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The Canterville Ghost

Claudia Haas
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                                        Ghost Light Children's Theater 

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Welcome! and thank you for joining us for our production of "The Canterville Ghost"!  Our company has been working very hard to bring you an exciting and entertaining show. 

We are so very grateful you chose to join us this afternoon or evening.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for this frighteningly funny performance! 

As a reminder, please no flash photography, and video recording is strictly prohibited.  We appreciate your cooperation. 


Scene Synopsis

Prologue - Lady Canterville's office

Act I

Scene 1 - The Arrival at Canterville Chase

Scene 2 - An Ordinary Morning

Scene 3 - The Ghost Makes an Appearance

Scene 4 - Meeting Friends 

Scene 5 - The Second Haunting

15-Minute Intermission - please visit our snack bar


Scene 1 - The Middle of the Night

Scene 2 - The Morning After

Scene 3 - The Meeting

Scene 4 - Missing

Scene 5 - The Almond Tree

Epilogue - The Chase Sitting room


Creative Team

Dianne MacKenzie

Director, Set Design

Doreen Hansen

Assistant Director, Character Coach

Karen Baudouine

Assistant Director, Character Coach

Holly Proctor

Lights/ Sound effects

Tim Marquis

Sound Production

Joel Vissers

Stage Manager/ Special Effects

Sierra DiMare

Student Director

Adrianna Prickett

Costume Design

Maia Krebs

Production Assistant

Russ Walkner

Spotlight Operator

Abe Vissers

Production Assistant

A Note from Our Director

The Canterville Ghost has been such a fun show to produce for you all. The kids have embraced their characters and the script like it was written especially for them. It brings me such joy to see our young men and ladies grow and blossom with each and every new production that we do. That alone is enough to keep me, and my creative team, working many hours outside of our jobs and home lives to bring you these performances.  But even more important we revel in knowing what theater is bringing to our company.   If you, or someone you know would enjoy doing what these amazing kids are doing, please be sure to join us for our upcoming auditions. We are producing the musical - Seussical, Jr., and it is a fun and lively show that would be a great way for a new member to "get their feet wet."  Have questions?  Email me through the link on this program, via Facebook, or at Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!!

Lights Up,

Dianne MacKenzie

Ghost Light Company Director


Meet the Company

Sergio Vega

Henry the Butler
"Sergio Vega is very happy to be playing as Henry and working with us at Ghost Light at the production of “The Canterville Ghost.” This is his 1st ever time working with us at Ghost Light, when Sergio grows up, he plans to become a Commissioned officer in the Army and once he's finished with that, he hopes to be a comedian one day just to crack a smile on people's faces!"

Cameron Fertig

Cameron Fertig cannot wait for his stage debut! He is playing the part of Dumken the Gypsy, and this will be his first time performing with Ghost Light. Cameron loves to build awesome things with Legos and wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Sophia Medina

Sophia Medina is excited to be playing Lyanka in this production of “The Canterville Ghost.” This is Sophia’s second production with Ghost Light. In her last production she played a boy name CJ in “The Redemption of Gertie Green.” Sophia has two sisters and one dog and plans to work at Denny’s when she turns 16!

Aiden Kennicott

Aiden Kennicott is so excited to be playing the role of Tawno in “The Canterville Ghost.” This is Aiden’s 3rd show with Ghost Light Company with previous roles being “Rooster” in Annie, Jr., ensemble in School House Rock also attending the awesome summer program for the last 2 years! When Aiden grows up, he plans to become pilot & travel the world. He has 2 parents, 2 bonus parents & 2 really cool brothers with another one coming soon.

Eden Vissers

Eden Vissers is so excited to play the role of Kathryn in The Ghost of Canterville." This is her fourth Ghost Light Children's Theater Company play. Prior to joining "The Ghost of Canterville," Eden has appeared as Sandy the dog, an ensemble, as well as and other roles. When she grows up, she hopes to become a costume designer for theater productions. She has two brothers, both of whom have also performed with Ghost Light. She has a pet tortoise and two pet bearded dragons. She hopes to be in many more plays to come.

Tayla Watson

Hi! My name is Tayla Watson, and I'm very excited to be playing Vivian in "The Canterville Ghost!" This is my third performance with Ghost Light theater. I have also done many of the Ghost Light summer camps. Prior to this, I have been in a few adult plays with RCCTP, and some class plays. My hobbies are drawing, singing, and playing sports. When I grow up, I really want to be an architect. I have a younger brother, and an older sister. I'm impressed with how far we've come, and I'm excited to perform with Ghost Light again!

Peyton Clark

Peyton Clark is thrilled to be playing the part of Elizabeth, one of the British teenagers, in this production “The Canterville Ghost.” This is her first show with the Ghost Light Company. Along with drama she enjoys dancing, singing, and playing sports. When she grows up, she wants to be a preschool teacher and have her own school. She has 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 bunnies.

Lily Moriarty

Cook Crushy
My name is Lily Moriarty and I am very excited to be playing Cook Crushy in Ghost Light's production of "The Canterville Ghost." I have been in all of the plays/musicals Ghost Light has performed and would be happy to play in the rest to come. My hobbies include drawing, reading, and acting, of course. When I grow up, I want to become an author in Washington.

Haley Hulem

Cook Crumley
Haley Hulem is excited to play as Cook Crumley in this production of “The Canterville Ghost.” This is her 4th production with Ghost Light, having also done 3 summer camps with Ghost Light. Prior to Ghost Light, Haley had been in Mohave High School's production of “The Sound of Music,” playing as an understudy for Gretl, also being in a group at her school which did small plays. When Haley grows up, she plans to become an actor on Broadway, starring in many shows to build her experience of theater and musical theater, as she enjoys singing and acting and plans to make it her career.

Ella Marquis

Cook Chortle
Ella Marquis is excited to be playing the role of Cook Chortle in this year's Ghostlight production of “The Ghost of Canterville.” Ella is no amateur to the stage. She has previously performed in three Ghost Light Productions. Prior to Ghost Light Ella performed in various Christmas plays at her church. When she grows up, she plans to be a director, and a screenplay writer. Ella has two parents, four siblings, three nephews, and three pets.

Jasmine Medendorp

Mrs. Umney the Housekeeper
Jasmine Medendorp is playing the part of Mrs. Umney in this production “The Canterville Ghost.” Mrs. Umney is a money hungry old mysterious maid who has been at the Canterville Chase for a VERY LONG time. This is Jasmine’s first production with Ghost Light, and she was in a school play called “Horror High,“ she played Blair Witch. Jasmine plans on going to University of Michigan, to study being a history and drama Teacher,

Hayden Proctor

Sir Simon
Hi! My name is Hayden Proctor! I am ecstatic about playing Sir Simon (The Ghost) in this play! I have been in all of Ghost Lights plays/musicals to date. I was able to play Mr. Smee in Tinker Bell - Ghost Light's premiere production, Mr. Warbucks in Annie, and I had the opportunity to sing “Three is a Magic Number” and “I’m Just a Bill” in School House Rock. I’ve had an amazing time participating in Ghost Light theater. Dianne, our director, is amazing and brings out the best in all of us. Through Ghost Light, I have met many awesome people that I probably wouldn't have met elsewhere. Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy the show.

Colin Salari

Duke Charles
Colin Salari is thrilled to participate as Charles in his first production with Ghost Light Children’s Theater. He previously played Scrooge in a school production of A Christmas Carol. Colin is a seventh grader at Mohave Valley Jr. High. He enjoys video gaming, 80s music, and baseball. He thanks his pet cockatiel, Carl, for rehearsing lines with him.

Symphony Verbiesen

Lady Jane
Symphony is very excited to be portraying Lady Jane in the production of "The Canterville Ghost." This is Symphony's second production with the Ghost Light Theater company. Prior to working with Ghost Light, Symphony has participated in all facets of the performing arts. She has enjoyed acting, musicals, and dance performances over the last 7 years. Symphony is very much looking forward to the new and exciting things Ghost Light will be doing in our community.

Abigail Prickett

Lady Canterville
Abigail is delighted to play the part of Lady Canterville as she enjoys speaking in a British accent and dressing up in long skirts. This is Abigail’s second performance with Ghost Light, though you might recognize her from YSA’s Jr. productions of "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast." Abigail is a freshman at Mohave High School and is a connoisseur of books, vegetarian cuisine, and crafting.

Prudence Kelly

Iggy Otis
Prudence Kelly is delighted to be playing the part of Iggy Otis in this production of "The Canterville Ghost." This is her third show as a company member with Ghost Light Children's Theater. Prior to this she entertained her family with her hilarious antics. She has two brothers, 3 dogs, and is adored by her mother and father and her family. When she grows up, she wants to be a police officer and help as many people as possible.

Olivia Prickett

Gaby Otis
Olivia squealed when she got the part of Gaby Otis because she loves to be silly and wanted to learn some tips on scaring ghosts, in case she ever encounters one. This is Olivia’s third performance with Ghost Light, not including summer camps. Olivia loves swimming, musicals, reading, video games, and telling jokes. She is in the fifth grade and if you ask her for a joke, Ghost Light assumes no responsibility for what comes out of her mouth once the play is over.

Taryn Watson

Willa Otis
Taryn Watson is very excited to play Willa in "The Canterville Ghost!" Taryn has participated in five plays with the Ghost Light community theater and two with the RCCTP group. She is excited to show off all the hard work the cast and crew put into this show. Taryn plans to pursue a career in interior and exterior design. She loves theatre, sports, and her two younger siblings.

Stella Prickett

Miriam Otis
Stella would be more thrilled to play Miriam Otis if it didn’t involve such tall hair and puffy sleeves. Still, she is glad to play a bossy, stylish American mom as she has such a wonderful example of this at home. This is Stella’s third performance with Ghost Light, and she calls rehearsals her “happy time.” Stella is in the seventh grade and enjoys reading, Diamond Dotz, and anything food related. Seriously, if you bought her something from the snack bar, she would love you for life.

Lilly Morrison

Virginia Otis
In this show of “The Canterville Ghost,” Lilly Morrison plays Virginia. She has been in 4 productions with Ghost Light. Lilly has been doing theater for a very, very long time. She began her acting career with a production of Scrooge when she was around 7. Musical theater and many other productions have been with Lilly for a large part of her life. Ghost Light has had a large positive impact on Lilly and has furthered her acting experiences greatly. Lilly plans to become a seamstress and study fashion design in the future. Ghost Light is an amazing company, and Lilly largely recommends it to anyone who enjoys theater.

Dalton Brown

Hiram Otis
Dalton Brown is playing the role of Hiram Otis in this production of “The Canterville Ghost.” This is his second show with Ghost Light. He has also volunteered as a summer camp counselor for Ghost Light Children’s Theater. Prior to joining the Ghost Light company, Dalton was in four productions for Young Scholar’s Academy drama club. Dalton has two older sisters, one cat and one dog

Dianne MacKenzie

Director, Set Design
Dianne is the Company Director for Ghost Light Children's Theater. She is happy to have brought this group into its 3rd season. With the help of her outstanding creative team, she is proud to continue to produce quality shows for the community and help provide a creative outlet for the youth of our community. A big thank you and many hugs and kisses to Rick Hernandez, who supports me in this role and picks up the slack at home when life gets crazy.

Doreen Hansen

Assistant Director, Character Coach
In 2014, I was fortunate to find River Cities Community Theater Players. Since joining the theater, I have appeared in 17 productions with 6 lead or co-lead roles, to include M'Lynn in "Steel Magnolias," Miss Maple in "The Butler Did It," and its sequel, and Mom in "Mom's Gift." I have had the honor to work with the Ghost Light youth for a couple of years. Their talent, dedication, and enthusiasm for all things theater is impressive. It is such a joy to watch them grow, make new friends, and be all they can be.

Karen Baudouine

Assistant Director, Character Coach
Karen is a founding member of RCCTP. Among her favorite roles are Annelle in “Steel Magnolias” and Rosa in “The Last Decent Crooks.” Most recently she portrayed Ralphie’s Mom in “A Christmas Story.” She serves on the board of Ghost Light Children’s Theater. Having been rather dramatic as a child, she is thrilled to help provide Youth with the creative outlet she wishes she would have had growing up in Bullhead. She loves fostering a love of theater in young people. Having been involved with GLCT since the first Summer Camp in 2019, it has been a joy for her to watch these kids grow in so many different ways, not the least of which is in their talent.

Holly Proctor

Lights/ Sound effects
Holly has worked with Ghost Light for the last 3 productions as a music director and an assistant on sound and lights. She earned a degree in Music Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2006). Ghost Light has given Holly the opportunity to learn about the backstage operations of a production and continue her love of working with and singing with children and youth in the community. Holly enjoys being a wife and a homeschool mom of four wonderful and busy children.

Tim Marquis

Sound Production
Tim has an extensive and impressive resume in the sound engineering department. Tim has run sound for 2 seasons with Ghost Light, and no matter what curve balls I send him, he always hits it out of the park. Tim, in his spare time is also in a rockin' band called Gig Butt. He is married and has 5 children. (submitted by Dianne MacKenzie)

Joel Vissers

Stage Manager/ Special Effects
Joel Vissers is helping backstage with this production of "The Ghost of Canterville." In the past he has served both on stage (Tinker Bell, the Redemption of Gertie Green) and behind the curtains (A Christmas Story, Annie, Jr., School House Rock) with Ghost Light Children's and its parent company River Cities Community Theater. He hopes to earn his black belt before his 16th birthday, and chocolate is his favorite candy.

Sierra DiMare

Student Director
Sierra DiMare is a long-term member of Ghost Light Children's Theater. She’s performed in and helped with every Ghost Light production and summer camp. Along with Ghost Light, she participates in Mohave High School’s Drama Department, band, and choir. After high school, she wants to attend Brown University with a double major in Political Science and Vocal Performance.

Adrianna Prickett

Costume Design
Adrianna has been sewing for many years, and her talents have created an unforgettable visual statement for "The Canterville Ghost!" She has created from scratch or modified almost every piece of clothing worn by this cast. We are forever grateful for her hard work and astounding abilities, not to mention the hours at one of her many sewing machines. (Submitted by Dianne MacKenzie)

Maia Krebs

Production Assistant
Maia is new to the theater scene, but has been involved in Choir and band for 4 years. She is a percussionist in the Mohave High School Marching Band and a Soprano in the Schools Mystic Rhythm Show Choir. She has helped at Ghost Light as a camp counselor, and in show auditions and prep. **Dianne is REALLY hoping she will be auditioning for our upcoming musical, Seussical! (Hint hint - lol no pressure)

Russ Walkner

Spotlight Operator
Russ is one of the newest members of our parent group, RCCTP. He joins us fresh off the stage in his recent performance as Bill Ray Sr. in "On Golden Pond." We look forward to seeing him in the upcoming Christmas show as well!! Russ loves offering a helping hand in any way he can, and we are very happy to have him working with us and our new spotlight for this Ghost Light production! (Submitted by Dianne MacKenzie)

Abe Vissers

Production Assistant
Abe has been a part of Ghost Light since our very first summer camp. He has found his niche on the tech side of the stage, and we have been fortunate enough to have him work in many capacities. Abe is often thought of as one of our super heroes because he swoops in at the last minute and saves the day - running light, sound, sound effects, helping with setup...whereever he is needed. He is a part of the Vissers clan. (Submitted by Dianne MacKenzie)


Henry you crack us up
Henry you crack us up Its just what Twins do!
Its just what Twins do! Sir Simon and the Staff
Sir Simon and the Staff My what a terrible fright!!
My what a terrible fright!!
"Pretty is as pretty does Charles" Neighbors and friends
Neighbors and friends We cant always be stuffy
We cant always be stuffy Photo

Donors and Special Thank You's



Colin Salari and Family

Doreen Hansen


THANK YOU to....

The Kelly Family

The Brown Family

The Marquis Family

The Medina Family

The Verbiesen Family

Joyce McDonald



Hardyville Cycle




The Medendorp Family

The Vissers Family

The Collins Family

Autumn & Lilly Morrison

Heidi Fertig

Rick Hernandez


Upcoming Auditions!!

Ghost Light Children's Theater will be holding auditions for their spring production of "Seussical, Jr."  Seussical, Jr is a bright, upbeat musical tale based of some of Dr Suess' most-loved stories.   The cast is filled with favorites like Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, The Cat in the Hat, a little town filled with Whos and, of course, the Grinch! Auditions will be held on October 29, 2022, from 9 am-noon and on November 5, 2022, from 9 am - noon.  Auditions are held in room 202 at the Suddenlink Community Center.

Those auditioning will be asked to read excerpts from the script, learn a simple dance combination, and sing either from the show or with a selection prepared in advance.

For more information, please contact Dianne MacKenzie via email at or by Facebook (Ghost Light Children's Theater). 

Auditions are open to those 8 - 18 years of age, and no previous experience is required.

What is Ghost Light Children's Theater?

Ghost Light Children's Theater is a division of River Cities Community Theater Players and a 501(c)3 non-profit group.  We are open to children 8-18 years old, regardless of experience. We operate a free Summer Drama camp and produce two shows each year - a play and a musical. Ghost Light believes there is something for everyone in the theater, and you don't have to be on stage to participate.  So, talk to us about your interests and we will help you find your niche.  We know the benefits kids receive from participation in the arts! And we offer a safe place where everyone is welcomed and accepted. If your child would benefit from our program, and we believe they all do, please reach out to us with your questions. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for Audition notices as well!

Questions, Comments and congratulations?? Please feel free to contact us here or at


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