vivienne Kensington
Yuna Kawase - Vivienne Kensington Hello, I’m Yuna and this is my very first experience of contributing in such an amazing musical “Legally Blonde” supported by wonderful teachers, crews and members. I always had a passion for anything music related, but the subject drama and preforming in a musical was far away from my comfort zone. I am utterly grateful of being part of such a heart-warming community where everyone supports one another. Having watched the movie more than enough, I always thought of Vivienne being one of the most iconic characters out there alongside with Elle. The way in which her morals and perspectives transforms throughout the show truly is beautiful and acting out as her while offering different set skills on the table such as singing, dancing has really helped me develop my understanding of how the world of theatre works and pushed my boundaries upforwardly. The preparation and efforts put into this show has taught me so many valuable lessons which will definitely help me in the future, and I am glad I chose to push myself into this new domain.

Timon Greger

Professor Callahan
Timon Greger - Professor Callahan Hi, I'm Timon, I play Callahan in Legally Blonde. I joined this school in Year 7 and my first performance was in Year 10 and was called Broadway mashup. That performance taught me all the intricacies of being in a production and also how much fun it is. I found the role of Callahan to be fun as I believe to have a certain knack for playing the bad guy in plays thanks to my IGCSE drama performances. I also find playing the bad guy to be more fun than the good ones. I can’t wait to finally be able to perform in front of an audience in this show.

Tamara Oweida

Paulette Buonufonte
Tamara Oweida - Paulette Buonufonte Hi, my name is Tamara and I play Paulette Buenofonte in Legally Blonde. If this play and this whole process has taught me anything, it is that a character has so many layers to them. There's never a time when I don’t learn something new about Paulette and how to act to the best of my ability while telling the story. It’s my first time being in a production and it’s one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences I’ve had in STA as I learn more everyday while being surrounded by an amazing cast and amazing teachers. Yes, it can be hard and I’ve definitely felt the pressure but that all goes away the more I improve and we improve as a whole. And if I stress too much, I’ll just listen to my “ Celtic Moods” CD !

Mee-Wan Chandavimol

Mee-Wan Chandavimol - Serena I’ve been involved in St Andrews production for more than 5 years now! I’ve played roles like Elphaba and Eliza Schyuler in the 2021 production “Broadway MashUp” and this is going to be my last production in school as well since I’ll be graduating next year (T_T). I started out from being in the ensemble and now I’ve received this amazing opportunity to be playing as Serena in Legally Blonde this year! This role is such a big step of my character development since she has such an over the top personality and big attitude. Even though there might be difficult times, everyone always works as a team to create this beautiful piece of art and I believe that everyone this year put extra extra effort for this huge production to be presented today. Thank you to everyone in the show, especially my baby Delta Nus who got me through every dance, song and scene! I hope you enjoy the performance and I hope that my character would bring some fun and spice things up for the show! ★彡 ɢᴏ ᴅᴀᴜɢʜᴛᴇʀ ᴏꜰ ᴅᴇʟᴛᴀ ɴᴜ!!! 彡★

Freyada Chamrastarangkool

Freyada Chamrastarangkool - Pilar Halo everyone [•!~!•], I’m Freya. I have been in this school for 7 years (not counting this year). My first St Andrew’s production was last year in Primary, even though I was cast as Young Fiona in year 3 but the show was postponed because of Covid-19. Last year I played Ida or Mommy Duck (•>•) in the HONK production 2023. I have received this amazing opportunity of playing Pilar in Legally Blonde this year! Ever since I watched the full show on YouTube 2020 (I was bored on a plane) I have been hoping that our school would do Legally Blonde as one of the productions and they did <3 ! This role is a great way to challenge myself acting wise. To play as a teen that is part of a great community of Delta Nu sorority sisters is an honour and I wouldn’t have made it if I wasn’t supported by talented teachers, members and backstage crew. Thank you, and hope you enjoy the musical!! The one main thing out of all the things I learned is to tell a story.

Orla McNeill

Orla McNeill - Kate Hello, my name is Orla and I play Kate in this fantastic production of Legally Blonde the musical. This is my first production at St Andrews and I have enjoyed every moment so far. However this is not my first production of a musical, I must admit I am a massive Theatre Kid, theatre nerd whatever you want to call it, I love musicals(between you and me “Hadestown” is my current favourite). I have been involved in multiple productions prior to Legally Blonde for example “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” where I had a lead role as the narrator, “Little Shop of Horrors”as Audrey, “Annie”and many more. Kate is an extremely fun character to play and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to play this role. Musical theatre is my passion and to be able to showcase it to you on these nights of the show is really surreal for me.Theatre is a great way to have some fun, make friends, have a laugh, sing some songs and have a fantastic time. I'm very grateful for all the friends I have made during this time and the team who helped put it together. Kate is a fun,smart character and I really hope that you not only enjoy watching her but also enjoy the show.(It might be a bit complicated to know who she is but you’ll see) now sit back, relax and get ready for Legally Blonde!!!!- Orla McNeill (Kate)

Miss Lucy

Bruiser Woods
Miss Lucy - Bruiser Woods Hello, everyone! Woof woof! I'm Miss Lucy, and I'll be playing the fabulous Bruiser tonight! Ever since I was a little pup, I’ve dreamed of being on stage – okay, maybe my dreams were more about chasing squirrels, but you get the idea! When I'm not performing, I enjoy long walks, gourmet treats, and luxurious naps that make me feel like a star. I love dressing up in my pink outfits – they make me feel just like Elle Woods, but with more fur! I want to thank my wonderful humans for all the treats and belly rubs, and my amazing castmates for the endless cuddles. I'm so happy to be part of the STA family. I hope you enjoy the show – I know I’ll be having a paw-some time up here! Paws and applause, Miss Lucy

Tia Cochrane

Tia Cochrane - Whitney Hey everyone!! I’m Tia and I play Whitney in St Andrew’s production of Legally Blonde! I love this show from the bottom of my heart and no matter how many times I watch it, I will always end up shedding a tear because of how amazing I think it is (ok, I must admit, I cry at the end of every musical I watch). I hope you end up loving this show as much as I do! I’ve been involved in Performing Arts since I was little but I only joined STA last year, and I am thrilled to get the chance to have a main role in this year's production. Getting the role of Whitney taught me that you don’t always have to be funny on stage, I’m used to getting a laugh from the audience (for example, when I was in a production of Little Shop of Horrors), but now I know that my role as an actress is not to always make people laugh but to just tell a story. Always remember, you’re a star!!

Amber Scott

Enid Hoopes
Amber Scott - Enid Hoopes Hi guys, my name’s Amber, and this is my first production since elementary, when I acted in my school’s Christmas concerts and French plays. I joined at the beginning of the year because I had always wanted to act in a musical, but had been plagued by stage fright. However, shy is not a word in the Legally Blonde script; eventually, my reserved whispers were replaced by my character’s powerful, belting style of singing. I am so grateful for how welcoming and supportive every member of the cast and crew have been, as they have inspired me to be confident in myself both on and off the stage. Everyone in this show has helped me to see that the theatre is a place to take risks in showcasing your talent, and see the world through a perspective they may never have thought about before. I think everyone’s extreme commitment to the show, and pinkredible dedication and enthusiasm for drama and broadway are what make this show so enjoyable. More than anything, I think ‘Legally Blonde’ will resonate with the audience because it shows that just because it’s important to be serious doesn’t mean you can’t laugh. We’ve definitely had a lot of laughs putting together this show, and now, watching it, I hope you will, too. Thanks for coming, and sorry for the pun! P.S. ‘All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’ -Shakespeare (because no play is complete without it)

Marisa Meylan

Brooke Wyndham
Marisa Meylan - Brooke Wyndham Hi, my name is Marisa and I play Brooke Wyndam, the fitness queen of the show, who has been wrongly accused of murder in the play Legally blonde! You better have done your push ups this morning cuz I ain’t giving out free workout CDs for you just to lay on your couch with a bag of chips in your hand, no way! Anyways, I have been in this school for just about a year now and I have fallen in love with drama. It has always been a long-lasting dream of mine to get to be in a production. I've always wondered what it was like to learn lines and be a completely different person on stage — it's exhilarating! This is a passion that I hope to exploit in the future, as being a part of this production has taught me how to be responsible, accountable, and hard-working as a secondary-role may not seem like a lot, but for the show to have its true magic, everyone has to give a hundred percent of what they have. I am excited to show you all what we have all worked so hard to create for your entertainment. I hope you all enjoy watching this pink, glittery, marvellous show and I hope that you are whipped into shape by then end!

Fi Cañares

Fi Cañares - Margot

Aoi Motoki

Delta Nu
Aoi Motoki - Delta Nu

Chloe Cambert,

Delta Nu
Chloe Cambert, - Delta Nu

Daisy Wu

Delta Nu
Daisy Wu - Delta Nu

Delphine Toral Hernandez

Delta Nu
Delphine Toral Hernandez - Delta Nu

FeyFey Leelayouthyotin

Delta Nu
FeyFey Leelayouthyotin - Delta Nu

Niva Haviv Buck

Delta Nu
Niva Haviv Buck - Delta Nu

Paula Carlotta Knoss

Delta Nu
Paula Carlotta Knoss - Delta Nu

Morris Kremers

Kyle B. O'Boyle
Morris Kremers - Kyle B. O'Boyle

Rehaan Sirinarang

Rehaan Sirinarang - Dewey

Romain Chapellier

Grandmaster Chad
Romain Chapellier - Grandmaster Chad

Dinn Kasisareewong

Elle's Dad
Dinn Kasisareewong - Elle's Dad

Yui Kim

Elle's Mom
Yui Kim - Elle's Mom

Jace Koh

DA Joyce Riley and Pforzheimer
Jace Koh - DA Joyce Riley and Pforzheimer

Luke Kriengparinyakij

Winthrop and Guard
Luke Kriengparinyakij - Winthrop and Guard

Mett Trongsiriwat

Mett Trongsiriwat - Lowell

Fangfang Liu

Fangfang Liu - Saleswoman

Yumin Ahn

Store Manager
Yumin Ahn - Store Manager

Arnav Ghosalkar

Sundeep Padamadan
Arnav Ghosalkar - Sundeep Padamadan

Melodie Constant

Melodie Constant - Chutney

Jayden Arora

Jayden Arora - Carlos

Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews - Nikos

Bambi Polpasee

Prison Guard
Bambi Polpasee - Prison Guard

Aon Limpibunterng

Salon Girl
Aon Limpibunterng - Salon Girl

Mu Trongsiriwat

Salon Girl
Mu Trongsiriwat - Salon Girl

Halleli Fogel

Court Stenographer and Prison Girl
Halleli Fogel - Court Stenographer and Prison Girl

Romy Shinar

Salon Girl
Romy Shinar - Salon Girl

Akshita Tak

Prison Girl
Akshita Tak - Prison Girl

Amber Cotton

Prison Girl
Amber Cotton - Prison Girl

Milly Wattanapramot

Prison Girl
Milly Wattanapramot - Prison Girl

Mona Gulati

Prison Girl
Mona Gulati - Prison Girl

Sophia Clark

Prison Girl
Sophia Clark - Prison Girl

Veronika Oliwa

TV Reporter
Veronika Oliwa - TV Reporter

Bambi Polpasee, Sophia Clark, Tia Cochrane, Nayonika Jumani, Ploysai Jitrmanasakd, Aya Petchdakul, Akshita Tak, Pam Intrapaladecha, Aon Limpibunterng, Yumin Ahn, Fangfang Liu, Amber Cotton,Dada Changtrakul

Law Students

Aki Sueno, Alana Meylan, Atiksha Madan, Chanya Ramsiri, Dada Changtrakul, Cinci Nemish, Defne Unal, Diva Thakur, Hibiki Tanaka, Irene Mwangi, Jom Aukorkiat, Johanna Rasi, Khushi Keshri, Lana Sefton, Liza-Mari Noert, Lonyo Williams, Louise Peninon, Lu


Miu Darongkamas, Nicki Somjitswang, Orm Sinacharoen, Peace Koomsorn, Pim Ploypairaoh, Pine Chuansirimongkol, Ploysai Patana-usahakid, Rayna Ratanakovit, Ricca Jongjitthanajaras, Rio Nonaka, Rung Teeramanoch, Saaya Sirinarang, Sarah Ismail


Aki Sueno, Chanya Ramsiri, Cinci Nemish, Diva Thakur, Irene Mwangi, Johanna Rasi, Jom Aukorkiat, Khushi Keshri, Lana Sefton, Louise Peninon, Lucy Lee, Mai Seo, Melony Sun, Milly Wattanapramot, Miu Darongkamas, Nicki Somjitswang, Orm Sinacharoe


Pine Chuansirimongkol, Ploysai Patana-usahakid, Rio Nonaka, Rung Teeramanoch, Saaya Sirinarang, Shalisa Chawla, Sophia Runnalls, Alana Meylan, Atiksha Madan, Defne Unal, Hibiki Tanaka, Liza-Mari Noert, Lonyo Williams, Mashiro Teraoka, Mona Gulati, Pe


Melodie Constant, Tia Cochrane, Ploysai Jitrmanasakd, Akshita Tak, Aon Limpibunterng, Nayonika Jumani , Milly Wattanapramot, Pam, Intrapaladecha,, Aya Petchdakul, Luke Kriengparinyakij , Sophia Clark, Fangfang Liu, Yumin Ahn, Mu Trongsiriw, Rosie Kre


Miss Alex


Mr Nathan

Musical Director

Miss Megan

Chief Choreographer

Miss Kat and Miss Marianna


David Laochaisiri

Acting Coach and Stage Crew

Mr Tim

Band Director and Conductor





Mr Matt






Mr Wan



Electric Guitar



Miss Alex and Miss Karen

Set Design

Miss Jasmine

Lighting Designer

Mr Tee and Mr Jui

Audio Visual Director


Audio Visual Team

Onyu Lee

Stage Manager

Mr Marc

Stage Manager

Mr Robert

Stage Crew

Keane, Alice

Stage Crew

Miss Shelley

Front of House and Chief Dog Handler

Miss Silvia

Wardrobe Manager

Alice, April, Grace, Horace, Nyla, Raya, Shaniya, TJ

Wardrobe Team

Miss Martine, Miss Silvia and Miss Megan

Hair and Makeup

Aiya, Faye, Flo, Gianna, Jaime, katie, Keira, Lulu, Meiji, Mita, Namsel, Nina, Peach, Xino, Yim


Khun Big and The Estates Team

Set Building

Miss Annie

Design and Marketing

Mr Keith and Miss Jane



Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals
Rehearsals Rehearsals


First and foremost, a huge thank you to our incredible parents and carers. Your unwavering support and encouragement for your children in the Arts at STA have been truly "positively" uplifting. We know you've also been working behind the scenes to make this happen, helping with lines, costumes, and arranging your schedules for weekend and evening rehearsals.

To Mr. Paul, Mr. Roo, and Miss Jen, thank you for your ongoing support and guidance. Your belief in our students has been as strong as Elle's determination to prove that "being true to yourself never goes out of style."

We extend our gratitude to Yui, Por, Fon, Jui, and the rest of the purchasing team. Your hard work behind the scenes has ensured that every detail, from costumes to props, is "so much better" than we could have imagined. We could not have "whipped into shape" this production without you!

Thank you for being part of our "Legally Blonde" journey!

With gratitude and enthusiasm,
The STA Performing and Visual Arts Faculty

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