Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Stage Mag?

Nothing, it's completely FREE through at least 2022.

What formats can I use for the cover?

Any image will work (and we provide a default generic option). You can use a .PNG, .JPG, or even an animated .GIF

What styles are available?

We offer two styles, a 'Modern' version that takes full advtange of all the features that you can offer in 2022 and beyond and a 'Classic' version that looks more like a traditional show program.

I'm a school looking for a free show program...

You've come to the right place. Stage Mag is completely free and we offer special features just for schools that let you add 'Congratulations' ads and the option to send out a link for cast members to fill in their own headshot and bio.

How can I share my Stage Mag?

Every Stage Mag can be shared in three ways. You get a free QR code which can be printed on a lobby sign, included on a paper or embedded on a stream. You also get a link to your Stage Mag that can be shared to ticket purchasers (or publicly to help sell tickets). Lastly, each Stage Mag comes with a 5 digit 'short code' for easy sharing.

I need HELP!

Contact us here.