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The 2022 Stamford All-School Musical



Something Rotten!

at Westhill High School

Book by

Karey Kirkpatrick & John O'Farrell

Music & Lyrics by

Wayne Kirkpatrick & Karey Kirkpatrick

Conceived by
Karey Kirkpatrick and Wayne Kirkpatrick
The Stamford All-School Musical is sponsored by the Stamford Public Schools and is made possible through the generous financial support from the Garden Homes Fund, Pitney Bowes, Silver Golub & Teitell, LLP and State Street Corporation.
SOMETHING ROTTEN! is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI,

Stamford Public Schools

Stamford Public Schools



P.O. Box 9310, Stamford, CT 06904

Offices at 888 Washington Blvd. Phone (203) 977-4105,

Dr.Tamu Lucero, Superintendent of Schools


December, 2022

Dear Friends of the Stamford All-School Musical,

Thank you for joining us for the Stamford All-School Musical production of "Something Rotten!" Now celebrating its 15th year, the Stamford All-School Musical brings together Stamford residents ages 13 to Grade 12 to create a polished, professional-quality, and thoroughly entertaining show.

Having access to quality arts programs enriches the school experience by helping students hone creative, social-emotional, and interpersonal skills. The students involved in this production are not only having fun and creating memories, they are also developing skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Jessica and Nancy Freedman and their team for making the Stamford All-School Musical and many other theatre projects a reality for Stamford Public Schools students.

The All-School Musical has become a must-attend annual event for many in our community, and that support has helped keep this amazing program going strong for 15 years. Thank you for supporting the performing arts and helping Stamford's talented young people shine

I hope you enjoy the show! All the best

Dr. Tamu Lucero



Producers’ Note


Welcome to the Renaissance AND the Stamford All-School Musical’s 15th Anniversary!  We are extremely proud of the 15 extraordinary musical productions we have mounted and are grateful for the thousands of students and families we have gotten to know along the way. It's hard to believe that our students from our inaugural year recently turned 30! Other ASM alumni have put their marks in the world in exciting ways, both on and off the stage! We are thrilled beyond belief that many ASM alumni have joined the production team this year – Director Jessica Freedman, Production Manager/Sound Designer Daniel Bria, Technical Director JP Misciagna, Production Assistant Julianna Goldfluss, fly rail operator David Lowe, Sound Assistant Harrison Travaglino, along with hair/makeup assistant Sara Hafez.  Alumnus Justin McArthur joined our cast at the 11th (really the 20th) hour, to cover the role of another cast member.


As we reflect on the past 15 years, we have experienced many changes over the years, affecting our production team, the location of our performances (Rich Forum, Rippowam Middle School, Westhill High School), and the eligible ages of our participants (grades 4-9, then grades 5-12, then 12 years through 12th grade, and this year, ages 13 through 12th grade). We have had to work around many logistical challenges and financial set backs– aging infrastructure at both Rippowam and Westhill, a global pandemic and the repercussions that has had on the musical and dance instruction students had over the past 2 ½ years, both in and outside school, along with reduced box office and advertisement revenue due to Covid’s after effects, just to name a few. Through it all, however, we have benefitted from the unwavering support of the Stamford Public Schools, our community partners, our devoted and appreciative students, their families and our community. This wide-reaching support is the reason  we are still going strong after 15 years.

Something Rotten! presented itself as the perfect show for our students this year, albeit a bold choice given the PG-13 rating. We couldn't resist mounting this innovative, hysterical homage to the history of musicals and why people love them for our 15th anniversary year. While some people were lucky enough to have seen Something Rotten! during its Broadway run in 2015-16, for much of our audience we imagine it will be that rare opportunity to take in something that is, as sung in our finale,“ a must-see magical new original musical.” Sharing this show with our families and audience brings us the same joy as recommending a favorite book to a friend.  Because, after all, “there’s nothing as amazing as a musical” and nothing is as amazing as raising the curtain to present to all of you our 15th production!

Enjoy the show!

Nancy & Amy


Director's Note


Welcome to the Stamford All-School Musical’s production of Something Rotten!, a sharp, witty musical comedy with a book by John O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick and music and lyrics by brothers Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick. Having the opportunity to direct a musical of this caliber with such a stellar cast and crew has been a tremendous joy and privilege. Additionally, as a proud Stamford All-School alum myself, getting to step back into this world 8 years after graduating high school is incredibly special on so many levels, but mostly because I am joined by so many talented All-School alumni and friends: Dan Bria, our production manager and sound designer, JP Misciagna, our technical director, Julianna Goldfluss, our production assistant and jack-of-all-trades, David Lowe, fly rail operator, Justin McArthur as our Shylock understudy and Sara Hafez, who is on our hair and makeup team. Being on the creative team has allowed me to see first-hand how the All-School quickly becomes a happy place for anyone who participates, as is clearly shown by the amount of people who come back to be a part of this incredible community year after year. This is in large part due to our fearless leader, my mother, Nancy Freedman, who has produced the All-School for 14 years. I am also grateful to co-producer Amy Guttman, music director Zach Kampler, prop extraordinaires Suzanne Fruithandler, Zoe Schwartz, and Lisa Strom, scenic designer Clifton Chadick, and all of the other parent volunteers whose tireless work and passion keeps this program running. I also have to give a special shoutout to our artistic director and choreographer, Linda Duci, who has been inspiring and educating our students for the past 11 years. She can also teach anyone to tap dance in under an hour, an impressive feat.


We are very excited to share the All-School’s first full-scale musical since 2019. Perhaps ironically, the cast was able to relate a little too closely to the subject matter of the show’s opening number, “Welcome to the Renaissance,” which explains how good it felt for 16th-century ‘Elizabethans’ to experience a period of artistic rebirth after a dark, illness-ridden stretch. Back at our read through in September, we spoke about these parallels and how we might infuse the song with the excitement of post-pandemic normalcy from our own lives. As we’ve worked to build the world of the show, students have been invited and encouraged to really bring themselves into these characters in order to tell a story that is as genuine as possible. It made my job immeasurably easier to have subject material that is so naturally relatable: Having an older sibling who gets on your nerves, a person in your life who one ups you every chance they get, or a celebrity that you are positively obsessed with. (I’d overheard many cast members fan-girl over Harry Styles enough to know they wouldn’t need any acting guidance in that department). This show also requires a certain boldness and confidence from its cast members, and so they’ve also worked extra hard to step out of their comfort zones and to release the very common fear of looking stupid or silly onstage. (This was a fear that they had to get over quickly as–spoiler alert–many cast members dress as hard-boiled eggs towards the end of the show). If the cast comes away from this experience having only remembered one thing, I hope it is the advice from our show’s moral compass, Nigel Bottom:


“Sure as the day follows the night,

Sure as the sky turns to blue, 

This much I know, this much is true, 

Above all else in whatever you do, 

To thine own self be true.”


I hope you will all have as much fun watching the show as we’ve had working on it. 


With love and gratitude,



Special Thanks

The Stamford Public Schools

Dr. Tamu Lucero, Superintendent, Stamford Public Schools

Amy Beldotti, Associate Superintendent, Stamford Public Schools

Kathleen Steinberg, Kimberly Kempton, Stamford Public Schools Public Affairs Department

Cindy Grafstein, City of Stamford/Board of Education Joint Facilities Officer

Michael Rinaldi, Westhill High School Principal

Kathy Bennett, Rippowam Middle School Principal

Eida Maldonado, Westhill High School bookkeeper

Kevin McCarthy, Director of Facility Operations

Mat Young

Mat DiGiovana

Elizabeth Dukes

The custodial staffs at Rippowam Middle School and Westhill High School

Domonic Sack, Sound Associates

Dave Hart

Harrison Travaglino

Lou Ursone, Curtain Call

The Stamford Education Foundation/ Lynn Tusa

Annette Einhorn, Lynne Colatrella, Stamford Downtown Special services District

Hall's Edge

Eric & Lisa Strom

Nancy Laist

Laura & John Ferris

Tamara & Lance Duhov

Dana Weinberg


All our amazing parent volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make this show possible

Something Rotten Production Team, Crew

Producer - Nancy Freedman

Producer - Amy Guttman

Director - Jessica Freedman

Artistic Director/Choreographer/Costume Designer - Linda Duci

Musical Director - Zachary Kampler

Production Manager/Sound Designer/ Engineer  - Daniel Bria 

Technical Director - JP Misciagna

Master Carpenter - AJ Bacik 

Scenic Designer - Clifton Chadick

Lighting Designer - William Brown

Assistant to Choreographer - Tina Lido

Assistant to Choreographer - Sara Lido

Production Assistant - Julianna Goldfluss

Prop Designers - Suzanne Fruithandler, Zoe Schwartz, Lisa Strom, America Laist

Light Board Operator - William Brown, Nancy Freedman, Jessica Freedman

Associate Scenic Designer/ Scenic Painter - Jack Golden

Assistant Carpenters: Dave Hart, Scott Drynan, TJ Bertagnoli, David Lowe

Stage Manager - Aviva Moss

Head Flyman - David Lowe

Sound Crew - Miles DeSantis, Harrison Travaglino

Running Crew: America Laist, Miriam Mann, Pierce Colfer

Hair/ Makeup - Julianna Goldfluss, Sara Hafez, Yasmine Amezzane

Lobby Decor - Tamara & Lance Duhov, Jennifer Rinaldi

Scenic Materials provided by: Global Scenic Services

Scenic Drops printed by: Enhance-A-Colour Corporation

Sound System Provided by: dB Productions CT, Travaglino Productions and Sound Associates

Sound effects and voice overs provided by Dave Hart

Lighting Equipment provided by 4Wall Entertainment

Videographer: Michael Maller

Production Team

Costume Alterations: Nancy Laist, Dana Weinberg

Program: Amy Guttman, Nancy Freedman

Program Ad Design: John Ferris

Volunteer Coordinator: Laura Ferris

Ticket Sales: Susan Leferman

Publicity: Nancy Freedman, Danette Melchionne

Ad Sales: Amy Guttman

Graphic Design: Janice Steinberg

Tech Week Dinner Coordinators: Eric and Lisa Strom

Cast Biographies: Amy Guttman, Nancy Freedman

Photography: Scott Drynan, Nancy Freedman

Parade Team: Nancy Freedman, Amy Guttman, Eric Strom, Lisa Strom, Sylvan Pomerantz





Cast, Crew

Shakespeare: Max Guttman

Nick Bottom: Niko Rinaldi

Nigel Bottom: Leo Field

Nostradamus: Lauren Bin

Bea Bottom: Hayden Katz

Brother Jeremiah: Michael Faherty

Portia: Lola Duhov

Shylock: Jon Ringel, Justin McArthur



Kaylee Deenihan *co-dance captain

Lilah Gordon

Ella Leferman *co-dance captain

Sydney Mann

Pavla Smid

Emily Wainwright



Claire Chasanoff

Sebastian Colfer

Kristina DeLelle

Eli Donahue

Paul Ferris

Hathaway Liparidis

Beverlyn Lopez

Jack Samela

Olivia Sosa

Kayley Stephens



Minstrel: Kristina DeLelle

Lady Clapham: Isla Cruz

Master of the Justice: Pierce Colfer

Lilian Del Portillo

Skyla Johnson

Jayda Jones J

James Kolman

Greenley Lasko

Charlotte Lupinacci

Kaitlyn Miranda

Izzy Nastasi

Ava Sanchez

Sarah Strom



Miles DeSantis

America Laist

Miriam Mann

Aviva Moss

Pierce Colfer

Yasmine Amezzane


Zachary Kampler - Conductor

Michael Breaux - Reeds

Joseph Sabia - Trumpet

Robert Carlson - Trombone

Tom Cuffari - Keys 1

Josh Sette- Keys 2

Jessica Westerman - Keys 3

Roger Post - Percussion

John Hoddinott - Guitar 1

Andrew Marino - Guitar 2

Kate Stocker - Violin

Marshall Toppo - Bass




Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act One

Scene 1: A South London Street (in 1595)

Welcome to the Renaissance .... Minstrel, Brother Jeremiah, Portia and Ensemble

Scene 2: The Theatre

God, I Hate Shakespeare .... Nick, Nigel, The Troupe

Scene 3: A South London Street/Outside Nick & Bea’s House – Nick, Nigel, Shylock

Scene 4: Nick & Bea’s House

Right Hand Man .... Bea, Nick, Nigel

God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise) .... Nick

Scene 5: Soothsayer Alley

A Musical .... Nostradamus, Nick, Ensemble

Scene 6: A South London Street /Outside the Theatre

Scene 7: The Theatre – Nigel, Portia, Brother Jeremiah, Nick

The Black Death .... The Troupe

Scene 8: A South London Street

I Love the Way .... Portia, Nigel

Scene 9: The Park

Will Power .... Shakespeare, Ensemble

Scene 10: After-Show Party Tent – Portia, Waitresses, Nigel, Shakespeare, Bard Girls, Nick, Crowd, Brother Jermiah, Shylock

Scene 11: Soothsayer Alley

Bottom's Gonna Be on Top .... Nick and Ensemble

Act Two

Welcome to the Renaissance (Reprise) .... Minstrel

Scene 1: London Street

Hard to Be the Bard .... Shakespeare, Bird Girls, Valet, Eyepatch Man

Scene 2: The Theatre

It's Eggs! .... Nick, The Troupe

Scene 3: Under London Bridge

We See the Light .... Portia, Nigel, Brother Jeremiah, Nick, Ensemble

Nigel’s Theme …. Nigel

Scene 4: The Theatre

To Thine Own Self .... Nigel, Nick, Shakespeare, The Troupe

Scene 5: A South London Street

Right Hand Man (Reprise) .... Bea

Scene 6: On Stage at the Theatre

Something Rotten! .... Nick, Shakespeare (Toby), The Troupe

Make an Omelette .... Nick and Company

Scene 7: Courtroom

To Thine Own Self (Reprise) .... Nick, Nigel, Bea

Scene 8: New American Colony

Welcome to America .... The Company


Meet the Company

Lauren Bin

Lauren Bin - Nostradamus Lauren is a junior at Westhill High School, and is the greenhouse manager for the Agricultural Science Program there! This is their 5th show with The All School Musical, being in Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, Matilda, and All Together Now!, and they’re so excited for another amazing year. They love reading, music, baking, fashion design, art, and much more, and hope this year’s Stamford All-School Musical is even better than the last!

Claire Chasanoff

Claire Chasanoff - Troupe Claire is a senior in the Agriscience and Technology Program at Westhill High School. This is Claire’s fourth and final Stamford All-School Musical, previous appearances being Willy Wonka, Matilda, and All Together Now!, and she is thrilled to be a part of Something Rotten! A few other productions include So What?! (April), Shrek Jr. (Teen Fiona/Goldie Locks), and The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Wendy). In addition to musical theatre and singing, Claire enjoys being the Stamford FFA Chapter President in the Agriscience Program, working at the Stamford Florist, BBYO, volunteering, and performing in Westhill’s Northstar Playmakers. She would like to thank her family and everyone involved in making this such an amazing show, including Linda, Zach, jess, Nancy, Amy, parent volunteers, and the very talented cast, crew, and pit!!

Pierce Colfer

Master of the Justice, Crew
Pierce Colfer - Master of the Justice, Crew Pierce is a senior at Stamford High and is excited to be performing again in his last opportunity to do the All-School Musical. Pierce has previously performed in Elephant’s Graveyard (The Clown), Bad Auditions By Bad Actors (Rogers), Curtains (Belling), and A Piece of my Heart (The American Man), all at Stamford High, and Matilda (Sergei) at All-School. Outside of theatre, Pierce is a proud member of the SHS Math Team, and is a member of the Stamford Mock Trial team. He would like to thank everybody on the production team for all of their hard work, and for allowing him to be a part of such an amazing show!

Sebastian Colfer

Sebastian Colfer - Troupe Sebastian is a freshman at Stamford High School. His previous All-School performances have been in Willy Wonka and he was a crew member for Matilda. After a year off, he’s excited to be back in the musical again for Something Rotten! Sebastian is part of the Strawberry Hills Players which is the drama club at Stamford High and participates in the SHIP group for improv. He’s looking forward to being a part of Senior Scenes at Stamford High this winter. Sebastian is very happy to have his brother, Pierce, join him in the show.

Isla Cruz

Lady Clapham, Sad Little Egg
Isla Cruz - Lady Clapham, Sad Little Egg Isla is a Freshman at Westhill High School. She is delighted to be part of her second Stamford All-School Musical. She had such an amazing opportunity to be a part of the previous show, All Together Now (2021), as a Soloist and Ensemble member! She studies Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Jazz dance at LPAC (Locust performing Arts Center). Isla enjoys writing and playing her guitar in her free time. Isla would Like to thank her mom as well as Linda, Zach, Nancy, Amy, and last but not least, Jess!

Kaylee Deenihan

Bard Girl, Dance Captain
Kaylee Deenihan - Bard Girl, Dance Captain Kaylee is a sophomore at Stamford High School. She’s excited to be returning for her fifth Stamford All-School Musical, where she previously appeared in All Together Now (2021,) Matilda (2019,) Willy Wonka (2018,) and The Wizard of Oz (2017.) At Stamford High, she is a member of the Strawberry Hill Players, where she was a part of last year's Senior Scenes and Steel Magnolias (in which she played Clairee and was nominated for a HALO award!) She is also a competitive dancer at Norwalk Academy of Dance, where she studies jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, and pointe. Over the summer, Kaylee participated in her second Curtain Call SYT production, The Pajama Game as Gladys. Kaylee would like to thank the production team and cast for making Something Rotten such a memorable experience. She would also like to thank Linda, Zach, Nancy, and her parents for making it happen!

Lilian Del Portillo

Lilian Del Portillo - Ensemble Lilian is an eighth grader at the Catholic Academy Of Stamford and is excited to be back again for her second All School Musical after previously appearing in Matilda (2019). She has previously appeared in Curtain Call's SYT production of The Pajama Game (2022) and Crystal Theatre's Sleeping Beauty (2018). Lilian also dances at Connecticut Ballet Center where she has appeared in CBC's The Nutcracker (2016-2021). Lilian wants to thank Jess, Linda, Zach, Nancy, Amy, the orchestra, the crew and the cast for making this production possible.

Kristina Delelle

Minstrel, Troupe
Kristina Delelle - Minstrel, Troupe Kristina is thrilled to be back for her fifth and final year in the Stamford All-School Musical. She is currently a senior at Westhill High School. In her free time she enjoys dancing at Center Stage, performing and being involved at Curtain Call, and participating in Westhill’s Northstar Playmakers. Her favorite performances include: Anything Goes (Ensemble), Seussical Jr (Sour Kangaroo), Annie (Duffy), Shrek Jr.(Young Fiona/Featured Dancer), Ragtime (Little Girl), and Meet Me in St. Louis (Tootie Smith). Kristina would like to thank her parents as well as Linda, Nancy, Amy, and Zach for this wonderful opportunity!

Eli Donahue

Eli Donahue - Troupe Eli, a ninth grade student at Westhill High School, is excited to be performing in his first All-School Musical. Eli has previously performed in The Lion King Jr. (Elephant/Ensemble) at Horizon Middle School and The Wizard of Oz (Barrister/Ensemble) with the Trollwood Performing Art School, both in Moorhead, Minnesota, and She Kills Monsters (Monster) earlier this fall at Westhill High School. Eli recently moved to Stamford from Minnesota and appreciates being included in this production. Eli wants to thank his family and the cast, crew, and production team for this opportunity.

Lola Duhov

Lola Duhov - Portia Lola is a sophomore at Stamford High School and is so excited to be back for her third season of the Stamford All-School Musical! His past productions include ASM’s Wizard of Oz (Munchkin) and Matilda (Older Kid), as well as Curtain Call’s The Pajama Game (Poopsie), Scrooge (Urchin) and Matilda (Older Kid). Lola is an active volunteer at the Stamford Nature Museum’s wildlife program, and actively participates in her school’s Drama Club, Student Council, and Chemistry Club. She would love to thank the incredible crew and production team for making this show possible, and for giving her an experience she will never forget.

Michael Faherty

Brother Jeremiah
Michael Faherty - Brother Jeremiah A sophomore at Stamford High School, Michael is ecstatic to be back for his third All School Musical. His past productions include ASM’s Willy Wonka (Featured Kid) and Matilda (Featured Kid), as well as the Strawberry Hill Players performances of Bad Auditions by Bad Actors (Agent & Criminal) and the HALO Award nominated production of Curtains (Daryl Grady). Michael is an active member of his Boy Scout Troop in which he serves as the Assistant Senior Patrol leader, and is on the Executive Board of his class’s Student Council. He would like to thank Linda, Jess, Zach, Nancy, Amy, and the rest of the crew and production team for making this show so exciting, and allowing him to have as much fun with this role as possible. Break a leg you heathens!

Paul Ferris

Paul Ferris - Troupe Paul, a Freshman at Westhill High School, is very happy to be participating in his third Stamford All-School Musical. Previous appearances include Matilda (classmate) and All Together Now with the All School Musical, Curtain Call SYT’s production of The Pajama Game (Prez’s assistant), She Kills Monsters with the Northstar Playmakers (Steve), and many more. Paul would like to thank Linda, Nancy, Jess, Zach, and his fellow cast and crew members for their hard work on Something Rotten, and his family for their support and love.

Leo Field

Nigel Bottom
Leo Field - Nigel Bottom A junior at Stamford High, Leo is beyond excited to be performing in his fourth show with the Stamford All-School Musical. Past shows include Willy Wonka (Charlie Bucket), Matilda the Musical (Bruce Bogtrotter), and All Together Now! (Soloist) with All-School, as well as Put On A Happy Face (Soloist/Ensemble), Bad Auditions by Bad Actors (Taggart), Curtains (Bobby Pepper), and A Piece of My Heart (The American Men) with the Strawberry Hill Players. Leo is captain of the Strawberry Hill Improv Players, is on the SHS debate team, is Secretary of the SHS Class of 2024, and is a member of the SPS Mock Trial Team. He also co-hosts a podcast called Weekly Political Pep Talks in his free time! He would like to thank the cast, crew, and everyone else who helped make Something Rotten! happen!

Lilah Gordon

Bard Girl
Lilah Gordon - Bard Girl Lilah is currently a sophomore at Bicultural Hebrew Academy and is excited to perform in her second All School Musical. Lilah has previously appeared in The Wizard of Oz (munchkins), Once Upon a Mattress (lady in waiting), Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat (Leah), You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (Patty),The Lion King Jr. (Serafina) at BCHA and All Together Now(Mary Poppins, Penny Pingleton, Mrs. Potts) with the All School Musical. She also enjoys volleyball, basketball, and art. Lilah is ecstatic about being able to perform with such an amazing cast!

Maxwell Guttman

Maxwell Guttman - Shakespeare Max is currently a senior at Stamford High School and is thrilled to be performing in his sixth Stamford All-School Musical. In addition to All-School’s Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, and Matilda, some of Max’s favorite roles include West Side Story (Tony), Sunday in the Park With George (George), Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd), Heathers (JD), Curtains (Aaron Fox), Seussical (Cat in the Hat), and Cabaret (Emcee). Max recently performed a solo with members of the New York Pops, conducted by Jason Robert Brown. He also made his debut performance at 54 Below in New York City last month. Max would like to thank the whole team at the Stamford All-School Musical for giving him the most magical experience for the past seven years. All-School will always be his family.

Skyla Johnson

Skyla Johnson - Ensemble Skyla is a ninth grader at Stamford High School. She’s 14 years old and this is her second musical performance. Last year she performed in Musical Jukebox at Dolan Middle School in the ensemble. Skyla is excited to participate in her first Stamford All-School Musical this year and enjoys providing entertainment to a crowd, even with a little stage fright. She especially enjoyed learning all of the dance numbers for Something Rotten. Skyla loves to take walks, and do some meditation and stretching. She is really thankful to her parents for believing in her even when she thought being on stage would be hard. She can’t wait to hear the happy crowd and thinks her participation this year will lead to a brighter future.

Jayda Jones

Jayda Jones - Ensemble Jayda is currently an 8th grader at Rippowam Middle school. At a young age Jayda loved to sing, dance and fearlessly perform improvisations in front of anyone, anywhere. She is a people's person and the life of the party! She loves dancing especially with the new friends she has made in the cast. Jayda has been given the nickname "Drama" by her father because of how expressive, creative and funny she is. Jayda has been told by her peers that she'll be a star!! This is her first theatrical production and she hopes that there will be many more to come. She is the only Rippowam middle schooler in the play "Something Rotten!" and is representing her school proudly. Through this journey Jayda would like to thank Nancy, Jessica, Zach, Amy, Lovely Linda and everyone else who is supporting her and helping make her dreams come true!!!!

Hayden Katz

Bea Bottom
Hayden Katz - Bea Bottom Hayden is a sophomore at Stamford High School and is thrilled to be in her first All-School Musical! Some of Hayden’s past shows include Sound of Music (Maria), Frozen (Elsa), Curtains (Featured Dancer and Bambi U/S), and High School Musical (Sharpay). Hayden has been performing since the age of 4 and has always had a love for singing, dancing, and acting. She got a lot of her theater education from Professional Performing Arts Middle School in New York City. Besides theater, Hayden is also a part of the SPS Mock Trial Team, SHS debate team, field hockey team, student council, and a club of her own called Stamford for Tully! This is only Hayden’s first year in Stamford after moving from New York City, but she is so thankful for the amazing All School cast and crew for welcoming her with open arms! She is also thankful for her vocal coach, family, and friends for supporting and helping her get to where she is now!!!

James Kolman

James Kolman - Ensemble James is a 9th grader at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering. This is James’s second musical. His first musical was Annie Jr. when he was in 6th grade where he played Daddy Warbucks. James enjoys singing and swimming. James can’t wait for the All School Musical performances of Something Rotten where he is in the ensemble. He is glad that his friends and family are seeing the production and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Greenley Lasko

Greenley Lasko - Ensemble Greenley is a 9th grader at the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering (AITE). Greenley’s first musical was “Annie” in 6th grade (Ensemble). Then, she performed in an original school play, Unmuted, in 7th grade (Janie G). Her first All School Musical was “All Together Now”(Ensemble) as an 8th grader. She also enjoys script writing. Last year, she was part of a club called Soul Writers, and they wrote the school play. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano…mainly self- taught. She would like to thank her family and friends for always being supportive, and the ASM staff for letting her be a part of this!

Ella Leferman

Bard Girl, Dance Captain
Ella Leferman - Bard Girl, Dance Captain Ella is super excited to be back on the Stamford All School Musical stage for her sixth year in Something Rotten, having previously appeared in All Together Now, Matilda, Willy Wonka, The Wizard of Oz, and Mary Poppins. An eleventh grader at AITE, Ella has been studying ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, and contemporary for eleven years with the New Canaan Dance Academy, where she dances in their competition team. She is also a member of the Tap City Youth Ensemble in lower Manhattan. When she isn’t on this stage, Ella performs with the Strawberry Hill Players, participates in Interact and MYLC, and is on the Curtain Call youth board. Ella is so grateful to Linda, Jess, Zach, Nancy, and Amy for making this production happen!

Hathaway Lipardis

Hathaway Lipardis - Troupe Hathaway is in 9th grade at King School, where she enjoys participating in musical theater, performing and fine arts clubs and singing in the choir. She most recently played the role of Dorothy in King’s production of The Wizard of Oz and spent her first summer at French Woods performing arts camp. She is thrilled to join her friends once again for her third Stamford All School Musical after making her 2019 debut as Hortensia in Matilda. When not reading, traveling or engaged with the arts, she spends her time on the Student Council at King, and plays Varsity softball. Hathaway is excited to be part of this year’s ASM musical comedy Something Rotten! She is so grateful to the leadership, cast and crew that help create such an amazing All School community and experience!

Beverlyn Lopez

Beverlyn Lopez - Troupe Beverlyn is very thrilled to be performing in Something Rotten! with this amazing cast. She is so excited as this will be her 3rd year performing in the Stamford All-School Musical. Beverlyn is a sophomore at Stamford High School. She loves to sing, act, and play lacrosse. She performed as Matilda in the 2019 Stamford All-School Musical, Into The Woods (Little Red Riding Hood), Mary Poppins (dancer), Matilda at Curtain Call (Matilda), and the 2021 All Together Now Stamford All-School production. She would like to thank her mom, dad, grandparents, Linda, Nancy, Jessica, Zach and Amy. She is so grateful to be a part of this amazing show.

Charlotte Lupinacci

Charlotte Lupinacci - Ensemble Charlotte is a ninth grader at Westhill High School. She is so happy to be participating in the Stamford All-School Musical in this year's production of Something Rotten! She has previously appeared in Rippowam productions of The Wiz (munchkin) and Bye Bye Birdie (kid). She has also been in the Stark Elementary School Broadway Kids production of Seussical (Who!), and as Jasmine in their production of Aladdin. In past summers she was in Crystal Theaters Broadway Blast summer theater as a Grechin Wieners and as a featured vocalist. In her last year at Dolan Middle school she helped out with their show by doing staging and dancing. In addition to singing and dancing, Charlotte enjoys playing lacrosse, baking and hanging out with her friends. She is so proud to be a part of the awesome cast of Something Rotten!

Sydney Mann

Bard Girl
Sydney Mann - Bard Girl Sydney is currently a sophomore at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy and is very excited to be performing in her first Stamford All-School Musical. She has previously performed in Alice In Wonderland (a flower and a door), at BCHA and has also performed in her camp's production of The Sound of Music (Maria). She also enjoys art, music, and playing instruments like the ukulele and the trumpet. She really enjoys working with the cast of Something Rotten and is so proud to be a part of this amazing production!

Justin McArthur

Shylock (Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th Performances)
Justin McArthur - Shylock (Dec. 9th, 10th, 11th Performances) Justin McArthur is delighted to be able to fill in for the role of Shylock in this year’s All-School Musical! As an alumnus of the program, it has always been very dear to him, having started way back in its third production, Fiddler on the Roof. Missing only a few, he continued with the All-School until The Wizard of Oz (Cowardly Lion) in his graduation year. After that, he performed in his last Westhill production of Footloose and as Albert in Curtain Call SYT’s Bye Bye Birdie. At UMass, he moved into opera, performing in the chorus of Mozart’s The Magic Flute and as Frank in Strauss II’s Die Fledermaus. Other favorites: All-School’s Mary Poppins (George Banks), Addams Family; Westhill’s Anything Goes (Lord Evelyn Oakleigh), Guys and Dolls, Radium Girls; Curtain Call’s The Music Man, Oliver!, Sweet Charity.

Kaitlyn Miranda

Kaitlyn Miranda - Ensemble Kaitlyn is an eighth grader at Cloonan middle school and is excited to be doing her first Stamford All-School Musical. She has had such a fun time working with the other cast members. Kaitlyn enjoys playing soccer, running, skiing, singing, and dancing. She is honored to be part of the Something Rotten cast and can’t wait for her family and friends to see their performance!

Izzy Nastasi

Izzy Nastasi - Ensemble Izzy is a seventh grader at Turn of River (TOR) middle school. She is so excited to be in her first All-School Musical and has had such a blast with the other cast members. She enjoys drawing, singing, dancing, and sports. Izzy hopes everyone enjoys our performance of Something Rotten!

Niko Rinaldi

Nick Bottom
Niko Rinaldi - Nick Bottom Niko is a sophomore at Westhill High School and is honored to be performing in his fifth Stamford All-School Musical, having previously appeared in All Together Now, Matilda (Doctor),Willy Wonka (Featured Kid/Oompa Loompa) and The Wizard of Oz (City Father). Past performances also include The Pajama Game (Sid Sorokin), The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Neville Landless), The Drowsy Chaperone (Aldolpho), Matilda (Older Student) and The Sound of Music (Captain Von Trapp). Niko enjoyed being a member of the Broadway Youth Ensemble and continues to perform throughout New York City. He would like to thank the Stamford All-School Musical production staff for the opportunity to perform with such a wonderful cast and crew.

Jon Ringel

Jon Ringel - Shylock Jon Ringel is currently a senior (citizen) at Stamford High School, and is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this production, although it is quite unclear to him why he is, in fact, a part of this production. In addition to Something Rotten, Ringel has appeared in... absolutely nothing, actually. In the spare time he will once again have after this play wraps, Ringel plans to resume enjoying fishing, playing music, and just being an all-around swell guy. All School for life!!!!!!

Jack Samela

Jack Samela - Troupe Jack is in his freshman year at Stamford High School. He is very excited to be a part of his third Stamford All-School Musical production of “Something Rotten” where he plays Robin. Jack played a younger student in his first All-School musical in “Matilda” and was a newsie in “All Together Now.” When not performing Jack loves to listen to music like the Grateful Dead and loves to go to concerts.

Ava Sanchez

Ava Sanchez - Ensemble Ava is a 9th grade student at Westhill High School and this is her first time in a Stamford All-School musical production. She has previously performed in Footloose, Aladdin, and Seussical. Ava likes to read and analyze films to find out how they are made and written. She is very excited to work with such an amazing cast making this show the best it can be!

Pavla Smid

Bard Girl
Pavla Smid - Bard Girl Pavla is a freshman at Stamford High School and this is her first time being in an All-School performance! She is thrilled to be a part of this production! Pavla enjoys singing, dancing, acting, and being with the people she loves the most! She participated in her middle school’s Musical Jukebox in eighth grade at Dolan, and got the parts of Sharpay from High School Musical and Tracy from Hairspray. She is involved with an improv club as well as chorus class at Stamford High. She also has been taking dance classes at LPAC since 6th grade. She looks forward to doing more musicals in the future with All-School and learning more and more about performing!

Olivia Sosa

Olivia Sosa - Troupe Olivia is an eighth grader at Cloonan Middle School and has been looking forward to this time of year. This is her third All-School show. Olivia has participated in many musical theater productions during her four years at the Musical Theater of Connecticut. She also participated in Westover’s production of Jungle Book, and Robin Hood, as well as the Stamford All-School Musical productions of Matilda the Musical (Amanda) and “All Together Now”. She would like to thank the All-School team and everyone who helps make this show possible. Break a leg everyone!

Kayley Stephens

Kayley Stephens - Troupe Kayley is thrilled to be participating in her second All-School Musical! She is currently in 8th grade and attending Dolan Middle School. Since her last performance in All Together Now!, she has developed a growing passion for musicals. Some of her hobbies include writing poetry, singing, painting and reading. She would like to thank her parents, her sister, and the wonderful and talented people that make this production so special.

Sarah Strom

Sarah Strom - Ensemble This is Sarah’s fourth All-School performance. She is a freshman at Bicultural Hebrew Academy and attends French Woods summer camp with a few other cast members - one of the highlights of her year. She has been in Matilda (student), Willy Wonka (candy kid), Seussical Jr. (Thing 2), Tinkerbell (Wendy), All Together Now and Annie. Sarah has made so many amazing friends in these 4 years and is always so sad when All School has to end. Some of her favorite things about All School are the late tech nights, dance rehearsals and, of course, performances. She thanks her All-School Musical family for all the great memories she makes every year and to all the people who make this amazing production possible.

Emily Wainwright

Bard Girl
Emily Wainwright - Bard Girl Emily Wainwright is a sophomore at Stamford High School and is so excited to be participating in her second Stamford All-School Musical, her first being Matilda where she helped with hair and makeup! Emily is a part of the company program at Rising Stars Performing Arts and studies voice with Joe Santaniello. Some past shows she’s done are Once On This Island (Papa Ge), Little Women (Mrs. Kirk), and The Pirates of Penzance (Isabel). She’d like to thank Jess, Zach, Linda, Joe, Jess Foulds, and the entire cast of Something Rotten!

Yasmine Amezzane

Yasmine Amezzane - Hair/Makeup Yasmine is a senior at the Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School and is thrilled to be a part of Something Rotten! This is Yasmine’s fourth year at the Stamford All School Musical, previously participating in Willy Wonka, Matilda, and All Together Now. She would also like to thank everyone involved in putting on this show, including Amy, Nancy, Jess, Linda, and the amazing cast, crew, and parent volunteers!

Miles Desantis

Miles Desantis - Crew Miles is a junior at AITE. The first show he participated in was the Strawberry Hill Player’s production of Curtains. After this, he worked as the head of sound for SHP’s play, A Piece of my Heart. This is his first All School Musical and he’s very excited to work on a production on such a professional scale. He’d like to thank Dan Bria for being an incredible mentor and teacher during the span of this production, Chloe Leferman for first calling him on to try this out, and the entire cast for putting on such an amazing show.

America Laist

America Laist - Props/Crew America is a junior at Westhill High School. She performed in Northstar Playmaker’s Comedy of Airers, The Mystery of Edwin Drood and She Kills Monsters. She also was in Stamford All-School Musical’s Matilda, and was on the stage crew handling props for their shows The Wizard of Oz, Willy Wonka, and All Together Now. America thanks her grandmother, Betty Goldberg, for taking her to twelve Broadway musicals (so far) and giving her an interest in theater. She hopes to continue participating in musicals and plays for years to come.

David Lowe

Crew, Head Flyman
David Lowe - Crew, Head Flyman David is a graduate of the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering and is currently enrolled at Norwalk Community College. This is his fourth Stamford All-School Musical, having previously worked on Willy Wonka, Matilda, and All Together Now. David has also worked on set construction for Westhill’s fall play, Crimes of the Heart, and handled props for the spring show, The Fantasticks.

Miriam Mann

Miriam Mann - Crew Miriam Mann is a sophomore at Bi-Culteral Hebrew Academy. She loves reading and theatre. This is her first production with the All School program. She is so excited to be here and loves being a part of crew.

Aviva Moss

Stage Manager
Aviva Moss - Stage Manager Aviva is a sophomore at St. Luke’s and she is so excited to be working on her first All School Musical! Theater has always been an interest of Aviva’s and she joined her school’s technical theater crew last year and started stage managing. Aviva just finished her fourth show at St. Lukes (A Wrinkle in Time), and also enjoyed doing Chicago last winter. She would like to thank everyone at St. Luke's theater for being such a wonderful team to work with and learn from, as well as everyone at All School for welcoming her!

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